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Single and Ready to Mingle? Get Out There in the World!

single and ready to mingle

Heartbreak is horrible, but if you are ready to get back out there, the first step is to let the world know that you are single and ready to mingle!

Okay, so you got your feelings hurt. Heartbreak is about the most horrible emotion that someone can experience. The worst part is that unlike a cut or wound, it takes much longer to heal.

And, like a cut, it can leave emotional scars behind. Once you have gotten to the point where you no longer want to hide under the covers and think that you may be able to let someone new in your life, it is time to announce to everyone around that you are single and ready to mingle!

15 ways to say I’m single and ready to mingle

There is no time limit on healing after a breakup. But if you think you may be ready to open your heart again, then there is a way to signal to those around you that you aren’t a wounded bird anymore.

Putting up an “open for business” sign, however, can be awkward. If you want to tell significant people in your life *and singles around you* that you are open to trying a new relationship, these are subtle ways to say that you are single and ready to mingle.

#1 Get some awesome outfits. Nothing shows the outside world that you are ready to date again more than a sexy new outfit. Show people that you are ready to find someone new by making yourself the center of attention and showing off in a trendy new outfit. [Read: 11 bad social habits that make anyone undateable]

#2 Change your Facebook status. I know sometimes the hardest thing to do is to let go. If your Facebook status has not been updated yet, now is the time to do so and signal to those around you that setting you up on a date is fair game. In fact, it is encouraged!

#3 Try online dating. Even if you think that online dating is cheesy, what do you have to lose? Sure, you may have to kiss a thousand weirdos to find Mr. Wonderful, but sometimes online dating can help put you back out there.

When you break up, it can feel weird to be on the dating scene again. Being online and trying your hand at talking to strangers may help give you the confidence to do it in person. [Read: 10 possible reasons you’re still single and struggling]

#4 Find a wing person. If you are ready to say that you’re single and ready to mingle, find a wing person. A wing person will help encourage you and make you feel less awkward about wanting to find someone. It feels vulnerable to need or want someone in your life, but two people working toward the same goal makes it a lot less intimidating.

#5 Call up those old “crazy” contacts. When we are in a relationship, sometimes we have to let go of those people who are too crazy. If someone caused a stir in your previous relationship because they brought out the crazy or irresponsibleness in you, give them a call. You let go of them to try to make a relationship work. It didn’t, so re-connect. [Read: 15 reasons being single can be a lot of fun too!]

#6 Find your rebound. There has to be that guy or girl who gets you past the ugliness of your past relationship. When you are ready to get out there and be single and mingle, sometimes the first step is to find that rebound person.

Don’t be so concerned about finding a long-term mate, just have fun and look at it like you are meeting new people. That will make it a lot less stressful and a lot more fun!

#7 Try social clubs. There are a ton of social clubs in cities around the nation where the goal is to help busy people meet up to do fun things. If you want to find people who are just as uncomfortable and vulnerable as you, a social club may be the answer.

Whether it is for recreational purposes or a Match event, the key is that you know everyone is in the same uneasy-feeling boat. [Read: No boyfriend, no problem! 13 Reasons to love your single life]

#8 Find out where the “it” bars are. If you were in a relationship for a long time, things can change. When you are single and ready to mingle, you may want to find out what the best places in town are for meeting singles.

The places that you go to when in a relationship are full of people who are in a different stage in their lives. Find the bars or nightclubs that are known for people who are single and ready to mingle instead of the neighborhood bar where everyone is already hooked-up.

#9 Stop being the third wheel. If you are single and ready to mingle, then stop hanging out with your couple friends. It is very unlikely that someone is going to approach you when you are in a couple of people who seem to be “coupled.” To find someone, you have not only to be available, but make yourself available. [Read: Clues that will tell you if she is single or taken]

#10 Don’t go out with people of the opposite sex. If most of your friends are the opposite sex, you may want to reconsider who you go out with on the weekends. It is very improbable that someone is going to approach you when you have someone of the opposite sex with you.

Being single is all about the assumptions that people make about you, so make sure that you are giving them the assumption that you are single and looking, not taken and happy.

#11 Take stock of that friend who you have been wondering about. If you have had a person in your life stuck in the friend zone for a while, you may want to give them a second look.

Sometimes we pass people in our lives by because it is the wrong time, not because they are the wrong person. Make sure to look at people with a fresh eye to find the diamond in the rough, or the person who has been there all along. [Read: The thirst is real – 15 realities of being single for too long]

#12 Join a gym. If you are single and ready to mingle, then joining a health club may be the best way to change your look, gain confidence, and maybe even find someone who is as buff as you want to be. Gyms are not only great places to get in shape, they are awesome establishments to find other singles.

#13 Stop saying no. If you are more of a homebody… newsflash! Ms. or Mr. Perfect isn’t going to show up knocking at your door. The more you put yourself out there and experience life, the more likely you are to run into the perfect person for you. [Read: 14 signs you’re a homebody that needs to go out more]

#14 Do the things you love. The best way to find someone to date is to do the things you love while keeping your eyes open. If you find love while doing activities you like such as hiking or skiing, then you will have a lot of things to talk about right up front and in common.

#15 Be adventurous. You don’t typically go to lunch alone, or to grab dinner by yourself. Sometimes the best ways of finding other singles is by just being okay with being alone. [Read: 33 of the best places to meet attractive and eligible men]

You don’t need an entourage to hang out at the bar all night, stop in after work for a quick drink. You never know who might be hanging out next to you having their own happy hour!

Breaking up might have been one of the hardest things you have ever had to do. But, if the shock has worn off and the scars are beginning to heal, then it may be time to dust yourself off and get back out there. [Read: What do women want from men in a relationship?]

Putting yourself out there may be scary, but when you are single and ready to mingle, step outside your comfort zone. You never know where you might find love!

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