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Get in the Mood with these 15 Movies with a Lot of Sex


We all know the kind of mood watching movies with a lot of sex puts us in. If you want to spice up your date night, these movies will do the job.

Nothing can heat up a typical date night like watching a movie with a lot of sex. We all know how we start feeling after a few sex scenes with attractive actors and actresses doing their best job to make it all look real.

We feel like we would rather be in the movie with them. There’s just something super arousing about watching two people – even if they are acting – strip down and get busy with each other. It’s fun and it puts you in just the right mood.

Movies with a lot of sex are simply the best

While the actors may disagree, I say that movies with a lot of sex are better and more real than movies that just show a few kisses before pulling away and leaving your imagination to fill in the rest.

If you’re feeling some type of way and are aching to watch a movie that’s full of lust, desire, and some of the sexiest scenes around, then strap in and get ready for a good time. These movies will satiate your need for a great movie with a lot of sex. [Read: 11 regular date night movies that’ll get both of you in the mood for sex]

#1 Deadpool. If you haven’t seen this new movie that hit theaters a couple of months ago, be prepared to be shocked. As I’m sure you’ve heard before, this movie contains a ridiculous amount of things that warrant its R rating – sex being one of them. I urge you NOT to watch this with your parents – big mistake.

#2 Kink. If you’re looking for a movie that experiments with a wide range of different types of sex – this one is it. Just as the name suggests, this film is Kink-y. Not only will you find sex an awful lot throughout this movie, but it focuses mainly on bondage and that lifestyle. So strap in and enjoy the movie! [Read: 20 kinky things you can do with your boyfriend beyond the bed]

#3 Nymphomaniac. Just as the name says, this movie is filled with naughty, dirty sex. After a man saves a woman from a beating, she takes it upon herself to explain – and even show – her self-diagnosed nymphomaniac tendencies. You’ll see more sex than you really need to with this movie.

#4 Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love. If you love princesses, feuds, and sex, then you’ll love this movie. When a princess and her best friend/maid end up in a quarrel after a lifelong friendship, one uses sex in order to get back at the other. You’ll see sex, fights, and perhaps a broken kingdom when watching this movie.

#5 Porky’s. When three high school boys vow to lose their virginity, they end up biting off more than they can chew in a few situations. After being kicked out of a strip club and have their money taken, they aim to strike back at the club that wronged them. Obviously since this movie is all about losing their virginity, you’ll get an eyeful of the sex that ensues along with some comic relief. [Read: A rare and much-needed sexual intercourse guide for virgin men]

#6 American Pie. If you haven’t seen American Pie, you’re missing out. Four high school guys make a pact to lose their virginity by their prom night. They’re misfits on the lookout for bangable women everywhere. You’ll get to see these students try and fail and then succeed in their quests… along with a healthy dosage of some pie.

#7 50 Shades of Grey. This list just wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t add the one movie whose premise is completely about sex. The plot is about a man – CEO of a huge corporation – and his dominant-driven sex life.

Alongside some drama and heartache, you’ll get to see all that Christian Grey’s red room of pain has to offer. Get ready for a steamy night if you put this movie on. [Read: 50 shades of dangerous sex – The right way to get risque]

#8 The Wolf of Wall Street. When a young stockbroker is thrust out into the world after his brokerage firm failed, he takes on a new type of selling stocks. He starts his own business and is soon making millions upon millions of dollars a month.

With money and power comes drugs, alcohol, and – you guessed it – sex. Sex with his beautiful wife, sex between his coworkers and prostitutes, and even his own infidelity. You can’t escape sex when you watch this movie.

#9 Lovelace. This film follows the life of a successful porn star as she gains fame and fortune after hitting it big with a fantastic porn film. However, it also covers the not-so-glamorous side of the porn industry. With porn, comes sex. You’ll be seeing a lot of it in this movie starring Amanda Seyfried. [Read: 25 horny ways to increase you sex drive and keep it high]

#10 Friends with Benefits. I’m sure you can imagine what this movie is about. That’s right! It’s about two friends who use each other for benefits. Meaning they are strictly about sex and no emotions. You’ll be raring to go after watching this movie that stars Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis – two of the hottest names in Hollywood. But can their friendship last with just sex?

#11 9 ½ Weeks. When an art gallery employee catches the eye of a mysterious Wall Street broker, she’s in for a hell of a good time. This movie follows the life of a young girl who gets caught up in a steamy affair with a sexy and alluring man. But can she handle his extreme sexual demands? This movie will get you squirming in your seat – in a good way. [Read: 10 arousing movie sex scenes to warm up for a night of sex]

#12 The Blue Lagoon. When two seven year olds are marooned on an island with only one other person to teach them the ways of life, they are nearly clueless about all things love and sex when he passes away.

These two wind up learning for themselves that there’s not much to do on a deserted island other than have sex. If you love getting down and dirty with nature, this movie will give you a taste of island sex.

#13 Eyes Wide Shut. After a man’s wife confesses to having sexual fantasies of another man – and almost following through with those thoughts – he sets out on a mission to uncover a sexual world he knows nothing about. But is it more than he can handle?

This movie gives you a bit of everything you might like; excitement, love, fantasy, and of course, sex. [Read: 20 sexually enlightening movies that are all about different kinds of sexuality]

#14 Shame. A Successful New Yorker hides a secret not only from his family, but from the world. But when his sister makes a crash landing in his life, forcing him to give up his privacy, he has to face the reality of his condition; a sex addiction.

This movie floods your TV with sex. Sex addiction is no joke and this movie does a great job of covering what it is – and shows an extreme amount of sex. [Read: Are you a sex addict? 11 straight questions to know if you’re one]

#15 Blue is the Warmest Color. This controversial film made headway not only for the amount of sex that it shows, but the type of sex. When a teenager meets an older, more experienced woman in a lesbian bar, she is immediately attracted to her. She learns just about everything she needs to about love… and sex.

Sex is the primary topic covered in this movie. The older woman is obviously much more experienced and has a great time showing all of you that she can teach her ways to someone she has an intense connection with.

[Read: 13 non-porn erotic movies that are sure to turn you on]

There are a ridiculous amount of movies out there with a lot of sex. With society becoming more accepting to this once taboo movie type, you’ll find it more and more. These just happen to be the movies that have the most sex.

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