12 Very Annoying Girlfriend Habits that Make a Guy Hate His Girl

annoying girlfriend habits

Don’t want to be THAT annoying girlfriend? Here are all the annoying girlfriend habits guys hate more than any other things in a relationship.

Guys love their girlfriends but they can’t help hating a few annoying girlfriend habits. Avoid these habits and your man will feel a lot better about the relationship.

Has your man ever sulked or walked away in a huff for no reason? Chances are, he doesn’t appreciate you enough, or worse, you’ve had an annoying girlfriend moment!

Annoying girlfriend habits

Here is a list of annoying habits that could annoy most guys. Avoid indulging in them, but if you really don’t have a choice, try to be subtle about it. Really, it’s as simple as that. Ignoring any of these WILL make your boyfriend withdraw into his shell, or find someone else to confide in.

And of course, there are always better ways to express yourself than turning to these ways to express your displeasure or disappointment in him.

[Read: 15 types of bad girlfriends that make a guy’s life feel like hell]

#1 Talking about your relationship issues with others. Even the best of relationships does have its own share of ups and downs. When a guy’s having a hard time in the relationship, he shuts himself up and gets surly.

When a girl’s having a hard time in love, she tweets about it, hashtags it, and calls her friends and whines about what a shitty boyfriend she has. Now of course, all girls don’t do this.

But if you do, well, you know you’re on this list of annoying girlfriends. Guys hate washing their dirty underwear in public. They don’t like talking about a bad relationship and they really don’t think they need any advice on love. [Read: How to deal with an insecure boyfriend without the frustration]

#2 When you keep talking when he’s playing a game. When a guy plays a multiplayer game on his Xbox or even if he’s just playing solo, he really doesn’t like talking, especially about gossip or relationship stuff. While women may use games for recreation, men don’t. They play games to win and stroke their ego. So each time your man’s “relaxing” and playing, he’s actually experiencing an adrenaline rush.

By talking to him incessantly when he’s playing, all you’re going to hear is “uhh huh… hmm…” and a few other monosyllabic replies. But inside his frustrated head, all he wants to do is point the weapon in his game in your direction. [Read: Are you dealing with a boyfriend who’s addicted to video games?]

#3 When you leave him with a hard on. Girls love cuddles, and men understand that. But if you like a lot of foreplay and no real play, it’s obviously going to annoy your man. Men don’t mind a bit of physical affection, but they do want to take it further, especially if you’ve left a man hard and wanting more.

And what’s really worse is when he complains to you about blue balls and you brush it off as a stupid excuse to have sex. Seriously, it’s definitely an annoying girlfriend trait when you warm a guy up and leave him on the couch and tell him to use his hands. [Read: The big blue balls facts every girl’s gotta know]

#4 Men hate it when they’re not given their space. Some women may get bored spending some alone time now and then. But men need it, and definitely love it.

Men need their own space to feel like a man. Now he may not do anything more than surf porn, play games or work on his car, but for some reason that men don’t know themselves, they need to be alone to enjoy the activity and feel rejuvenated.

So if you ever find your man doing something by himself, you can definitely ask him if he needs help or wants some company. But if he says he’s happy to do it alone, learn to leave him alone with whatever he’s doing, even if he seems to be struggling. If you’re going to sit beside him and start having a conversation, well, you’re definitely inching closer to the annoying girlfriend’s territory. [Read: The obvious hints guys give when they want space]

#5 Men love a bit of quiet time. Men may not voice this aloud, but they appreciate silence. A lot.

Most of the time, you may see your boyfriend staring into space or just lazing away, gazing at a book or doing something silly. Men love this peace and quiet at times. When you walk into the room and talk about something  even when he seems uninterested or answers only in monosyllables, it’s a sign that he’s in that quiet zone and wants to be left with his own thoughts, even if he’s not really thinking.

#6 When she flirts with others and not with him. Secure men have no qualms if their girlfriend flirts with other men. In fact, when a guy’s girlfriend flirts with other men or has a happy conversation with them, all he thinks about is how much the other guys would envy him, and how lucky he is. But he has this happy thought only if his girlfriend treats him better than all other guys.

If you get touchy feely with other men and snub your boyfriend or don’t treat him better, heck, you’re going straight on top of the list of annoying girlfriends. [Read: Flirting while in a committed relationship and what you need to know]

#7 When you give him the silent treatment. No one likes being given the silent treatment. It sucks. To a guy, it feels like he’s walking on eggshells when he can just be himself instead.

On one hand, he appreciates some calm time. And on the other, he feels guilty and obligated because he knows he has to constantly apologize to his girlfriend or ask her “what’s wrong?” The worst part of all this is that your pguy probably has no idea what went wrong in the first place! [Read: How to give the silent treatment in a way guys can understand]

#8 When you ask him if you look fat. Let’s face it, this is ridiculous. Can’t you look at yourself in the mirror and see the truth sticking out of your panty line? All men already know what to answer when their girlfriend asks this dreaded question.

“Of course, you’re not fat!”

There’s just no other way to answer it. If your man ever did tell you that your butt looked ugly, would you still wear that sexy little dress and go out with him? Of course, you wouldn’t.

Many girls ask their boyfriends the same question, every day and every time they try on a new dress or wear an old dress. While it may be a sure sign of happy security when you ask a man such intimate questions, it’s the kind of question where the answer just won’t change.

Do you want your man to tell you the truth? Start working out and ask him if you look fat. Chances are, he’ll be so impressed by your new physique, he’ll probably mention that you’ve lost a lot of weight and look so darn sexy! This way, you’ll at least know if you were fat last month. [Read: 15 real life tips to look way better naked]

#9 When you don’t understand his passions. Men are passionate about a lot of things. They may be useless or even silly, but to a man, it’s his passion be it cars, bikes, guy time or even fishing. Guys hate it when their girlfriends don’t understand their passion or tell them to grow up and stop behaving like a child. It’s definitely an annoying girlfriend trait when a girlfriend can’t understand what her own man loves and what he doesn’t.

But if you do want to win brownie points here, spend a while with him and genuinely try to understand his passion. Chances are, you may end up loving it too. And hey, that would definitely make you the best girlfriend! [Read: 25 effortless ways to be the best girlfriend and leave your man addicted to you]

#10 When his girlfriend constantly tries to change him. Most men do understand that women love to make a pet project out of their boyfriends. If they’re not painting his nails or cheeks when he’s asleep, they’re trying their best to make him a better man by pushing him into doing something he doesn’t like or doesn’t want to do.

Men don’t hate it when their girlfriends try to change them. But they hate it when their girlfriends start pushing them away from what they like and force them into doing something they absolutely hate. Want a few small examples? Eat salad, don’t eat so much meat. Watch opera, they’re better than those stupid movies. Watch romantic movies, Lord of the Rings sucks. Get the drift? [Read: Why won’t he change? When your man says he will but never does]

#11 When she’s too clingy or too independent. This may seem weird, men don’t want their girlfriends to be clingy and yet, they don’t want them to be too independent. But it does make sense if you think about it.

Some girlfriends want their boyfriends in their arms no matter what they’re doing, from buying tampons to going out with their girlfriends.

And on the other hand, some girls want to open the door themselves, get on top all the time, and don’t bother calling their boyfriends even if they’re packing their bags to go on a business meeting in another state.

While men do understand the need to be overly clingy or way too independent, it does take a bit of moderation to have a happy relationship, don’t you think? Lose the moderation and you’d end up being an annoying girlfriend.

#12 When you compare him to other guys *who are better*. Better boyfriend, a wealthier guy, a better dad… you name it! Look, the world is hard enough already. Guys scrape through their daily lives with scraps of ego boosts that barely last till the end of the day.

And when you compare him to someone else who he knows IS better, he just feels worse. Honestly, he’s doing a lot of this comparing in his own mind. And you bringing those dark thoughts to real words just makes him want to give up.

If you want to help your man, motivate him by suggesting how he could better his life. Don’t compare him to someone who’s better than him. It hits him two-fold – he feels worse, and he feels much worse because he realizes his own girlfriend thinks another guy is better!

It’s a small list of things really!

Well, that’s about it! You see, there are so many things you do that only makes your man love you more. But there are just a handful of things that would make him miserable and feel worse about himself. And if you’re intentionally hurting your man or annoying him with harsh words, well, you definitely will fit right in, in the league of annoying girlfriends.

[Read: The signs of of an annoying boyfriend that makes him a bad guy]

Stay away from these traits and your man will love you for it. Inch closer to it and you’re meddling in the annoying girlfriend territory.

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79 thoughts on “12 Very Annoying Girlfriend Habits that Make a Guy Hate His Girl”

  1. Mark says:

    This is the truth!

  2. Patrick says:

    “Secure men have no qualms if their girlfriend flirts with other men.”

    Wrong. Guys feel secure when they believe their girlfriends aren’t flirting or cheating.
    No man can be secure if his girlfriend flirts.

    Having a beautiful girlfriend is enough to make him feel proud to be with her and to have other men envy him.
    If she flirts, It is disrespectful and he will feel that even more because the other men will think less of him.

  3. TrumpedYourGame says:

    Patrick is correct. When women flirt with other men, its a red flag… period. It means you can’t trust her, and she is an attention whore, and always looking for the next best thing. This type of woman is never satisfied, besides all that, its disrespectful. If a girl I’m dating does that, I dump her right away. No contact, no second chances. There are better woman out there who know how to treat a man with respect.

  4. M says:

    “Independent” that’s a funny word for single women to use… You rarely see women being “independent”and what I mean by that is women usually always have to have their “girlfriends”, always, always have to be with some women… You don’t see a women that often just simply by herself, and if she is she’s then just “waiting” for her “girlfriend”/”girlfriends” always texting or trying to look like she’s doing something. You don’t see a lot of women that simply could be comfortable just hangin out all by themselves like at a restaurant or bar.

    Do you ever or rarely see a single girl just hang out all by herself like for example grown up after college life men bachelors. After college life Men bachelors on the other hand don’t mind being by themselves, living by themselves and every now and then going and hanging out with their friends at their houses, bars etc. But men don’t have to have to be with their guy friends all the time and to men especially after college life and into your grown up professional lives it seems just weird to always hang with your guy friends (meaning) like every single day and also having a guy roommate after college also seems kinda weird.

    But back to single women, yes we get it that women are more “social” and like to constantly talk, but at the same time when women talk to their “girlfriends” it’s usually the BS gossip crap. But at the same time men with their guy friends like to talk sports, outdoor activities and of course women. But again back to independent women, women these days like to say they like to be so called “independent” but then you constantly see them always on the phone, with a “girlfriend”/”girlfriends” or also women after college these days still think it’s “cool” to still have a “roommate”. In men’s eyes “independent” means, especially after college life, living completely on your own, of course having your job, and being comfortable simple hanging by yourself at least during the work week.

  5. M says:

    “Patrick is correct. When women flirt with other men, its a red flag

  6. Chris says:

    Omg r u serious? I’m a PS3 gamer and when it comes to talking to my girl friend I do listen and I do answer with intelligence. Heck she loves to watch me play but after a few minutes I turn off the PS3 then focus my FULL attention to her though she tells me to continue playing… only a game addict wouldnt pay much attention to his girlfriend

  7. john says:

    Ya i dont really play video games but i do love to be left the heck alone when i

  8. Yes-chan says:

    Some of the comments make very excellent points. Thank you.

    On a less serious note, I’d just like to say, men: if your girl says romantic movies are better than LotR, please stop and ask yourself why you are dating this girl. Seriously.

  9. Nicole says:

    “On a less serious note, I

  10. Niko says:

    “Any doubts you have about your adequacy are on you.” Very true. I think there’s a difference between cowardice and feelings of inadequacy…. it’s natural to get a little jealous if she’s flirting and I think it would be a red flag if you *didn’t* have those thoughts- but that doesn’t mean that you fly off the handle and act on those feelings. Should just make you that much more confident when she is finished with her conversation and comes back over and puts her arms around *you*.

    However, I had a very controlling, manipulative and abusive ex-girlfriend who would use flirtation / long and intense conversations where she’d be hyper-focused on some other guy and completely ignoring me….then rage at me if I so much as told her it made me feel like a third wheel, or that I was not very comfortable with the way in which she was talking to the guy.

  11. suzy says:

    One does not simply call LOTR suckish.

  12. Sixstring says:

    You left out the most annoying habbit. Saying “I’m fine” when she really isn’t and expecting us to read her mind.
    But otherwise great article, I completely agree.

  13. ruth says:

    #3 When you leave him with a hard on
    Probably because he’s not good at foreplay. If he wants sex but doesn’t care if she’s in the mood he should go and have sex with other men who feel the same way.

    #4 Men hate it when they

  14. Temperance says:

    #1 should be more specific. I can see how it would be annoying if she gossiped about every little thing, but if there’s an actual issue, she has the right to ask her friends or family for advice (not via Facebook).

    M: You have a very narrow and sexist view of females. We’re more than just babbling bimbos that are physically and mentally incapable of functioning unless directly connected to another female. I find it very odd that you want a woman who is isolated in all aspects of life. Based on both your posts, I think you have jealousy issues that you need to work out. You should look at the “controlling boyfriend” article.

  15. SoCalGal says:

    Thank you so much, Ruth and Temperance, for summing it up so perfectly! I agree with both of you.

    Also, M, please know that there are women out there who actually do things by themselves. I happen to be one of them. I go to the movies, parks, beaches, resturaunts, bars/clubs, festival, Canada, Jamaica, Bahamas, Denmark, etc. Often! All by myself!! With no attchments to men, women, or a phone….because I am independent and enjoy my quiet time, enjoy my space, and get so much joy out of knowing that I am capable of making myself happier than any man ever could! I enjoy being with men at times, but most of my relationships rarely last because the man is usually a gold digger or complains that I am TOO INDEPENDENT for him!

  16. kane says:

    I don’t agree with everything M said, however it IS annoying to have a girlfriend who constantly finds a need to inform you that “the new lad I’ve hired for the bar is 18 (a year younger than her) and is proper, like, ya know? Eye candy” . I can’t be doing with that either and as a successful and independent guy, I found it far easier for me to end the relationship and go enjoy my time eelsewhere.

    In my experience, the women I’ve dated who have labelled me as jealous or insecure for expressing my feelings (as anyone should be entitled to, male or female) have themselves become jealous and bulky if I’ve flirted with other girls to make a point.

    The answer is simple ladies, ask yourself how you would like it if your boyfriend was flirting with other women all the time. If you think it would make you feel crap then chances are your boyfriend would/will if you do it to him. And for GOD sake don’t flirt with guys that you know (and possibly your boyfriend knows) fancies you or has a thing for you, as this is plain nasty regardless of wHetherington it’s a girl doing it to her boyfriend or a guy to his girlfriend.

    Not rocket science is it really?

  17. Celestial says:

    Wow…. so have sex with him because he’s turned on….. it doesn’t matter if she isn’t…..basically is what you’re saying. Doesn’t matter that she’s the one taking the pregnancy risk….

  18. Emily. says:

    I don’t get these lists. I don’t get how someone’s gender would dictate how they behave, or heck, even how they play video games. Heck, I play competitive fighting games because I get a rush out of it, I wasn’t aware that I wasn’t allowed to do that because I was female, or vice versa. Why generalise? This crap really annoys me. Also, this is sexist in assuming all men like “Cars, bikes”, and for the users in he comments assuming all females care about hair, make up, etc. Maybe it’s the vast majority… but personally? Being female and having mostly ‘masculine’ traits is hard work. I wish people could just be people and stop affixing traits to genders. It’s not fair, really not fair. Just as not all men are obsessed with football and cars, not all females are obsessed with makeup and hair, and nor do they necessarily exhibit any traits here, same with all of those “annoying boyfriend traits” lists. Really, stop assigning roles and finding faults based on gender instead of the individuals themselves, you’re just promoting sexism.

  19. girl says:

    Oh, and you don’t have to have sex with him just because he has an erection!! If YOU are not turned on just don’t do it.
    And if your guy is anything like these troglodytes commenting here leave him or God bless you!! Relationships should be based on equality… treating each other as equals. No one’s interests are more important

  20. Claire says:

    This article is patronising and sexist in the extreme. It’s not the 1950s any more – be yourself, and if the guy is worth your attention in the first place then he will deal with it.

  21. Ellen says:

    I can’t believe how dickish this list is! Who are all these women it’s talking about? And all the men who agreed? Just idiots with incredibly warped ideas of humanity and the modern world, and definitely the wrong girlfriends (talking to you M). Thank you to all those clever people who contested.

    I care much more about getting into the lab in the morning to continue with my PhD work, than my hair and my boyfriend’s boner…. AND WHAT!!

  22. Romy says:

    ‘some girls *feminists*’…?! Screw you. I have a great, fair, loving, communicative relationship with my boyfriend despite my horrible girlfriend beliefs that he shouldn’t be forced to go out of his way to open doors for me or pull out my chair unless he wants to (and I would do the same for him, because I love him, or just for anyone out of politeness, regardless of gender). Oh and I would like us to be paid the same for doing the same job equally well, that way there’s no question of him needing to budget for both of us every time we go on a date, while I just get a free meal. But what do I know, clearly all of that makes me a massive bitch.

  23. Cory says:

    “…and it is true that many vampires do pretend that they have no heart. That it died with their humanity. There is few ancient vampires who resemble a human in that sense. Evil? No. But… different.” He paused a while, as if lst in thought, and added, “It is hard to explain how. You would have to see this difference for yourself.”

    #2 When you keep talking when he

  24. Dehl says:

    Stereotypical girlfriend bashing. Women’s columns do the same for their boyfriends so it’s not special. At the same time, this whole advice thing needs a rest. Not a single point in this article is specific to girlfriends only, we can say the same things about our guys. If we keep going like this, a lot of people seeking “real” advice can be misled. Maybe we could try stumbling on love naturally and realize that nobody is perfect.

  25. Jason says:

    I agree with Emily. One of my passions is dancing (theatre) and I have run into too many people that call me “gay” or less of a man. I really hate how society tells us that men can’t do womanly things.

  26. AJ Rickstar says:

    I honestly view these advise columns as merely stereotyped, sexist assumptions similar to the advice columns in the 1950’s! Get a clue; not all women are the same! I thought 50 years of cognitive psychology could bring us closer together as a species than this. I am a woman who gets an adrenaline rush from video games, needs her space too, and quit putting women in two rigid categories of either the stereotypical talkative, needy, passive, secondary female and the stereotypical rogue female. Bite me. Stop with the pairing mentality of all women needing men or all men needing women. The cold hard truth is some people will never be in a relationship, and maybe that makes them happy. You need a reality check and to listen to more points of view.

  27. Lex says:

    To M, I hate how you completely generalized all women. Some women prefer to be alone, like me. I don’t have to be with women all the time. Some women aren’t with their friends all the time. You’re being extremely judgmental. And no, most women aren’t trying to constantly pester you men, some of us have lives of our own y’know. I find it funny that in any magazine/website pertaining to women that there is always a ton of articles on “How to Please Your Man” or “How to be a Better Woman for Your Man” but never really any in male magazines/websites to please a woman or be less annoying themselves.

  28. V says:

    My man acts like the girlfriend you just described while I act like the typical man you described. Don’t be sexist, not all people are like that. Women can be the male role that you described, and men can be the girlfriend role you described. It makes you seem illiterate when you stereotype like you just did. Don’t do it.

  29. Ranc says:

    One you missed out!

    They always need to know better, for example the comments left by them on here.

  30. rrr says:

    When a girl flirt with others, but not you, she’s not your girlfriend, full stop.

  31. Violet says:

    LORD OF THE RINGS IZ AWESOME HOW DARE YO SAY IT SUCKS?! xD I would never say that to my boyfriend, or anyone in that matter!!

  32. Hannah says:

    “And on the other hand, some girls *feminists* want to open the door themselves, get on top all the time, and don

  33. McCane says:

    As a man, I don’t want to feel like I don’t deserve my own girlfriend because of her rules. Sometimes I felt it badly when I can’t even post photos of us on Facebook to show my friend like “Hey, I got a good moment with my girlfriend”. She said relationship is a personal matter, but I just don’t feel it that way.

  34. disgruntled says:

    I’m dating a woman (living with) that fits under “All of the above “. Just waiting for my time to leave.

  35. Esti says:

    What if I say I am a feminist and I still like my guy to pamper me like a princess, He understands that I command respect as a woman and yet he treats me like his little baby when I need him 🙂

    and as for feminism, there are different kinds. Some women regard men as inferior. Some, as their equals. Every feminist has a different approach to this relationships. What makes this article annoying is the last part about feminists..

  36. Des says:

    Oh my god, thank you so much, because I’ve been annoying my boyfriend a lot and this really told me what not to do 🙂

  37. terror says:

    #7 is so true I am a woman and I really do fine it stupid for a woman to ask their man if they look fat….its not like he’s going to tell her yes …. these are very good advice however not all guys are the same …. most of these things wouldn’t affect annoy most guys…but am 100% sure that stupid questions will annoy every man

  38. NotImportant says:

    To everyone saying that this article is sexist, read a bit more into it. This is coming from a woman too. For example, don’t blue ball, that’s not saying “Do exactly what he wants whenever he wants”. It’s saying “Don’t work him up and start turning him on deliberately (i.e.: touching him there)” and then not do anything about it.

    And to everyone taking this article as an attack on themselves, stop it. This is not about you, it is about generalising trends which an average person may not be aware about so that they can try and avoid them. And it won’t fit with every single example of guys in the world, ever. Find me anything that does, and I’ll show you falsified data. Outliers do not weaken the rest of the data.

    If you want to see a genuinely sexist article, look at the version of this for guys, linked in the article. It reads as if it’s an attack on all guys.

  39. NotImportant says:

    Also, if a characteristic can be put onto guys that is on this list, so fucking what? This is an article entitled “10 Big Annoying Girlfriend Habits That Guys Hate”. Why would they bother saying that there are other situations that this stuff can occur in, given that this is advice being given specificallyy in relation to this article.

  40. Miss May says:

    I do have one question, the idea if the woman looks at other men she is “red Flagged”?? how about if the boyfriend is always looking at other women with open jaw ogling lustfully in front of his girlfriend or fiance … we women are supposed to accept that as Normal? when a girlfriend does this same behavior…. she is “slutty” for looking at another man? um yeah otherwise I can some helpful idea here in this article the space given to a man is important and not being clingy is the other so I do agree with some of this article. I know men are visual obviously just sometimes some men need to have control and keep it to a glance out of respect and save their bad boy lusting ogling across the bar or chasing after a women behavior while they are out with the guys leave it as that and don’t share it with your girl, so let it stay that way between the guys only ( I am sure most men would be pissed if they thought their girl was doing the same thing ). As for the Hard on bit, really if I am NOT the cause of his hard on ( hes a porn addict fantasy crazed unrealistic man) he is not being pleased by me he can use his hand.

  41. Wavie says:

    I knew all these rules, and I understand them.
    About the independent woman: If I use myself as an example. I moved to a new country a few years back and in the beginning I did everything by myself and I didn’t mind. Because I didn’t have any girlfriends or guys to hang out with. When I finally got friends I spent a lot of time with them and now I am reluctant to go to restaurants, cinemas and clubs alone because I think it makes me look like I have no friends, living in a highly social country (I won’t tell you which one), being by yourself is odd. If I want to watch a new movie I watch it on the net and if I want a burger I order it as takeout rather than sitting there by myself eating it.
    If you have a lot of friends around you it signals to they guy that you are fun to be around and that people want to be with you and if he sees lots of guys trying to flirt with you you’ll look desirable and he’ll be more likely to show interest because he wants to know what you’re all about since those other guys seem to like you. Girls can do stuff by themselves too of course.

  42. Ger Matthew says:

    Not all women do those things, and not all men want those things. Actually most of the guys I come across you want their girlfriends to act that way are immature little idiots who aren’t going anywhere in life. They’re insecure, lazy, and have no idea who to converse properly about life, or their relationship, whether it’s good or negative issues. Little boys think this way, not men.

  43. payday uk says:

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    Hello my friend! I want to say that this post is awesome, great written and come with almost all important infos.
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  44. F (get it?) says:

    @M b***h please! I have no ‘girlfriends’, only normal friends that share the same interests. I sit alone all the time playing video games (solo, not online) or reading, I hate talking too much, I think gossip is stupid & a waste of time, I sometimes forget that I even have a phone, I’m usually found sitting alone in the library reading something, I don’t even LIKE to spend time with my parents/siblings/relatives, I value my solitude, & when someone interrupts my solitude I get annoyed. Independent enough for you yet? Cause that ain’t independent, it’s being a schizoid, you get my drift?

  45. Disappointed says:

    Considering younger girls that aren’t even ready for sex are on the Internet now days reading articles like this, telling her that you should have sex with your boyfriend if he is hard and wants more will think she needs to do just that to be a good girlfriend. So in a way, you’re kind of putting that girl in a situation where she thinks she has to lose it when she’s not ready.

    Also if you want a respectable relationship, your boyfriend watching porn in his own time, does not count as respectable. From who I’ve spoken to about this subject agree with me. People who say it’s normal for your boyfriend to watch porn, will make every excuse to get away with it and so they don’t feel like a horrible partner who has a problem.

  46. About number 3 says:

    It’s saying when you LEAVE him with a hard on.
    It doesn’t say, “give him a hard on and have sex with him”
    If your gonna give your boyfriend blueballs by doing sexual related activities, the least you can do is jack it out. I’ve been with women who would do sexual things with me, then expect me to cuddle with a FULL erection. Thats what the article was geting at.

  47. Jon says:

    Patrick is right. Nothing more aggregating than a girl who is flirty with other men at a party, especially because men like to feel secure with the notion that their girlfriend is truly THEIR girlfriend.
    Somebody who wanders and spends less time with their own SIGNIFICANT other, than they do with (less significant “friends” – aka girls who openly talk shit beind each other’s backs) or likewise, other men that their boyfriend doesn’t talk to at all, will quickly cause a heightened sense of aggregation… At least for me.

  48. Hank barducas says:

    one annoying trait that i learned with my current one,n that she is working on is that if the man does something you dont like or says something that you dont like dont ignore it and leave it alone hoping he will read your mind and notice you dont like it or that it was rude to say or do .
    NOT HAVEING AN OPINION is a annoying girlfriend trait. because then 9 months in she blows up on you with all this rage and your like WTF didnt you speak up 5 months ago i woulda just said sorry and would have never said what i said again. OH and the flirting with other guys . thats a huge not one guy likes to see his girlfriend flirt with another guy, if she does that then why are you with her she obviously doesnt respect you . drop the hoe or put her in her place before you drop her as quick as you got her number.

  49. Laura says:

    These men will never get laid. Let your girls do what they want. Losers.

  50. Jake says:

    All the things about you that she found cute,quirky,endearing,and funny about you when you were dating,suddenly become unacceptable and annoying to her once the relationship gets serious. Always wants to play God and make you over into HER image of what you should be. Then there is “I should not have to tell you what’s wrong,you should know.” Men,Don’t you ever get sick of apologizing for things you haven’t done or don’t even know you did,just to keep the peace? Women say we don’t talk to them enough. “Talk to me,talk to me” they say,but make sure you don’t tell them ANYTHING they don’t want to hear. Plus,we’re insensitive. But we must only be sensitive to THEM. Nobody else not even to ourselves. Catch 22 If a man does not show sensitivity,he is cold,if he does he’s a wimp. Damned either way.

  51. dave bowen says:

    How about this. Women say they don’t want to be “taken care of” by a man. Yet,the first thing they look at is,the size of his bank account,his job,and what kind of car he drives,very high school.

  52. NDYKA says:

    @Hank barducas

    How could you not know if a comment you say is rude? I don’t think its possible to unintentionally be rude. Do men use this as a excuse to get away with saying or doing rude things because then they could just act oblivious?

  53. NDYKA says:

    @Hank barducas

    Also is it just you saying and doing a bunch of rude things and then figuring I’ll just say sorry?
    The more you get to know someone, the more you should understand them and know what upsets them and avoid saying and doing those things.

  54. Neil says:

    There are a lot of girls who seem to be approaching this on the cerebral level. Love and sex go deeper than that and there is much truth in this list. For me, No’s 4 and 8 to 10 are bang on. And for those who call this list sexist I have two words for you: testosterone and oestrogen. They tend to be – but are not always – gender-biased.

  55. zh says:

    Hi. I am really annnoyed by my gf. soon to be ex gf. She annoyed me so much until I want to kick and punch her face.

    I knew a friend who is a fortune teller and i care for my soon to be ex gf so i spend time to ask he fortune teller to help me find out about my soon to be ex gf life and prediction. The fortune teller said my soon to be ex gf has a stubborn character only listen to herself wont listen to others and not even me. So she doesnt love me if she does she will listen when I am talking and will take my advise too. But my soon to be ex gf wasted my time and she didn’t appreciate my effort of consulting the fortune teller, she is crazy she is stupid. how can she think is a cult!

    She is really annoying so much! Whatever things i do for her she dont’ appreciate she will scold me instead! Ihave enough I want to break up with this gal and find a better girl that will gives me a peaceful life and happiness.

  56. Mathe says:

    yes,guys you are definately right.the other most annoying thing is a girlfriend who when you try to correct her becomes defensive,when she makes a mistakes does not apologise at all and when you buy or give her something does not appreciate and is unthankful and would complain asking for more.what about a girlfriend who promises to dump or leave you when you both make an argument?

  57. Nimisha says:

    WTf….this doesn’t make any sense….. men dont know what they want… they are always complaining for silly resons

  58. Woww says:

    Wah, this is damn sexist.

  59. lee says:

    Wow the rules!!
    Who cares if your girl is flirting ????? I don’t,
    I’m the one who goes home with her at the end leaving all the hopefuls standing with their d#@ks in there hands.
    If people are that In secure then maybe they should be ‘re thinking their lives.
    Oh and women trying to change their boy friend is amusing. In my case it just does the opposite. Lol

  60. I.M.J. says:

    FOUR, FIVE, and EIGHT. I felt so passionately about those that I had to use all caps. Thank you.

  61. Mack Doggs says:

    This article blows. “Men play games to win and stroke their ego” Are you joking?

    A bitter vapid misguided woman wrote this article.

  62. Travis Pratt says:

    It could have been worded better but the general idea is correct imo. Most guys don’t view video games as mindless pastimes like women do,we like to concentrate, be competitive, escape reality etc. while women tend to view video games as doodling on a piece of paper, something that they’re not committed to, just a back of the brain activity which is why they don’t see a problem in talking deeply while playing.

  63. Hmm… other annoying things…correct me if I’m wrong here guys or gals…

    1. The “double speak”, you know when a woman is upset, and you can tell when she comes in the room where you are. Instead of saying out right what’s wrong, she goes the long, through the woods to grandma’s house route, then gets upset when you can’t weed through her cryptic communications…

    2. The girlfriend who uses YOU as her hobby, when you have so many interests of your own. You know the one where, they get antsy if you’re not around them constantly to “entertain” them, because they are bored. So then they start to pester you about spending time together, only for you both to do something boring as hell to the point you’re rubbing your temples.

    3. The “fly off the handle” girlfriend, where every disturbance to her already fragile emotional state is defcon 9, and she’s already yelling and throwing her hands about and you haven’t even figured out what the hell she is going on about yet. You try to inject some rationality and logic into her emotional tomfoolery and she says it’s all you. Lawl.

    i could go on and on. But I digress.

  64. Thank you! It’s sad this even has to be pointed out.

  65. Um, this article is obviously not about YOU. smh

  66. Not if yourself is “shitty.”

  67. BooBoo says:

    This article is outrageously sexist. Your stereotypes about ‘girls’ and ‘guys’ are positively archaic!

  68. Libby says:

    Are we really still doing the whole ‘girls don’t like video games’ thing. Can we all decide to stop doing this please. You know, I’m female and there’s a video game so important to me I’m going to get a tattoo based off it.

    Though I do agree that the “do I look fat?” is unfair. So are all trick questions like that. Even at my lowest, I never asked anyone if I looked fat. Sometimes my mom asks me “am I ugly?: and it makes me really uncomfortable…

    The whole article is outrageously sexist though. Did a woman write this? If so, I’m especially sorry for her. The article’s a few years old though so maybe the author has grown up since then.

  69. Ryan Mcel says:

    What is this crap about “when he’s playing Xbox’? 10 year olds aren’t supposed to have sexual relationships.

  70. Ryan Mcel says:

    Why that make you uncomfortable when your own mom asks you for a moment of reassurance that she’s not ugly? Why wouldn’t it make you feel good to be able to help her esteem instead?

  71. Ryan Mcel says:

    And I hate my mom. But who would be such a piece of crap to feel uncomfortable to have to tell their mom she’s not ugly? Is she so hideous in your eyes you can just barely stand to lie about it?

  72. Kktyty127 says:

    The author is generalizing, not saying that every girl does this. This is the reason why people get ridiculed. Men and women. Because people like you can’t open their minds just a little to see that this actually goes on and is not just some way to insult people.

  73. Lulz says:

    Lol you sound retarded.

  74. Andrew Faulkner says:

    To those arguing that this isn’t sexist because it was written by a woman, I have 2 words for you: internalized misogyny.

    Plus a lot of it is way overgeneralized – 4 and 5 really only apply to introverts (man or woman), 2 only applies to hardcore gamers (again, man or woman). 1, 6, and 9 are just annoying traits period, not “annoying girlfriend traits” – I’ve seen literally all of them go both ways in friends’ relationships, and in fact seen more guys violate #9 and #6 than girls.

    And then there’s this

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