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How to Dirty Text a Guy: 30 Tips & Examples to Tease Him All Day

If you want to spice things up with your man, sending dirty texts could be just the ticket. So, here’s how to dirty text a guy!

how to dirty text a guy

Whether you just started dating a new guy or have seen someone for years, starting a sexy text conversation can be seriously hot. Not only will he think you are sexy and cool, if he responds in kind, it could be the best foreplay ever. If you feel a bit shy on just how to dirty text a guy, let us help you with these 30 inspiring ideas.

Sexy texts are cheeky, naughty, and downright dirty. They build up sexual tension and make you so hot for one another that when you meet up, you just want to rip one another’s clothes off as soon as you set eyes on each other!

How to dirty text a guy – The ins and outs that make it really sexy

Of course, there is a knack to dirty texting a guy. It is important to get it right. If you go in too hard, too soon, you might freak him out, or if he doesn’t respond you end up feeling like a fool. You are the best judge of how your man will receive a dirty text. If you are unsure, the best advice is to start off slow and build things up to make sure you are both on the same page and that he doesn’t leave you high and dry.

Figuring out the best time to send your text is also important. If he’s on a lad’s night out, do you trust him not to show it to all his friends? If he has a busy job will he definitely look at his phone and be able to reply? Do you run the risk of making yourself into a paranoid wreck because he hasn’t replied, when in actual fact he was just in a three-hour long meeting with his phone switched off? [Read: Flirty fingers – How to turn a guy on over text in no time]

The creativity in dirty texting

When it comes to dirty texting it’s all about getting creative, being flirty, turning you both on, and having some fun with it. You don’t have to overcomplicate things, and you don’t have to put any pressure on yourself. Most importantly, you never have to do anything you feel uncomfortable with.

If you can stick to the above, then dirty texting will spice up your love life and bring you closer together. But just how do you dirty text? What are good things to say? Should you involve pictures? How rude should you go?

Let’s look at some great ways to dirty text a guy for inspiration! [Read: 30 hot texts that will turn him on and leave him obscenely horny]

Keeping it casual

If you haven’t had a dirty text conversation before, start off casual and then build from there. Send the initial text and see how he responds before taking it dirtier. Some opening lines could be:

#1 Lying in bed and thinking of you…

#2 If you were with me right now, what would we be doing?

#3 Thinking about the great night we had last night. It makes me feel warm and tingly all over.

#4 Work is going very slowly today, because I can’t stop thinking about all the fun we had last night. Can’t wait for a repeat session.

#5 Thinking about all the things I want to do to you later…

#6 What are you thinking about right now? Want to know what I’m thinking about? 😉 [Read: 90 dirty questions to ask a guy and get him hot and horny]

#7 Want to call in sick today and spend the day in bed together?

#8 Can’t stop thinking about how hot you are. 🙂

#9 Stop thinking about me! Stop it! You just can’t help yourself, can you?!

The best way to see if a guy is on board and up for playing your little text game is to make it obvious you want to turn the conversation that way. But not so filthy that you leave him shocked and not sure what to say. [Read: 20 sexy questions to text a guy and seduce him slowly]

To any one of the above, if he’s not in the mood or rushed, he could easily reply something which shows his interest, but just can’t get into a dirty convo then and there! If you get a response like, “Haha, very cute—can’t wait to see you later either.” He’s trying to keep it light, trying not to brush you off, but at the same time isn’t really pushing it further. It might be time to leave the dirty texting for now.

However, if he replies something like, “Can’t stop thinking about you either, want to feel your body beneath my fingertips,” then you know he is game.

Time take the dirty conversation to the next level

#10 I’m fantasizing about you right now. Want to come over and make my fantasies a reality?

#11 Sucking on a lolly right now and wishing it was you?

#12 I knew something was missing today… know what it was? You between my thighs.

#13 I just got out of the shower. I’m hot, wet, naked, and thinking about you.

#14 I’m touching myself right now.

#15 Tell me exactly what you are going to do with me later. I want every, single, detail.

#16 I’ve been a very bad girl today. So, so bad. I think it’s best if you come over as soon as possible and punish me. Hard. [Read: How to dirty talk to a guy and sound really, really sexy]

#17 Here are all the filthy things I am going to do to you as soon as you walk through the front door…

#18 Come straight to the bedroom when you get home.

#19 Can’t stop thinking about your mouth and your hands in places they shouldn’t be.

#20 Are you finished with dinner yet, want me for dessert?

#21 What is your dirtiest fantasy? I’m gonna make it come true tonight.

#22 I am so wet right now thinking about you.

#23 Go into the toilet right now and play with yourself while thinking about me. Go on, I dare you.

#24 Can’t stop thinking about your body on top of mine—it’s awesome.

#25 Want to know what I am going to do to you later? Too bad! You are just going to have to get here ASAP to find out! [Read: Learn to dirty talk and turn your love on like no one else]

Some more general tips on how to dirty text a guy

#26 Tell him he’s sexy. Guys love compliments just as much as girls do. Tell him how hot you think he is. He is sure to respond in kind.

#27 Tell him you are thinking about him. Let him know you are thinking about him, but hint that it’s not that soppy, romantic kind of way. More in a hot, naked kind of way.

#28 Build it up. It’s good to start off slow, be flirty and cute, and then build it up until you are saying exactly what you want to do to one another. It makes it feel almost unbearable but will be so worth it when you see one another later.

#29 Leave him wanting more. One of the most important sexting rules is to leave one another wanting more. Don’t let the conversation dry up until you actually ask one another whether you want salad or pasta for dinner! Leave it hot and frustrating. Then you’ll be thinking about it for the rest of the day. [Read: Your complete guide to safe and sexy texting]

#30 Think about timing. Timing is everything when you learn how to dirty text a guy.

If you start a dirty text convo just after breakfast, but aren’t going to see him until 8pm, it might be tough to keep the momentum going. Do it an hour before he leaves work, or as he’s on his way to see you. Trust me, the results will be much better.

[Read: Initiate sexting and make your partner hot and horny for you]

So, there you have it, all the tips and examples on how to dirty text a guy. Now, what are you waiting for?

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