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21 Things You Do that’ll Make Your Girl Adore You More!

Want to make your girlfriend fall more in love with you with each new day? Use these 21 tips suggested by women, and you’ll make her day, every day!

things that'll make a girl adore you

It is an urban myth that women are hard to please. Just because your last relationship involved the Wicked Witch of the West does not mean that all women should be pegged as evil bloodsucking creatures. When you find the perfect woman for you, you will know just what it means to be in a grownup relationship. Only then will you be able to appreciate the genius and grace of the female race.

The same way women struggle to find the man of their dreams, men find it hard to find the perfect woman. However, even after you do, always remember that no matter how great things are going, you can always make it better!

There are plenty of ways to prove to your girlfriend that you love her. In turn, she will adore and appreciate you even more, making the relationship so much more fulfilling.

21 things you do that’ll make your girlfriend adore you even more!

To be honest, listing down what would make women love their partners even more is a job for more than one woman. When I was presented with this topic to pen, I decided to involve other women in my quest to find out just what men can do to make us love them more.

So, I contacted ten different women from around the world and posed this simple question to them: “What can he do to make you love him more?” [Read: 20 easy ways to make your woman incredibly happy]

Some of the women who participated are single, some involved in flings, and others hooked in long term relationships. I asked them to list down all the things that their partners can do to make them happy. Some of the tips are obvious whist others will blow your mind. Either way, boys, take the time to go through these ideas. After compiling and cross-referencing dozens of answers, here are the top 21 things that you can do to make your girlfriend adore you even more!

#1 Write love letters. When you write something down, you are sealing the words’ fate as something real and meaningful. Whether it is penning a cute note on a post-it for her to find days from now, or emailing her a message of love when you know she is having a tough day at work, you can do no wrong with a love letter. [Read: The guide to writing a romantic love letter even if you’ve never written one before]

#2 Send her flowers. Flowers will always turn that frown upside down. You certainly cannot go wrong if you present her with a bouquet of fresh blooms every so often. Whether it is a hand-selected bunch of her favorite flowers or just something you came across at the supermarket, women appreciate flowers like no other.

#3 Serenade her. There is a reason why singers/songwriters always get the girl. Women quiver and crumble when a man is able to put into musical words just how much they mean to them. Remember that no matter how bad a singer you are, she will love you nonetheless. Bonus points if you play a musical instrument.

#4 Listen to her. The number one complaint that women make about their boyfriends is that they never listen. Make a conscious effort to listen to her problems. Let her vent about her work problems, terrifying boss, and crappy day. Prove to her that you genuinely care about what she has to say. Don’t worry, she will not fault you for occasionally zoning out.

#5 Bring her lunch. Bring her lunch at work and surprise her with an extra sweet treat like a red velvet cupcake or scoop of her favorite ice cream. She will appreciate the effort that you took to prepare or buy her food and make your way to her office during the lunch hour rush. [Read: 36 sweetest things you can ever do with your girlfriend]

#6 Make time for strolls. Take the time to indulge in romantic strolls. From searching for seashells on the beach, to enjoying nature in the woods, hold her hand and go on long walks. Talk about everything under the sun, listen to what she has to say, and appreciate the quiet and calm memories that you are amassing together.

#7 Love her family. Love her family like they are your own. The next time you head out for a family event, buy flowers for her mum and a bottle of wine for her dad. Let them know how much you appreciate them for raising such a beautiful daughter.

#8 Be nice to her friends. Her girlfriends are perhaps the most judgmental group of people you will ever come across. The reason for this is because they love her just as much as you do and want the best for her. If they catch even a hint of bad vibes from you, you can bet your bottom dollar that they may be successful in changing her mind about you. Genuinely be nice to her friends, remember their names, remember your conversations, never hit on them, and offer to pick up the tab the next time you head out in a group.

#9 Appreciate her hobby. Take the time to verse yourself in stuff she enjoys doing. If she loves Impressionist art, google information about her favorite artist and find out when the museum or gallery is hosting an exhibition. If she likes yoga, get off your lazy arse and take a class with her. Even if you cannot bring yourself to enjoy what she loves doing, at the very least, try.

#10 Massage her. Back rubs and foot massages are a god-sent after a tough day at work. Master the art of relaxing her and you will be more than pleased at what you will get in return.

#11 Quit bad habits. Whether it is smoking, biting your fingernails, or taking recreational drugs, cut out the vices from your life to prove to her that you do not need them to make you feel complete. She will appreciate the effort that you are making to be a healthier adult.

#12 Feed her well. They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. The same can be said for the fairer sex. Whether they publicize it or not, women love to eat. Keep her tummy and taste buds happy by stocking your fridge with her favorite snacks, learning to cook her favorite meal, or figuring out which health food store she frequents for aà§ai bowls. [Read: 23 foolproof relationship tips and advice for men]

#13 Let her win. All women know how egotistical men can be when it comes to competition, even if they are competing with their girlfriends. She will probably never be able to dunk as many baskets as you or complete as many pushups in 30 seconds, but when you are able to, put your male ego aside and let her win every so often.

Letting her win does not just mean slacking off at sports, it also covers arguments and disagreements. From deciding where to go for lunch to letting her pick out your tie for a party, give in to her every once in a while.

#14 Surprise her. Even if she has told you numerous times that she hates surprises, this should not stop you from trying to make her smile. Let yourself into her apartment and surprise her with champagne and a bubble bath after work. You can also cook her a delicious meal without her asking for one, or walk her dog when she is in the shower. Anything sweet that you do to make her happy will certainly be appreciated. [Read: 14 really sweet and cute ways to make your girl happy]

#15 Remain respectful. Respecting her is perhaps the most important tip of all. Whether it is sharing different political views, or choosing where to head to for your next vacation, respect her opinion. This does not mean letting her make bad decisions simply because you are hiding behind the pretext of being respectful. There are numerous ways to disagree with her without being disrespectful.

#16 Be hygienic. Always remember that no matter how great your abs are, or how cute those dimples look when you smile, no one is going to want you if you reek. Be as clean and neat as you can by showering, trimming your toenails, combing your hair, putting on deodorant, and donning a clean set of clothes. You want your woman to love and be proud of you, and if all it takes is being clean, you can most certainly do it.

#17 Give solid advice. Show her how much you care by making a real effort to offer her well thought out advice and help. Your girlfriend is capable of whining and crying for hours at a time and if you want her to stop and smile that beautiful smile again, you have to help her fix her problems. Whether it is advising her on what to say to her brash colleague, or taking the time to organize her finances, she will appreciate the time that you have spent to make her feel better. [Read: 50 unintentional cute and sexy things you do that your girl definitely loves!]

#18 Do her favors. It does not mean you have to turn into her little errand boy placed on earth to serve her every whim. Just lend her a hand when you know she is swamped. Small favors like buying more soy milk because you know she is running low, or running to the store for tampons and brownies when you know it is that time of the month count more than you will ever know.

#19 Create “our” playlist. Unfortunately, gone are the days of adorable mix tapes and classic record playing, so you will have to profess your love digitally. Create a playlist for her and upload it onto her phone or iPod when she isn’t looking. Wait for her to stumble upon it and bask in the glory when she finally does.

#20 Watch her shows. Not every movie-night-in should involve car chases and boobs. Whether it is watching a sappy movie like The Fault In Our Stars, or binge watching the latest season of Orange Is The New Black in one weekend, take the time to watch stuff she enjoys.

#21 Compliment her. No matter how modest she is, she loves being complimented. Shower her with compliments and affection as often as you can. Be honest and genuine with your compliments and you will find out just how much more she is capable of loving you. [Read: 50 really cute and sweet things to say to your girlfriend]

[Read: 21 signs and qualities that make a really great boyfriend!]

No matter how well things are going in your relationship, there is always a way to take it to the next level! Use these 21 tips to show her you care, and you’ll make your girlfriend adore you even more.

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