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23 Hacks to be a Lot More Attractive to Women Instantly

Admit it, you can do a whole lot more to attract women than use lousy pick-up lines. Use our complete guy’s guide to attracting women—and getting laid!


There are some guys who seem to attract women without much effort. They just step into a room and girls flock all around them. There are also guys who don’t have to sweat much to get the girl that they like.
And then there’s you.
You wonder how come you can’t land a hot date or why you find yourself often as the wallflower in a party. And you’re desperate for some change—or at least some attention from the opposite sex.
The complete guy’s guide to attracting women
Well, here are some tips on how you can be more attractive to women with minimum effort and maximum effect. Just try a few of these, and you’ll notice a difference in the way women behave around you instantly.
#1 Walk taller. If you really want to stand out from the crowd and have women see you as soon as you enter the room, you have to stand, walk, and sit a little taller. Lift your chest out a little, tuck your stomach in, and carry yourself like you’re the most important person in the room. This gives you a sense of stability, pride, and confidence that will definitely draw stares—in a good way!
#2 Dress sharp. You may not be attracting as many women as you could because you don’t care enough about the way you dress. When it comes to your attire, from your work clothes to what you wear while buying groceries, think about this: How would you dress if you were a celebrity that may be photographed any moment? Perhaps, this would help you pay more attention to what you wear. [Read: How to get a girl’s attention no matter where you are]
#3 Shower and shave. When it comes to hygiene, you must own it. Get a flattering hair cut from a genuine barber or hair stylist. Either make a clean shave or maintain a stubble, which women find really attractive. And shower and brush your teeth regularly.
#4 Wear red. Red catches the eye and makes women relate it to sex, attraction, success, and status. Adding even just a pop of red, like a tie or a baseball cap, can make women instantly feel slightly attracted to you.
#5 Make the first move. Being comfortable enough to initiate things shows that you are confident and a leader—two qualities that women hugely admire. Whether it comes to setting a date, starting a conversation, or making a move—initiate things! [Read: 15 reasons why the overly nice guys always end up losing the girl]
#6 Be positive. People, both men and women, are drawn to positive things. Whether it is through your social media posts, your conversational topics, or simply your impression on others, it helps if you exude positivity. Best of all, have a positive image of yourself, as this will also radiate outwards and magnetize women towards you.
#7 Check your voice. Women are generally more attracted to deep, well-rounded, resonant voices compared to the rather girly, high-pitched ones. Practice adding resonance to your voice by supporting it with your diaphragm. Also remember to breathe deeply before you speak. This allows you to modulate your voice well and of course, give you time to think before opening your mouth. [Read: 10 things you can do to be manlier without being aggressive]
#8 Have a lasting impact. Many men aren’t able to attract women because they’re not really trying to make an impression, and you shouldn’t be one of these men. You probably assume that by showing up, women will just come to you. This is so wrong. Whether you’re just trying to play it safe, trying to be nice, or just plain lazy, stop it.
Strive for impact all the time. Crack a memorable joke, come up with a witty one-liner, or simply dress to impress, just make sure the ladies remember you in a good way.
#9 Crack her up. Don’t take things too seriously, especially if you are hell-bent on attracting and wooing women. Always have a sense of humor and some playfulness mixed in. This is particularly handy in awkward situations or if you need to break the ice with someone you just met. Besides, women find men with a sense of humor smart and therefore attractive. [Read: The right way to make a girl laugh and like you instantly]
#10 Be carefree. Women find men with a sense of dangerousness about them very sexy. You don’t have to risk your life or be part of a gang, though. Just the idea that you are carefree and spontaneous is enough. This means you have a sense of being free in how you behave and what you say—far from being stuck up. Speak your mind, be confident, and get off difficult situations with a grin and a wink. Women dig that.
#11 Master the slow smile. Instead of your quick and eager smile, practice putting on a slow grin. This is because women find slow-smiling guys more trustworthy. Therefore, they may warm up to you far easier as they see that you have a more genuine smile.

#12 Befriend a baby. Are you comfortable around babies? Whether you pass by a baby on a stroller in the park or your officemate brought her little one to work, stop by and play with the babies. You can melt any lady’s heart just by smiling, cooing, talking, and playing with these munchkins. [Read: How to think like a woman and get the girl you like]
#13 Drive a hot car. Got an invite to a gala or a hot party? See if you can borrow your friend’s *or your parents’* luxury car. You can even offer to take it for a car wash. The thing is, women like men who drive hot wheels than those who drive so-so sedans. This probably has something to do with status and power, which women are also drawn to. [Read: 15 signs the girl you like is a high maintenance woman]
#14 Be curious. Some people tend to talk and talk about themselves and this can get old. Take time to listen attentively to women and be genuinely curious about them: what they do, what they feel, how much they like those pair of shoes, and all that jazz.
#15 Flaunt some battle scars. Women find men with a little scarring on their faces more manly compared to polished, unblemished guys. They see scars as a sign of some danger you have gone through, therefore upping your masculinity and attractiveness. Don’t have a scar? Don’t worry. Move on to the next item in our list.
#16 Learn a few recipes. Once you finally score a date, ditch the restaurant game and cook for her instead. Women dig men who create wonders in the kitchen, and it helps to be pro in at least one recipe that will surely win her over. Make it good. [Read: 21 things you do that’ll make her adore you a lot more]
#17 Be social. This doesn’t mean regularly posting on social media or posing for your selfies. Being social is all about being around people. Spend time with friends, go out and make new friends, and actually be that guy that people want to hang out with.
#18 Lend a hand. Donate blood, volunteer for a cause, or be part of your community outreach. Do anything selfess and women will be flocking to you. This is because they find all these attractive, so much so that they would even see you as someone who’s a long-term relationship potential, which is a big plus for them.
#19 Be thoughtful. This is where active listening comes in handy. You must be able to pick apart the things that she tells you and find out special things about her, like her favorite dish, her most hated bands, the places she wants to go, and all that. Being thoughtful can score big when it comes to attracting women. [Read: 18 foolproof ways to make a girl fall in love with you without trying too hard]
#20 Have passion. Women like men who are passionate about something. Whether it’s a band, a book, some hobbies or your own brand of art, chicks dig guys who can be passionate about something in a conversation and is not shy about it. This shows how genuine you are, and you can also spur on some deep, intellectual conversations that women just fall for.
#21 Have long-term goals. While we advise you to be carefree, there’s a line to be drawn between maturity and plain douchebaggery. You can still have that air of being free and laidback, while still being flexible enough to get into serious conversations and talk about your goals. Being that much of a grown up is a turn-on for girls. [Read: 12 obvious signs a girl gives away when she wants you to ask her out]
#22 Work it out. It’s common knowledge that “built” men are more sexually attractive to women. So don’t make that “dad bod” your excuse. Get out there and be active. Women innately like a little dominance, and there’s something about muscles and strength that turns them on.
#23 Look older. Older men tend to exude success, stability, and security. While you are still in your 20’s, you can look a little mature with one easy trick: suits. Have a few well-tailored suits handy, Barney Stinson-style, whenever you need to go somewhere and have women notice you. Just be sure you’re not overdressed for an event, though.
[Read: 15 things women look for in a man before falling for him]
Many guys think that attracting women has to be a lot of work—like they have to be rich, successful, and famous. Of course, being at the top of your game helps, but the important thing is to simply be the best that you can be.

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