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Tips On Turning a Guy On

Tips On Turning A Guy On

Learning how to turn on a guy is one of the sexiest things a girl could ever do. It’s hot, cute and oh-so-good at the same time. But what are the things that are a turn on for guys? Read these truthful tips on turning a guy on.

Knowing your manners in bed may be an advantage, but that doesn’t mean you know everything about how to turn a guy on.

The turn on for guys, unlike what most girls assume, doesn’t start and end in bed.

If you really want to know everything about turning a guy on, you need to know how a guy’s mind works and what really matters to a guy.

You could be sexy and great in bed, but unless you knows these tips on turning a guy on, there’s every chance that you’re missing out on a great opportunity to impress, seduce and turn a guy on at the same time!

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Tips on turning a guy on

If you really want to make a guy fall head over heels for you, and turn him on at the same time, you need to become fanciable by him.

If you want to turn on a guy, you need to become more desirable by him.

It’s a simple fact. If he desires you, he absolutely will get turned on by you. The more he desires you, the more he’ll get turned on by you.

Read these tips on turning a guy on, to change the way your guy looks at you.

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Make him feel sexy

Knowing how to turn on a guy is also about knowing how to stroke his little ego. If he feels sexy around you, he’ll also be a lot more turned on around you. He has a sexy smile, or great shoulders, or the cutest tight bum? Let him know about it.

Reveal your wild side

Every guy likes a sweet and cute girlfriend who can have a great time with his family. But to become more desirable, you need to reveal your wild side to him. There’s nothing that can turn on a guy more than knowing that his girlfriend is a little minx on the wild side when she’s not trying to make a goody impression.

Drink bottoms up and wolf whistle, laugh out like you don’t care, smile mischievously as you do something shocking. Welcome him home in your sexy lingerie, or record yourself on your cell phone and show him the clip *though we suggest you delete it after showing it to him*. Let him know that you have a mysterious wild side, and he won’t be able to take his hands off you!

Flirt with him

Yeah, you’ve been going out for a while, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t flirt with him. Take his hands and put it round your waist. Play role playing games in public, and talk dirty with him like he’s trying to pick you up. Have a conversation at a coffee shop like you’re both total strangers and flirt outrageously. Flirt with him and let him know that the love is still young and wild. [Read: What men like in a woman more than anything else]

Flirt with other guys

Now this might come as a surprise. But it’s a sure winner. The more other guys fancy you, the more your guy will desire you. So just because you’re in a steady relationship doesn’t mean you shouldn’t flirt with other guys.

Flirt like there’s no tomorrow, but also remember to selectively play hard to get with them. Flirt with other men, but never cross that invisible barrier. Stick to your rules, you can see but you can’t touch. And when your man walks into the room while you’re flirting with other men, wrap your arms around him and give him your undivided attention. You won’t believe how much it would turn on your guy. [Read: Playing hard to get to understand the rules of flirting with other guys]

Show skin

Every guy wants his girlfriend to look gorgeous when they’re out on a date. It’s shallow, yes, but completely true. But every now and then, wear something rather revealing when you go out. One of the biggest turn on for guys is a bit of skin. If want to know ho to turn a guy on, especially when you’re on a vacation, read couples on the beach. It’s sexy, desirous and a huge turn on for your boyfriend when both of you are on a vacation.

Tips on turning a guy on in bed

Now this is a small part of knowing how to turn on a guy, but this is like the grand finale of the tips on turning a guy on. So use them to your advantage.

Talk dirty in bed

Whisper dirty things in his ear and we can assure you, his mind will explode in ecstasy. Start dirty talking in bed and whisper your wildest thoughts. Call him names and ask him to do things to you, really dirty things. There’s nothing more sexually exciting than talking dirty while making out. [Read: The sexy guide to talking dirty with a guy]

Experiment with him

Every man wants his girlfriend to be, as Usher puts it, a lady in the street and a freak in the bed. Take the lead in bed and show him your moves. Missionary is cozy and loving, but having other positions and tricks up your sleeve will only turn him on more and desire you more. And hey, he’s going to learn a few moves to please you too. So it’s win-win in any case.

Take control

If you’re trying to turn a guy on in bed, take control and see how it works. You don’t need to do it all the time, but an occasional romp where you play the mistress can work wonders in turning him on. Hold him by his hair and push him down, spank him, and command him to do your bidding. Daddy likes taking control, but he sure does love it when his girlfriend commands him now and then! [Read: What turns a guy on sexually when he sees a girl]

Play coy and shy

If you’re going to take control at times, you also have to go the other extreme. Play coy and shy when you’re trying to turn on a guy. Tease him and push him away, but make him come back. Seduce him with blindfolds and feathers, and gently tease him like a shy, cute anime. And he’ll love you for it.

Be the wild stallion

If you want to know how to turn on a guy, this is a great one to try. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first kiss or your millionth, because the wild stallion works wonders. Let him take the lead into kissing you and making out with you. Stay still and coy, and every now and then, break free like a wild stallion and return his favor more aggressively than him. This works best with passionate kisses and foreplay. Most girls don’t get this right and is an art to learn. But once you learn the trick, you’ll make him wet his shorts halfway!

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With these tips on turning a guy on, your man would definitely find you a lot more desirable and sexy. Remember, knowing how to turn a guy on and keep him interested in you is an art  and one that has to be mastered over time.

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59 thoughts on “Tips On Turning a Guy On”

  1. Christine says:

    These are are some really nice tips. I can’t wait to try these out. I;ve always thought flirting would piss off a guy, but it does make sense. I mean, guys like to know that their girl is sexy and attracts a lot of other guys too, and if a girl can attract other guys, it’s obviously going to remind him how desirable she is and how lucky he is.

    But yeah, as the article says, girls should flirt enough to make other guys desire her, and yet, she should know how to play selectively hard to get and still keep the guy happy.

    And the wild stallion kisses, gosh, I assure you that definitely works like a charm!

  2. Carla says:

    I was in a happy marriage for almost 15 years until my husband decided to seperate with me. I found out later that he loved me but found it very difficult to express himself sexually, or discuss his fantasies with me. He said that he loved me, but after so many years of being together, at times he fantasized about other women, and that made him feel like he was cheating on me because he couldnt explain his feelings to me.

    Some teenagers and youngsters beleive it’s wrong to discuss sexual fantasies, but if only I had been more open to that, I could have saved my marriage.

    We all have to understand that it’s alright to sexually desire someone else, it’s only a matter of learning to deal with it together as a couple. The writer makes a few great points for older relationships, and I say, well said. They may be a few younger lovers who don’t understand this, but when their time comes, they’ll know.

  3. Dlorah says:

    Flirting with other guys will only bring anger and jealousy. I can say from experience its a horrible idea.

  4. Rita says:

    @Dlorah, I really don’t think flirting with other guys will bring anger and jealously. You may think it’s a horrible idea because your husband or boyfriend reacted badly to it. But have you asked yourself why he reacted badly to it?

    Is it because he thinks you’re a flirt or is it because he’s insecure? If you don’t make your man feel special and loved, he’ll always feel insecure. But if he trusts you and knows that you love him, he definitely won’t mind you flirting with other guys. And nevertheless, you don’t have to flirt with other men when your man is around. As soon as he comes, flirt with your own man and let other men know who’s the real man in your life is. By doing that, your own man will only love you more.

    I really think only immature and insecure relationships suffer from jealousy and little things like flirting with other men.

  5. noneofurdanbusiness says:

    wow….i ACCIDENTLY said something flirty to another guy ON FACEBOOK! and my man got rlly upset. doing it on purpose in front of him in real life to turn him on? on u retarted? i think article is more apt for the movie how to lose a guy in 10days. like rlly?? wow. and wear something revealing? i dont know about you but my man wants my body to be his, not for every other guy out there to enjoy it to. soo dumb and unhelpful

  6. Ash says:

    Hmm very interesting stuff! I have a question though. Ever since my boyfriend and I got together, guys have been asking me out and asking me to be their girlfriend. They don’t know about my relationship though. My ex is also included in these ‘guys’. Now based on what I’ve read, I should tell my boyfriend about these guys who are interested in me because it’ll make him want me more? Please help.

  7. Rick says:

    @Ash, definitely, tell him about it. But do so only if you’re certain you’re not planning to two time him with one of those guys.

    Guys like it when their girlfriend is fancied by other guys. It definitely makes them feel lucky and makes them love their girl and respect her more. But remember to make him feel special by clinging to his arm when these guys who like you talk to you. If he’s around and you ignore him or give some other guy more attention, he’d feel awkward and insecure. Flirt with other guys if you’re in a secure relationship.

    If you talk to other guys, but hold your boyfriend really close, he’ll automatically swell up with pride. It’s his way of showing off and letting the other guys know that you’re “his girl and only his”.

    It’s like you saying ” you can see me, but nothing more because I’m his girlfriend”. I really don’t think there’s a bigger compliment your boyfriend can ever get.

    And about all those guys and girls who commented that it’s bad to flirt with others, screw them. They’re probably young idiots in insecure new relationships who are afraid their relationship will break up anytime. If you trust each other and have been in a long relationship, reminding your partner that you’re still hot stuff is the only way to let your partner realize how lucky they are to have you!

  8. Tianna says:

    well. It seems i should play it safe and not flirt with others. but thats not the pint of this WHOLE article, now is it? Granted it has is dumb ideas but I say, listen to its advice ONLY after you know what kind of guy your lover is! Every guy is different. This article explains what might work for some guys, even though its retarded, and says all guys.
    Im not new to relationships, but I’m in one now thats perfect. I have messed up a few times and wanted to make him still want me. He’s commited, sweet and cute. I dont want to mess this up. But I know which of this stuff will and wont work, cause I know my type of boyfriend.
    So people, stop yelling at the person who is just doing her or even his job in writing this article.
    I wish all you others out there the best of luck in your relationships.

  9. Feroxys says:

    You know, everyone is different, some guys (majority) are exited just by looking at sexy girl… Others just dont pay attention. So maybe that guide might work with some guys but it cant be with any… I think that if you want to have sex with your bf, just .. ask him..

  10. kiki says:

    Wooow be very careful with this advice .I am a Mars Venus fan and this advice will get you a quick one night stand but that is it girls.Trust me.Of course any guy will want to get u in bed with this stuff but SEX NEVER makes a guy deeply care for you …It should be him flirting ,him chasing ,him toying to get ur attention not the other way around , you will come off as needy and desperate or worse EASY…dont get me wrong I love hot sex but be careful this advice will ONLY GET U A ONE NITE STAND and once he gets u baam HE is outta there,quite literally.

  11. kiki says:

    And NEVER try to make ur man jealous ,,,,he is not stupid will see through it and IT WILL BACKFIRE….

  12. Amy says:

    My husband is a sexless creep. I could do all the thinks mentioned above and he wouldn’t even care or notice. We had sex our first, last, and only time on our wedding night 45 years ago, and that only last maybe 10 minutes. We don’t have a relationship at all, he doesn’t talk to me evr unless its hi or some animalistic grunt or groan.My husband is really pleased how our marriage has turned out. I on the other hand have been depressed, lonely, unloved, and totally hate him.

  13. rrr says:


    No, some guys just don’t want to put up with that BS mind games. You have a problem with that?

  14. Classy lady says:

    The article never says you should flirt with other guys and ignore your own boyfriend. It just says you need to flirt when your guy’s not around, and give all your attention to your guy when he’s around. I know for a fact that the more we flirt with others, the more sexier and attractive we feel about ourselves. And the more your boyfriend’s friends think you’re hot stuff, the more your boyfriend will desire you.

    I think these tips to turn a guy on are fantastic. It’s truthful, and as much as girls don’t accept it, we know we’d use these tips if we could pull it off.

  15. Brad says:

    I for one absolutely love it when my wife and I go out and I sit back and watch my wife flirt,chat with and dance (often dirty dance) with other men. It makes both of us very hot and aroused.

    We have a very strong, loving and secure relationship and talk through all our issues and desires.

    When we get home from a night out, my wife tells me some of the things that the other men said to her, and how much they desired her ….. We have the most incredible, mind blowing sex after.

  16. Sam says:

    @ Amy I know he is your husband of 45 years, however your happiness should count too. A marriage is a partnership between 2 people. You only get one life most of your will have already gone to someone you don’t love or feel for the way you should. Find someone to make you feel alive, should you leave him or not? Completely your choice, live your life and be happy. You don’t get a second chance. Only trying to put things into perspective I have been there and done that. God Bless.

  17. Laila says:

    Turning a guy on requires confidence! Simple!
    If you walk like your amazingly hot, look after yourself,
    Have confidence that oozes and believe in yourself any man would desire you.
    Men love you for your beauty, personality, characteristics….
    And many more…
    So if you want to turn him on he has to desire you…
    To want you bad!
    You make him work for it, be honest, kind, loving and
    Always feminine.
    That way he will lust over you appreciating you for years
    And not just a night!
    Smile ladies and feel sexy!
    Men will believe it! Trust me!

  18. Natasha says:

    I think some of these ideas r ok,but seriously??flirtin with other guys??I don’t know about other peoples experiences or how young n naive they r,but my ex used 2 tell me about these girls flirtin with him n him havin a little flirt back but it meant nothin,but it hurt like a bitch.So, do u really thik ul be strengthenin ur relationships thru this tip,or giving ur partner a reason 2 b paranoid,distrust u and accuse u of things when rumours start spreading?seriously,use some common sense when reading these tips,it could end ur relationship

  19. Telly says:

    Okay, everyone who replied negatively to these tips….you all are thinking tooo deeply!! I’ve been married for 2 years and I have been dating my husband 5 years before we became married. I can truthfully say I have done all of this…and still do!! When it say’s to” Flirt with other Guys” That simply means to be sexy! Whenever your in a public place you are bound to run into the other Gender….whether it be a cashier at a Gas Station, The Ups Guy, a regular stranger..(u get the picture) just make sure your look flawless, carry yourself sexy and speak as if your the baddest chick on the Planet…and I promise you, he’s gonna notice! Your boyfriend/spouse would be Proud!!! and lets not forget…Turned on!!! Take Singer Beyonce Knowles and her husband Jay-Z! They are a young couple, Beyonce dresses sexy & show’s skin and even drops Sexy Hit Songs….but who does she do this all for??? HER MAN!!!

  20. Mike says:

    I would definitely NOT be turned on if my girlfriend would flirt with another man.

  21. Rob says:

    Wow, each to their own, but I would find a lot of the advice in this article a real turn-off!

    Flirting with other guys and showing some skin? Really? Best be sure you don’t really care about your relationship before you take that advice!

  22. Betty Boop says:

    Pfffft! Men, they really don’t know what they want, do they? 😉

    To the guys who think flirting wrong and wearing skimpy clothes are wrong, here’s some thinking for you.

    If two girls like a guy, he’d pick the more glamorous one to date. Archie, Betty and Veronica. And yes, it happens in real life too. (AND YET, YOU GUYS SAY YOU WOULD PREFER A GIRL WHO DOESN’T DRESS GLAMOROUSLY A.K.A. SHOWING SKIN)

    If you hit on an extremely good looking girl at a club, and she agrees to sleep with you immediately, you’d think she’s a slut who’s easy to get. You’d wake up the next morning and forget all about her. But yet, if the same girl plays hard to get with you and makes you woo her over a few dates, you’d fall in love with her and tell all your friends how wonderful and special the girl is. (AND YET, SO MANY GUYS SAY GIRLS WHO PLAY HARD TO GET ARE ANNOYING WHORES)

    You guys say you hate having a girlfriend who would flirt with other guys. The article says flirt cautiously and says this, “Flirt with other men, but never cross that invisible barrier. Stick to your rules, you can see but you can

  23. Nine says:

    All the girls that are complaining, which kind of guy are you dating? “he will get upset if I controllabily *flirt* or he wants my body to be his not for everyone”… You’re used to date possesives guys who think you’re his property, your boyfriend has to work for you everyday and you too! playing coy, rough, sexy. wild. They want it all in one! Men have good women at home and still cheat, because you’re missing the other half and I’m not saying is your fault if he cheats.

    Men love his girl being sexy for other guys (They look the most beautiful girls together) but he enjoys even more that just *he* can have it, duh. And they like girls that dress up sexy but still not sluts. They want girls that dress up glamurous for a party but a natural girl that you can see the next morning.

  24. Sixstring says:

    @Betty Boop. Stop hanging around players and start interacting with real men. There is only one type of men on who playing hard to get works. The player type who just wants to get in your pants. The guy who will walk out the minute he achieved his goal.
    Guys who truly want a relationship HATE girls who play hard to get.

    We don’t think a girl flirting with other guys is a cheating bitch, it’s just disrespectful. You flirt because you want attention. Your boyfriend exists to give you attention. If you need attention from other men, it means you don’t get enough attention from your guy. Whether you need to much attention, or your guy doesn’t give enough, it’s a red flag.
    Besides, there is no need to flirt to feel desired by other men, nor for him to see that you are desired by other guys.
    If you are attractive, guys will come hit on you. They’ll stare at you. They’ll give you compliments. There is no need to reciprocate at all.

    More than that, it’s not just about him. It’s about the other guys as well. There are few things guys hate more than a girl feeding him attention all night, only to mention she has a boyfriend. It pisses guys off.

  25. maybemaybenot says:

    Reading the comments it seems people are quite 50/50. Some think the tips are good some think they’re a recipe for disaster.

    I have a couple of things to say:
    Know the person, if they are the sort person who gets jealous really easy and is insecure, don’t go out flirt with everyone… it won’t work. On the other hand if you’re in a stable relationship and you know its look but don’t touch and you give your partner equal/more attention then I think it’s fine.
    If you have been in or are excepting of poly then treat it kind of like that. Talk about it, make sure they know it’s ‘look but don’t touch’ for the both of you. And communicate well.

  26. Jack says:

    Honestly if you’re sexy to me, if you make me laugh and I can make you laugh, and you are loyal to me and don’t cheat on me or FLIRT WITH OTHER MEN IN FRONT OF ME I’ll stay with you forever. Men are easy to please, it’s women that are impossible to please. (22 year old firefighter/personal trainer)

  27. James says:

    Are you people crazy?? I absolutely hate it when my girl flirts with other guys! It just pisses me off! I dont understand the world now-a-days! I dont want my girl sexing up another guy! It makes me want to break that guy’s jaw! Who the hell wants their girlfriend wanting that other guy flirting with her! I keep my girl strictly with me! I dont mind when they talk to others, but seriously?? Some of you guys LIKE it when your girl grinds with another guy?? That is definately a turn off and makes my girl look like a cheater!

  28. Cindy says:

    I have dated several types of guys but the one I fell in love with scared me at first because I didn’t know all of the things in this article. We have been on and off for three years now. Two break ups were simply because I did not understand that it was just a “fantasy”. He loves all of these things and it’s like I’m reading about him…lol. However, I have dated guys that were the absolute opposite. But something I noticed about them were they were insecure in other areas of life as well.
    Back to the only man I’ve ever loved…. Once I understood the fantasy side of things a bit more I am enjoying all the things that excited me about him in the beginning. It’s not just the bedroom that holds us together though. We can be our silly selves around each other as well. I was just afraid in the beginning that he was a cheat and a player because of his wild ideas. I’m learning that they are simply wild ideas. It just took me a few years to put the pieces in the right places. So I think this is a great article. While some men may be insecure about these fantasies it may be for any number of reasons. Maybe they had a girlfriend that really hurt them in the past, maybe their parents divorced because of cheating, maybe separating reality from fantasy is difficult (it was for me at first). However, once you learn that it’s simply a way to turn on the other person it can open up a whole new side of the bedroom that is locked up in your head. It’s simply making your fantasies reality, but your partner is the other man/woman/ housekeeper/delivery man (lol)/ect…. I just a fantasy. The best part is that there are enough fantasies/toys/places/etc to keep the relationship exciting for a long long long time.

  29. breakherlegs says:

    I don’t think this article is exactly true.

    My boyfriend doesn’t appreciate when I flirt with other guys (which is almost always an accident). It makes him upset and he gets insecure that I’ll leave him. If that insecurity of me leaving is meant to be a good thing? Hell no. I don’t like when he flirts with other girls, why would I do it to him? I don’t think the added bit of turn on is worth making him feel bad.

    Also, he doesn’t like it when I dress revealing. Whenever we’re in public, if my cleavage or thighs are showing at all, he gets really protective and puts jackets on me and stuff. He likes keeping my body to himself which is completely fair enough.

    Again, if making him feel like he has to be that protective is me turning him on, I really don’t think it’s worth it.

    He doesn’t like these things at all. I’m his girlfriend, nobody else’s. Why should I let other guys check out my body and flirt with me?

  30. Will says:

    As a man, I can tell you flirting with other men is a bad idea, that just would make us angry.

  31. Jayden says:

    I can tell all of you right now that if my girl was flirting with other men and she was not giving me any attention, I would walk out of the room and leave wherever I am. You women all say that you think it’s good to do so but almost 100% of the men who have posted a comment have said otherwise. I suggest you don’t flirt with other guys in front of your boyfriend unless he is some total jerk and you don’t even like them ( That’s what it makes us feel like). You can go ahead and flirt an your boyfriend might like it but I know I wouldn’t and neither would a lot of other men.

  32. Emma says:

    I have done everyone of these tip’s except one, and they do work as long as you have the confidence to carry them through properly. Anyone can be a little minx in the bed if they feel their wanted. I do not agree in flirting with other men in front of your boyfriend, any man who is turned on by that obviously does not respect you.

  33. melissa good says:

    I have tried all of these and yes flirting with other guys in front of my fiance and it really gets him turned on in alot of ways. He knows I am not going to do anything but flirt. It is no crime in doing that. In fact I find it more fun, it is erotic for us. Don’t be shy about flirting with others guys in front of your guy, you never know what you might get.

  34. mrguy says:

    Flirting with other guys? Ewwwwwww. No! It sends a lot of messages, all of them bad:

    “I don’t take you seriously as my mate, I’ll go flirt with other guys”
    “I might want somebody else one day”
    “Who cares what you think, I’m out for myself.”

    All the fun of having a girlfriend or wife is that she is special to YOU and only you.
    And when it comes to sex, hoo boy. The best thing about it is that you two can be as
    dirty and naughty as you want because it is just for the two of you and nobody else is

    Flirting…. I repeat… ewwwww, no.

    Showing a bit of skin?
    Heck yeah. That one’s a keeper. It’s not only the obvious parts, either.
    Personally, I am a breast man. Fortunately, my wife is the same way.

    But I just discovered that if she walks up a flight of stairs in front of me in heels, and hikes her skirt up above mid-thigh, I go “Boing” like there’s no tomorrow. Something about the angle, the heels, the legs, who knows?

    So… women, and men, experiment. You may discover that showing a bit of skin you never thought was his “hot spot” could be a real key. As for me, the next time we go out, I want her to wear a mini skirt, and I know that by the time we get home, I’ll be a panting

  35. person says:

    By the way, another way to turn a guy on is to be in control either in bed or at times in your sex routines. I know this because I am a guy who was seeing what to look out for, and I know this is a nice size turn on when used correctly.

  36. Person123 says:

    What??!!! I hate it when girls flirt just to get attention from her boyfriend. Girls these days…..


    i would not want my gf showing skin when we go places, i dont want her as eye candy if shes mine, making me feel like shes everyones is not going to turn me on at all, its going to make me feel like shit and like she wants the attention from everyone else more then me, thats slutty.. and if she flirts with other guys HOW THE FUCK will that turn me on, im gonna feel like other guys are after my gf and thats more of an issue then a trophy to say shes mine.. then the guy can say that she flirts with him thats hot for the other guy and makes him think she wants to cheat on me and hes gonna go for it because he doesnt care, theres 100 scenarios and none of them are good for your man, “grab him after he sees you flirting with other guys” why dont you just flirt with your man in the first place, and my relationship is not insecure for anyone who reads this and thinks that, look up the definition of flirting and ask yourself if you would like it if guys flirted with other girls and made it obvious for you… i dont think so, some of these are great tips but if you care about his feelings in a “insecure” or “secure” relationship (secure or not he will rethink the situation you put him in by doing this sooner or later if not on the spot) but a real turn on is as simple as touching him or making out with him and basically anything sexual, it also depends on the guy but the biggest thing you need to turn him on no matter what the technique is to make him always feel like youre his and youre never going to not be, make him feel like hes the hottest guy in the world to you and that hes the only one that means anything and really love him.. and then it doesnt matter what you do you can turn him on trust me, another tip going back to the original complaint girls UNLESS he likes it or it could be a turn on, because for some guys it is, my friend loves it for some reason lol i dont but stay away from the little lesbian things you do especially when your girlfriends touch you and stuff tell them to either stop completely or at least for his sake dont let him see it or know about it even if it happens (personally i think its weird and i dont like it because you dont see guys doing that do you??), and he will never tell you this even if you ask his answer will be neutral or a complete lie, if this kind of stuff never happens he will like your friends 10x as much ( ALSO BIG THING HERE THIS IS FOR GIRLS STILL IN SCHOOL: i really doubt any adults meaning like 25+ would be looking at this because im quite sure you should know damn well how to or if not thats a little sad but i wont judge, so dont think this is supposed to help you obviously youre not going to be doing this shit with your friends…i think? i would hope lol) hope this helps.. its mainly to help him because some of that could rip him apart you never know how attached he might really be to you and you could make him feel like hes wasting love on you, and he wont be able to stop because he really loves you.. seriously i feel like guys love and care way more then girls, usually their just too masculine to show it i guess, or show it but never to the full extent and as much as they might make it seem like they dont care, id bet a lot of money they do

  38. Chloe Fadden says:

    I totally agree with so many of these comments. You shouldn’t flirt with others, but I do think many of these tips are valid. Sex is a super important part of any relationship and you don’t want to let it slide into monotony. I’ll give the ladies a tip though – you can learn from books. And you should! Usually, your girlfriends are totally wrong! Okay, maybe they’re not wrong – perhaps they’re just not sharing the WHOLE story. If you really want your man to feel good, you need to be confident in what you’re doing in the bedroom. And believe it or not, you can learn it from reading about it. I’ve read a few books about sex and pleasure in a relationship and perhaps they’re not what your mother would have read (like Jack’s Blowjob Book), but they can teach you what you need to know. Fortunately, we live in an age where you can get these guides online – you don’t need to go into a dirty backroom or flirt with other men in front of your guy!

  39. The Truth Hurts says:

    I’d definitely fuck my girlfriend’s friend if she ever flirted with another man. Flirting is cheating in my world.

  40. The Truth Hurts says:

    Yeah I’d get revenge on a girl who flirts and shows skin to another guy.

  41. The Truth Hurts says:

    If any woman ever flirted with another guy I’d wildly bone her best friend with no condom to show her that you don’t try to manipulate my emotions, that’s some evil shit. It’s not about being jealous, it’s about respect. Learn some respect because revenge is an excellent teacher, especially if she cries for many nights realizing that she’s an egoistic bitch nazi who tries to manipulate you by using other men. I dare my girlfriend play that game, I WILL win and she will cry for days.

  42. The Truth Hurts says:

    Yeah go ahead and flirt with other guys. Don’t cry to us when your boyfriend Chris Brown’s your eyes.

  43. The Truth Hurts says:

    Yeah this website has tons of garbage on it. If my girl flirted with another guy to manipulate and harm my emotions, I’d get some amazing revenge to the point of where my guy friends would call me a savage.

  44. L-GAGA says:

    I’m just like, reading what you guys are saying or commenting and does not even know how to react. Weird right?

    Also showing a bit of skin? Nah man I’m good. Flirting with other guys? Ok that is just mean.

    Also people, men are harder to please then girls. BRUH, just couple of sweet words here and there also couple of gifts and ‘ I love you ‘s . And Viola, done.

  45. L-GAGA says:

    What if she flirted with you? So does that mean your cheating with yourself?

  46. The Truth Hurts says:

    I will just step slowly away and vanish into the shadows until they secure the straight jacket onto you and take you to the nice white room. Will someone let me know when it’s safe to come out of hiding again?

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