30 Flirty Text Messages to Text a Guy & Leave Him Craving for More

Ready to take your conversation and crank it up a notch with the guy you’re texting? Time for you to start with some flirty text messages to text a guy.

Flirty Text Messages to Text a Guy

Texting can come in handy when you’re flirting with a guy you’re interested in, but don’t get a lot of time to talk *or flirt* with. Texting can help you calm your nerves when it comes to flirting with the guy you like in person. Now, that’s all fine and dandy, but let’s take one step back. What flirty text messages to text a guy are best?

You need to know what to say, right? There’s nothing worse than wanting to flirt with a guy you like over text but with no idea what to say. I’ve been there, and believe me, I was so awkward the memory of it still haunts me.

30 flirty text messages to text a guy

So, I don’t want you to experience the trauma I have from that experience. Here are some flirty text messages to text a guy and give him a strong hint you’re interested in him. If he knows what he wants and how to flirt back, well, then it’s smooth sailing from there.

Let’s get our flirt on!

#1 Last night I had a wild dream about you. Oh, he’ll want to know what happened – for sure. [Read: How to flirt with a guy over text and get him interested in dating you]

#2 Stop sending me mixed signals and start sending me memes. I love this one. It’s cute, it lets him know you see his games, and it also demands memes.

#3 I’m Netflixing but have no one to chill with. Want to help me out? Ooo, a little Netflix and chill never hurt anyone. [Read: How to do the Netflix and chill the right way] 

#4 When was the last time we spoke? I can’t even remember when that was. We need to change that. If you’re not comfortable being too forward, this is a cute and cheeky way to let him know what you want.

#5 Guess which emoji I put next to your name on my phone? He’ll probably show you the eggplant. Is he right?

#6 You know how I feel about you. What I want to know is what you’re going to do about it. That’s right, it’s time to put the ball in his court. You’re over the games.

#7 I need two things right now: pizza and a cute guy to eat it with. You busy? If all goes well, you get to eat pizza with the guy you like. A true win-win!

#8 I’m having the worst day, but the minute I saw your text, I felt instantly better. You’re letting him know that he always puts a smile on your face.

#9 Did you eat dinner/lunch/snack yet? I’m starving, and no one can go to <insert restaurant here> with me. If he doesn’t get the hint you want to grab food with him because you like him, well, it’s a hopeless case.

#10 It’s okay if I text you while I’m naked, right? You know, to make sure he won’t be offended… [Read: 20 step-by-step text messages to arouse any guy you text]

#11 How many more sext convos do we need to have until you see me naked? You’ve been sexting for long enough. It’s time to take things up a notch.

#12 I saw this incredibly hot guy at the mall today. He looked just like you… This one is cheesy, but it can be cute if you add a couple of emojis at the end of it.

#13 I’m tired of texting. Let’s stop and start hanging out in person. Yes! Doesn’t his fingers hurt from all the typing? Let’s transition to going on a date.

#14 Does it turn you on when girls make the first move or should I wait for you to do it yourself? Oh, snap, no, you didn’t! This line is definitely letting him know what you want? [Read: How to effortlessly sext like a pro]

#15 Want to hear a dirty little secret I’ve been keeping? He just has to say yes. I mean, how could he not?!

#16 I have to say, I love your new profile pic. When did you get even hotter? This guy just keeps turning you on.

#17 I can’t wait to kiss you later. Oh, trust me. He’s going to do whatever he can to see you later.

#18 Guess what I’m wearing right now. Let’s see where his imagination goes. [Read: How men really fall in love – The 7 stages they go through] 

#19 Don’t go home to have a shower, you can do it at my place. He wanted to shower after his gym session before seeing you, but… you have a shower at your place too.

#20 I really want to see <insert movie here> *you know, just in case you need a first date idea*. Well, well, well. This is certainly one way of getting him to ask you out. He better follow through!

#21 Just think about all the things we could do if you were over at my place right now. If he doesn’t get in his car and drive over, he’s a fool.

#21 Are you always this cute? Or did I just catch you on a good day? You know the answer: he’s always this cute. 

#22 I have a problem. I’m tipsy, horny, and all alone in my bedroom. He’ll have some suggestions, and maybe one of them will be him coming over. [Read: How to dirty text a guy – 30 examples to tease him all day]

#23 Can we progress past liking each other’s Instagram photos? But honestly, how long can this last for? Less “likes” and more flirting!

#24 My dog told me you passed the sniff test. If the dog likes him, then it’s a green light for you. 

#25 If you want to make a move today, it would be perfect ;). You’re tired of waiting, but don’t want to come across as rude.

#26 I have some naughty photos but no one to share them with. Only do this one if you trust the person you’re sending them to.

#27 Can we skip all the small talk and go straight to flirting? Small talk can get boring, but flirting is always fun.

#28 Oh, we’re hanging out tonight, by the way. You’re not into playing games and he knows that now. [Read: 9 sneaky tips to get a guy to ask you out]

#29 I can’t fall asleep, and I’m blaming you because of it. He’ll then ask “why?” and that’s when it’s time to amp up the flirtatious texts.

#30 I see how you look at me. What are you going to do about it? Let him know you see he’s into you and that he doesn’t need to be shy.

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When you’re flirting with someone you like, it can be nerve wracking. But if you have some flirty text messages to text a guy up your sleeve, there’s no need to freak out.

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