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Netflix and Chill! – How to Do It the Right Way

Looking to give your movie nights a happier ending? Learn how to Netflix and chill like a boss, using the step-by-step guide below.

netflix and chill

Netflix and chill has been a thing for so long, we can’t even remember when and where it actually started. Did Eve ask Adam to “Bite the apple and chill?” or was the Big Bang actually a movie that our ancestor microbes were witness to?

Suffice it to say, it is a thing and people are actually using it to get dates or to hook up. Admittedly, it might not be working out as planned, since women know better nowadays, but it is a funny ice breaker–especially when expressed without any hint of harassment.

Even if it is quickly becoming the world’s most viral pickup line, you can use it for the greater good—the greater good being the search for your one true movie buddy. So, if you’re wondering how to make this work to your advantage, here are the steps that you need to follow.

What Does “Netflix and Chill” Really Mean?

Everybody knows what “Netflix and Chill” means or in case you don’t, let’s break it down. At face value, it sounds like a cozy night in with movies and snacks. But make no mistake, this phrase has evolved into a popular euphemism for a booty call.

What started out as a simple way to describe watching Netflix and relaxing has taken on a whole new layer of meaning. It’s now a playful code for inviting someone over with the intention of getting romantic or sexual once the play button gets hit. As the phrase gained traction on social media, it quickly transformed from literal to a more flirtatious, suggestive language.

Step 1: Prep Your Movie Buddy

1. Choose Your Buddy

There are a lot of people who are willing to Netflix and chill, but you have to pick someone who will appreciate your taste in movies, and is not likely to kill you if you fall asleep in the middle.

2. Decide Whether or Not You Want a Serious Relationship

To Netflix and chill denotes a temporary arrangement. You need to decide whether this is a precursor to Hulu and commit, or just a passing phase until the search for the next movie buddy begins.

3. Date Them For a While

We do not recommend that you watch a movie in your house with a complete stranger. That can end badly in so many ways, so it’s best to bide your time and see if it’s worth sharing your subscription with this person.

4. Tell Them You Want to Netflix and Chill

You don’t really have to use the actual phrase, unless you can deliver it with finesse. Due to its rising viral reputation, it could be misconstrued as a mark against you, instead of a harmless joke to ease the tension. To start, just try asking your date to watch a movie at home. [Read: Awesome movies both ladies and gents will enjoy]

5. If They Reject the Offer, Date Them Some More

There’s a 50-50 chance that your partner may not be keen on the idea of being alone with you, in a room full of sexual tension. If that happens, just let them think about it some more. While they do, commence dating like normal people and wait for the perfect time to offer again.

Step 2: Settle Your Logistics

1. Purchase Sustenance

Just stick to the rules. Buy anything that can be eaten using your hands, or placed directly in your mouth, and make sure nothing has ingredients that linger in your mouth for days. Oh, and booze—booze should round it out.

2. Clean Your Place Up

‘Nuff said.

3. Pay Your Roommate Off

Send them off to watch a movie *or two* elsewhere. [Read: The 10 rules of spending a night together for the first time]

4. If They Won’t leave, Pay Them to Stay Inside Their Room

It’ll be worth it.

5. Set a Date and Time That’s Agreeable For Both of You

Friday nights are good, but you’ll be better off scheduling something for Saturday so that your date won’t get to use the excuse, “I’m too tired from work.”

Step 3: Set the Mood

1. Dim the lights

And so, it starts. If you can’t afford an electrician to install dimmer lights, do not try to use YouTube to do it yourself. Just buy candles or a low-cost lamp with warm lighting.

2. Make Sure the Room Smells Nice

Buy a few cans of air freshener, or a candle—preferably something floral or woodsy.

3. Prepare Your Refreshments

No need to create a nice presentation. As long as everything’s accessible on the coffee table, you’re good.

4. Choose a Bunch of Movies Before They Arrive

Choose a movie that shows off your personality or the personality you don’t have, but want to convey. Whether your date is a guy or a girl, your best bet is to choose something that will make both of you vulnerable and emotional.

The best choice, then, would be a Pixar movie. The Notebook is a little obvious. If you don’t feel like crying, choose a really, really, really scary movie, instead. [Read: Date night movies to get your partner in the mood]

5. Play Some Music First

Presenting Spotify’s “Alternative R&B” playlist—a surefire hit. [Read: The absolute lovemaking playlist to turn your lover on subtly]

Step 4: When Your Date Arrives

1. Offer Your Date a Cool Beverage

Warm beverages are for people who are feeling down, as Sheldon says. Offering a cool beverage gives a welcoming atmosphere and can also lower your partner’s body temperature enough to want to cuddle.

2. Engage in a Little Chitchat

Not boring-as-hell-please-gouge-my-eyes chitchat. Ask questions. Be interested. Tell them about your day. Just get the ball rolling. [Read: 36 random fully questions for flirty guys and girls]

3. Invite Them to Sit Down on the Couch

Make sure you place a lot of throw pillows near the ends of the couch. That way, your date won’t have enough space to sit anywhere too far away from you.

4. Decide What Movie You’re Going to Watch

Present your choices to your date. If they have a different suggestion, just suck it up and hope you’ll end up liking the movie.

5. Watch the Movie. Until the End

Do not—I repeat, do not, under any circumstances, jump your partner in the middle of the movie. This is for your own good. Delaying gratification can increase your chances of developing a deeper connection.

This is a good rule of thumb, also, because there is a significant possibility that your partner may want to actually finish the movie. [Read: 13 non-porn erotic movies that are sure to turn the two of you on]

Step 5: After the Movie

1. Offer them some cooler beverages

Bring out the booze!

2. Discuss the Movie

What else are you going to talk about?

3. Play Some Music Again

That playlist from earlier can still get the job done.

4. Flirt a Little

They say flirting is an art. That being said, use the tools at your disposal, like body language, consensual touch, and eye contact.

It’s pretty easy, especially if you’re comfy with each other after the movie. Just show your partner that you like them and that you’d like to see where this can go.

5. Chill

Defining the word “chill” is as easy as finding the meaning of life. It all depends on how you and your partner want to proceed.

Do you want to get more physical? Or do you just want to enjoy the evening and let the pieces fall where they may?

[Read: How to get a girl horny and wet just by sitting next to her]

Keep Things Fun and Stress-free

Netflix and chill should ideally be a laid-back affair. While some preparation can help set the mood—like picking the right series or film, and perhaps arranging some comfy seating and snacks—there’s no need to stress over the details. The whole concept is rooted in simplicity and the relaxed enjoyment of each other’s company.

No matter how your chill session turns out, the most important takeaway is the quality time you’ve spent with someone you like. And if Netflix and chill doesn’t quite hit the mark for you, remember, there are plenty of other casual hangout options. Why not try Chipotle and chill? Whatever your style, the key is to keep things fun and stress-free.

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