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How to Take a Good Selfie & Look Cute Every Time You Snap a Photo

Taking the perfect photo of yourself isn’t always easy. But don’t worry. You can learn how to take a good selfie that makes you look great every time.

how to take a good selfie

In the world of social media, being able to take the perfect selfie seems to be the most important thing. If you take a bad one, it can make your entire profile look bad, even if you’re really an adorable person. That’s why everyone should learn how to take a good selfie.

You use selfies all the time. Everything from snapchatting to setting up an online dating profile relies on your ability to take a great photo of yourself. If you don’t know how to do that, you can end up making someone think you don’t look anything like what you really do.

All the ways learning how to take a good selfie can help you

I’m not going to lie, there are more important things in life than knowing how to take a good selfie. However, knowing how to snap a great picture of yourself can actually come in handy for a number of reasons.

Like if you see your favorite celebrity and want to get a great picture. Imagine meeting them, getting a picture, and having it turn out awful because you didn’t know how to get a great shot. It can also help you attract followers and it can even give your self-esteem a boost when you know how to take a good selfie. [Read: How to send naughty pictures without getting in trouble]

Learning how to take a good selfie made easy

There’s definitely a system to follow if you want to snap that perfect selfie. In order to learn how to make yourself look the best when you have to take your own picture, follow these steps.

#1 Get into an area of good lighting. The light is really what’ll make the photo look good or bad. But the thing about photo lighting is that is can be tricky. You may think the best lighting is on a sunny day, but that can actually be a bit harsh.

The absolute best lighting is outside on a cloudy day. You have the raw, natural light without the harshness of direct sunlight. You can also learn where in your house has great lighting and just take your photos there. [Read: How to take the best picture of your lover]

#2 Look your best. You can’t take a great picture of yourself when you’re looking like crap. If you really want a good selfie, look your best. Make sure you’re groomed and selfie-appropriate. [Read: How to look sexy without trying]

#3 Learn which angles are your best. Everyone has angles that suit their face and body better than others. You have to learn what those are so you can always capture them when you take that photo. In order to do this, all you have to do is keep practicing until you find an angle that looks great. Then you just have to replicate it each time.

#4 Practice in a mirror before snapping the photo. If you’re having a hard time figuring out which angles are best, get in front of a mirror. Move your body and face until you look in the mirror and think, “Wow! This looks great.” That’s your angle.

#5 Use great selfie apps. There are tons of apps out there dedicated to taking a great picture of you. They’re full of features and editing options that can give your selfie something extra. Just keep in mind that sometimes, less is more. [Read: The dos and don’ts of online dating apps]

#6 Use props or your hands. Don’t just take a picture of your face every single time. You have to mix it up. Add some props or even your hands to give is something different that not everyone sees. The trick to learning how to take a good selfie is all about knowing when to use other objects in it.

#7 Use interesting expressions. If you upload a selfie and all of them look exactly the same with the same angle and the same expression, it’ll be really boring. You have to mix it up! Don’t be afraid to show your smile, give a winking face, and even stick your tongue out. Make it fun!

#8 Try full-length selfies sometimes. Selfies aren’t just about your face. If you have a full-length mirror, then take pictures of your whole body. Changing it up every once in a while can be a great thing!

#9 Keep the editing simple. People can tell when you heavily edit your photos and it won’t look good. If you do choose to edit your features or add a cool filter, keep it as natural looking as possible. People will get annoyed if they can tell you’ve added a lot of effects. [Read: 12 signs you’re an attention seeker even if you can’t see it]

#10 Avoid awkward poses. You know the ones I’m talking about; the duck lips, the peace sign, and sticking your butt out are all poses that have been overused. They’ll get old really quickly and make you look like you don’t know what you’re doing. Be unique and your selfie will stand out.

#11 Use the back camera – not the front. I know what you’re thinking! You think the front camera is meant for selfies. While that may be true, it doesn’t mean it’s the best camera to use. The one that’s on the back of your phone is actually a better camera all around. Therefore, you’ll get a better selfie.

#12 Snap selfies with your pets and friends. Everybody loves a selfie with an animal! If you have pets, take a picture with them and upload it. You can also take selfies with your friends to increase the quality. The more, the merrier. [Read: 32 fun sleepover ideas for a fun night with friends]

#13 Learn the current selfie trends. These trends are always changing. Remember when making duck lips was really big? Going on social media and checking out the selfies everyone else is uploading can help you figure out which trends are biggest. Then you can replicate them for your own selfies.

#14 Pay attention to which photos get the most likes. This is just something anyone should be doing with all photos. Find out which ones are getting the most likes and take more selfies like those ones. People like it for a reason.

#15 Smile! There’s a time and a place for grumpy-looking selfies, but everyone loves to see you happy and smiling. No matter what, having a genuine smile when you take a selfie can make is SO much better. So if you’re having a hard time and you’re not sure how to take a good selfie, just smile and you’re halfway there.

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Learning how to take a good selfie isn’t something that you’ll pick up right away. It can take time to figure out which angles make you look best. Keep practicing with these tips and post those selfies!

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