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10 Must-Try Tease and Denial Games that Make So-So Sex So Hot-Hot

Relationships are beautiful but sometimes it’s fun to switch things up in bed. Step outside of your comfort zone with these exciting tease and denial games.

Tease and Denial Games

When you’re in a relationship, it’s common for things to get a little stale in the bedroom. You get used to a position and activities that hit the spot. Why would you change what you’re doing? That being said, it’s nice to surprise your partner and switch things up from time to time. Tease and denial games are a great way to increase sexual tension and take yourself out of your vanilla routine.

Now, tease and denial games may sound a little childish, but trust me, they’re not. Tease and denial games are definitely not kids’ games. They’re rated-R all the way. [Read: Sexual fantasies you should definitely try in real life]

10 tease and denial games you must try with your partner

People don’t like to admit that they need to amp up their sex lives; for them, it shows weakness. But the need to work on your sex life doesn’t mean your relationship is in the dumps. And tease and denial games are the best way to intensify your orgasms and revive your sex life.

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Firstly, teasing builds sexual tension very easily. Secondly, with denial, you can intensify the orgasm you’re about to have. Put these two together, and you’re in for an amazing ride *literally*.

Let’s step outside of our comfort zone with these delicious games.

#1 Role play. If you’re interested in role play, then you’ll love this game. Talk to your partner about which fantasies you want to explore. Once you decide on one, it’s time to play it out. Now, if someone breaks character, they have to wait to achieve orgasm. Eventually, you two will get so into it, you’ll be orgasming in no time. [Read: 15 effortlessly sexy role playing ideas for the shy]

#2 Scrabble Tiles. If you love to play Scrabble with your partner, then you’ll love this game. Incorporate Scrabble into your tease and denial game by doing this: every time your partner gets you close to an orgasm, they get to spell out a word on the Scrabble board. You switch turns every time and decide when you both want to orgasm.

#3 The Counting Game. So, there has to be a dominant *teaser* and a submissive *person who is teased*. The dominant needs to say a number, for example, 30. They will count backward, and the submissive isn’t allowed to orgasm until the dominant makes it to zero. Counting backward creates even more intense pressure because the submissive doesn’t have any control. [Read: How to be a freak in the sheets without being creepy] 

#4 The Task Master. Sounds so intense, and it is. The Task Master is a game for couples who aren’t into basing the game on luck. Instead, The Task Master is when you give your partner ten pennies, one for each of their fingers. Your partner needs to hold the pennies while you do naughty things to them, such as oral sex. Now, the challenge is if they drop a penny, you deny them the orgasm for a certain amount of time.

#5 The Coin Flip. Another game with coins, but equally as fun. Who knew you could play a dirty version of a coin toss? Well, you can! Play coin toss to determine whether or not your partner is going to orgasm. If the coin lands on ‘heads’, for example, they get to orgasm. If not, well, they’ll need to wait.

#6 Code Word. Here we go. One partner isn’t allowed to orgasm until the other partner says the code word. Now, you both decide on the code word beforehand. This can be a fun game to play while your partner is losing their mind, waiting to hear the code word. [Read: 6 ways to control your orgasms with the art of edging]

#7 Red Light, Green Light. Don’t worry, there aren’t any cars involved in this game. Though it’s based on a classic kid’s game, you can add a couple of features and make it into a naughty bedroom game. One person gets to control the lights. The red means stop, green means go. Your partner can only orgasm on a green light. If it turns red, you must stop. [Read: 10 really naughty sex games for couples to feel incredibly horny]

#8 Remote toys. The beauty of tease and denial games is that they’re applicable to long-distance couples as well. Sure, you can’t play some of the games on this list. But, with a remote control toy, you’ll be able to make your own games with your partner. The best part is the game can happen at any time of the day.

#9 Tit for Tat. Here we go. This game is the ultimate tease and denial game. Your partner can only orgasm once you have already orgasmed. You can make the game challenging by using blindfolds, using your weak hand, or using no hands. That’ll be a true challenge. [Read: Find out how to orgasm harder and better than ever]

#10 Stroking games. If you and your partner are a fan of television shows and movies, here’s your game. When a character says their catchphrase, you perform a sexual act. But, there’s a time limit to how long you should perform the act. Make sure you pick a show or movie that repeats a particular line a lot.

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Who said you needed to keep things vanilla in your bedroom? Why not take things up a notch and try some tease and denial games with your partner?

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