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20 Flirty Emojis that’ll Make You a Pro Flirty Texter in No Time

The world has gone digital and so has flirting. Gone are the days of in-person “hi, how are you”, and in are the days of flirty emojis!

Flirty Emojis

Remember when texting first became a thing? We were all so excited about it, and we pressed a button three times just to get one letter. Now we all have smartphones that we speak into and it sends a text for us. Technology has done a 360, and times are changing. Thankfully, we have flirty emojis to help us express our feelings in a clear way and flirt our way into somebody’s heart.

Technology may have evolved, but some of us still live in the past and don’t know how to flirt *at all*, or specifically via text. I was in that boat, until I unlocked the code to flirting with emojis. [Read: How to flirt and intrigue over text]

Why flirty emojis can save your texting game

First things first, why use a flirty emoji at all. Surely they’re just a little childish? Well, yes if you use them wrong, but when used correctly, emojis can make you look fun, hilarious even, and can save your dating blushes.

Sometimes it’s easy to have nothing to say, especially when you’re flirting with someone you like. You can’t get your words out, everything you say seems lame, and the other person just doesn’t get the real you. However, throw in a suitable emoji and you don’t have to use words, because the emoji speaks for you!

One rule though – don’t overdo it! Seriously, nobody wants to have a conversation that they need to decipher through the use of pictures. When you overdo it, that’s when emojis become childish. However, when used sparingly and well, they’re a fantastic conversational tool. [Read: What is flirting? The science behind this common act]

Top flirty emojis you need to start using

Fun fact: When 15, I had a crush on a boy, so I got his number from my best friend, sent him a text that said, “You’re cute <3” and then blocked his number and avoided him for the rest of high school. I had no game, let’s just say it.

I’d like to tell you my flirting game amplified since then, but it would be a lie. I have become quite clever at crafting the perfect text—yes, even the flirty ones. Since emojis became popular, crafting flirty text messages, and every other text message for that matter, has become a million times easier—and a lot more fun! [Read: What to text a girl you like: 15 ways to make her love texting you]

Adding a simple emoji to a line of text changes the entire meaning of the phrase. It’s really quite amazing. For those of you hopeless at flirting, like myself, flirting via text could be your strength! To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of the top flirty emojis that will have you sending flirty texts like nobody’s business.

1. Winking face

C’mon, people. You know how much a winky face changes a phrase. You could say something as simple as “Meet me at Wal-Mart later,” and it’s completely acceptable. But once you add a winky face to that, it becomes “Meet me at Wal-Mart later ;)” and all of a sudden your evening just became a little more exciting. [Read: Fun emojis couples need to use more often]

2. Winking kiss

Again, with the wink! The winky kiss makes things a little less seductive, and a whole lot more cute and sweet. This shows your warm and kind side, and likely has the recipient smiling at their phones or saying “awwwww.” The winky kiss—always a good idea.

3. Heart eyes

This one is pretty obvious, no? It’s basically saying they are so happy/into you that their love is explosive—even out of their eyes. I mean, I also use this emoji when talking about sushi or avocado toast, so it’s pretty diverse. Food and love are interchangeable anyways, let’s be honest. [Read: How to decode the meaning of heart emojis]

4. See no evil

This adorable little monkey is just that: adorable. This can be used after saying something cute, that might make you or the recipient blush. It adds an extra bit of “awwww” to the conversation, which is always a great addition to a flirty conversation.

5. Smirking face

This one has the same effect as the winky face, but it’s a little less bold. It’s sort of seductive with an air of mystery to it. Use this emoji when you want the recipient to read between the lines of your text. This is a great flirty emoji and adds spice to your conversations. [Read: 30 Subtle, obvious and really sexy flirting tips for girls]

6. Laughing crying

Let’s just be honest, people like to think they are funny, even if they really aren’t. If you are into somebody, you will laugh at their jokes—every single painful joke they tell.

This emoji is the best flirty emoji to use because it probably expresses laughter better than the rest. I mean, you literally cry from laughing so hard. It’s the equivalent of saying LMFAO, which used to be hugely popular for whatever reason? I’m not the internet police, I’m just saying.

7. Rosy cheeks smile

By far, this is my favorite emoji, and I use it in all my conversations, even if they aren’t flirty conversations. This emoji is a sweet, joyful one to be used in any context. [Read: Flirty ways to text your crush and get them interested in you]

8. Waving hand

This might sound strange, but for some reason it’s a goofy emoji to use, especially for men. It brings a smile to the other person’s face, maybe even a slight laugh. It’s cute and harmless. If used in the right context it really wins somebody over.

9. Two hearts

A nice variation of the traditional red heart. This catches the recipients eye and gives them warm feelings towards you. It is the emoji version of saying “I’m thinking about you” and/or “I care about you.” This is another sweet emoji. [Read: Colorful heart emojis: How to decode their meaning & use it right]

10. Sassy girl

I don’t know what it is, but when a guy sends this flirty emoji, they win every time. It’s goofy and silly and that is what girls like. This could potentially work for a female to send as well, depending on the context, but without a doubt, females like to receive this text emoji.

11. Tongue

This emoji definitely is used in flirty conversations but tends to be more on the intense spectrum. It falls more into the sexting category. This emoji is almost always used in a sexual context. If that is the messaging you want to get across, use this flirty emoji. [Read: 20 naughty text messages that are assured to start a naughty conversation]

12. Peach

They like your BOOTY! This is a clear sign they dig your body, specifically your behind. Take it how you want, but they are totally into you.

13. Drooling face

They’re into you, they can’t stop salivating at the thought of you! It’s a bit bold, that’s for sure, but it certainly gets the point across. If you send this to someone, it’s one of the most flirty emojis out there and sure to leave them with no doubt about what’s on your mind. [Read: How not to be a dry texter: Signs you’re one & the best quick fixes]

14. Crazy face

It’s fun, it’s flirty, it shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously. If you send this after you’ve said something slightly sarcastic or funny, it gets the real meaning over and makes you look fun and cute. Isn’t that the whole point of sending flirty emoji texts in the first place?

15. Hungry face

What are they hungry for? That’s what you’ll think if you receive this flirty emoji! If you send it, make sure you keep it in the right context, they may just think you’re ready for lunch and totally misread the sexy meaning to your original text! The good thing about this one is that it’s multifunctional and that gives you plenty of options for flirting. [Read: How to tell if a guy likes you through texting: 15 no-fail signs]

16. Aubergine

Yes, I had to go there. Let’s be honest, it’s one of the most commonly used emojis and it has a very direct and sexual meaning. This is probably beyond flirty emojis and into the realms of full on sexual but if that’s where your flirting is gong and you don’t think they’re going to be offended, go for it!

17. Sweat droplets

Bear with me on this one. It all comes down to context. If you send this when you tell them how hot you think they are, you’re showing them that you’re sweating at the thought of them. Sexy, no? You can also use it as a joking emoji when it’s hot, when you’ve been to the gym, or when you’re simply talking about the weather!

18. Speak no evil

We’ve already had the cute monkey with his hands over his eyes; this one is his sibling! Speak no evil is a cute monkey with his hands over his mouth, like he’s just said something he shouldn’t have, or something that was a bit flirty and he’s worried he’s been caught out. It’s the perfect flirty emoji to choose. [Read: How to flirt over text and type your way into someone’s heart]

19. Sunshine face

You can use this one in several ways but “hello sunshine” with this emoji is a great way to open up a flirty text to someone you’re crushing on. Also, everyone likes the sun, right? You can’t really go wrong with this one.

20. Okay sign

Out of all the flirty emojis we’ve talked about so far, this one has the most potential for different uses. You can use it to literally say ‘okay’, or you can use it to say that you think they’re fine. It’s also fun and takes the seriousness out of a situation. Keep this one in your ‘most used’ list!

[Read: Flirty facts about texting that will improve your love life]

Now that we’ve all been brought up to speed on the evolution of texting and using flirty emojis, I’m confident in your ability. You can now go out there and find yourself a person to send adorable, sweet, and sometimes just entirely sexual texts to. Hey, I’m not judging.

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