How to Think Like a Woman and Get the Girl

how to think like a woman

Men and women don’t think along the same lines, especially during the wooing game. Find out how to think like a woman and get the girl to like you.

Thinking like a woman may seem confusing, but it really isn’t.

If you can indulge her by thinking the way she wants you to think, and get her to like you for it, isn’t that worth a try?

Understanding how to think like a woman is an easy winner in getting a girl, but you really have to learn to think like a girl and not behave like one!

You really don’t want her to believe you have an extremely feminine side to you.

Overdoing it may actually make her think she’s dating a girl, and not a guy.

To make a girl like you, use these tips here and it’ll definitely win you a lot of brownie points, just as long as you think like her and behave like a man. [Read: How to get a girl to like you by behaving like a man]

How to think like a woman

Women and men may have a similar final goal in mind, but there are a few paths that change along the way.

To woo a girl, you need to start thinking like her, and come up with ways to please her.

Always put yourself in her shoes after considering her personality and ask yourself how she would want you to behave.

For starters, here are a few pointers that work well for all women. Use these tips and watch how the ball starts rolling into your court in no time.

Beat around the bush

Men like to talk straight and get to the point. Women don’t, at least in love.

Women like a bit of doubt and drama in their lives. They may not tell you so, but it’s true. Use this to your advantage and make a girl fall deeper in love with you with every passing day. Don’t tell her that you like her immediately, and don’t trail her at her beck and call all the time. You’re not her boyfriend yet.

Don’t ask her to date you and don’t tell her you want to get into a relationship with her. At least not until you’re through with working on all these tips. By taking it slow, you’ll only make her desire you more. Her friends may ask her about your relationship status and she may wonder too, and all of that will only make her want you a lot more. [Read: How to date a girl by making her laugh]

Women like the attention

A guy doesn’t care about attention or becoming the topic of conversation, as long as he’s getting what he wants anyways. But women love a bit of attention, especially when it’s something romantic.

If you want to know how to think like a woman and get the girl, this is a perfect start that can land you right on top of her dating list. After your first date or a chance meeting, send her flowers and little gift goodies. But don’t send it home. Have a professional pack it elaborately and send it to her workplace.

When she does receive the beautiful package at work, she’s going to be the cynosure of all her colleagues. They’d want to know about the gift, and they’d want to know about you. Her friends are going to talk about her and so will everyone at her workplace, and all in a good way. It’s a great way to let her know you’re interested in her, and make her feel loved and popular all at once. This one is a great winner that always works, even if she’s (happily) embarrassed about it!

Women like making their friends jealous

Now this may make women seem mean and bitchy, but in a very subtle manner, it’s completely true. Men may get jealous of other men with respect to success and career, but they don’t care about getting an upper hand in romance, just as long as the girl looks sexy.

On the other hand, women love romance and fairytales. All women love to get wooed and all women want the best guy in the world to be their own guy, especially when it comes to romance and magic in the air.

When you’re out with the girl you like, treat her like a princess. Don’t worry about being corny or silly, just as long as she’s having fun. Create romantic dates, compliment her and make her feel beautiful and have a wonderful time with her. When her friends get to know about her magical date with you, they can’t help but feel envious of the girl you like. And when she hears that her friends are envious, she’ll only fall more in love with you because you’re the one who’s making her life so magical and envious all of a sudden! [Read: How to compliment a girl]

Women love romance

A man may not care about all the wooing and the pleasing as long as he knows a girl likes him. But to a woman, there’s nothing like a bit of romance to increase the affection and love she has for you. Make her feel special every time she’s with you, and have a little surprise up your sleeve every now and then. Pick up an inexpensive gift or a bouquet of flowers once in a while, but don’t make it a every-date habit because that would only make you appear like a phony.

Woo the girl you like in style, and try to keep every date unique, especially for the first few times. By creating a wonderful experience for her each time, you’ll only make her want to be with you all the time. [Read: How to charm a girl]

Women need a bit of reassurance

Men don’t care whether their friends like a girl or not. If you think a girl’s great and sexy, no friend can stop you from going out with her. But women don’t think along the same lines.

Women need reassurance, and quite a bit of it. When you start wooing a girl, you can rest assured that she’ll be talking about you with a few girl pals of hers. Now how she reacts to your advances will also depend on what her friends think of you. While being chivalrous and charming on dates can be a certain winner, you also need to impress and charm her friends if you ever do meet them. [Read: How to be a chivalrous guy]

If her friends like you, she’ll like you even more. If her friends think she’s lucky to have found such a wonderful and romantic guy like you, then you’re definitely someone she’ll want to keep. Always behave well around her friends and have warm conversations with them. Additionally, treat the girl you’re dating like a princess when her friends are around. It’ll only make her friends more envious, which will obviously work in your favor!

Now that you know how to think like a woman, use these five steps and make a lasting impression on any girl you meet. But always remember to think like a girl while trying to impress her, and behave like a man when you’re around her.

[Read: What women want in a man]

Did you ever think that knowing how to think like a woman can actually help you get any girl you want, and make her fall for you in no time? Well, try these five steps and you’ll be surprised to see how easy it can be.

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14 thoughts on “How to Think Like a Woman and Get the Girl”

  1. Jacob says:

    Great pointers! I’ll definitely try a few out. I always thought girls were the ones who were close to their friends and guys were the ones who didn’t care too much about friends.

    I’ve always seen guys run behind girls and leave their friends behind, even if everyone’s gone to wtach a movie. I just never thought girls are worse than guys when it comes to being jealous. But I guess I’ll have to try a few of these moves to see if it does work out for me. Until then, fingers crossed. I’ve just started dating a girl recently and I don’t think she’s very impressed with me right now. She alwasy wants to hang up each time I call her. Maybe these signs will help me there.

  2. David Jeremy says:

    I disagree with this article. You will NEVER EVER know what women want. The best way is to be direct. Do not care what women say or think. It’ll only hurt you in the end. In the media, women are portrayed as angels and men as devils. But in reality, women are manipulative creatures. They were born and taught to do so. Their mind playing tricks are far superior to that of a man. Their thought and speech patterns are different from that of men. No matter what you say or do, women will always ALWAYS have a problem with you. It is best not to care. Ask a girl out directly, be funny, be strong, be YOURSELF! There are so many fine broads out there for you to try. And I sincerely believe that women have this mindset in the dating arena, as well.

  3. kevin wilkes says:

    I appreciate this information being available ,I want the confidence when I approach women ,but I get stuck in going blank ,when I approach her . Your techniques will be added to my approach, thank you ,for sharing the thoughts of women.

  4. david celebate says:

    This is too complicated, i thin ill just give up ahahahaha ! i i had a job id buy some but i dont hahahaha

  5. Mickey says:

    If I thought like a woman, I’d run around all day thinking men were assholes. THEN WHAT???

  6. Abdu says:

    Hi every one….First of all, I really like this website but in the last tip ((Women like making their friends jealous))..actually we don’t need to make her friends be more envious.The fact that I have seen a lot of accident of sulfuric acid burn due to this particular reason….you really don’t want you’re chosen one end like that so my suggesting is to behave well around her friends and have warm conversations with them,,,,especially if they were teenagers…..Have a good day ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. buck says:

    Who cares. Women love assholes. Like someone said- be strong, brave, funny, yourself and you’ll have girls all the time. Play it cool, don’t be too available and be a gentleman sometimes. How hard it this?

  8. ngm Patric nyc says:

    yeap women are really unpredictable they act different but think far above they like long run stuffs but guess I need to try this good stuff of yours

  9. Carlos Dezzy says:

    woman are very easy 2 read just like a book be a man not a tool

  10. Robert Cooke says:

    yo david celebate you ain’t gotta have a job to get women bro

  11. Robert Cooke says:

    bro before you approach study

  12. Robert Cooke says:

    bro straight up ask her what shes lookin for and what she really wants and if it interest you than go with the flow if it makes you think than you need to tell her what you really want and if you are both on the same page by you listening to her and her listening to you than its game on

  13. Robert Cooke says:

    women will always leave the nice guy to go back to the asshole that is why nice guys finish last so you can’t be to nice and you can’t be to mean

  14. Robert Cooke says:

    lol gotta prove the woman you ain’t

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