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How to Make Him Want You

How To Make Him Want You

Do you want to know how to make him want you all the time? You may be thinking about your man 24/7, but is he doing the same? Learn to mesmerize your man and make him love you and think about you all the time with these simple tips.

Are you wondering how to make him want you more?

The beginning of a new relationship is arguably the best part. The tingly feelings of butterflies that come with a first meeting can never be replicated.

But can you make this last forever? Can you make him love you more with each passing day?

How can you make him think about you all the time?

You may catch his eye, but how can you ensure that he’s hooked to you? How can you make him want you, and love you for who you are?

How to make him want you

Men are essentially more single-minded than women. Let’s just say they don’t see things as we do.

Every situation does not have the typical million alternatives in a man’s life.

For him, not calling simply would mean you’re busy, and he’d never think that you’re not interested.

So your task is to keep him interested, and make him want you.

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Your weapons? Self confidence and control. Here is your modus operandi to make him love you more, effortlessly.


#1 Be busy

Never make it look like you’re sitting by the phone waiting for his call, even if you are. Go out, meet people, start a hobby even if it’s just to get your mind off things.

And make sure he knows your busy bee activities, as not only will it keep him intrigued by you, it will make him feel grateful for getting to spend a little time with you.

#2 Never show that it bothers you

The biggest mistake most women make is to whine “but why didn’t you call me last night/yesterday/every hour?” To clobber him with questions is only going to push him away rather than make him love you more. A wistful “but you used to do it before…” is even worse. Remember, men hate questions about relationships all the time.

In the beginning of every relationship, hormones are on overdrive and that would make him want you all the time. And without even realizing it, he would want to spend every waking moment with you. But a relationship, like everything else, is progressive.

So it then goes into the stage where you’re both comfortable with each other, which means you don’t need to call each other every few hours in order to feel loved.

#3 Feel good about yourself

If you’re wondering how to make him want you all the time, wear something you feel desirable in, be it your favorite pair of jeans or a pair of sexy boy shorts. When you feel sexy, it shows! And he’s going to reciprocate the desire. [Read: What to wear to bed with your boyfriend]

#4 Pay attention to appearance

As shallow as this sounds, you have to make a first impression or a good series of first impressions. It should be a while before you can let him see you with a bed head and no makeup.

#5 Take initiative

Forget about playing hard to get, take over in the bedroom and otherwise. Just not all the time, unless you want it predictable and yawn-inspiring. If you want to make him want you all the time and make him love you helplessly, you need to keep his interest piqued. So leave him a message commanding him to meet you at your favorite restaurant and plan an evening of fun to follow.

#6 Inflate his ego

This is an obvious one.  Turn him on by complimenting him on what he’s wearing and how good he looks, lightly brush against his shoulder as you walk by, and make lots of eye contact and smoldering looks. Knowing that a girl is smoking hot and that she desires him, will only make him want the girl, a.k.a. you, even more. [Read: Tips on turning a guy on]

Remember, a guy may say he wants his space or that he needs to have some guy time without thinking about his girlfriend, but it isn’t always true. You can accept it and move along. Or you can make him want you and be with you without even asking him to do that!

Just let him see that true confident girl that you are, and let him know that you don’t really need him around all the time too.

If you follow these tips, you won’t be wondering how to make him want you or make him love you, you’ll make him beg to be around you all the time! Click here to read about ways to make him miss you more.

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58 thoughts on “How to Make Him Want You”

  1. chrissy says:

    I have been dating this married man for some months now and tells me all of a sudden that he doesn’t want to see me anymore :but we can be friends. What should do I do.


  3. I’m in agreement with Precious, having been on the other side of the fence, ex-husbands cheating with some low class woman (I use the term woman loosely), it ruined the trust, the love and ultimately, our marriage. Some get jollies from luring a married man away, one day they will fall head over heels in love, marry and have the same thing done to her! Karma…a woman who knows a man is taken and continues to pursue and seduce them deserve all the heartbreak they have coming! Shame on you, Chrissy!

  4. Delilah says:

    Chrissy,you had to have known that these self righteous bitches would gang up on you because you were in a relationship with a married man. I would expose his cheating ass to his wife, I’d destroy his life if a man used me the way he used you ! Tell his wife the truth, make him hurt the way you’re hurting now. That will teach him a lesson, that he shouldn’t go around using women because he’s bored with his wife’s saggy tits, fat ass and possibly boring sex. Ruin him, let him know the meaning of a “Woman’s Wraith”, make him pay.

  5. luna says:

    Delilah, just to let know that only 12% of men believe that their mistress is more beautiful than their wife… So it’s pretty obvious that sex is the main motivator for infidelity. Women who have enough self-esteem will never fall into that scheme. So what Chrissy needs is a good therapy to learn how to be loved and respected.

  6. sleem says:

    Am in a serious relationship with a guy dat has a girlfriend he didn’t tell me he had a girlfriend untill I was in love with him I love him and want to be his bride am with him and the other girl is in the united state he always skype and facebook with her what do I do

  7. Samanta says:

    Chrissy don;t worry as one of the comment stated that Karma will come but not to u well maybe but he will pay for doing that to you because he should’ve never used u up like thta, first of u have ur own life to live he shudda let u be. but then again ur wrong u shudda never been wif him cuz u kneo his married but dont worry we all make mistakes. i just recently made one, (i went out wif my ex-boyfriend best-friend) but i don’t consider a mistake cuz me n him are happy together for seven months now

  8. Lexi says:

    Sleem, you need to make an ultimatum with the guy, either he stays with you and ends things with the American chick; or you leave him. No matter how much you love him, obviously the feelings aren’t mutual if he thinks it’s okay to completely disrespect you by continuing his relationship with an other woman. I wish you good luck and I hope that one day you find someone a helluva lot better then this guy

  9. Saumu Sakala says:

    Am madly in love with this guy who is very handsome to me but the problem is he is a player. What can I do to make him love me and not someone else? Sorry maybe my english is not good enough to understand but atleast you will get me, am from Tanzania, the land of Kilimanjaro mountain.

  10. Evette says:

    I saw my high school bestie last week for the first time in about 13 years. We had a relationship after I graduated but I broke it off because at the time I found out that he had a baby on the way, I was upset because he didn’t tell me. Last month we started conversating and then met up last week. We had adult activities and now I have not heard from him but one time and that was because I text him saying that he didn’t let me know he had made it home safely. Did I move to fast with him to try and make him my man? I’ve loved him since high school.

  11. Arleen says:

    Well, I’ve loved my man since high school — and that was 1970…..Through a string of coincidences, we reconnected 6 years ago…..It was like a fairy tale come true. We took early retirement from our jobs, bought a boat (he always had a dream of sailing the world) and sailed about 2000 miles over 4 years……We got engaged on Valentine’s Day, 2008 — but we’ve never married….In the past 6 years we’ve been through lots of family drama (births, deaths, illnesses, legal issues, & financial issues)……We sold the boat; bought a sweet little cottage in the mountains — but still no marriage….We’ve set dates, but he has always has a reason to not follow through……We’re 60 years old. We’ve been thorough a life-time of experiences — and I’m discouraged and depressed because he has said he doesn’t want to get married; doesn’t like the idea of a “sacred commitment” or ceremony, and pretty much does his own thing……I don’t remember the last time we had a date night. I try to keep myself in shape; I’m involved in a variety of activities, I collect a retirement pension and substitute teach to pull more than my weight financially…..The sex was great at first…..Now there is no foreplay; no after glow; no romance………I don’t want to end it all — he is a good man, and I do love him — but how do I get my needs met and feel like I matter once again…….???

  12. Berlise says:

    I need help. I go to a very small school with very few cute guys. just recently we go a new student and he is by far the most gorgeous guy in our grade. The problem is that all of the other girls think the exact same thing. Ive had a few conversations with the guy but nothing that sets me apart from everyone else. I want to go farther than just making a good impression, but all of the girls in my school act like minxes towards him! I cant even get him alone for longer than 30 seconds, so how am I supposed to get him to notice me and forget about all of the other girls?

  13. Aim says:

    Why can’t you have one relationship that isn’t always about sex and getting him all drooly over you? The damn key is to make him wait, tease him, and as long as it takes if he waits hes the right one for you. Quit looking for a cheap hook up.

  14. Lily says:

    Hi…So im in a relationship with a guy i have been with for a year and a half but about 2 months ago it became a long distance relationship. Im half way across the world but still have a little hope we can make it work. We broke up for about a month and i just came to realize that i cant live without him… Lately i see him not being very interseted in talking to me or i see him leaving… I cant help but think im doing something wrong. Alot of ny friends say i should leave him because its his problem if hes not putting the effort and that alot of better chances would come along… I need your advice…

  15. Laura says:

    I fell in love with a guy who’s in one of my courses… He always smiles to me and is so cute to me! We’ve chatted a few times on Facebook but it was me who had to begin you know… But the convos were always sooo funny and nice! I really enjoyed spending my time texting him and he seemed to have also fun

  16. Payton The Hamster says:

    Hey, so um, I like this boy A LOT. I know he’s perverted, but so is almost every guy I know! I’m extremely attracted to him. He said he liked me back but he said he didn’t know if it would work because he likes someone else. And then he started being all romantic with me through text messages but would spend all his time I could ever talk to him in person with the other girl he likes. Them he told me one day he wants this to stop because he’s in love with the other girl, who doesn’t give a crap about him. What do I do? I know a lot of people will suggest playing hard to get, but he doesn’t even notice me anymore. I know he’s a terrible person, I don’t wanna be in a relationship with him. I just want to get him to chase after me instead and reject him the same way he rejected me so he can see how it feels.

  17. Laura says:

    Any replies please?

  18. Laura says:

    Yay he doesn’t have a gf :))
    It’s all right guys 😀
    Never mind …

  19. Lavvis says:

    I been in love w a guy for a year… Things didnt started right fron beginning… Till recently i did all the should not do stuffs… I really love him and i really wish he will be mine… How do i? How can i? Start again:( please help me… My heart truly only beats for him….

  20. Deepa Medhi says:

    I like a guy alot. I told him how I feel about him. For a short time he was with me but now he has started ignoring me. He has a girlfriend maybe its because he doesn’t want to cheat on her. But as far as I’m concerned he is not totally into her because if he loved her he wouldn’t had been with me. Maybe he is scared or he doesn’t like me anymore. I tried really hard to get over him. I even had boyfriends since then but I somehow couldn’t get him out of my mind. I guess its because he’s my first crush….maybe love. Can you help me out through this? What am I suppose to do? Get over him or keep on trying in a fare way?

  21. UniversalClockwork says:

    A lot of people ask how to know if someone is thinking of you, and there really is no way for
    you to know if someone thinks about you; unless you ask them. There are a bunch of theories
    about this, but there is really no proof or evidence to give any credit to those theories, but I have one clever way to know whether or not someone thinks of you.
    You may need a friends help for this one, but what you can do is start up a conversation with a friend while this person is with you. (Works better, if you are on the phone with a friend) If your friend says something about this person to you, and they know it; naturally they are going to ask what this other person said about them. In order for this to work you CANNOT tell that person what you’re friend said to you. Simply, refuse to tell them. They’ll keep asking–probably several times before they either let it go, or just it give it up. Now what you want to do is give it a few days before you see/talk to this person again. I suggest waiting a week before you see/talk to them again.

    So one of two things will happen the next time you see them.
    A: They don’t ask about it again. Which simply means they don’t care enough about it to ask again. Meaning that they did not think about it, nor did it bother them enough to ask what your friend said to you.
    B: If it’s been a week since you last spoke to this person, and they ask again what it is your friend said about them, then, they thought about it to the point it bothered them enough to ask you again a week later. Which suggests that it either bothered them that you wouldn’t tell them what it is your friend said (If this is the case, they may think the person was offending them, or they want to know because they are interested in you, and what your friends say about them to you.), or they’re just very curious, and have to know what other people say about them (In this case, they are not interested in you.)

    So, if the person asked you again what it was your friend said to you a week later, then, you know that they thought about it, which suggests that they thought about you during the week. Sadly though, there is no way to tell how often, and how much they thought about you. At least you know that you were on their mind at some point during the week, which is a good sign.

  22. pretty says:

    Christy you shouldnt have dated a married man anyways..at the end of the day after using you , he’s going to go back to his wife. I hope you have Gotten something from this..but it is Not the end of the world Just Move on.

  23. Amanda says:

    @Chrissy How bout stay the f**k away you homewrecking bitch!

  24. aline says:

    Well ive been dating this guy for a week and a half….which isnt very long compared to others…..but he never does anything by himself! All my friends have to forCe him to hug me or remind him to hold my hand :/ i tell them to stop and sometimes i go up to him but i dont really know what to do…HEELLLPP!!!

  25. babydoll says:

    Ok, so I key this Guy that I had a one night stand with because I was drunk n also was heart broken by a Guy in a previous relationship.(ex bf). We had sex n we continued to see eachother because he wanted to and I was no longer in relationship. To make the long story short, couple weeks passed n I found out he was married. It got to the point he wanted me to meet his wife and swear she wouldn’t be Mad because she was seeing someone. I just wanna know was in the wrong??? Btw,he helped me alot n helped me with my baby boy. I never was serious though!!!!

  26. Makayla says:

    So, it’s summer vacation now and the guy I like doesn’t know who I really am…. I’m a layered person, I start off as the shy girl in the back of the room, then you get to know me a little and I curse a lot and push you away, if you stay that means you are a true friend and I’m nice to you (usually). My point is the guy I like had only seen me in my “shy girl” state, I’ve tried talking to him but his friends keep pushing me away. And I can’t flirt, at all. I couldn’t flirt for my life, but u want to tell him I feel this way but he has a girlfriend, and she is anything and everything I want to be. He keeps talking about how perfect she is, and it makes me feel worse about myself. I just got out of a relationship, and even if we DID start going out I don’t want it to seem like a rebound relationship….. what do I do? :'(

  27. Tasha says:

    Hey guyz I need some advice I am in love with this married guy and he wants
    To marry me but I don’t think that’s the right thing to
    Do so am so confused and he is so sweet and ready to marry me anytime all I have to do is say yes

  28. Crystal says:

    I have been in love with this guy for about 7yrs we have had a period where we date but then we stopped and he says he wants to try again and we do but he disappears on me the next day. He has had at least two serious girlfriends in this time and was even engaged( but it didn’t work) and yet he comes to me for shoulder to cry and casual sex. I have always been there for him when ever he has needed me. Does he live me too or should I just leave him alone? I really would like to try and work things out with him, I have proven my loyalty to him and has never left his side …

  29. Maggie says:

    He will not make love to me. He tells me how much he loves me but why will he not make love to me? He sleeps in my bed every night but he does not show any affection. What can I do to change this?

  30. SohNT says:

    I’m in this relationship with a guy from 3 years. I really love him, and I’m sure he does too. He got into a university where he lives in a hostile. Essentially, he has a lot of freedom now and more money than ever, and he seems to be lost in all of that. We have been fighting a lot, things got on a verge of break up too, but he won’t leave me and always admits that he started being too proud.
    The problem with me is that I’m an emotionally attached person towards him, and I feel he takes me for granted at times. He even mad fun of our sex-conversations while in anger.
    I’m sure that he loves me, even with a long distance relationship, he won’t breakup on me. But what do I do to make him want me more? He was literally MAD after me. I miss this. 🙁

  31. sarah says:

    there is a guy in my class whom I like so much…I am so very mad abt him…I cent lv widout seeing him..recently I approached him for frndshp n he accptd me as a frnd ..I came to know dat he dsnt feel d way I do ….day rly breaks my heart..wat to do..? any suggstn?

  32. tasha smith says:

    well i know this guys about 8 years now we always back an fourth in our relationship he never have time to do anything always busy an we reach in a point that he gave up an say best we be friends instead cause it well never work out

  33. chas says:

    So I’m reading all these dang comments and thinking u guys are freaking nuts. All u hoes sleeping with all these married men. And guys with gfs. Leave these men alone. Gain respect for ur self. close your legs and find a single man there’s only 2000000 out there to chose from. My husband cheated on me and that bitch found out real quick why u don’t mess with a married man. It ruined my marrage even tho he cryed and pleaded for my forgiveness I could never get over it. Know what y’all are doing to families and wives and kids before u open ur legs u nasty hoes.

  34. Jinger says:

    Help! I really like this guy but this girl who flirts with him 24/7 also does too. I flirt with him sometimes when were alone and hes really sweet and cute. Any tips on how to make him like me? Thanks!

  35. lmaowow says:

    Some of you need some damn common sense. I aint perfect at least I know when a relationship with someone isn’t gonna work. Move the fuck on and hopefully it works out better. P.S. good luck tryin to change a player and good luck on getting that married man who’s just using you.

  36. Many Lane says:

    Elaina Angel Vermette-DuCharme

    Pretty lousy to blame it all on the other woman. Its your husbands doing. He decided to go out and wander off with another woman. You are part to blame too. Most people don’t cheat for fun, they generally do it because their spouse is abusive, mean, bossy, boring, controlling, picks fights, and much more. Sounds mean, but its true. Its not her fault your husband did that. She was just part of the equation.

  37. Chloe says:

    So I feel in love with this guy and he said that he loves me to we have been dating for 7 months and yes we have had some ups and downs but we have always worked through them. So how am I suppose to know if he really means what he says. How will I know if he is lying about it ! He said that I’m his soul mate and that he wants to be mine forever but then he said he got tired of the fighting and then he almost left but then he said that he thought about me and decided to stay. And we have been saying sweet things to each other but how will I know that he truly loves me and that he isn’t playing or lying to me ? I mean like I truly am in love with this boy and idk if he is in love with me or not? So what do I do ? I am like so scared right now!

  38. Sofia says:

    I was hanging out with this guy (and I said hanging out because it was just when we where on lunch break) and he will get really friendly but after a while he stoped and I forgot about it. But my friend keep talking of how hot and noce he was now I’ve start seeing it too. The thing is he had a girlfriend and he left her a couple of days ago. He’s been sending me mixed signals but it has been really awkward between us. We don’t talk anymore and when he looks at me it gets all weird. I know he’s a player but I still can’t get him out of my head. Today I saw him with a girl he used to hang out to make me jealous and when we look eyes he stood there for a moment and then continue behind her. Not even a hello. I think it was his way to get back at me because two days before we both where waiting for our friends out of the cafeteria (he for his gf) and he tried to make conversation like we used to but I turn him down because it feel wrong being like that so close to his gf. I tried to make like it didn’t bother me but it did. And he knows it. What do I do?

  39. Lyly says:

    I go to a really small school with only a few cute guys. My neighbor moved back a couple of months ago and since there he’s had a thousand girls trailing after him. After a couple of experiments with girls he decided to settle down a couple of weeks ago with a girl. At first O though it was just like the other but they seem to be real. The thing is he’s been looking at me all the time. At first I didn’t mind. But now he looks me more and even when he’s with his gf. Today we where waiting for some baseball players to cross in front of the school and he was with his gf but he was all the time looking at me. It makes me feel bad because my aunt who goes out with his uncle told me he kiss his sluty friend when he was starting to go out with her. When we where going to our houses we had to wait with a couple of friends because our parents where late. My friends decided to go where they where because there where only places to sit and when we where walking to him he looked at me for a long time but when I got closer he looked away. He was siting in one of the of the free spots and when he got up to call his granpa I sit where he was. When he finish he kept standing even though there was space next to me. And after that he stood at the farthest side away from me. Does anyone knows what his deal is? It’s so frustrating.

  40. Pepper says:


    I met this guy in a club and liked him. So Because of a common friend, got a chance to speak to him and that night we talked for like hours. After that we started texting each other on What’s app. We met after that few more times due to our common friends.
    Last time when we met, then he was so good to me. After party, we stayed back at friends place. We kissed each other but I was having Migraine, and that’s why I requested him not to move ahead and we dozed off.

    After that we talked normally for couple of days and then last night he suddenly said let’s be friends and no complications. he had his breakup an year ago. But I somehow feel that he has this habit of pushing people away from him or may be he is not ready for getting into dating or seeing someone.

    I like this guy. Please suggest.

  41. Pepper says:

    Hi Ginger,

    I suggest you to spend some quality time with this guy. Flirt is always en edge to know someone’s behavior but eventually it will end. Meet him over a cup of coffee or a walk or dinner, and talk to him about his life, friends, interest. You need to make him comfortable with you sharing his thoughts with you. This is the way he will tend to come back to you all the time. Never put your issues trauma on his head. be in your best shoes with a smile. And be yourself.


  42. Pepper says:

    Hi Tasha,

    On practical grounds, please understand that it this guy can do this with his wife then he can do this with you as well in future. Please consider below points to answer yourself:
    a) Was his current marriage is a Love marriage?
    b) What is the one reason for which he is going away from his wife and choosing you over her?
    c) Are there relationship is bitter or he is bored from her and ho got that freshness of life in you?

    Be honest to yourself. When you are in love with this guy, it is difficult to expect from you to keep yourself in his wife shoes. But I will suggest you to do that.


  43. kelly says:

    all of y’all hating on Chrissy got a problem. T’s not her business to protect a marriage the married man himself ain’t willing to protect. we are all humans and we feel sometyms towards the wrong person but u can’t expect anyone to just sweep t all up under a rug. @ Chrissy sorry for ue heartbreak but i think u are looking at this the wrong way married or not he is still a man get over him the same way u do an ex unmarried lover. he is just another boyfriend shed some tears if u want to but at the end of t all pick yourself and remember u deserve the best of loving. the next great guy is just around the corner.

  44. Adele says:

    Hi I have know this guy since I was a wee girl but I moved when I was very young!!so hadn’t seen him in 19 years n he came all the way through to see me as I kept in contact the past two years I really like him n he said he likes me but I think I like him more but I don’t wanna push him away by texting all the time n saying that I do ,just scared case he decides he doesn’t just wanna keep him interested lol help on this anyone ? Cause I gave up a relationship I was in

  45. Sonali Zanke says:

    Bitch leave him alone. mind your own business. why ruining someones life and separating them.. God will never forgive you .. Hope you have troubles in your life all time.

  46. The Truth Hurts says:

    Basically this article says to be fake and hope you get him interested. Great, let me know how badly your relationship goes down in an explosion of arguments and sorrow, make sure you get your CDs back from him before he finds his new girlfriend.

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