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How To Talk Dirty In Bed – Dirty Talk Examples

how to talk dirty in bed

Want to know how to talk dirty in bed? Here’s your complete guide to fantasizing in bed, along with dirty talk examples and seduction tips to ignite the night!

All of us want to have a great night in bed.

And we’re always looking for ways to rekindle that romance and the passion of a one night stand or a lusty fling after a wild whirlwind romance.

Before we get into figuring out how to talk dirty in bed, you have to know why we even talk in bed in the first place.

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Calling each other dirty names isn’t really dirty talk, that’s just dirty names!

Do you ever fantasize about a person other than your partner?

Have you ever admired a gorgeous actor, a hottie at a club, or perhaps a good friend of the opposite sex?

Say what you want, but we’ve all done that. We’re human, after all.

And you have to understand that just like you, your partner too is human.

How to dirty talk in bed

By understanding this basic concept of dirty talk in bed, you can open a world of fantasies and dirty talk that can get your nights sizzling, and bring both of you closer at the same time! [Read: The top 10 sexual fantasies for girls and the top 10 sexual fantasies for guys]

Prepare yourself to open up to your partner sexually and share each other’s sexual fantasies and dirty talk in bed.

Ready to dive in?

How to talk dirty in bed – Dirty talk examples

“Imagine you’re at a party. You’re tipsy after the six rounds of tequila shots. Now you’re dancing and swaying to the music… you’re dancing alone. Suddenly you feel a hand move across your bare back. You’re wearing a backless halter and you feel the hand slipping into the top, over your breasts from behind you. You don’t know who it is, but you can feel the hot, deep breath of a man you don’t know. You don’t care who it is, you’re drunk and you want to be felt all over. Now you see the hands groping all over your breasts in the smoky flickering lights of the discotheque. You can’t see the person too well and very soon you find yourself in his arms and your hands groping over the bulge of his pants…”

“Are you having fun? Does it turn you on….?”

She opens her eyes slowly and sees the face she knows so well, the face she is in love with. [Read: How to fantasize about someone else with your own partner and arouse them a lot more!]

He whispers on in his deep desirous voice, filled with lust and imagination. She listens to him as he explicitly tells her all the details of a steamy, orgasmic session she indulges in, at a party.

She listens to him and closes her eyes as she imagines the picture. She is lost in an unreal world, a world in which she’s making out with an unknown man, something she wouldn’t be caught dead doing in the real world. But it turns her on… and she wants her partner to go on.

Soon, the both of them lie down next to each other gasping for air, weak and satisfied. They smile at each other and kiss each other good night and cuddle up to sleep. [Read: The beginners’ guide to having phone sex like a sexy sassy minx!]

Talk dirty in bed to heighten your sexual pleasure

You may dirty talk about someone you’re attracted to with your partner or you may secretly imagine it yourself, but no one can deny that this thought hasn’t come in our minds as we indulge in a sexual romp with our partner. It might last for a second or for a few minutes or the whole time, but the thought of some other face does get you tingling and into a mild sexual frenzy.

One might not accept it or might not have indulged in it, but when another face distracts you in bed however hard you push that thought away, it’s almost a sexual fantasy, and you’re only trying to stop it from overpowering you.

You may think about the girl who danced beside you at the party rubbing shoulders every now and then or the guy who stared at you from across the bar counter. You may remember the time you were making out with your partner against a wall, in a dark corner on a claustrophobic dance floor, while a few ogling unwanted eyes stared at you desirously. [Read: How to have sex with a friend without losing their friendship]

But whatever pushes the button or gets that blood flowing into your loins, it’s the thought or the memories of an incident that usually sparks off a lusty sexual fantasy and opens the world of talking dirty in bed. Sometimes, it’s a deep desire to do something that you know you could never do in reality.

How to start talking dirty in bed

You may know your partner is physically attracted to a friend of yours, or someone they met at a party. Rather than hide the fact that your partner can be sexually excited by someone else, it’s so much better to indulge in the fantasy by learning how to talk dirty in bed, and easing the sexual tension that gets built up otherwise.

Why bother ignoring the secret sexual tension, when you can make your relationship stronger, intimate and more sexually exciting by learning how to talk dirty in bed with your partner? [Read: The seven sexiest types of sex you can ever have!]

Try this with your partner tonight. While you’re having sex, start talking about someone you know your lover likes sexually or is attracted to. You don’t need to get sexual at first, just talk about them. You can warm up to the act in a few minutes by talking about a threesome in bed with that person, or imagine a party with that attractive friend. [Read: 20 sexy text message examples to start a naughty conversation with anyone!]

Try it once and you’ll know how explosive sex can be, when both of you open up about your sexual interests.

You have a choice here. You can be mentally unfaithful to your partner by pretending like you’re never sexually attracted to someone else, or you can involve your partner in the same fantasy and excite each other a lot more.

Now that you know how to talk dirty in bed, try this with your partner tonight. Or you can continue to know all about how to talk dirty in bed and arouse each other by reading more about the art of dirty talking in bed here.

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32 thoughts on “How To Talk Dirty In Bed – Dirty Talk Examples”

  1. Alice says:

    Love to be tired up and teased with vibrators, “hands on”, etc.

  2. Ana-Michelle says:

    I loved it!! super great tip!!
    my partner enjoyed it as well… we just went… mmmmmmm….oohhhhh… ahhhhh oh yeahhhhhhh…. 😉

  3. NokturnalGhost says:

    i never had this feeling/thought but i want to see my woman pleased by another woman or man i want to see the faces she makes, hear the sounds, and how she moves from the outside looking in the trust is there but i dont know how to explain that to her i dont want her to think of me differently… but she says she has a open mind but i dont know how open

  4. Josh says:

    I don’t like the idea of bringing in the idea of 3 somes or other people into talk or the bedroom. It seems like if it became a “normal” part of their thought process. In my opinion, it could lead them to believe you were “okay” with the idea of them being with someone they were really attracted to . People in committed relationships should really try to get their sexual satisfaction from their partner alone… long term, that is the only way. Its something you have to figure out. Tie ups, role playing (anonymous) and things like that are a much better way to go than introducing the thought of “real” people mentally into your partners bedroom.

  5. Baliram says:

    I very sexy man

  6. steve says:

    hi id like you to consider your words ‘ DIRTY TALK ‘ ID LIKE FOR YOU TO CONSIDER CHANGING THOSE WORDS TO A MORE POSITIVE REFLECTION OF THE SEX AND LOVE WE TRUELY DESIRE maybe you could use the word EROTIC to replace DIRTY TALK erotic

  7. steve says:

    EROTIC seems to capture a sense of intense pleasure and love a sense of engulfing your whole being in the moment with purpose DIRTY TALK has a connotation of distasteful and impure some thing to be avoided

  8. Tittylicious says:

    Is it weird that old men gets attracted to me and that it kind of turns me on? Like I am 21 and I get men as old as 40 years to 60 years old attracted to me in a sexual way.

  9. Emily says:


  10. Michelle says:

    Definitely agree. Neither my sweetie or I have another person we fantasize about, and if we did, we would respectfully NOT discuss that with each other. That talk is between you and your guy/lady friends. “Bringing in a 3rd person” leads to envy, insecurity, and hurt. Why would you want that? Seems logical to me, but maybe this is why there’s such a high divorce rate in the United States. People do not know how to act appropriately in a relationship.

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