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How to Pick Up Girls: 20 Moves to Get Super Lucky with Women

how to pick up girls

So, you’re single and don’t know how to get a girl to give you a shot? No worries. Here are 20 fail-proof tips for how to pick up girls.

It can be difficult for guys who want to meet girls to know where to start. Some guys just seem to be natural when it comes to knowing how to pick up girls, but if you are a little bit shyer, or a little bit less self-confident, it can feel like a nerve-wracking experience.

The good news is that, really, it’s all about practice. The more you approach girls and have success with them, the more confident you will become.

Also, it’s important to note that even the most charming and ‘luckiest’ guys get rejected or knocked back from time to time, so if at first you don’t succeed try, try again *not with the same woman though – that could get a little creepy and stalker-like!*

How to pick up girls – The little things you really need to know

Besides simple practicing to build up your confidence, there are plenty of other tips and tricks that, if put into action, will help you put women at ease, charm them, and make them say ‘yes’ a lot more often. [Read: How to approach women – 15 secrets you absolutely must know]

So, what are the great secrets when it comes to knowing how to pick up girls? Let’s take a look at them.

#1 Fake it until you make it. Okay, so you might not be the most confident guy, and that’s fair enough. But if you can, try not to come across that way when you talk to girls.

Okay, so we realize it might be easy to say and hard to do, but girls tend to prefer guys who are a little more confident and self-assured.

If you get nervous and clam up, they might find you hard to talk to… or just plain weird. The best way is to practice on girls who are just friends or simply take it slowly.

If you are building up the courage to talk to the girl you’ve dreamed of being with for years, why not try some casual flirting with other girls who are less important to you first? Don’t go breaking too many hearts though! [Read: The introvert guy’s smooth guide to picking up girls in bars]

#2 Make them laugh. A guy who can make a girl laugh is already halfway there. Everyone loves someone with a great sense of humor, so if you can be funny then use that.

We’re not saying you should go up to her and try out your whole stand-up comedy routine on her, but just some gentle teasing or a couple of jokes, or just being quick-witted will put her at ease and make her feel more attracted to you. [Read: How to make any girl laugh without even trying too hard]

#3 Cast a wide net. Let’s be honest, the law of averages works for picking up girls just as well as anything else. Essentially, the more girls you try to pick up, the more success you’ll have.

Also, don’t just stick to the usual places such as bars or nightclubs. Think outside the box – you can strike up and conversation just about anywhere, and who knows where it might lead?

#4 Dress well. If you are going out on a mission to hook up with girls the very least you could do is make an effort. Make sure you pay attention to your physical appearance, dress nicely, and look smart *but not like you have tried really hard,* and make sure you smell good too – it’s the little things that can make all the difference. [Read: How to approach a girl you don’t know and impress her]

#5 Smile. Smiling is the very easiest thing to do, but a simple and effective way of showing that you are a confident and friendly guy. So, next time you are out and about and see a girl you like, make sure you flash those pearly whites!

#6 Compliment… but don’t sound sleazy. If you want to know how to pick up girls, then you have to remember that they love compliments. So, if you want to fast track your way to success, make sure you drop some into your conversation.

The key to complimenting a girl is to do it in a casual and confident way. Don’t mutter it, don’t sound too intense, and for goodness sake don’t come across as sleazy… otherwise, that will really put her off. [Read: 19 compliments for girls that’ll make her go awww]

#7 Be yourself. There is no point in putting on this hugely fake persona because she’ll soon discover the real you if things go well. So just try to be yourself, be relaxed and friendly, and you really will stand a better chance of meeting someone you might actually have fun with! [Read: How to charm a girl and flatter her into liking you]

#8 Pay attention to your body language. Having good body language is actually very important. Show you like her by the way that you stand and angle your body towards her.

Be close, but not too close, if the conversation is going well, you should occasionally touch her arm. All these subtle details combined will be sending her the right messages.

#9 Speak clearly. Try not to mince your words – speak with clarity and make sure you stick to topics you feel knowledgeable about. If you start waffling on about something you know nothing about, you could end up sounding a little foolish!

#10 Ask questions. People love to talk about themselves, so make sure you show her that you are interested in getting to know her better and ask her lots of questions about herself. This will help keep the conversation flowing too. [Read: How to hit on girls – 15 things men need to know to be successful]

#11 Be direct. If you like a girl, there is no point beating around the bush about it. Okay, so running up to the girl you like and blurting out ‘I like you’ to her face isn’t exactly the sophisticated approach we had in mind.

But it is important to make it fairly obvious that you’re flirting and attracted to her, otherwise she might not pick up on it – so there is no harm in being a little direct.

#12 Make sure you get her number. Often guys who are a little nervous become so consumed by what they are saying and how they are acting that they forget to seal the deal at the end of the conversation. Remember to get her number or ask her out on a date before she goes elsewhere! [Read: How to get a girl’s number every single time – All the no-fail ways]

#13 Be respectful. Remember, if you want to know how to pick up girls, it is super important to always treat them with respect. Girls hate feeling like they are being disrespected or leered over, so always keep that in the back of your mind and treat her well.

#14 Listen and nod. Don’t just pretend like you are listening to her – actually do it! Remembering little details for next time you meet will really impress her.

What not to do when learning how to pick up girls

Now you have read some of the top tips for picking up girls, it’s also important to learn what not to do! These are just as – if not more – important that the first tips.

#15 Don’t stare. Staring comes across as creepy and weird. So, while eye contact is good, make sure you look away once in a while! [Read: 10 types of creepy guys all girls avoid talking to]

#16 Don’t be arrogant. Confidence and arrogance are two entirely different things – make sure you know the difference!

#17 Don’t be overly sexual. Girls don’t like to feel as though they are being treated like pieces of meat – if you come across as sleazy or obsessed with sex, you are likely to get shut down pretty quickly.

#18 Don’t use cheesy chat up lines. If you want to know how to pick up girls the right way, then remember that cheesy chat up lines tend to be scorned by them. So try to avoid them unless you are prepared to take the consequences. [Read: The clueless guy’s and girl’s guide to using pickup lines]

#19 Don’t push it. If a girl isn’t interested, then don’t keep pushing… you’ll freak her out and make her uncomfortable which just isn’t cool.

#20 Be okay with rejection. Take rejection with good humor – don’t get angry or upset. Just be cool with it and move on to someone who deserves you! [Read: How to introduce yourself to a girl and leave her yearning]

By following these tips you are so much more likely to have success with women and will find your confidence begin to grow and grow.

[Read: How to get a girl to notice you without talking to her]

Knowing how to pick up women can actually be lots of fun. So remember, be confident, be yourself, and don’t worry if you get rejected. Take it well – after all, there are plenty more fish in the sea.

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