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How to Compliment a Guy Subtly & 23 Tips to Get Him to Crush on You

​​Want to know how to compliment a guy subtly without appearing too eager, and leave him obsessed at the same time? These are the things you should say!

how to compliment a guy

We know ladies love compliments, but learning how to compliment a guy is just as important too. Guys need flattery just as much, if not more, so if there’s something about him you like, don’t hold back. In fact, if you say it right even casually, chances are, he will only like you a lot more!

Women are not the only ones who love compliments. Guys love to be flattered and complimented and oohed and aahed over as well. But somehow, most men just don’t receive many compliments.

This could be due to the fact that many women think they need to play hard to get in order to grab male attention. But the truth is, using the right kind of compliments not only lets a guy know you’re impressed by him, but it’s also casual enough to leave him wanting more from you.

And what is the best way to make your interest known? A perfect compliment, of course.

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Why it is so important to compliment a guy

Guys don’t get compliments as often as women do. Women get compliments from men and from other women, but guys don’t often compliment each other. Why? It probably has something to do with society and toxic masculinity, but that is a conversation for another day.

When a guy receives a compliment, it sticks with him. It isn’t just flattering as it passes, but it can boost his whole day. 

You may have noticed this about guys. Say you compliment his shirt or tell him it looks great with that haircut. He will wear that shirt a lot more often and keep that haircut for a long time!

Guys really appreciate compliments; although, they don’t often admit it out loud. This could be due to the fact that they don’t get them too often or just that they respect and admire your opinion. Either way, compliments are important for men.

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Men want to feel good and be seen too

Although guys often put on a mask of confidence, many are struggling with self-esteem, so a simple compliment about his style or ability can make his day.

The world has normalized complimenting and criticizing women on their looks, their talents, and more, but men don’t get that as intensely on either end. 

Not to mention, men are just as insecure as women when it comes to their looks. Has anyone ever criticized your outfit or your hair and then you are hyperaware and self-conscious about it? Men are the same. So, when a compliment comes, it is so refreshing. [Read: The 12 most common male insecurities most women don’t even know about]

But, just like women, the compliments need to be authentic and genuine.

Saying things like, “you’re handsome,” or, “nice eyes,” isn’t really giving that truly meaningful compliment. You would remember a compliment about your sense of style or sense of humor over a generic compliment, wouldn’t you? Men would too, so keep that in mind. 

Compliments are important to men for the same reason they’re important to women, so offering them every once in a while will always be a good move.

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How to compliment a guy without looking desperate

Many women think that giving a guy a compliment seems desperate. But that’s just not true. Just like asking a guy out isn’t desperate. Saying what you want and what you think isn’t desperate, it is confidence. Simply having the guts to compliment someone is bold and sexy. 

If a guy thinks you complimenting him means anything other than what it is, that is his problem. And honestly, if a guy thinks you’re desperate for offering him a compliment, then is he really the guy you wanted him to be?

Whether you’re friends or strangers or even dating, complimenting guys with confidence is the best way to do it. You don’t need to be flirty or charming or even graceful if that isn’t your aesthetic. Just be confident in your delivery and no one worth your time will think you’re desperate. 

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How to compliment a guy

Now that you know why compliments are so important and have been reassured that you will not seem desperate to any guy worth a compliment, you can get started on actually handing out those praises.

Remember, if you want to be subtle or want to hit him deeper than just a superficial “nice shirt” compliment, be genuine and go deeper. The deeper the compliment, the more sincere it would feel. And you’d only leave him thinking of you for a long time after you’ve said goodbye.

1. Compliment his efforts

It can become normal when a guy opens the door for you or simply clears your plate at breakfast because you’re rushing to work, but offering him a compliment for these small things shows him you notice and appreciate those things.

Just as you don’t want to be overlooked for the everyday things you do, offer the same acknowledgment to him. [Read: How to use words of affirmation and 20 examples of how to be affirming]

2. Compliment his listening

When you’ve had a rough day and need to vent and he just nods along and strokes your hair, compliment his listening.

Thank him for letting you vent without trying to fix anything. When he is there for you as a shoulder to cry on, a footrest, or an ear on the other end of the phone, let him know he’s a good listener, and you appreciate him just letting you vent.

3. Compliment his capabilities

Let him know he is capable. Boost his confidence. When he’s questioning if he’ll get a new job or if your parents will like him, give him a pep talk that is based in reality.

Explain why you know these things will work out. He makes people feel comfortable around him. He is trusting and genuine and puts people at ease. Remind him of all that. [Read: How to stroke a man’s ego and bring out the alpha in him]

4. Compliment his appearance

Wondering how to compliment guy and leave him smiling? You can’t go wrong complimenting his appearance! Notice when he’s wearing a new shirt or gets a haircut. Tell him what colors make his eyes pop.

Compliment his body or his endurance when it comes to exercise. Let him know how good he looks in a suit or just getting out of the shower. When you notice he looks good, say so.

5. Compliment him by showing him that you trust him

Trust is important to everyone. Showing him you trust him is a huge compliment.

Let him pick out something to decorate a room. Let him make the date plans. Tell him you need to let him make more plans because he always has such great ideas. [Read: 25 love-filled words to say “I appreciate you”]

6. Compliment his ability to have fun

We often compliment men on their dedication to work, which is great, but complimenting him on his carefree personality is just as important.

Let him know how much fun you have with him. Let him know he brings out the child in you and makes you forget about your troubles. When he turns chores into a silly game or makes waiting in line at the checkout enjoyable, let him know how much fun he is to be around.

7. Compliment how he makes you feel

Letting him know how he makes you feel is a compliment. If you want to know how to compliment a guy right, don’t just say “I love you.” Tell him you love how he makes you smile. Tell him how just waking up next to him means you know you’ll have a good day.

He wants to make you feel good, and letting him know that he is accomplishing that will not just make him smile, but will encourage him to keep being that great. [Read: The sweetest ways to make a guy feel needed and wanted]

8. Compliment his knowledge

Compliment his mind, his way of thinking. When you are working through something and he comes up with a clever idea, make sure he knows you were impressed.

When you need an answer to a question say, “You’re so smart. Can you help me with this?”

9. Compliment how he handles things

When you’ve been through stressful situations together, you usually just want it to calm down and move on. But, be sure to compliment him on how he handled it. Let him know he helped you relax in a stressful moment.

Let him know he was your rock or how impressed you were with how he remained level-headed in a difficult time. Even let him know how glad you were to see him open up about his emotions instead of shutting down when things got hard. [Read: 40 secrets on how to make your boyfriend feel lucky to date you]

10. Compliment his ability to communicate

Not only will complimenting his communication skills encourage him to continue on that path, but it will help him feel good leaving those conversations.

When you have an open and honest discussion about the future or your feelings, tell him how well he did and how glad you are that you can have these intense talks without getting angry or fighting. 

11. Compliment his bedroom skills

This should come as no surprise, but let him know when he makes your toes curl.

Don’t assume he knows from the sounds you make or the look on your face. Really let him know with your words during or after. This will not only improve your sex life so he keeps doing what you like, but it will boost his confidence as well. [Read: What men like in bed – 32 things they want and absolutely lust after]

12. Compliment his support

Compliment his ability to support you. Whether he pats you on the back for a job well done or supports you through a hard time, compliment his ability to know what you need. And if he doesn’t know, compliment him for asking what you need so he can get it right.

It can be hard to ask someone what they need. We tend to guess and hope we got it right because we feel we should already know. Asking takes a lot of courage. If he does, thank him for it.

13. Compliment directly

If you want to know how to compliment a guy in the best ways possible, be direct with your compliments. They can be through text, social media, or in person, but don’t make them subtle or hard to read. Be obvious.

You’re complimenting them, not trying to tell them they have food in their teeth. Being nervous or beating around the bush with a compliment makes it seem like you aren’t sure about what you’re saying. Be bold. [Read: 36 sweet and cute things to say to your boyfriend]

14. Compliment your bond

Compliment your connection. Let him know how happy you are with your relationship, even if that’s a friendship. Let him know that you love how close you are or that you work through disagreements calmly. Let him know that you love how you mesh.

15. Compliment his family and friends

This is a big one and is forgotten quite often. Make sure he knows you like his friends and family. Don’t assume he knows. These people are so important in his life and having the reassurance that you get along is important. 

Women can often complain about a man’s friends or family thinking it isn’t a big deal, and if something is wrong definitely say it, but also mention when things are going well. He will appreciate that effort.

16. Compliment his gentleness

Guys can be mocked for their gentleness in society, but make sure he feels proud of his sensitive side. Let him know you love how he is with kids and animals. Let him know you love how he takes care of you when you’re sick or check in when you’re having a rough day.

These things are strengths but many guys aren’t accustomed to hearing that. [Read: The unexpected benefits of dating sensitive men vs macho men]

17. Compliment his maturity

Let him know you’re proud of his maturity. Compliment his ability to take a stand and be a leader. Whether it is at home or at work or with his family, let him know you see how he handled responsibility and are impressed. 

Guys are often considered immature in a lot of ways, but let him know why you see him as a mature man. [Read: What age does a man emotionally mature? 19 signs he’s grown a real pair]

18. Compliment his bond with others

Let him know how sweet you find his relationship with his brother or childhood best friend or even his parents. Let him know you admire that he has such strong bonds with people in his life.

You want to encourage his other relationships so he feels fulfilled, but also make sure he knows you don’t just approve but are honored to be able to witness such a beautiful connection.

19. Compliment his talents

You may have been shocked at his piano-playing abilities or cooking skills when you first met. But once you get used to it, it may become the norm. Don’t forget to compliment those things he’s amazing at. Inspire him. Be his muse. Remind him of all he can do.

Sure, you may be used to it, but it doesn’t mean what he can do is any less amazing. [Read: Twenty funny compliments your man will be dying to here]

20. Compliment his passion

Compliment what makes him happy. Whether his passion is collecting coins, rock climbing, or his philanthropic agenda, be sure he knows you are proud. Let him know how happy it makes you to see him following his passion. 

21. Compliment his physical strength

Let’s face it, all men want to be called strong by the woman they fancy! If he does something that shows off his brute strength, make sure you let him know.

When it comes to knowing how to compliment a guy for his strength, it could be as simple as opening a jar or pickle or something as hard as moving a very heavy piece of furniture all by himself. If he does something nice for you, and you can see his muscles bulging in the process, let him know!

22. Compliment his integrity

If there’s one thing men love, it’s being acknowledged for their fairness, dedication and integrity. If this guy has strong moral principles, and stands by them because he’s given you his word, let him know just how much you appreciate it.

Integrity is when a guy says he’ll meet you, but his car breaks down, but he still keeps his word even if that means walking the last mile in the rain. Flakiness is something we’ve learned to accept these days, but when a guy shows strong moral integrity, that’s a big sign of a great guy. [Read: 33 traits of an amazing boyfriend that makes him the best ever]

23. Compliment him over a text

Sometimes, compliments are best when you aren’t expecting them at all. If you think about him during the day and feel lucky to have him in your life, send him a text message out of the blue.

Totally not expecting something nice from anyone, a compliment for no reason via a text would turn around his whole day. He’s guaranteed to be smiling when he meets you in person! [Read: 40 romantic text messages for him that will leave him smiling all day]

Remember, when it comes to knowing how to compliment a guy, it has less to do with a specific moment and more to do with who he is as a person. Make a man feel warm in his heart when he hears your words, and he will fall harder for you, with each passing day!

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