15 Reasons Why Nice Guys Finish Last All the Time

why nice guys finish last

Do you ever wonder why girls say they like nice guys but end up avoiding them? Read these 15 reasons why nice guys finish last almost all the time.

Are you a nice guy?

Do you feel like nice guys always finish last no matter what they do or how hard they try?

Now don’t hate all the girls in the world for it.

Instead, look inward and ask yourself if you’re the kind of nice guy that all girls choose to avoid.

Yes, there are different kinds of nice guys, and almost all of them aren’t really as good as they think they are.

One of the biggest problems with nice guys is how annoyed they are with the world.

Almost all nice guys truly believe the world is unfair and all girls are liars because all girls say they like nice guys but end up walking all over these nice guys all the time.

But is that really the way the game works?

[Read: The real truth behind why girls never like you]

Well, if you think you’re a nice guy who deserves the best girl in the world, here are a few things you need to ask yourself.

Do you have a nice guy in you?

All guys have a nice side to them.

But are you the one stepping aside so a girl can walk past you into the elevator, or are you the nice guy who lies on the ground and lets any girl walk all over you into the elevator because the floor’s dirty? That’s the difference that matters.

What’s makes a nice guy so lame?

Girls absolutely love a guy who’s nice. But they definitely don’t like a guy who goes overboard in trying to please them all the time, especially if they’re not in a relationship already. A regular guy may be nice to a girl, but a nice guy almost always ends up looking desperate and eager to please.

They try too hard to make a good impression, and eventually end up losing all chances of impressing a girl they like because they make it so obvious that they’re trying really hard to please. [Read: The right way to text a girl and make her want you]

Why are the other guys better than nice guys?

Contrary to a nice guy’s belief, the world isn’t split into just two kinds of men, the nice guys and the bad boys. There are great guys, sweet guys, charming guys, flirty guys, principled guys and hundreds of other kinds of guys who are admired and liked by girls.

So a girl just doesn’t have to choose between a bad boy and a nice guy. She has a lot of great options, and almost always, she picks any guy but the bad boy or the nice guy. [Read: 10 types of guys girls find creepy]

Of course, bad boys are extremely attractive. But I don’t think any girl takes a bad boy seriously or gives him a thought beyond a one night stand. The bad boy wants to have sex with the girl, the girl wants to have sex with this crazy guy, and there’s a happy ending by the next morning. But would a girl fall in love with a bad boy if she knows that he’s a bad boy even before she dates him or likes him? No way! [Read: Are attractive girls really mean to guys?]

So a bad boy is no better than a nice guy. They’re both the two extremes of a spectrum that girls don’t care about. The bad boy makes a girl feel sexy for a night. And a nice guy gives a girl a chance to have a man Friday to run her errands. Sure, she needs both these guys to have a better life. But will she fall in love with any of them intentionally? No way.

15 reasons why nice guys finish last all the time

Nice guys make great friends, but terrible lovers. Every time a girl meets a nice guy, he usually ends up falling straight into her friend zone. It’s not her fault really, because he behaves like such a good friend that she has no choice but to look at him as a friend. [Read: How to avoid her friend zone and make her desire you]

After all, a guy who likes a girl will try to flirt with her or tease her, not just ask her if it’s okay to carry her grocery bags or wash her car for her.

If you’re a nice guy and are wondering why nice guys finish last, here are 15 reasons to help you understand yourself better.

So are you the kind of nice guy that girls would avoid dating? Find out here.

#1 Self respect. Nice guys don’t respect themselves. They don’t mind making fun of themselves or putting themselves down all the time, and they don’t care about getting pushed around by other guys.

#2 Too agreeable. Nice guys are too sweet to voice their real opinions and end up frustrating themselves. At other times, they may bottle themselves up with implosive anger and suddenly burst out one day out of the blue.

#3 Too needy and insecure. Nice guys start off as sweet and caring, but end up becoming too needy and insecure in a relationship because they’re always threatened by every other guy who talks to their girlfriend. [Read: A girl’s view – Are insecure men ever worth dating?]

#4 They’re boring. The nice guys are never very fun because they don’t like crossing the line into the naughty side no matter what. This quality makes them great friends who can provide good and stable advice about life but bad boyfriends who are too predictable and boring.

#5 A nice guy isn’t an alpha male. A great girl always wants to date a guy who can be in control of his life and gain the respect of his friends. If your friends don’t respect you or listen to your opinions, it’s a sure sign that you’re a nice guy who’s walked over often, even by your friends.

#6 Manipulated. Nice guys are easily manipulated because they allow themselves to get manipulated even if they realize that they’re being manipulated. This can frustrate any girl they’re dating because nice guys almost always end up getting the short end of the stick.

#7 Avoid confrontations. Nice guys can’t defend the girl they like and try to resolve any issues by trying to even the situation using polite words. They’re not assertive and never challenge anyone’s views directly. Instead, they try to get their point across through sneaky manipulation which can annoy any girl who hates feeling manipulated.

#8 Nice guys are weak. They plot revenge secretly, but can’t man up and take a stand even if they know they’re right. This makes them appear weak.

And then there’s the case of the sour grapes. A nice guy who gets dumped by a great girl always wishes and hopes that the girl dates some bad boy who treats her badly so she can know just how great a boyfriend he is. And seriously, that’s just the wrong way to go about it. If you can’t fix your problem, why do you want another guy to do it for you? [Read: How to get over a girl who doesn’t like you back]

#9 They want miracles. Nice guys constantly look to the future for a better life, be it by earning more money or getting a great job, but do nothing to change the present even though they know they need to change their behavior.

#10 Offence. No one takes a nice guy seriously because he never wants to offend anyone. He’s too accommodating and everyone treats him like a pushover.

#11 Nice guys get stressed by difficult situations. A girl would want to date a guy who’s her rock and her strength, not a scared pussy who’ll run at the first sign of danger. Nice guys aren’t protective or aggressive enough. He can’t fight for his girl, and that’s one of the basic evolutionary needs of a girl, to feel protected around her man. [Read: Why do nice guys always have hover hands?]

#12 Nice guys never lead. They always sit in the back seat of life. They may want to lead, but never make the effort or take the initiative directly. And they never really ask a girl out until it’s too late and then whine about how unfair the world is.

#13 Social strength. Nice guys are not socially strong. They’re almost always invisible in a group. No girl notices them until they make a move *as a friend* and then it’s all too late. [Read: Do girls ever like shy guys who don’t make a move?]

#14 Intimidation. Nice guys are always intimidated by strong personalities. If an alpha male likes a nice guy’s girl or tries to flirt with her, the nice guy wouldn’t have the internal strength to stand up against it. Instead, he may whine or sulk about it in the corner of the room.

#15 The dreaded friend zone. Nice guys always end up entering a girl’s friend zone. They’re really nice guys who make great friends and terrible boyfriends. [Read: How to get a girl to like you again after she’s lost interest in you]

But girls do want nice guys

As you can see, there are many reasons why nice guys don’t really make the cut when it comes to getting a girl’s fancy. And you have to understand this, girls don’t hate nice guys. They just don’t like the behavior of an excessively nice guy who’s nervous and unconfident.

Even a bad guy behaves like a likeable guy the first few dates until the girl falls madly in love with him just to win her over. It just shows that girls actually prefer dating guys who are likeable and nice. [Read: How to make a girl want you sexually]

The confident nice guy always wins in the end

Nice guys are more sensitive and caring. They make great boyfriends and partners for life. But the only issue with nice guys is that they’re not ideal boyfriend materials.

But as guys get older and the girls get older, lives start to get more stable and stagnated, and at times like these, the stable and predictable nice guy almost always wins over the reckless, adventurous guys. But can you really wait until you’re in your 40’s before you can start impressing women? If you’re fine with that thought, go right ahead and lead your life the way you always have been. [Read: 10 biggest dating turn offs for women]

But if you want to attract girls now, impress them and have a great time with them, learn to man up and face the world like a real man. Take responsibility for your own actions and don’t let anyone take you for granted. Voice your opinions and be taken more seriously by others, including your friends. [Read: How to be a man the way he really should be]

The perfect guy that all girls dream of is a nice guy who has a spine, the guy who’s sweet and gentle, and yet composed and confident. As long as you let a girl see that you’re nice and believe in yourself, you’ll always be chosen over every other guy in the whole world. Just learn to take a stand, and you’ll be every girl’s dream date.

[Read: 12 really easy ways to find out if a girl likes you]

If you’re a nice guy, you’re one step ahead in the dating game already. Just learn to change a few bad traits and turn that nice guy into a great guy. After all, nice guys finish last, but the nice guys with confidence don’t even need to run the race to impress the girl. They just need to say β€˜hello’!

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122 thoughts on “15 Reasons Why Nice Guys Finish Last All the Time”

  1. Adam says:

    I’m a nice guy and I completely get all the pointers mentioned here.

    The annoying thing is that as I came acrooss each new point, it frustrated me more because I could relate so well with it. But at the same time, I feel so helpless even thinking about trying to change myself. I can’t see how I can be a whole new guy overnight.

    I have liked quite a lot of girls, and most of them are now my really good friends. I still secretly like them though and wish I could work my courage to ask them out. But even the thought of that makes me want to grab my head in frustration.

    I understand what you mean, Sarah, and I realize how much of a nice guy I am. I just wish I could be more confident and willing to take a stand. I think nice guys are nice only because they want to fele loved and appreciated by everyone. But this is a great tip. I really like what you have to say, and I just love Lovepanky, you guys really do hit the hammer right on the nail when it comes to relationships. Thank you.

  2. Nikki says:

    I’ve always liked nice guys. And true, nice guys who are confident have always been my biggest preference over any other kind of guy.

    But the problem with nice guys, at least from what I’ve experienced, is that they always behave like a friend and never ever let a girl know that they have other intentions in mind. And one fine day, they start acting weird or avoid the girl. And then, out of the blue, he tells her he’s avoiding her because he’s in love with her and can’t see her with any other guy.

    So what’s a girl supposed to do? Fall in love instantly with a guy she’s looked at as a friend since forever?

    I guess that’s why a lot of friendships end for nice guys, and a great chance of a happy relationship gets nipped in the bud.

  3. David says:

    “So what

  4. Megan says:

    @David, no one’s condemning anyone here, david. It’s just that when a girl treats a guy as a best friend, she wants him to behave like one. It’s unfortunate that feelings can be misinterpreted between the sexes, but when a guy who’s a best friend suddenly confesses his love for his friend, it’s not just a shock. It also makes the girl feel violated.

    Perhaps if the guy drops a few signs first, it would make things easier to understand. But if he doesn’t and just proposes out of the blue, any girl would be shocked and would definitely not take it well. I’m sure the earlier commenter isn’t condemning him for being honest, it’s just shocking and disturbing.

  5. June says:

    I must admit, these reasons are pretty convincing. I’ve always disliked guys who behave like mama’s boys. They’re so sweet it makes me sick! But for the first time, I can actually see what they’re trying to be. I always assumed nice guys just social misfits who don’t know the thin line between being nice and being a pain-in-the-ass nice.

    I feel pretty sad for these kinds of nice guys, but no one’s going to show them any pity in the real world. After all, most nice guys are extremely nice only because they want to fit in and they try too hard.

    I’ve dated a nice guy once and I just couldn’t take it after a few weeks. His intentions may have been genuine, but everything about him just felt fake. One day, he just got annoyed for no particular reason and started behaving like a crazy guy, grumbling to himself and whining about how mean and ununderstanding I was. Really, if he was having such a hard time with me, why on earth did he have to behave like we were the world’s most perfect couple all the while?! He could have just been frank and talked about the issues instead of hiding them until he couldn’t hold on anymore!

  6. Gerard says:

    Something to think about for nice guys out there.

    Personally, I think nice guys finish last because they suffer from “Hamlet Syndrome” its a book. The book is about people who think so much that they underachieve. Hamlet thought and thought and thought but did not take action. Hope this helps.

  7. Hank says:

    @Megan You wrote: “the earlier commenter isn

  8. Cook says:

    @ Nikki, Megan & every female in this world.

    When all of a sudden a nice guy tells you that he loves you, you find it shocking and disturbing and you say that you can’t fall in love with him instantly. But when all of a sudden a bad boy tells you how much he loves you and how badly he wants you in his bed and use you as a pleasure object, you find none of that shocking and disturbing and even fall in love with him instantly.

    Why can’t you girls actually man-up for once and admit that it is actually you who are at fault? You reject a nice guy (and even deny him sex – causing him to remain a virgin for decades) who is willing to give you everything you could ever want, and instead hand yourself over to a bad boy (who will give you nothing but pain in every way possible) and spread your legs for him even without him ordering you to do that.

    In your defense, you will say that you are programmed to choose the bad ones first, get hurt, and then finally mature so that you can realize that you made a mistake by choosing a bad boy, when instead you should have chosen a nice guy. You will simply not hold yourself responsible, but blame the whole thing on nature by saying that you have been programmed to choose the bad boy over the nice guy.

    So what you’re saying is that, you don’t have the ability to reprogram yourself, see reality, avoid getting hurt by a bad boy and choose a nice guy? Males can also give the excuse of being programmed to be a bad boy, mate with multiple partners, cheat on girls and hurt them. But it is the nice guys who had the maturity to reprogrammed themselves and turn into nice guys so that they don’t do all the garbage that bad boys do to you.

    It is after years and years of pain (when you are over 30 or 40), that you realize that apart from your “challenge” (ill-treatment), there is nothing else that bad boys have to offer and there is no future with them. And then you show up in front of the same nice guy that you rejected decades ago, and expect him to rescue you? So what are nice guys supposed to do? Just accept you?

    You – a female who rejected the nice guy and chose the bad boy instead, treated the nice guy like a loser and a bad boy like your hero, denied the nice guy the right to have sex and forced him to remain a virgin till the age of 40, gave every bad boy who was around the chance to sleep with you and use you to pleasure themselves.

    What you are doing is that, first you have had your share of fun by sleeping around with bad boys. And then when you have had enough, you decided to settle down by walking over to a nice guy and tell him that now you belonged to him (in the process you will get a good house and a good amount of money – something that your bad boy couldn’t give you but the nice guy was able to, by working hard for decades). You expect a nice guy (who was denied the chance to have fun) to accept a leftover (sl*t) like you? You expect a used material like yourself to be accepted by a person you whom treated like cr@p before?

    Nice guys were the ones who saw reality. Unfortunately girls can’t see any of that but just give excuse after excuse about why nice guys don’t appeal to them, but bad boys do.

    How about you females actually grow some balls and be honest for once? Stop giving us reasons and for once admit and accept that you are born shallow. Be open and tell everyone that you exist only for bad boys, and you only marry nice guys because the bad boys aren’t able to provide you with a house and money. Tell everyone that if your bad boy didn’t hurt you at all, was able to give you a house and money, you would always choose a bad boy and none of you would ever choose a nice guy. How about you females admit all that for once?

    To the nice guys:
    The best thing is to end up alone and die alone. It is much better than ending up with a leftover sl*t who pretends to love you, but instead married you only for a good life but secretly still sees you as a loser and desires a bad boy to be in your place (with money and gives her a good life). It is best to die and end your family line with you. Imagine if you did marry a girl and had children. Do you expect your children to have a love life that will be any less horrible than you had? Since you are a nice guy, your son will also be a nice guy and get ill-treated by everyone. If he gets married and has children, they too will be nice guys and the trend of being a loser continues. If you have a daughter, she will end up choosing a bad boy over a nice guy (since your wife used to do the same thing), or she will turn out to be shallow (since she is a female). Bad boys will use your daughter for sex and dump her. She will get hurt and marry a nice guy. If she has a daughter, then the whole trend continues from there. So it is much better to end our family line now instead of continuing it and giving them hopeless lives.

    To the clowns who will want to reply and tell me that I’m wrong and stuff:
    Don’t give me any of that garbage. I won’t read any of you comments but ignore it. I won’t reply either. My judgement about females is final.

  9. Mickey says:

    Most women assume the worst about guys to begin with, so I’ve given up trying to date years ago. There’s no point in trying anymore when the man-hating sisterhood is hard wired to believe that guys are worthless.

  10. Denisa says:

    Gerard: I must agree with you! πŸ™‚
    Because they thinking too long and too much how to do it right, and in the end they just miss the perfect moment…

    And this also remind me about movie Pride and prejudice. Because there were two nice guys in different ways…

    Well and here is my problem. Good friend of mine is nice guy, and I think I am falling in love with him, but I don’t think I could ever tell him that I like him as a guy. Because I am not sure how would he respond. It is even possible that he would run away from me and end our good friendship and actually this scares me as hell!
    At least I wish he could see me as a woman, not just a friend. (totally in friend-zone)
    There is one more thing, he was in love with some girl and she rejected him… He was depressed and now he doesn’t know what he wants.
    Well both of us are still young, so maybe in few years…or earlier.
    Just wanna say, there are also nice girls in friend zone, totally scared and they don’t know what to do because they don’t wanna lose this special person.

  11. Gil says:

    The article was great to read – until the conclusion of “nice guys get the gals at the end” nonsense. Instead most guys (85-90% of mandom) are sitting in the middle of the spectrum – they’re kinda nice and kinda naughty. Most guys won’t probably won’t have the “bad boy” experience but are the ones who will become good husband and fathers anyway. “Nice guys” are natural-born virgins. As the article rightly pointed out, they don’t man up and will never be attractive to women. Why on earth would a woman ever want to end up with some weakling who will never protect her or their children?

  12. Armando says:

    I agree with a lot that I read,Except I don’t blame my Inadequate flaws on women, Not every woman in the world is a complete slut, I have not dated all the women in the world to make such a generalization, But having said that, I still feel I’m not given the chance, now my problem is I’m shy, That’s a game changer right there, I am nice, I love pleasing my woman, I don’t agree with her all the time like a puppy, Nor do I let anyone push me around, I’m not a little bitch, but I am loving, and caring, romantic, aggressive, It’s just getting past that shy moment, I’m talkative with my friends, family even girls I do know, but getting close to a girl you like, let’s say at a party for example, It’s just really hard for me to just walk up and strike up a conversation, say hello, or just compliment them, even worse when they have back up :3

    It’s true girls can be mean, even if sometimes they don’t mean to come off as mean, even truer that a lot of men are just way too sensetive, they get rejected once and they think it’s the end of the world and that all women are, lack of a better word…hussy’s, But in the end, I know who I am, I love who I am, I probably will always be shy in that one stage, and I may try to change it a little, but I won’t go out of my way to change my self completely, If I can tell a girl is shy, and I give her a chance by talking to her (Shy guy, huge move.) A woman can do the same.

    We may be quiet, We may stare and look away, but once you get us to talk, You might find out we aren’t that bad, Infact I’m sure you will enjoy a conversation with us, Unless ofcourse the guy stutters uncontrollably, then I guess he’s screwed.

  13. alias says:

    Good something that finally helps cant believe this has been the secret all along and i never knew THANKS ALoT

    But Any way some girls (not attractive fall for nice guys nerds ) so it all depends on the type of girl you want to win over.

  14. John says:

    I used to be a nice guy, and I fell into the friend zone quite a bit. Until I got so fed up that I didn’t even care anymore, I didn’t care about women, I didn’t care about whether I got sex or not and I didn’t care what they thought of me. I treated them as if they were nothing. And they are nothing.

    Nowadays I get lots of women.

  15. Alex says:

    I’d Love to meet some nice guys and I really don’t friend zone.
    I’m let’s say a “bad girl” and nice guys don’t just walk up to me.

    To nice guys keep being nice gentlemen you will find your yourself a fine bitch.



  17. Cassie says:

    The trouble with nice guys is that oftentimes they are too shy to ask a girl they like out. And the reason most girls go for bad boys is because that is the only kind of guy that will even bother to do so. If a girl thinks that she has to choose to be with a bad boy who doesn’t treat her right or be alone, 90% of them will settle so they don’t have to be alone, even though they really do want to be treated right (the lesser of 2 evils, ya know?). Most girls say “all guys are jerks” and “chivalry is dead” because that’s mostly what we see. So what’s a shy nice guy to do? Grow a pair and pursue her! Every girl wants a strong, brave, knight in shining armor that will wield his sword and slay the dragon, not some coward that will run away leaving her to fend for herself. There is nothing wrong with a girl for wanting that.

  18. Cassie says:

    Adding to my last comment…. being “too nice” tends to come across as being “passive” which is of course the exact oposite of strong and brave. We girls want a guy that is as nice and gentle to us as a teddy bear, but will protect us with the fierceness of a grizzly bear. And unfortunately most guys tend to be one or the other but not both. The world tends to be a scary place for us girls which is why we don’t want someone passive.

  19. J says:

    You prejudge the nice guys, without even knowing them. Most of them don’t behave like that at all. But just because he is a nice guy, you think he is that way. (That’s prejudging)
    I don’t agree in many points with the article, for example:
    #3: Mens in general can be too needy and insecure. It doesn’t only apply to nice guys, and it doesn’t apply to most of the nice guys. (Insecure != Nice Guy)
    #4: Well, it may be true that they aren’t that fun. But not because they won’t get naughty. They will get naught and sexual, but you need to be his girlfriend for that. They don’t see you as a sexual object, and they will only do it if they love you and know that you love them back.
    #6 #7: That’s contradictory. They are easily manipulated, nobody listens to them. Yet they manipulate everybody at their whim.
    #8: Specially the second part. I don’t know anyone like that. But even if he is like that, he is just a psycho, and not a nice guy.
    #9: Why would they have to change? If more often than not, they do get the good jobs and everything. That’s actually the reason why the 40 yo sluts want to be with them. (They are stable, and have good jobs and everything)
    #11: That’s just a prejudge. If he is even able to go and take all the shit of your dog because you asked it as a favor, while any other man would run away or put excuses. He will defend you when the time comes.
    #12 15: There are 3 situations that I can think of: The nice guy didn’t liked the girl when the started to be friends. And then later found out that he really loved her.
    The nice guy liked her from before, but wanted to know her better before deciding anything else.
    Or the nice guy liked her from before, and wanted her to know him better, because he thinks that no girl can like a guy they don’t even know.
    Of course, this takes months at best. And by that time, the girl already put him on the “Friend Zone”. And well, I think it IS unfair, that the girl will do it with a guy she doesn’t know. (Or know him less than a month) But won’t do it with a guy she trusts and knows well. And not only that, she will be in shock and feel violated. (Like Megan said)
    #14: Well, if she is his girlfriend, he will surely won’t let that guy do it. But if she isn’t, and the girl flirts back and accept his flirts. Why would he do it? Of course, if she doesn’t let him flirt, and he insists (the other guy), the nice guy may stop him.

    @Cook: What he saids is true. But he is generalizes, not all girls are like that. Only the sl*ts.

  20. Adam says:

    Where to start…I used to be the nice guy and at times I am still the nice guy. I’m not gay nor am I straight in the sense, don’t if you follow…I’m not a priest nor will I be a priest. I’m not a “bad boy” but in the sense I really am the bad boy in disguise. Growing up girls always liked the criminal got knocked up by the stupid criminal and most of the fathers of their children are in jail because they were too stupid to do stuff that would get them caught. I’m the bad boy that just does not get caught and I’m not talking about stealing satellite signals. I just don’t understand it all! I want to be loved but I’m not getting it.

    I’m not the guy you can change you’ll only push me away if you try. What is it in general that girls want. I’m not that ugly on the out side but all this “not boyfriend material” has made a change of making me uncaring…over 20 years of it. I’ve had only 3 relationships which all 3 went sour! I wanted to start a life with someone, that one girl, 50 50, together but now it seems I will start a life for myself alone. I’ve decided I’m going back to school for upgrading and get into a life of politics and use my “nice guy phase” to get the votes and then to only make the country of Canada a place for single people, anti this and anti that! lol maybee I need therapy but I know that won’t work! I’ve been hurt so often I’ve come to terms that women created me to what I am now today, a loner, uncaring and somebody who has lost their soul!

  21. Mickey says:

    What a steaming pile of crap!!!

    I think a large part of the “niceness” debate is this very important misconception: that “nice” is somehow synonymous with “boring” or “gutless”.

    The problem, as I see it, is that women claim to want a nice guy only to run off with the “players” of the world.

    For example, a woman has a typical choice between guy #1, who’s gainfully employed, educated, steady, self-supporting, but, in her mind, just a “regular” guy who doesn’t get her engines running; and guy #2, who gets her engines running

  22. Mickey says:

    Being friendly, respectful, considerate and having a sense of humor in dealing with the (not so) fair sex only turned out to be MASSIVE TACTICAL BLUNDERS. So, if I ever decide to test the waters again, I

  23. brian s says:

    This is all hilarious. Girls I read some of these comments and I think theyre all on target. A lot of thr guys that wrote on here are seriously bets and need to man up themselves. Who wrote that crap about the girls taking responsibility? They do. They dont fall in love with nice guys because he is too freaking nice. He emits an aura of weakness and try hard that wants to please everybody. What kind of a male leader is that? What kind of weak children would he raise? Why the hell would a woman want that as her protector and defender? Man up and grow some balls.

    I can relate to both sides of this because I used to be a nice guy that wanted to do everything to make the girl happy. I realized what was important was doing what I wanted and if they wanted to tag along then so be it. Ive also taken all girls out of the friend zone. If they have a vagina then they cant be just your friends. There will always be sexual tension. You need to treat it as such. Girls want to he taken, not asked for.

  24. Jamess says:

    @Cook : Did you even read the article, mate ? It specifically says that the ideal male for females is confident AND nice.
    Girls don’t like the typical “nice guys” because they allow themselves to be walked all over due to their spinelessness.
    Now, I’m pretty sure someone is going to target me because I said that nice guys are spineless but as a previous nice guy and someone who’s gained a lot of confidence to step out and make my intentions known, I could safely say that I HATED who I was back then.
    Look at Adam’s comment, he’s a nice guy with little confidence and he doesn’t like it. What is he doing about it ? He isn’t sure.
    Therefore, to anyone who hasn’t read this… do read it.

  25. Mickey says:

    The problem, as I see it, is that women claim to want a nice guy only to run off with the “players” of the world.

    For example, a woman has a typical choice between guy #1, who’s gainfully employed, educated, steady, self-supporting, but, in her mind, just a “regular” guy who doesn’t get her engines running; and guy #2, who gets her engines running

  26. Mickey says:

    Considering that the large majority of women feel that men bring nothing to the table in a reationship, and men generally can’t do anything right, it looks like “nice” is just one more code word for male-bashing.

  27. J says:

    Anyone else feel like this bitch was talking in circles like a retarded Disney princess? The whole article kicks nice guys in the nuts & then literally in neighboring sentences tells us nice guys make great boyfriends but their not really boyfriend material. Wtf?

  28. Mickey says:

    How’s this for a vicious circle:

    1) Women claim to want guys with confidence.

    2) Women get their rocks off destroying guys’ confidence…then

    3) Women complain that they can’t find confident guys.

    Ironic, ain’t it???

    And, like J previously said, the author of this diatribe spends the entire piece kicking otherwise decent guys in the collective groin.

    So, can someone please tell me why I should believe that any guy has a prayer in this, the dating farce???

  29. Urusigh says:

    Given that the women who date me and the women who don’t all agree that I’m quite possibly “too nice”, let’s see how this article does in describing me.

    #1 Self respect. “Nice guys don

  30. Gomaster223 says:

    I’m sick and tired of this notion that nice guys finish last. It’s not true. Not by a long shot. Who the hell even came up with this notion? Also, none of these 15 reasons describe nice guys at all. Instead they describe self-centered, lazy, unmotivated, scared-of-their-own-shadow, flaky guys.

  31. Katy says:

    My fiance is the kindest guy I have ever known. But, he has no problem with confidence, he loves himself (yes, it is completely possible to love yourself and not be conceded!), is a go getter, a wonderful leader, reasonably stubborn, will stand up for himself, and just wonderful in every way. My dad is a jack ass and makes fun of my fiance because of how nice he is, calling him a girl because he doesnt push me around, or telling him he is doing womans work when he helps me clean the dishes. This is so stupid in so many ways. Not only is it an insult to me by using the term “womans work” as a derogatory term, but an insult to him because he is basically saying a man could never do nice things or be nice in general… unless he is a woman. I love my fiance more than anything. I have been through an abusive relationship before and it was terrible. He rescued me by becoming my friend and encouraging me to end it with my asshole boyfriend at the time. I realized that if I wanted a serious, long lasting and loving relationship, why look anywhere else than this man who saved me and truely cared about my well being. I dont know why in the world women dont go after nice men. Maybe they love drama. Maybe they dont like the idea of having someone who is reliable. Maybe they like being bossed around. Well, I have seen all those things and I am so beyond happy I have my fiance now. To all the nice guys out there, dont worry. There are women who really want a man like you. And the girls that dont notice your good qualities? You dont need them then. You want someone who will appreciate who you are. My fiance had crushes on many girls in his life but none ever liked him. One girl even got in bed with him and made fun of him…. in bed. Absolutely terrible. He was depressed and lonely for years. But, we are so happy we found each other. I wish all of you nice guy luck in your life. Realize, though, what kind of girls YOU are looking for. Are you looking for the nice girls too? Or just a super hot girl that everyone wants? Find your priorities in a woman, go over them REALISTICALLY and pursue that and dont go for the other types anymore. Get to know and love yourself first before pursuing the woman of your dreams. πŸ™‚ Good luck guys! <3

  32. Mickey says:

    There are too many women who believe guys are just irresponsible, video game playing, beer swilling frat boys who bring nothing to the table. So when any guy tries to prove himself different, he gets hit with the “you just don’t get it” response.

    It’s real easy to say don’t give up and keep the faith. However, that has a hollow ring once a guy gets shot down enough? times. By then, he’s too demoralized to care anymore.

  33. W says:

    I completely understand this is just a guideline for the average

  34. Just Honesty. says:

    So effectively what most of you girls are saying is that you want EVERYTHING. You want a guy who’s sweet, charming and funny but not too sweet or nice and if he’s too funny then he’s immature, oh and don’t forget that he’s gotta defend you like a Spartan, otherwise he’s a pussy.
    Now to the ‘nice guys’, what you seem to want is a girl who gets wet everytime she sees you, falls in love with you instantly and NEVER looks at another guy, also she can’t get in trouble cause it might be dangerous.The verdict is that women are aiming hopelessly out of their league and these whining virgins calling themselves ‘men’ are doing the same thing. You can’t have the perfect person, we’re all flawed and you won’t be happy till you realise that.

  35. Jadedmofo says:

    If you really want a girl , try and sleep with her if the sex is good she will stick around long enough so you can get to know her, and vice versa.always make you intentions known.the list above sounds like a depressed under confident shell of a man.Not a nice guy.The word nice is confusing and not in the correct context.Women want a individual, someone that is self reliant.This sucks for certain men because personality traits instilled form good old mom won’t allow the this type of man to flurish.this is also a geographical theory, in Miami or L.A this is all bullshit, but in Nebraska or Seattle nice guys have it better.if you live in a party town good luck finding someone.Guys just sleep with them,it’s what you really want anyway….worry about the emotional bull later….she wants it too.Once you are naked with each other the “nice guy”will shine. you’ve got what every male wants, sex.if you did it right she probably already loves you.

  36. Peter says:

    To the author.

    You got it confused. Being a “nice guy” is ALWAYS a bad thing and ALWAYS nice guys finish last.
    You are talking about the “good guy” that has an advantage in dating.

    A confident “good guy” can have success with women. A “nice guy” will NEVER have success with women.

    Bottom line is, when you are with a girl think to yourself

    What would Don Draper do?
    What would James Bond do?
    What would TYLER DURDEN do?

    “Jack” didn’t do shit in his life, so he turned himself into Tyler Durden.

    Don’t be a doormat, be TYLER DURDEN

  37. derrick says:

    I am a nice guy, I’ don’t have some ulterior motive. I’m not trying to use anyone or misrepresent myself. Stereotypes is what is killing everything. people see a few people acting one way and they assume everyone is the same. there is stereotypes about race, background, physique and everything else. People don’t take the time out to see for themselves, NOT everyone is the same.
    Who came up with this dimwitted notion that nice guys are up to something. Maybe you have met a lot of underhanded people in your life but everyone is not the same way. Society says “Give the person the benefit of the doubt’, but not nice guys. I can’t be respectful, I’ve got to be like the other 20 guys she’s met. Because GOD makes all men the same. Because I have to be a jerk, it would be a slap in the face to people who like to assume. Yes I’m a nice guy, so I have to be angry, secretly just a liar because no guy ever wants to be a friend to a woman. No guy wants to see a woman for more than what’s on the outside. Hell, all guys might as well start fights, get drunk, rob people and hurt people because we are ALL the same. Women wouldn’t want to all be judged as the same so why would you do it to guys. How does being nice and respectful equal Needy and insecure?
    I have a lot of women friends that I’ve never slept, it’s not because I’m plotting on it .It’s not because they friend zoned me, it’s because we have similar interests. I don’t feel the need to sleep with every woman I meet. I have friendships with the opposite sex that have lasted over 11 years. They are some of the sweetest, decent people I know.
    If you spoke to them, they would say “He’s respectful. He’s never gotten out of line. He is someone that will tell you the truth. He is a honest, good, kind hearted person. There is no ulterior motives. I’m not going to one day make my move. I’m not weak. I have my own opinions and ideas.
    I’ve met women who were used, lied to and mistreated, I didn’t see that as a perfect opportunity to make my move. If they needed advice I gave it to them. If they needed someone to talk to, we talked. I’ve never had trouble meeting women.
    I’ve met women who had some foul pasts, I never assumed all women were the same, I never took advantage or never tried anything because I think with the head on my shoulders. It’s called self respect…for yourself and that person.
    Stereotypes are for people too lazy to actually take the time to get to know someone. So keep assuming all nice guys have ulterior motives, you could miss out on meeting some nice people in your life.

  38. Henry says:

    I’m with “Derrick”

    I don’t have any issue with the “friendzone” as a nice guy. I want to have women in my life that I can talk to and share my life with. I don’t want to bang all my female friends. I’m confident, funny, thoughtful, kind and loving. I protect my wife, kids and female friends. I am a rock for many crying female friends that need someone to listen. The problem that I have with my “nice” self is that these woman eventually take me for granted. I have two very different woman in my life that eventually started acting the same. My wife and my work-wife both loved my
    nice guy attributes and we made very strong connections. Once my love was there, they both took me for granted. Now I have to act like an a**hole to get their attention. I don’t get it. You have to play both sides to keep them interested? Is that just human nature? Is that what women want? As a guy, if you treat me like shit, I’m not going to want you more. I thought I knew what these women wanted but I’m not so sure anymore. Is it that nice guys always lose or is it that women never know what they want? Once they have what they wanted, they change their minds.

  39. TheLonelyRoad says:

    @Urusigh VERY GOOD! Very good indeed. I have immense trouble forming my feelings about such topics into coherent, intelligent text such as you have done here. I may have to follow this thread for awhile and re-post your your wonderfully written response every time I see people defending the OP’s article. I’m a 25 year old single man, and have been so since highschool. Let’s just say that I have been rejected enough times that whatever charisma/self confidence that i had in HS has nearly vanished. Also, have had NO social life since HS. So sick of being labeled as a “Nice Guy” and getting to watch all my same age peers get to enjoy their youth, have fun, party whatever. I am by no means ugly, but far from stardom LOL I guess I just figured that I must be destined to be alone because despite my efforts to have some fun during my youth, maybe even have ONE relationship, I get nothing but tears for my efforts… BUT I DIGRESS! Well said Urusigh. Was as if you read my freaking mind.

  40. steve b says:

    Read all the points, want to clarify #9. I’m nice guy or reformed nice guy who did work to get better jobs and money and that wasn’t looking for a miracle that was creating my miracle. More money brought wealth and power and attraction from women. Now do I want those same women who ignored me before? No way! Those same women who want me now are old looking and used up from their bad boy days. I’m 43 now and with my money and position can get the younger women in their 20’s. Hey to all nice guys out there, your’re not looking for a miracle by improving your education, career, and money; you creating more power for yourself. So who’s the nice guy now!!???

  41. Fallout1541 says:

    what if I dont care about what girls think? Why should i give a shit about what I am like? Why should they? So what if I am a little nice, does that truly just make me a needy loser. What if I am a guy who likes to see people happy all the f**king time. Why is it always, pick the guys who are hot, and complete idiots, and ignore the smart guys who would be really nice. Plus, this post is basically telling that no girl will ever like me, just because of who I am. Is that really fair? How can you say that I have a problem if I do not think it is fair. Life and girls are a**holes. Go ahead now. Make your point that I am the bad guy just because I say this. Should i maybe just stop being nice, and flirt and try to touch a girls ass or breasts every time I come into contact with one. HOW IS THIS FAIR?

  42. Waylan Denison says:

    Bullshit. I am an amateur boxer(I must be a wuss) and a very nice, respectful person. I was raised that way by wonderful, loving parents, who went out of their way to instill some actual values in me. And now you say I should be alone forever, punished in love because women aren’t “wired” to like an honorable man? Wtfever, your loss. What does that say about you? Oh, I forgot, it’s the guys fault for not wanting to abuse and take advantage of you. Pathetic. This is for the guys out there, if you’re a nice one and you get treated like shit because of it? To hell with them, move on, not worth the effort. You’ll know when she is.

  43. CALVIN JOHNSON says:


  44. Mickey says:

    Most women today have absolutely ZERO use for guys, and even LESS tolerance for guys; this is why this article is such crap.

    In addition, you have some women who are firm in their conviction that guys are nothing but uncouth, unkempt, belching flatulence machines who are just plain worthless.

    Then you have some women who get their rocks off destroying guys who try to approach them, and at the same time skewer other guys who don’t approach as gutless wusses.

    So really, what reasonable chance does a guy have when the supposedly “fair sex” go out of their way to be so openly hostile, vindictive, and just plain vicious?

  45. Incorruptus says:

    Let me ask everyone something:

    Is all of this not really about the fact that we live in a time where the very concepts that we have been raised with are beginning to unravel? We, honestly, should lament human relationships being taken for some sort of game. Seriously, can we say that we would be this listlessly selective (for WHATEVER falls into our laps) if there weren’t such a massive variety of people and an emboldened societal imperative to “hit and quit.” Love is frivolity because of the fact that sex consumes time.

    The nice, good guys (and girls) are usually your shut-ins, perhaps raised by a single parent. Some are lost; lost in the past. Thinking about it, this article is a bandage for a much bigger issue. It’s hard to put that in words, but it involves why SO many feel inadequate. When lavish things get you noticed (as the rest of this planet falls to shit), it can only confuse those not so eager to lose his or her soul. Our anger, my anger are not at people, but only the persistant idea that we can perpetuate what we later lament. The bottom line is, slow down and see that your care might land you an option you never thought of…

  46. Speaking The Real Truth says:

    Well with the kind of women that are out there nowadays, it is very obvious why many of us Good Guys will always finish last.

  47. Incorruptus says:

    Thank you, speaking the real truth. Yeah, most if not all qualities listed exemplify nice guys, but what no one appears to try to explain is why so many folks are so fucked up in so many obvious ways that generations before never really appeared to be. Honestly, most men and women were far more integrated and, let’s say it, folks…NORMAL. And no, not the normal we think of today. No, more like that normal your grandparents were.

    BTW, do all of you realize that we are just trying to explain why these ideas are alright (when they really aren’t)? More or less, all we are doing is trying to (re)define the paradigm that only works for a few which doesn’t result in unreasonable pain.

  48. Incorruptus says:


    God(dess), damn it…fuck, dude, you speak truth, too. I will finish reading your very articulate response to this gangrenous excuse of an “answer” to the human condition in a moment, but I had to respond to your post. Relationships and the prospect of them are not supposed to be this hard and contrived.

    And if anyone who reads these words wishes to continue to have any shred of an opinion other than the one which Urusigh, others sparcely strewn throughout this article and myself share, you are likely one of the few for whom this busted system has worked. If this is the case, you should not be posting here…you evidently have no clue the true culprits of this issue.

  49. dave says:

    I think she answered her own question.

    “”The bad boy wants to have sex with the girl, the girl wants to have sex with this crazy guy, and there

  50. Incorruptus says:

    Yes…but how many guys are, at the same time, interested in being real who make them feel vulnerable and awakens that will to be in love. To be in love, eventually, is the point. Say anything else and you’re kind of a moron. The current “sex, inc.” mentality/system, seemingly selling ever disturbingly freakier versions of sex (though this explains only SO many) has made it difficult to know what’s worth giving any time. Men and women have been given the tools and the keys to a system that promotes us accepting social oddities. These factors ruin either genders understanding of itself. (Women becoming lezzies after a string of dumbfucks.) The dichotomy of guys and the dichotomy girls don’t seem real. Fix how men and women can/must interact and you WILL fix us.

  51. Jay says:

    I agree with the saying but not these reasons. I personally like to think of myself as the nice guy kind of person but I get rejected and/or friendzoned by alot of girls. I hate it. It makes me want to give up. It’s better to not be a completely nice guy. Be the best of both worlds to get the girl.

  52. Incorruptus says:

    And what is the acceptable extent of the “bad boy” side? What is it? Seriously…why can’t you folks see that advice above is for a system that creates dis-integrated people. Women are cunts or whores and men are pussies or pricks; either gender extreme “off-puts” the other gender. Jesus, people…

  53. susan says:

    I still can’t believe (ok, I totally can) that men are still mouthing the same old BS, trying to convince themselves of this whole “nice guys finish last” crap. Guys, men were whining about this 20-odd years ago. It’s the same old stuff. It hasn’t changed and it certainly hasn’t helped anyone get a date. Oh, and drop this “alpha male” crap. Alpha males are assholes. They’re the loud, controlling jerkwads who fly off the handle over some perceived “disrespect.” They’re the guys who crewcut their hair and play Call of Duty too much, then strut around like they think they’re badasses. They’re the guys who are dumb as fuck but are utterly convinced of how clever they are. Basically, an “alpha male” is just unpleasant to be around. And guys, if you run across a woman who wants an “alpha male,” run–she’s all drama and all feigned weakness, and she’ll lazily put you to work doing anything she doesn’t want to do. Now who wants that?

    Don’t waste your time TRYING to be an “alpha male” or a “nice guy” or any other label. Just try to be you. And “you” should be interesting. Have a job, and be able to talk shop without boring anyone. Have hobbies and interests–not to impress anyone, but because YOU like them. Have goals. Have motivation to achieve your goals. That’s really about it. Not every woman will like you for these traits. That’s OK–you don’t like every woman either. Someone will like you for you. Just try to find this person without posturing and acting like an asshole. Make sense?

  54. Slizl says:

    I can go on and on about this post, but I won’t. Here is the rule: 90% nice guy, 10% asshole. That my friends is how to get and keep a woman. Do women want nice guys? Yes. Are women attracted by assholes? Yes. Open doors, be a gentleman, but when she gives you the opportunity, be an ass. Sarcasm, actually voicing your opinion and even flaking on her every now and again is just enough for you to achieve this perfect balance. You are now the nice guy who gets laid. Simple really. I have a million other rules that I live by, so if you like this, I can post more!

  55. Mickey says:

    It doesn’t matter if a guy is “nice” or “decent.” Most women couldn’t care less.

  56. Stray says:

    Yeah but when the asshole dumps them they always were like he’s such an asshole and cry about it. Im a nice guy and I may finish last, but I’ll get further in the long run πŸ˜‰

  57. ??? says:

    “The trouble with nice guys is that oftentimes they are too shy to ask a girl they like out. ”

    Excuses. The trouble with girls is that oftentimes they don’t even want to put any effort in asking a nice guy they like out. These girls would rather put more effort into blaming that guy, and somehow rationalize that it’s his fault, despite the fact that she do not even put any effort into trying to find ANY guys. Don’t pin it on shy nice guys if it YOU didn’t make any effort in approaching them.

    “And the reason most girls go for bad boys is because that is the only kind of guy that will even bother to do so.”

    More excuses. Or you could, you know, reject the the bad boy (which will obviously save you a lot of pain), and try make a decent effort to find a decent guy and ask him out? But, NO, because you’re a girl, you think it’s beneath you to ask a guy out, and that every guy should come to you. Beggars can’t be choosers. Again, it’s not a guy’s fault if you don’t put any effort into approaching him.

    “If a girl thinks that she has to choose to be with a bad boy who doesn

  58. Lysander says:


  59. philosoper_stone says:

    Young, attractive women don’t seem to realize that their mating choices have vast influence on the kind of person most men to choose to become. Men want to have sex with young, attractive women! NATURE FORCES THIS EXTREME DESIRE INTO EVERY NORMAL MAN! For this reason, normal men have no choice but to seek out women for sexual release! For this reason, normal men will do almost anything to the object of his extreme desire!

    In today’s civilized society, women are allowed to choose the men they will have sex with. This gives vast power to young, attractive women who possess little genuine wisdom. And what have the young women done with this power? Many have chosen to reward bad boy-jerk behavior! With that, most men have followed suit and become some kind of bad boy-jerk! Thus, women have no right to complain that men are jerks!

    Young, attractive women have dropped the ball and made a terrible mess by rewarding the wrong behavior! When they get older and start to lose their youth and beauty, they suddenly realize the value of the nice guys that they rejected all along! Suddenly, they dare to complain that it’s hard to find a nice guy! The comment quoted from Cook (above) is right on point!

    Young women flock to every kind of evil man they can find! Death row murderers, drug dealers, thieves and psychopaths have always been rewarded by young women! Kind, decent, genuine nice guys are almost always rejected! Most young women are just not fit to choose a mate! This isn’t sexist! It’s REALITY!

  60. Finney says:

    Nice guys who are struggling with confidence aren’t able to confront others, not because they can’t but they feel uncomfortable to. The reason is because they take friendships & relationships seriously. They treasure them over other matters. Nice guys are often people-centered, therefore they fight for others & not for themselves. If these kind of guys doesn’t exist in this world, do you think problems can be solved easily or do you girls have a shoulder to cry on? These kind of guys treat girls like precious diamonds but do girls ever appreciate them? This is just my own personal opinion.

  61. Omeron says:

    Honestly, it’s a matter of perception. If a guy believes he’s nice and thinks it’s a virtue he’ll probably choose a woman out of his league based on looks alone. The trouble is niceness in it of itself is a complementary virtue in relation to others. Nice men so to speak do have confidence, but they also tend to overshoot, so overconfidence is likely.Typically the top 20% of attractive women get 80% of the attention. This is market economics. Selectivity goes up at the top tiers. Niceness, flirtiness, and all that, these are soft skills that can be attained over time, however there are many things about ourselves we cannot control, and sometimes we are judged on those attributes as well.

  62. randall harris says:

    This is the biggest bunch of crap that I ever read. women are too stupid and easily manipulated by an aggressive skinny degenerate. I grew up in abuse and I hated it and never went back. but women apparently love to live life in fear and pain. and because a man will not exaggerate imaginary fights he was never in, will choose to walk away instead of hitting her and not constantly instigating an argument over something petty. your idea of an alpha is warped. when you hurt someone over and over again sending out false signals and causing so much pain he learns to shut down and not feel anything positive because that causes pain.then he becomes bitter and jaded and you are the one who’s feelings get hurt. and after squeezing out a few bastard kids no man will want your used and abused fat ass. and if I were to encounter a woman like and I do I would ignore you be snappy rude call you names in other words what you would do to me with a smile on you face when you walk past a guy like hugged up with a piece of crap that can’t even hold down a job! so go ahead and screw up several thousand years of evolution and put us back in the stone age again

  63. Mickey says:

    @Randall Harris:


  64. Cary Simmons says:

    @Randall Harris…WOW! I sure would like to see more women respond here. I was just thinking about Beyonce and Jay-Z. She obviously wanted a “bad boy” now it looks like their marriage is going down the toilet.

    I also want to add that their are a lot of “fake thugs” out there. Guys who seemingly are “bad boys” and tough, but really are not. And i know some very quiet ex marine’s, great martial artists and boxers who are still shy around women, but you would never want to mess with them.

  65. Dan says:

    This comment may come across as harsh but it’s the kick in the arse most men need . It skips around all the BS . Niceness is a weakness in our society . Being nice will not get you anything. Being nice in work gets u a dead end wage. Being nice in a relationship gets you dumped . It’s the cold hard facts of life . Men need to be confident and somewhat selfish , respect all but fear no one . This includes no fear of speaking to women no fear of getting dumped no fear of speaking out when someone including your gf pisses you off, no fear of walking away from a relationship . Society has sold men a crock of shit saying they need to put women on a pedestal . Put yourself on the pedestal n u will get more respect. Too many single mothers n boy men and trash tv raising kids today have left the male mind warped . Left men like scared needy women . Just look how bad it is in japan now . They shag plastic dolls instead of flirting

  66. Ty says:

    I dunno…..I’m a baby face kind of guy and I often am told I’m a loyal friend, real and down to earth. Im a nice guy. But I’ve also been told I have a bit of bad boy in me. I’d tell you why but I don’t want to go to jail again.
    I’ve done every drug you can think of and well….maybe that’s not a great way to impress but still. I don’t get bored.

    So far I think I’ve made love with 8 girls at 20. I think I’m doing well.

  67. HayxEverheart says:

    I’ve read a few of the comments and I have to say, many of them have missed the point. There aren’t just nice guys and bad guys. There are hundreds of guys, confident guys, sweet guys, smart guys, etc. Yet none of them are perfect, no guy or girl is. I have learned the hard way that life is about compromises and balance. Girls, there is never going to be the “perfect” guy. All of them have their faults, but if a guy tells you he loves you and MEANS IT, then no matter what kind of guy he is, nice or bad, he will do anything it takes to be the right guy for you. Besides, can it hurt to give him a chance instead of talking crap about them from gossip stories told by your friends? Guys, most of you who commented above are a-holes who left novels of complains and whining. Did you not read the selection? Yes, women can be mean, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t at fault. I guarantee the majority of those commenters up there are shy introverts who were intimidated by the reality and relateability of the article. I know I was.
    Maybe both sexes expect each other to be perfect, but don’t truly self-evaluate and correct their own faults. However, there are the few out there who have realized this and are trying together, WITH their partner to make a relationship better. Or in many cases of those above, to create a relationship.

    Cook, I know that you will most likely never read this, but if you do, I hope that your comment was from personal expirience, if not then you are the true garbage.

    I hope this is the right way to take a stand.

    P.S. Also, to prevent any future arguments, I won’t share my gender or age. Please take my two cents to heart, I hope it can help.

  68. Seriously says:

    Many of us Nice guys are just too good for them.

  69. RealityCheck says:

    Because there are NO good women out there anymore.

  70. Jon says:

    Seriously? I’m a nice guy and I get girls… Just don’t be clingy. Be sure of yourself and take action. Being nice and being strong are not mutually exclusive. Also, when you’re nice, don’t just do it for someone’s affirmation.

  71. muhammad zia abir says:

    lot of guys commenting here are dumb-asses..srry to say but its reality..!!
    i wanna ask a qeustn to all of dat guys, “suppose, a girl always behavd lyk a friend with u.nd u also treat her as a gud frnd of urs..u dnt have any other intention den be frnds..nd u think she is dat prfct frnd of urs..then suddenly, one day da girl confesses her feelings to u dat she is in love with u..den, wht wil b ur reaction?? would u suddenly fall for her or it wil surprise u?? won’t u b shocked of hearing dis??”.. dats wht nikki tried to say here..bt u couldn’t get her clearly nd replied vry offensivly..

    again, let me make it vry clear, if a girl/guy lyks someone, he/she have to know his/her intention vry well nd shud giv da perfect signs of their thinking to the other person from the very first moment of any relationship..cz if they dnt give this kind of signs nd suddenly comes with a surprising confession, its always a shock, disturbance nd stressful thing for the other person to whom they confessd their feelings..

    thnk u.. πŸ™‚

  72. The Last Jaguar Warrior says:

    @susan, you’re rediculous. I’m guessing you must be desperate, fat, ugly, retarded, or a combination. The alpha male is, and always will be, the top guy that all women want.
    @Mickey, yes it does…
    @philosopher_stone, exactly, we need more people with your logic in the world
    @HayxEverheart, yes, but they all translate into gold or bad guys. We live in a black and white society nowadays. Wake up .
    @Jon, I bet they’re terrible girls. Either that, or you’re a phony nice guy.

  73. JR2393 says:

    Woman Im dating keeps telling me I’m too nice and I am book smart but lack common sense. Now a little background on me and then the month long relationship, I am in my late 30’s graduated Summa Cum Laude and spent 4 years in a special forces unit from 200-2004 so use your imagination on what I was a part of by those years. for a long time I was not into relationships and was sort of what you call a womanizer. I was the bad boy type that women always talked about and I usually took home the better looking girls when going out. Well more recently as I am looking to settle down I started to be more myself with women because I want more than one night stands or meaningless relationships. Enter said girl we have been dating a month and I have been very nice helping her while she was sick, taking her to nice places etc… However she just recently said im too nice and the above mentioned common sense comment as well as I am nothing like my reputation. Now I don’t know how she feels because she never really gives complements or lets me know where she stands but honestly im getting very insulted by the comments she makes and If I acted like I used to act I know she would be up my ass. Only problem is I really don’t want to go back to being that guy but is it really the only women are attracted to men these days?

  74. Get it says:

    What is being missed is not the girl complaining about a nice guy. It’s the guy, after not getting her, or being dumped, whining from the mountain tops that he was a nice guy. He wants sympathy, and maybe some coddling. He lacks self esteem and mistakes lack of confidence and assertiveness as “nice”. Is he giving because he enjoys giving or because he fears rejection? Did he do what she wanted because he’s easy-going, or didn’t want to cause a stir? Later when he comes away bitter, it tends to show he gave because he wanted something for his friendship or all his sacrificing. That’s not nice. That’s giving to get. Weak. Or manipulation. And. In the end. If one had self esteem and self respect, his shortcomings or hers, he’d walk away with dignity and never climb that mountain top to make sure everybody hears his sob story. So in the end, he acts without class, which enforces the notion, that all along he lacked self-esteem. And it wasn’t about him being nice or not to begin with

  75. Alan says:

    Im a nice guy, but I will give it a go, my last experience was very off putting, I spoke to a girl several times who works in my local store, and the few times we spoke, we had a laugh, she told me a few things about herself and vice versa, then I decided to ask her for her number, and she didn’t want too which was ok, well a couple of days later I had the police show up at my door who told me that she said I was harassing her, the security in the store had got my reg. number and traced me, I really didn’t get it, all we ever did was have a good conversation and a laugh, so now im kinda nervous about approaching any girls after that paranoid reaction.

  76. Observer says:

    You just about described what I feel down to the last detail. Every bit is spot on and very aptly put. I am thoroughly impressed by your comment. But yes, many women don’t seem to understand. A lot of us “nice” guys are very empathetic. We like having others around us be happy, when people are happy, we feel happy. When we are being “overly nice” its not because we are spineless and let people walk over us, its because we genuinely enjoy helping people out, a trait that many don’t seem to posses in today’s society. Its not that we are indecisive when it comes to things like making decisions to go to a restaurant or something, its because we value the people we are with so much that we would like them to have the best time possible. We aren’t “weak” because we avoid conflict all the time. We will definitely fight for what we believe in when it comes down to it but we don’t believe in unnecessary strife and hatred. We believe deeply in things and have strong purposes in life but don’t voice these things because nobody these days seem to have the attention span for meaningful conversation. Thus, we just continue quietly on in our lives trying to better the world and make those around us happy while being labelled as spineless doormats. The only thing that we can probably fix is being more forward with women, but it is extremely hard when women are so confusing and act irrationally. Very few women give off tangible hints of interest and complain about us guys not being more forward,all the while we are doing our best to help them out and make them happy. Sure we help everyone out, but if we spend extra time and attention on particular women its probably because we are interested and want to ensure they are happy. But this huge hint is usually written off as being creepy or being a pushover….. wheres the logic in that.

  77. Rob says:

    I stumbled onto this article because I did a search for the following words: “Nice guys really do finish last. But don

  78. Liam says:

    Reading this article and all the comments that go with it has made me realise that I will never get what I want being who I am.This has always been a crippling fear of mine and now I realise that it is not a fear but my reality. I have always tried to be respectful, helpful and honest but these traits have never gotten me anywhere, sure I have plenty of friends and I’m actually really good fun to be with but I am as sexually attractive as a stale loaf of bread. I’m not the most attractive man in the world but I’m not that ugly either but I’m 45 and the have only had sex with prostitutes and have been rejected by every single woman i have had feelings for and it is wearing me down. I feel irrelevant and ignored.

  79. joe says:

    Nice guys, bad guys, good guys, handsome guys, ugly guys, – what ever. It all boils down to one thing – being an appliance for some entitled bitch. No thanks.

  80. Jason says:

    It’s funny how society emphases so greatly on guys needing to do this and that to be with a girl, but where’s the emphasis on girls to get with a guy? Where’s the guidelines for the girls to impress a guy, what to do and what not to do, or asking a guy’s opinion on what he likes about girls and what he doesn’t like about girls, or what qualities he wants in a girl. Girls act like they are perfect and thinks that they don’t have any poor qualities about themselves at all, when they themselves are just as flawed as a typical guy. When it comes to the dating game; girls aways get all the benefits, leading it to be very one sided. In my opinion a respectable girl wants to be with a responsible guy; who is mostly nice, and a worthless irresponsible girl aways wants the “Bad Boy”. Girls: Stop Flattering yourselves; you think of yourselves as God’s gift to man, but you’re not. The female species are the greatest manipulators known to man period. That is all.

  81. Chris says:

    Well I have read this article already and at this point,…..call me a cry baby or a new born asshole, but at this point in time,…I hate women.

    The very last time I went on a coffee date with a woman was sometime in August of 2013. I have not dated since and I have grown tired of them.

    I have done that big mistake of buttering them up and please them and clearly now that was a BIG mistake on my end. I have been practicing the whole art of confidence whenever I’m with a group of people, but I feel there are some barriers which confidence in itself shouldn’t be applied,..such as women stay with men because he is of great amount of financial value (meaning,..he’s rich. He’s worth alot of money.) and clearly there is no romantic love in that at all.

    Another one is yes the bad boys get all of the women because they express the confidence,..but in the end, that will inevitably get old and women would want to eventually settle down with a man in marriage and have children. That’s when the once “nice guys” will come around and say,”To hell with you. You’ve had your chance!” and walk away.

    Most of the time now the women I would like to be involved with are either dating or “dating” either they are not interested in dating right now or “they are not interested in dating right now”. and yes I have unfortunately been placed inside of that damn friendzone, but that’s when I put a stop to that and began cutting communication with them and don’t talk to them at all.

    As for the separation in acting like a “nice guy” and being a “bad ass”, the way I look at it,..it’s like trying to hit that middle, that medium, but realistically hitting the medium is like hitting a moving target from long range. If your aim is that good, you can hit the target all that you wish to, but there’s no guarantee you’ll hit the bullz-eye.

    I have gone through countless of relationships & was once engaged, but unfortunately that didn’t work. I have spoken with plenty of women who have rejected me, & I have met other women who just completely ignore me and don’t even acknowledge me at all. I’m not shy at all, I am a very sociable guy, but I still get this ridiculous game, so one day I just thought,”Clearly you women are all going to be like this,…fine. If this is how you are all going to be playing your stupid mind game, fine…..to hell with all of you too. To steal a song lyric by the former boy band N’Sync, You may hate me, but it ain’t no lie baby, bye, bye, bye!!!” and to finish that off I just flip them off and that was it.

    So now everytime some one asks me,”Do you have a girlfriend?”

    I just express an irritated look on my face and immediately tell them,”Let’s talk about something else. I don’t want to get irritated with that topic”……and yes I do sing that Bye Bye Bye song. I’ve been singing that song for the past 2 1/2 years.

    And another thing that I find can conflict in a sociable aspect when it comes to meeting women, as much as I don’t really care about this issue, that doesn’t mean they won’t feel that way as well. It’s the sociable class. Such as low class, middle class and high class families. If women have been nurtured in either the middle or high class families,….guarantee it, due to their parents nurturing,…expectations WILL be involved if you just want to have 1 date with 1 of them.

    The way these women are, it’s no frickin’ wonder why the porn industries are racking in the money,

  82. YaKnowWhatIMeanVern? says:

    Where are all of these well adjusted women that know what give and take within a relationship is? Where are all of these women that even have the capacity to respect a man in any way, shape, or fashion? Where all all of these women that haven’t either grown up seeing their father (or several father figures in a row) get kicked around like useless putz’es and degraded and treated with no appreciation until they clutched their chests and died? Where are these women that aren’t jaded by this B.S., Wendy Williams, girl-power, fake-outrage culture that say that they don’t want a man to put them on a pedistool, but will also tolerate a guy having a backbone and don’t perceive a guy that doesn’t kiss their asses to get along wit them as a male oppressor that needs to be taught a lesson? Where are these women that can admit they are wrong and actually apologize when they are wrong and a man is the recipient of that wrong?

    Where are these women that actually LIKE guys genuinely and not in a selfish ‘I see potential in you’ way? As if us men always need work in order to be acceptable, but if we let on that they aren’t perfect in every single way right from the start then we’re seeking to rob them of their dignity and make then insecure so that we can ultimately oppress them (as one does in fucking 2015 in the United States of America). Think I might just be giving you an honest observation as I see it, or is it just a slippery slope to barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen and now you have to prove a point because your woman-centric counter-culture in bullshit tells you that you are perfect in every single way, so I MUST be mistaken? Men have become disposable. The bad-boy at least is good for sex; but that’s all he’s good for. I would even posit that it’s not even the size of the junk or some skill or aggression in bed that separates the so called nice guy and the so called bad boy. The eyes see what the mind believes and if the bad boy is what is revered within our culture then in this sense the truth is what most women believe because popular culture and their mindsets make it true. The bad boy has become more desirable through a feminist attempt to make men into what they believe they are to us. Disposable. This reasoning is not logical, but they believe it to be, so this becomes their reality whether it is true or not. They believe, in their minds at least, that their mission is just, but they are just sewing hate and dysfunction and their skill at manipulating the press and popular culture has made them dangerous.

    Think about it: The bad boy’s only use is sex to propagate the species. The good man is only a symbol of oppression and unless he’s perfect in every single way he’s worthless. He’s everything or nothing because we deserve perfection. Why wouldn’t we? We’re perfect in every single way. They have effectively destroyed the glue of any human relationship which is mutual respect. This is the real reason why the bad boy at least gets laid, but hey he’s a bad boy that’s all he wanted anyway so he’s good. While they expect the good men to be happy with the bad boy’s leftovers and be their safety net when the bad boy can’t or won’t do for them. I say no more! Stop being there for them. If they’re a game playing tease or an entitled little cunt let them fend for themselves. Walk away. Stop rescuing them from the consequences of their decisions. We, as good men, need to start freezing these bad women out of our social circles. Stop dating hot chicks that are horrible people. If you’re a man that’s supporting a woman that is cheating on you grow a backbone and leave her. Have some self respect and dignity and leave and just do for your kids. Be man enough to ride off into the sunset without her. Then you’ll be a man my son. Then you’ll be a man.

  83. YaKnowWhatIMeanVern? says:

    But seriously, women be shoppiiiiiiin! Women be shoppin! LOL! But yeah seriously we need to do that!

  84. YaKnowWhatIMeanVern? says:

    I once had a chick tell me basically that she didn’t like profanity. Told me, I shit you not, “If your mouth spews filth then you don’t need to talk to me.” “Filth? Really? You my freggin mom or something?” She acted like I text her a dick-pic or something! “Who the hell do you think you are, the fucking Queen of England? I’m a grown ass man! Don’t tell me how to talk! Are you joking with me right now?” She ended the conversation at that point and I never talked to her or called her again because if she couldn’t take a few cuss words and not act like freggin Mary Poppins and scold me then she has a horrible attitude, no sense of humor, and life is too short. You have to stand up for yourself and if she has a problem with that then you don’t want her anyway dude. Seriously, that doesn’t make you a dick.

  85. YaKnowWhatIMeanVern? says:

    I told her to go date Mr. Peanut or the Pope if she wanted a guy with a top-hat, a monocle, and a cane or a guy in a dress! And THEN she hung-up! My bad! LOL!

  86. YaKnowWhatIMeanVern? says:

    Now you see how I asserted myself without any personal insults to her as a person just to the character that she was showing me at that moment. I never called her out of her name. And even though I sprinkled some curse words in my response to let her know that I meant what I said, and I said what I meant, I didn’t even release this barrage of profanity onto her. Just plainly and intently, go to hell. If she was just playing this is the point where she would breakdown laughing and say, “You so crazy!!! LOL!” But if her intent was to see if she was gonna put me in a little dress and brush my hair then she responded exactly the way one that wanted to do that would respond; bitchy and cold. Toss her back and keep fishing, kid!

  87. BLee says:

    To all nice fellows experiencing this undesirable occurrences;
    start small, perhaps cease committing something the moment it’s anticipated and not appreciated. For example let’s not aid those girls even though you realise they are, among others, set to fail all their subjects and will have to repeat a semester/academic year all the way from the start, or if she got robbed, etc..

    Proceed from there.

    To those girls who snub as well as rebuff nice guys, you had better pray that no guy follows my advice.

  88. Jeff says:

    I find it amusing that many American women have these laundry lists of standards for the men they date yet they themselves have nothing to offer. You can rant about guys being nice or jerks yet what do all of these women have to offer themselves? You know what else is a turn-off to guys? Women who bitch and whine about men and want to be treated like princesses with unrealistic standards when they bring nothing to the table themselves.

  89. Mickey says:

    It’s interesting that the same women who whine that they can’t find a decent guy are the same ones on their back with their skirts pulled up over their head for every thug, criminal and corporate player who says: “yo, here.” Then, those same guys will end up screwing their best friend and their sister. Goodbye niceness…hello thuggery!

  90. Mickey says:

    By the way, when the allegedly “fair sex:”

    1) Are at the bar laughing with their equally stuck-up friends at some guy who approached them, or

    2) Take turns cursing the guy out, or

    3) Throw a drink in his face, or

    4) Possibly all of the above…

    Can someone please tell me what chance any reasonably normal guy has???

  91. BLee says:

    I guess we guys, particularly nice, shy ones, should make our requirements in the courting scene stricter for girls as well; let’s persecute, snub, as well as rebuff them if/when (by no means an exhaustive list!):

    – They don’t concentrate when we talk to them;
    – They are excessively compliant with their parents (including if/when their parents instructed them to eat shit);
    – They are rooting for the blue-clad fraternity of the Manchester derby/sam smith/”It Takes guts to be a Gutierrez”;
    – They don’t wear bras;
    – They demonstrate/carry out/participate in any “noble” act (such as giving away their bus/train seats to the ones who require it the most, thus making them “nice” (the exact basis for them to snub/rebuff us) or demonstrates that they are simply attempting to earn “brownie points”);
    – They don’t shave their armpits.

    Let’s give them some of their own medicine!

  92. mack says:

    Good to see the change in comments from when this was first published,I can see many men have taken the red pill. Now to all the nice guys,leave these broads to there useless faiths,a few years of this and society will be utterly chaotic and collapse.just work on your career and income and live a happy life,no hoops to jump through for women.

    Mgtow 4 life

  93. BLee says:

    As we nice guys are snubbed/rebuffed, to add to my list in my most recent comment, let’s snub as well as rebuff “damsels in distress” then;

    What’s wrong with these “damsels”?

    Unless you are mentally or/as well as physically challenged, how are we guys supposed to contribute to you?
    Hold your hands?
    Change your tampons for you?

    Help yourselves! Come to your own rescue!

  94. TheGoodAnswer says:

    Well it is very obvious that many of us men will finish last with the kind of Loser women that are out there these days.

  95. Kirk James Fontenot says:

    This article is 100% wrong. It blurs the lines and completely interchanges good and evil concepts. With air brushing, digital editing and a modern world that focuses on the flashy and superficial, we have made lust into an outright religion. Let me make a point. I have seen zillions of articles like this, and people talk like this. They say that the “nice” guys, who get friend-zoned (like myself), need to be a few (but not more than that) notches closer to the “bad boy”, basically saying to have a spine, confidence, blah blah blah. I maintain that these are not shades of the same spectrum. If they were, you could make a case, that women today want to be 17% beaten, or 23% raped. That makes no sense? Exactly. It makes no sense. And besides, how do you 23% rape a woman? All women today, are the property of pop-culture. Supposedly, women complain that men only want sex, but statistics show that most women today have had a one-night stand. I am 41 and never married. I watch rapists get more respect from women that they give me. It’s over.

  96. Array528 says:

    Was reading then I stopped when I realized you don’t have a clue what you’re writing about. I’m not “siding” with nice guys – I’m siding with SCIENCE.

    You don’t have a clue what you’re writing about.

    1) “alpha males” DON’T EXIST. The phenomenon was a result of breeding wolves in captivity to study their social dynamic. In the wild the “alpha male” as classically (and incorrectly) described DOES NOT EXIST.

    2) Even IF the “alpha male” existed it’s very likely IT WOULD NOT EXIST in human social dynamics because humans ARE NOT pack animals. We are social animals but we are far more complex in social structure than an pack (which is rather complex in itself)

    3) IF the “alpha male” did exist in human social dynamics ONLY a small percentage of the male population would have mating opportunities and more than 90% of the world’s male population would be rejected by females – never having mating opportunities or even courtship opportunities to begin with if humans were actually affected by the classically described (and incorrect) “alpha male” dynamic.

    I just stopped reading at the “alpha male” bullshit and assumed the rest of the article is crap as well. Who ever wrote this article is a twit.

  97. Mickey says:

    Would any of the man-haters out there care to explain how “nice” is somehow synonymous with “gutless?”

  98. Jakub says:

    It pains me more and more to read this and relate to each and every one of the points here. It pains me even more to know that I can’t just change that overnight, that the girl I’m interested in may not want me because I’m all of these things. And that by the time I ever manage to (if I ever manage to change), it’ll be too late. Great read, but very heartbreaking.

  99. john says:

    Bro, I’ve painted train lines and freeways, I skid until my tyres pop, I smoke weed, I’ve witnessed fraud and the manufacture of synthetic drugs and I am still considered a nice guy. Why is it so hard to be bad?

  100. Trell Brown says:

    I love the way you think, man. MGTOW for life.

  101. Trell Brown says:

    Fuck a woman. Them bitches ain’t worth my damn time. Selfish cunts.

  102. Peetey mikes says:

    Keep in mind,there’s many Guys that are Not Necessarily NICE BUT CLUELESS and never give in thought of dating…I know i was a CLUELESS NICE GUY,not because i am Nice but CLUELESS about romance,love,conquest and dating and because i didn’t care,so i played the SECURE ZONE of NICE, when i use to date and show respect..Never desperation and when i was forward (honest) wanting a relationship, it didn’t happen..Or honest and CONFIDENT what i wanted (sex) i was seen as pervert and only think for one thing and i was still rejected…So i only had to play mind games and that was the only time i had a GF and guess what i got sick of her and i couldn’t settle down,it’s like i had to keep her excited and besides she got too comfty and the sex wasn’t great either..So now I’m happy with myself and usually I’m dumping women or dont easily give in or text/call them all day..I already know what happens when YOU ARE REAL,YOU’RE LEFT IN THE FRIEND ZONE…Now don’t get me wrong,there’s those manipulative NICE guys that spend on you or do Nice things for you,but when you friend zone them,they explode on you and shove it on your face all the Nice things he did,yea he wasn’t nice just either a tactic or a CLUELESS jerk that try to play it Nice.

  103. Peetey mikes says:

    It already collapsed, look at the rate of single mommas specially In America and women still not getting the clue,because the feminist movement will jump in and they need the bad boy,the bad men stereotype around in their agenda to keep demonizing the entire male population and generalized us as evil and suppressive towards women rights and liberties.

  104. Peetey mikes says:

    Similar story as for me,for being very upfront,too close and grabbing her hand in a friendly way (culture thing)..Big mistake in America,almost like bringing me Rape charges..

  105. Peetey mikes says:

    Bravo,bravo Mr. TOM LEYKIS….and that man has declared war on Feminism movement, they are part and responsible why there’s so many single mothers out there and why eventually nobody wants a single momma even the NICE guys dont want to settle with them either with their bastard kids from all the mainstream appraised bad boys that you’ve mentioned.That’s the price theu should pay for mating with losers.

  106. Mickey says:

    Sorry, Susan…in the minds of most of the man-hating feminazis, “being you” isn’t good enough,

  107. Worthlessperson says:

    Thanks to this article now I know I’m even worse person than I thought, I knew I was choosing the right name for me.

  108. Christopher C says:

    … of course it’s wrong… a bitch wrote it trying to mold men into what she WANTS, not needs… wants… and besides… only the whores are bitching about men. gotta love the modern PARASITES pathetic attempts and MAKING the world do what they WANT, not need, WANT… please DO NOT FEED THE WHORES… they’re on their death bed legs of going the way of the doe-doe… to which almost every bitch will reply “what’s a doe-doe”? YOU ARE, HONEY. ” )

  109. Stuart says:

    True! But they’re not going to admit it, are they?

  110. Sarah says:

    I feel this way about men. I am a “nice girl”, and I land in the male friend zone CONSTANTLY. Truly, all the time. I don’t drink, or party, or do wild stupid shit. I’m kind and quiet. I put other people’s needs before my own, and yet, this makes me “not girlfriend material”. Guys will try to get to know me, but then will immediately friend zone me, saying things like I’m not fun, or that I should “be more like those naughty girls.” By that they mean bad girls that are hot and sexy and that abuse guys and manipulate them to get what they want. You know, the girls you have been going after. “Nice girls” like me get ignored and ditched by “nice guys”, when “nice guys” is all girls like me want. I just want someone that loves me for me and I want to love someone for who they are. That is all that I ask for. lol. I don’t think I’m too hideous, I’m prolly not a 10/10, but I’m certainly not a zero. But I’m not the hottest piece of ass out there so I get looked over. Guys that I seemingly have so many things in common with and that I get along well with, will friend zone me, and then go after a girl that really hot that treats him like shit that he has nothing in common with. It’s happened so many times that I’ve accepted that I will never be with anyone.

    Dear mr. nice guy, coming from a nice girl:
    don’t chase the bitches just cuz’ they’re hotties. And everyone takes advantage of the fact that I genuinely care about others.

  111. Sarah says:

    What you taught him is all I ever wanted from a man. I’m a “nice girl”, and I get overlooked because of it. So many guys are jerks….I just want someone that is genuine and nice. I am angry that no woman wanted him. He sounds like he was so sweet. I am so sorry for your loss. <3 I don't know why girls want someone mean and abusive towards them….I can't seem to find a guy that's not shallow and rude. I've always wanted someone nice.

  112. WesTheKid says:

    Ya know, it is very ironic that you bring this point up. I have been talking with a girl and she is a very good girl. She doesn’t drink, smoke, party, loves god, and is very open-mined. It is something I appreciate and value in her more than I have ever known in others. We had a really great connection right off the bat and it was amazing. It still is honestly. When i talk to her i feel so relaxed and calm. Even the worries i do have she can completely melt away with her kindness and a heart of gold. Its crazy because i really do like her and that isn’t exactly easy for me. I trust her and that is rather amazing. I feel like i could tell her anything and she would never judge me. I won’t deny my faults though, my flirting skills need some work at the best. At worst I’m the equivalent of a fish out of water. Sure, I attract women rather easily with my looks even though I’m not model hot. I feel confident in most social situations but ultimately I just don’t have enough confidence to senselessly push the envelope as a lot of these supposed bad boys do. All it really takes is just being strong enough to just get what I want without needing her. It can be rough going when you genuinely want to get to know someone and the first thought on your mind isn’t sex or just being a pretentious and baseless asshole. At the end of the day the real problem is that girls just want to have fun. Its not wrong but on the other hand they don’t realize that all these guys that are so fun are really just dicks just looking for an easy score or another notch in their belt. Its great that I’ve found her but I feel as though I may lose her if I don’t start to heat things up at least a little. It sucks but that is really what it means being a nice guy. Its really all I need to change to have real success with women.

    Having a good and kind heart is rare nowadays and even more so finding finding someone who truly appreciates your heart for how amazing it truly is. you will be fine you just have to have the confidence to go beyond being quiet and shy. Its not so easy and I’m not the best at it but you can do it. Just think about it, you already have a leg up on the other girls who are dumb bitches and whores.

  113. Bill says:

    Women are not honest. When a guy says he wants a nice girl, he actually wants a nice girl. A woman says she wants a nice guy when she really wants an abusive sociopath

  114. Bill says:

    Mack guys are waking up.MGTOW is a tsunami

  115. Now adasy, a lot of people are just judgemental too. I just realized that today, after i got called a pedophile by several people on YouNow. I have a previous picture i posted in this same thread, I will post another one.

    This is probably another reason I am still single, it’s because people say i look like a god damn pedophile, which i’m not.

  116. BLee says:

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve read.

    U girls are the reason why we guys don’t want to be good.

  117. TellingTheTruth says:

    Just too many Career women out there these days that are keeping many of us Good men Single since Most of the women of today are Nothing at all like the real Good old fashioned women were which certainly speaks for itself.

  118. Shut the fuck up. The world would be better if we kill pricks like you.

  119. The Truth says:

    Because there are No Nice Girls for us Nice Guys anymore.

  120. Nick says:

    I’m every number. Oh well, it’s not like I actually thought I had a chance in the first place…

  121. george says:

    Ms. Sarah – I think that you are missing the boat. The “nice guy” tag, as unfairly hung, means that the man blames others for his problems,
    socially weak, not a leader,etc. These are things that they HAVE to say about really good guys who have respect for others and might not be as effective as ladies; men as they could be, The derogatory term, “nice guys” seems to be directed toward men who are NOT nice at all.
    This is the war waged upon “good men” who have failed at learning how to trick and manipulate, because it would be against their natures.
    Therefore, they are “boring” and not in demand… but would make GREAT husbands and fathers ,if they ever got the chance.

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