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47 Best Male Masturbation Techniques, Positions, Toys & Fun Ways to Jerk Off

Has jerking off become repetitive and boring? Here are some male masturbation techniques that will make you feel great and excited to masturbate again!

Male Masturbation Techniques

Everyone knows that masturbation is normal and healthy. However, many of us don’t invest nearly as much time and energy into figuring out new ways to be inventive and interesting in our solo time as we do when it comes to sex with a partner. So, we’ve put together a list of the hottest male masturbation techniques to put your imagination—and pleasure—into overdrive.

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The benefits of masturbation

Before we discuss some of the male masturbation techniques you need to try, let’s talk about why you should even masturbate in the first place.

There will always be people out there telling you that masturbating is wrong. Truthfully, it all depends on your personal beliefs, but you still can’t deny that there are many benefits of getting yourself off on a regular basis.

Don’t believe us? Check out these benefits of masturbation to see how harmless a little hand-down-the-pants fun is! [Read: 37 health benefits of masturbation, bad side effects, and other must-knows]

1. It can lower your risk of certain cancers

One study from 2004 found that men who ejaculated more than 21 times a month reduced their risk for prostate cancer by about 33% compared to ones who did only 4-7 times a month. 

In 2016, the researchers followed up with the same group of participants from 2004 and found that those who had orgasms 8-12 times a month reduced their prostate cancer risk by 10%. So yeah, it’s safe to say that masturbation can certainly do more good than harm.

2. It can improve the quality of your erections

As a man ages, he naturally loses muscle tone—even in his penis. But with regular sex or masturbation, a man can slow that eventual process. That’s because sex and masturbation work your pelvic floor muscles, helping to prevent erectile dysfunction and incontinence. [Read: Does penis size matter? Big vs. small dick and 24 good and bad qualities of both]

The smooth muscle of your penis needs to have a lot of oxygen. This is delivered when there is a rush of blood to your genitals via having an erection. The best number of times a week to do this is 3-5 times.

3. It can make you last longer in bed

One of the reasons some men don’t last very long in bed or are premature ejaculators is that they haven’t practiced delaying their orgasms. So, masturbation helps you prolong the sex sessions that you have with your partner.

If you masturbate an hour before you have sex, you will have a lot more control. [Read: How to last longer in bed – 34 sex secrets for men to go long and hard]

Train yourself using techniques such as edging and time yourself to see how long it takes to orgasm. Every time you masturbate, try to go longer every time. Your sexual partners will thank you for it!

4. It can make your immunities more robust

When you ejaculate, your body increases its levels of cortisol. Usually, people think of cortisol as the stress hormone that can be harmful in excess. But it actually helps regulate and maintain your immune system in small amounts.

So, masturbation can produce the right environment for strengthening your immune system. It can also increase your white blood cell count for up to 45 minutes after you have an orgasm via masturbation, according to one study.

5. It can put you in a better mood

Masturbation also releases a lot of neurochemicals that make you feel good such as dopamine and oxytocin. These hormones make you feel happier, boosts your satisfaction, and activate the reward circuits in your brain.

In fact, having an orgasm is the best way to get a large dose of dopamine without any drugs or other substances! Although you can probably already attest to the happiness boost that comes with masturbation. [Read: 70 true secrets to happiness to have a happy life and enjoy everything you do]

6. It can improve your sleep patterns

If you’re struggling with not getting enough quality sleep, masturbation can help you with that too! Having an orgasm releases chemicals in your brain like prolactin, serotonin, and oxytocin. All of these are linked to feelings of happiness and relaxation.

So, if you find yourself not sleeping well enough, try masturbating right before you go to bed. You will be surprised by how much it helps. 

7. It can prolong your lifespan 

Because masturbating helps release beneficial hormones into your brain and helps you sleep better, it can prolong your lifespan as well. Getting quality sleep helps your body regenerate at night. [Read: The big health benefits of sex and more that will help you live longer]

And since masturbation releases feel-good hormones, you’ll have happier and have a better quality of life too than if you didn’t masturbate as much.

8. It can enhance your complexion

Because orgasms cause increased blood flow to your skin, this makes your blood vessels open up. And for some people, this can result in some rosy cheeks. 

Or some people call it a “glow” to the skin. Also, since oxytocin is also released with your orgasm, it can reduce inflammation which makes pimples and rashes not as noticeable. [Read: Average time for sex – how long should sex last vs. how long we really last]

9. It can decrease your self-conscious behaviors

If you’re young and still get spontaneous erections, they can be embarrassing if they show up at the wrong time. 

This can make you very self-conscious and behave in a way that can decrease your self-esteem. Masturbation can decrease this for you and help you gain some more self-confidence.

10. It can optimize your heart health

And finally on this long list that’s making you wonder, “what can’t masturbation do?“, regular orgasms can help protect you from heart disease too. [Read: Intense sex – 17 pleasurable secrets and moves to make love with real passion]

Findings from the Massachusetts Male Aging Study state that men who had sex once a month or less were 45% more likely to die of cardiovascular disease than men who had two or more orgasms per week. 

What a great excuse to masturbate, right?

The male masturbation techniques to master

Not everything works for everyone, so when it comes it male masturbation techniques, it’s all about trial and error to find out which techniques work best for you.

If you aren’t sure where to start, take a look at these male masturbation techniques for inspiration. [Read: 16 naughty deeds to build your sexual wish list]

1. Pray for pleasure

Simply rub a generous amount of lube on both of your hands and then interlock them around your penis, as if you were praying.

Then start to move your hands up and down in a rhythmic rubbing motion. It’s up to you to find the perfect speed and pressure, but when you do, it’s a pretty heavenly experience!

2. Get creative with Vapor Rub

This sounds like a strange male masturbation technique, but it can be quite pleasurable. Just rub a small amount of Vapor Rub on your hands and get to work. [Read: 29 best sex positions and tips for small penis owners to go in and hit the spot]

The amazing hot/cold sensations are pretty intense. Just remember, you don’t need much. Overkill takes the amazing tingle to a more unpleasant burn if you aren’t careful!

3. Use the other hand

Have you ever tried working it with your non-master hand? If you use the other one, it takes more time for your brain to connect that it’s you that’s doing it. 

This is where you let your imagination run wild and fantasize about who might be giving you a helping hand—which makes for some pretty hot self-loving, that’s for sure!

4. Watch some porn

An oldie but it never fails! Spice up your masturbation time by sticking on some of your favorite porn. 

If you’ve never watched it before, it’s easy to find great free sites with lots of options to browse through. Find out what really gets you going and then sit back, relax, and enjoy! [Read: 48 sexy secrets to have better sex and explore new things in the bedroom]

5. Do it over clothes

You might not think this sounds like an official male masturbation technique, but it is. Dry rubbing yourself over clothes is a great way to build up tension and make the whole experience feel more erotic. 

It’s really sensual as you’re almost teasing yourself. Plus, it leads to a pretty intense orgasm. If you can’t handle waiting, you can always start this way and move on to some skin-on-skin action later.

6. Get creative in the kitchen

Have you ever tried doing it in a bag of warm jelly? It might sound crazy to some, but if you’ve got an open mind and you’re willing to experiment, this actually feels pretty amazing.

The warm, wet, soft texture of the jelly is a major turn-on, and the best bit is you can ejaculate right inside and then just throw the whole lot away! [Read: 28 natural aphrodisiacs in your kitchen to make yourself horny AF]

7. Tease yourself

Try rubbing yourself for a while, until you are pulsating with pleasure, and then stopping for a little while until you can’t bear it any longer, then start again.

Do this over and over again until the sensations build up and you can’t take the teasing anymore. 

Your orgasm will be intense, long, and take over your whole body—what’s not to love about that?! [Read: How to edge yourself – what’s edging and 15 sexy secrets to huge orgasms]

8. Ball tugging

Remember that when it comes to male masturbation techniques, you need to think beyond just the penis. 

Wait until you are just about to climax, and then give your balls a *gentle* pull. Doing so will increase the intensity of your orgasm, and you’ll cum like you never have before!

9. Get in tune with your body

There are so many places to touch yourself that you’ll find hot and horny, so why not spend some time exploring your body, touching yourself all over, finding your different pressure points, and so on.

Touch, rub, and stimulate almost every part of your body. Make sure you do yourself a favor and give your whole body attention when you are indulging in some self-loving! [Read: Arousing sex fantasies to try in real life]

10. Try different positions

Don’t get lazy with your self-love! Instead, try loads of different positions. You could be on your knees, with your legs in the air, lying on your front—get your body into different positions and use them to enhance your fantasy!

11. Lube it up

Lube is great for some sexy alone time, especially for circumcised men. Lubrication adds a little extra slip-and-slide to the action that feels exciting and stimulates the head of the penis. 

Play around with different lubes, such as those with warming sensations. [Read: How to use lube to liven up your sex life instantly]

12. Temperature play

This is kind of a fun male masturbation technique. Just fill up a small bowl with ice water and the other with warm water.

Dip your hand in your desired bowl until it comes to temperature and then use that hand to touch yourself. This is a fun and playful way to spice up the way you jerk off.

13. Lose the porn

Firstly, a study at Cambridge University revealed the brain scans of porn addicts looked exactly like the brain scans of drug addicts. Probably not someone you want to be compared to. 

Furthermore, watching porn wastes your time, lowers your desire for actual partners, lowers your ability to orgasm, increases the odds of erectile dysfunction, and scientifically causes extreme or deviant behavior as the addiction grows.

Scientific studies show eliminating porn from your masturbation profile improves sexual activity and reverses negative sexual side effects caused by viewing erotica. [Read: Why ditching your porn habit could improve your life]

14. Grinding

This can actually be a pleasurable “hands-free” option for masturbating. Fold a body pillow in half and wedge your penis inside. Use this as a vagina-substitute as a soft and squishy way to a gigantic orgasm.

Pro tip? Don’t use the pillow afterward. In fact, throw it right into the wash when you’re done with it. [Read: Neck kisses – 22 erogenous ways, do’s and don’ts to kiss the neck and melt anyone]

15. Use toys

This male masturbation technique involves sex toys. That’s right, sex toys aren’t just for girls. Incorporate them into your masturbation time by using a vibrator to stimulate your penis head, shaft, and sack as a form of foreplay.

We’ll go into detail about sex toys you men can use to masturbate in just a second, don’t you worry. [Read: Male masturbation toys that are so much better than your hand]

16. Kegels, Kegels, Kegels

Exercising your pelvic floor muscles on a regular basis is one of the smartest things you can ever do for your orgasm! These exercises strengthen your pelvic floor, the benefits of which we’ve already touched on. 

To find your pelvic floor muscles, pee then stop. The same muscles you use to stop your urine flow are the same ones you’re going to tighten for a whopping three seconds and then release. 

After 3-6 weeks of doing Kegels, you should notice your orgasms get stronger. It’s a great male masturbation technique. [Read: Kegel exercises: Why both men and women should do it]

17. Play with different strokes

Play with different techniques and find new sensations to add to your repertoire. 

One method, the pepper grinder, involves using both hands on your shaft and twisting both hands as though you were grinding a pepper mill. Other men enjoy laying their penises flat and rubbing the head until washed over by a blissful orgasm.

18. Try the ‘squeeze’ 

The squeeze male masturbation technique is another way that you can delay your orgasm and prolong masturbation. It is also beneficial for premature ejaculation. [Read: How not to cum fast – 24 must-know tips to last longer and satisfy her]

In order to do this, you need to get to the point of climax and then back off suddenly by holding the tip of your penis right below the head until the sensations go away. You can do it only once, or you can repeat it several times if you want.

19. Try a hands-free masturbation toy

A hands-free masturbation toy is a device that gives you pleasure with minimal effort. It’s usually powered by batteries or electricity. You will be able to lay back and enjoy the experience of masturbation and sensations and not have to do any work.

Hands-free masturbation toys give you the best of two words. You get to masturbate without wearing your arm out. This is really a dream come true for a lot of guys. [Read: Homemade pussy – 37 DIY sex toys for men that feel like the real thing]

20. Try a butt plug

A butt plug is an anal toy that plugs your butt in a good way. They’re shaped like a teardrop and have a wider base that prevents them from getting sucked into your anus too far.

Your anus is full of sensitive nerve endings that feel good when they’re stimulated. The butt hole is also the gateway to your prostate, which is also known as the “male G-spot.”

When you use a butt plug, you can even have an anal orgasm. Yes, they are real and anyone can have one, but the butt plug helps you have one.

Male masturbation toys that will keep you feeling great

There are plenty of male masturbation toys out there to try and have fun with. Not only are you making things more entertaining for yourself, but you can use them with a partner, too.

If you’re just starting out and have no idea what you’ll like, here are a few to try.

1. Penis rings

One of the most well-known male masturbation toys out there would be these. [Read: Cock ring – what it does, how to use it, 24 secrets to rock-hard penis bliss]

If you’re not sure what they are, think of them as tight rings that wrap around the guy’s penis. They can even be used around the balls, too.

They’re designed to be tight and hold the blood in his erection so it not only lasts longer but is more firm and sensitive at the same time. 

2. Vibrating penis rings

These are basically the same as a normal penis ring, but they just happen to have a small addition—they vibrate. [Read: Must-have naughty sex toys for couples]

This is another that will not only enhance your pleasure alone, but you can also add these to your regular sex life with your partner, too.

3. Fleshlights

Another male masturbation toy that is rather popular would be the Fleshlight. 

They’re often made of a silicone or jelly-type material that mimics how a woman’s vagina would feel. This is great for those who are bored with their hand and want a new sensation. [Read: Do women like the penis? 22 things that make a perfect cock that girls love]

4. Silicone bottoms 

If you’re a booty guy, something like this will be right up your alley.

These are basically just as they sound. They’re life-sized replicas of a woman’s butt, fully equipped with two holes. This allows you to have different options with the same toy, too.

5. Artificial vaginas

These types of male masturbation toys are basically a combination of fleshlights and silicone bottoms. You can even get life-sized ones with thighs and all. [Read: 35 slippery good lube substitutes, how and when to use them, and ones to avoid]

But if you want something more handy, they make fleshlights with just a replica of a vagina that is meant to feel like the real thing.

6. Blow job imitators

If you’re a man who likes to imagine a woman on her knees for you, there are plenty of male masturbation toys out there that can give you as close to the real thing as you’re looking for.

These are also very much like fleshlights, but they have a mouth instead of an open hole. This can help you visualize a real woman’s lips wrapped around you as you get to work. [Read: Homemade sex toys you have to try – solo play or with a lover]

7. Vibrating Fleshlights

You can even take all of these types of Fleshlights a step further and get one that vibrates! Many prefer this so it feels even better. 

These also may be the better option because you can choose to use them without the vibrating function as well so you can mix it up whenever you want.

8. Prostate massagers

Many men aren’t aware of just how pleasurable their prostates can be for them. But it’s basically the equivalent of the female G-spot, so it’s worth knowing. And that means there are many toys designed to press right up against it. [Read: 18 hot male erogenous zones and places to touch a guy most girls don’t know]

Using one of these in addition to another sex toy or just with your hand is more than enough to spice up your usual self-pleasuring. Don’t let something like this scare you, many men swear by them.

9. Anal plugs

Another way to stimulate your prostate is by using anal plugs. They’re one of the best male masturbation toys you can use to give your you-time something special. 

By using one of these, you’re stimulating your prostate without having to worry about placement, since their flared base means they stay put. [Read: How to have anal sex and 51 bum must-knows to prepare for your first time]

10. Sex dolls

There are many different types of sex dolls out there. You can even opt to purchase only the bottom half if you want!

But if you’re looking to get everything all in one, buying a whole sex doll is the way to go. They have a mouth for you, an artificial vagina, and a butt for your pleasure, as well. [Read: Why do guys like feeling breasts? The reasons why men love boobs]

Tips for choosing the right male masturbation toys

Before you go ahead and try one of these, here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you’re getting the right sex toy for you.

1. Think about what’s convenient

If you have a bunch of roommates, having a full, life-sized sex doll around may not be the best choice for you. You have to think about what’ll be the most convenient for you to use and what you’ll like best.

Having something small you can easily hide may be beneficial if you have a partner or many roommates.

2. Don’t be intimidated

Sure, there are a lot of different options out there, but you don’t have to be scared or intimidated by them. So, you’ve never used a Fleshlight before? [Read: Sexual bucket list – 35 dirty deeds to build your naughty wishlist]

So what? Get it, try it out, and figure out how to use it for yourself. You only live once, so why not try new things?

3. Try something new 

Don’t just stick with the things you know you like. Branch out a little! Go for a prostate massager and see how great it is for you. 

If you end up not liking it, that’s fine. But you may end up thoroughly enjoying something you never thought you would. So, try as many new things as you can. [Read: Sex toy party – how to plan one with friends and make it really fun]

Male masturbation positions

We briefly touched on how changing your positions can make masturbation more interesting for you. But let’s get into the really nitty gritty with these specific positions you have to try.

1. Lying on your back

This is a very popular position for masturbation. It’s classic and allows plenty of room for movement. Plus, it’s comfortable and a good position to close your eyes and fantasize if you want or just concentrate on the sensations.

2. Standing supported

If you like to masturbate in the shower, this is a good position—but you don’t have to be in the shower to enjoy it. [Read: The most common sex positions and sexy ways to spice them up to expert levels]

You need a lot of core strength because it can be difficult to hold your standing position when you orgasm. So, make sure you stand against something solid like a wall.

3. Seated stroking

You’ll probably need to sit on the edge of a chair and let your testicles hang down. You could also use a stool if you want. 

Seated stroking gives you full-body access to both lying down and standing. It’s also a good position for long masturbation sessions. You’ll also be seated when you orgasm too. [Read: 104 sexual, dirty questions to ask a girl over text and make her horny]

4. The stand-up guy

Standing up gives your masturbation session a sense of freedom.

There’s a different feeling with this position and it allows you to move around while you’re stroking yourself if you want to. The only disadvantage is that it can be tiring if you’re doing more than one session.

5. Lying face down

For this masturbation position, you need to be lying on your stomach. Then, start rubbing your penis against the mattress or a pillow while you’re thrusting. 

This allows you to pretend that you’re having sex. You could also thrust in and out of your fist if you prefer. [Read: Addicted to porn? 43 signs and VERY effective ways to stop watching porn]

6. The ottoman assist 

An ottoman is a backless chair, and it can let you try a very different position. Sit on the ottoman lengthwise.

Once you’re sitting on the edge with your feet flat on the floor, lay back across it, letting your head dangle off the edge.

7. Upside down

While this is an unusual masturbation position, it can be interesting nonetheless. You should start by lying on your back with your knees pulled in and your butt against a wall. 

Then, walk your legs up the wall and raise your butt and push yourself closer to the wall. You should only have the upper half of your torso and your head on the floor. [Read: 60 secrets to make a woman orgasm and master the art of making a girl cum hard]

8. Get on your knees

Kneeling gives you a different perspective on masturbation, and this can help you change up your techniques.

You can bend over while kneeling so that you’re on all fours, and then you can raise one hand and use it to masturbate.

9. On your side

This masturbation position is an easy and comfortable one because your body will be fully supported. You’ll also have a hand free to operate a toy if you want to use one, such as a vibrating masturbation sleeve. Plus, you can prop yourself up and watch yourself go to town if that turns you on. 

10. The arm slide 

This is a pretty simple masturbation technique. It requires that you slide your penis head down the length of your forearm. This skin-to-penis gliding motion should feel pleasurable and relaxing. [Read: Why am I so horny? 21 signs, reasons, hypersexuality, and when to seek help]

Experiment with different rhythms or directions of stroking. You can try stroking the underside of your penis in long downward motions.

11. Thumb fun 

Use the “classic” masturbation technique with a loose fist, but turn your hand around slightly so that your thumb is on the underside of your penis. Using lube, pump your penis like normal but stroke the underside of your penis. 

This will make your orgasm feel very intense. It’s also a creative way to stimulate your frenulum without doing anything too complicated.

12. The helmet polish 

Grab the base/middle of your penis with one hand and place the palm of your other hand on top of your cock head. This is a simple technique and it focuses on pleasuring the very tip of your penis. 

It will lead to a gradual and very sensitive-feeling ejaculation. But make sure you use a lot of lube because it will be very sensitive. 

13. Twisty nipple

Male nipples are sensitive too and can help you get aroused. While you’re stroking with one hand, play with your nipples with your free hand. [Read: The different types of nipples, what’s normal and not, and 17 must-know nipple facts]

You can flick, rub, twist, or tickle them however you want. If you’re playing with them for a while, you might want to use lube so it reduces the friction and they don’t get sore.

14. Drummer boy 

Make sure the boner is facing upwards so that the underside of your cock head is pressing up against the fabric of your boxers. 

Repeatedly tap on the underside of your cock with your fingers. The combination of tapping and resistance with the boxers can make you orgasm in a way you never have before. 

[Read: Chronic masturbation – 30 side-effects, signs, and ways to stop masturbating]

There are so many different male masturbation techniques and positions to try your hand at that it seems crazy not to give some of them a go! The next time you feel as though your solo sex time is getting a little boring, give some of these tips a try.

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