12 Corny Lines that Will Definitely Make Your Man Smile

corny lines to make your man smile

You know you’re really comfy with each other when you can be truly corny together, so use these cheesy lines to bring a smile to your man’s face!

No romantic movie is complete without the complimentary corny line, like Tom Cruise’s, “You complete me!” from Jerry Maguire , or Anna Scott’s plaintive line in Notting Hill, “I’m also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” Many people tend to have mixed reactions over these cheesy lines. But one thing is for certain, romantic movies won’t be complete without them. [Read: 30 movie lines to woo the man in your life]

A strong relationship needs trust, communication, and honesty. A successful relationship means being open to each other’s vulnerabilities. But along with the essentials of a great relationship, a dash of sweetness mixed in with some humor also goes a long way!

Sometimes, a relationship needs a little sweetness in order to further sweeten the deal. When you’re in love, you can’t help but be romantic towards your guy. For some, romantic gestures and sweet nothings come naturally. But for those ladies who feel like they can’t pull off a signature corny line to put a smile on their man’s face, we’ve got the perfect list of utterly cheesy yet sugary-sweet lines to amuse his inner cornball.

Sweet and cheesy lines to make your man laugh

While your man might not want to admit it, he will surely be a sucker for these corny compliments coming from the love of his life. These lines shared between the two of you can work as an inside joke and hold special meaning for the both of you. While you might think these lines may be cringe-worthy, there is nothing wrong with whispering these mushy lines at the right moment to get a smile out of your man.

#1 “You light up my day.” This is a sweet message to send your sweetheart when he is having a particularly bad day. While it might seem like a simple message, it can mean a lot when it is heartfelt and coming from you. Never underestimate the power of even the simplest of corny lines because they can make the greatest impact on your boyfriend’s day. [Read: 15 sweet ways to make a guy feel needed and wanted]

#2 “If being sexy was a crime, you would be guilty as charged.” Everyone wants to be complimented every now and then. Why not make your boyfriend feel like he is the sexiest man alive by using this hilarious pickup line? It will certainly be a good boost to his ego knowing that his lady finds him very attractive.

#3 “Ryan Gosling has nothing on you.” While you might have swooned every time you watch The Notebook on DVD or you might have cried when you found out that Ryan Gosling had a baby with Eva Mendes, your boyfriend will feel flattered that he still makes your heart go aflutter like a teenage girl’s. [Read: 25 tips to make your boyfriend happy every day]

#4 “Do you know CPR? Because you just took my breath away.” Yet another corny line to use on your boyfriend. While it might be considered a classic pickup line, it is a favorite among many couples. It’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your beloved’s face every time.

#5 “Do you know what would look good on you? Me.” Nothing like this smooth line to let him know you’re both, corny and horny! Sex doesn’t have to be all sensual moans and passionate kisses. Sometimes, you can set it off with a ton of laughs! [Read: 10 ways to get your man in the mood for naughty romance]

#6 “You are the peanut butter to my jelly.” It’s the perfect line to use if your man also happens to love a good PB&J sandwich! Instead of just telling him you’re compatible, an analogy like this will definitely make him understand how well you two complement each other. [Read: 11 truly corny signs you’re made for each other]

#7 “If you were a vegetable, you’d certainly be a cute-cumber.” Food-related puns make the best corny lines to use. The line itself is a witty one, and your boyfriend will certainly get a laugh out of it.

#8 “You look cold. Want to make me your blanket?” Use this corny line during those cold nights when getting out of bed is out of the question. Treat your man to some homemade hot chocolate, and get ready to binge on some Netflix. It’s time for some snuggling because cold days are bed weather days.

#9 “There isn’t a word in the dictionary that describes how much I love you.” Is your man a lover of words? Use this line to cater to his inner wordsmith, and he’s sure to feel that familiar fluttering of butterflies in his belly! [Read: 36 sweet little things to say to your boyfriend]

#10 “I looked up at the stars, and I matched each one with a reason why I love you.” A perfect line to use on an evening when the stars are on full display. Your man won’t be able to hide that grin when you utter these words.

#11 “You were great on TV last night!” Does your guy look like a celebrity? Use this line to subtly comment on how hot he is and how he could be mistaken for some Hollywood hunk that a hoard of fangirls would fawn over.

#12 “You’re my favorite person.” It’s short, it’s simple, and, corny as it is, it may just be the sweetest one-liner you can get away with saying over and over again. Telling your man that he’s your favorite person in the world is enough to let him know just how much he means to you. [Read: 15 little tips to make your guy feel loved and special]

If you want to keep the flames of romance alive, there is nothing wrong with using corny lines on your boyfriend. After all, relationships need some sweetness, corniness, and cheesiness in order to keep the love exciting. The feeling will be just as new as it was on the first day you fell in love with each other.

Corny lines might be viewed by some as trite and overused, but they can be an essential tool in keeping your relationship fun, fresh, and romantic!

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5 thoughts on “12 Corny Lines that Will Definitely Make Your Man Smile”

  1. Gia says:

    Corny lines are what me and my man live for. I must admit that I am the corniest person I know. I love to invent silly nicknames for my BF and I, it could get embarrassing but he loves me LOL! School could get us both stressed out and my BF is on the football team. Whenever he has a bad day, I always text him some corny lines and that puts a smile on his face. When we see each other, we have this thing in which we out-corny each other but I always win. Love these corny lines, would use them soon.

  2. Josh says:

    I dunno, but I didn’t find myself laughing at any of these lines. If a girl used them, then I’d think she’s pretty crazy and not in a good way lol. I suppose there’s some point in bringing them out because I’m sure a lot of guys would appreciate them, but for me it’s kind of a red flag that she’s not all that old at heart and there might be some warning signs to pay particular attention to. I’ll give you a smile at the bar or in the club, but if you’re doing it while we’re at home, then my smile is actually me thinking about running a mile.

  3. Carl says:

    I’m a guy and I read through this list, but I can’t say any of these made me smile. I dunno, but this sort of thing just rubs me the wrong way

  4. gregory bucket says:

    It doesn’t really matter if it’s corny, the thought that you had the guts to say it to me would be a dream of mine. I love you for making me happy everyday. I’ve been with this girl for a certain time now and every single time, she makes my heart melt when I’m with her. I melt when I’m with her. I fall for her corny jokes all the time. This one time, we were going out to see a movie and a pop corn got stuck on my teeth which she saw after the movie, she said that I was corny, I said, why? I didn’t even say anything. No, you’re corny! She made a really corny joke no pun intended but I really laughed and we had a special moment. In the future if we are still together, I would remind her of the times when she was really corny and would want to reminisce with her. It’s when nostalgia hits you and you start crying and balling your eyes out. I love my girl and I really wish we would both last. We don’t know what the future holds but we’re hoping it would be damn good for us.

  5. spek says:

    I am a deep guy. I was just outside Barcelona, hiking in the foothills of mount Tibidabo. I was at the end of this path, and I came to a clearing, and there was a lake, very secluded, and there were tall trees all around. It was dead silent. Gorgeous. And across the lake I saw, a beautiful woman, bathing herself. but she was crying… I hesitated, watching, struck by her beauty. And also by how her presence; the delicate curve of her back, the dark sweep of her hair, the graceful length of her limbs, even her tears, added to the majesty of my surroundings. I felt my own tears burning behind my eyes, not in sympathy, but in appreciation of such a perfect moment. She spied me before I could compose myself. But she didn’t cry out. Instead our eyes held and she smiled, enigmatically, fresh tears still spilling down her cheeks. I was frozen. I knew nothing about this woman, and yet, as we stood on opposite sides of a pool of water, thousands of miles from my own home and everyone I had ever known, I felt the most intense connection. Not just to her, but to the earth, the sky, the water between us. And also to the entirety of mankind. As if she symbolized thousands of years of the human condition. I wanted to go to her, to comfort her, to probe this feeling of belonging I had never encountered before. But I couldn’t. Because I knew that if I spoke, if she spoke, that moment would be ruined. And I knew I would need the memory of that moment to carry me through the inevitable dark patches throughout my life. And so I watched her lower her hand, turn, and slowly walk to the shore opposite me. The rest of her perfect form was gradually revealed to me, and I held my breath as I watched her disappear behind a copse of trees near the water. I didn’t follow her, in fact I turned around. I knew there was nothing else we could experience together that would be more perfect than that moment…and it still remains the most profound experience of my life.

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