50 Really Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend And Make Her Smile

If you want to make your girlfriend beam with happiness you need to say the right things. These cute things to say to your girlfriend will do the trick!

50 Really Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

Impressing a girl and pursuing her may the first step in charming a girl and getting her to go out with you. But, a relationship is more than just the chase. As much as the big shows of affection matter in a relationship, it’s the little things that really count. If you want to keep the lady in your life happy and let her know how much you care about her, you should memorize some cute things to say to your girlfriend and use them on a regular basis.

Now, that doesn’t mean you should throw them into every conversation. Sometimes overkill does nothing for romance! However, letting her know how much you care about her with a few well-thought out words is a great way to help her understand that the relationship is special to you.

Of course, that means you need to come up with a few things to say! Before that, let’s check out a few of the do’s and don’ts when using charming words to your special lady. [Read: How to make your girlfriend happy and & feel like the luckiest girl ever]

The do’s and don’ts of sweet talk

Okay, coming up with cute things to say to your girlfriend is one thing, but delivering them in the right way is quite another! Here are a few things you should do versus the things you shouldn’t do.

1. Do choose words you’re comfortable with

Below you’ll see a list of cute things to say to your girlfriend, but not all of them will feel right to you. Opt for examples that sum up your girlfriend and your relationship. Don’t simply churn out lines because you think it’s the right thing to say. Also, if something seems cheesy to you, it probably will to her too, so don’t use that one! [Read: How to please your girlfriend and make her feel loved and lucky]

2. Don’t over do it – Less is more

We’ve already touched upon this, but don’t use cutesy lines all the time. They won’t mean anything if you overdo it. Instead, choose your moment and make sure it’s a time when she will appreciate them. For example, if she’s having a hard time at work, a well-timed text with some loving words will make her feel better and let her know that you’re supporting her.

3. Do be sincere

It’s no good saying cute things to your girlfriend if you can’t do it without laughing. At least make sure you have a straight face but always be sincere! These words are going to be important to your girlfriend, so take the time to say them with meaning. Which leads us to …

4. When choosing cute things to say to your girlfriend, don’t say things you don’t mean

You might think these are just lines but your girlfriend will no doubt take you at face value and assume that you mean what you’re saying. Why shouldn’t she? That’s exactly what you’re supposed to do. Only say what you mean. That links us back to the first point on our list, only saying things you’re comfortable with. [Read: 50 Sweet things to say to your girlfriend in a text]

5. Do choose your moment

There are times in life when even the cutest line isn’t going to cut it. If your girlfriend is in the middle of a panic, stress, upset, or something else that’s not going to make your words go down as well as they should, hold off. Also, don’t say these things in public! The beautiful thing about coming up with cute things to say to your girlfriend is that it’s for the two of you, to bring you closer. [Read: 25 sweet romantic gestures for everyday life]

50 Cute things to say to your girlfriend and make her day

Wouldn’t you feel all warm and fuzzy to know you’re appreciated or when you’re complimented about something?

Your girlfriend feels the same way too.

Especially when it comes to girls, romantic gestures and sweet sentences make a much more meaningful impact.

Want to make your girlfriend blush with delight with just a sentence? Look no further than these 50 cute things to say to your girlfriend. [Read: How to compliment a girl and make her blush]

1. You make me believe in soul mates.

2. You give meaning to my life.

3. I can’t imagine my life without you in it. [Read: How your first love affects your future relationships]

4. How do you look so beautiful all the time?

5. You make me feel so lucky when I’m around you.

6. You always know how to surprise me.

7. You’re the reason my life feels so perfect. [Read: The complete guide to writing an unforgettable love letter]

8. You look so cute when you laugh.

9. You brighten up my day every time I see you.

10. I dreamt of you last night.

11. I think of you and kiss my pillow before I fall asleep every night.

12. I could stare at you forever and I’d still feel like I haven’t had enough of you. [Read: What does eye contact mean to a guy?]

13. I love the way you smell.

14. You make me feel so happy when I’m with you, my jaws hurt.

15. Spending time with you is the highlight of my day.

16. You are such a good dancer. [Read: 25 things that turn a girl on sexually about a guy]

17. You understand me so well, it’s like you can read my mind.

18. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

19. I feel so happy just spending time with you.

20. You’re my best friend.

21. You make my sadness disappear with your beautiful smile. [Read: How to smile more often: 6 Baby steps to change your life forever]

22. You’re perfect and just the way I like it.

23. You could have any guy in the world, and yet you chose me.

24. You make me feel weak in the knees when I touch you.

25. I want to make time stand still when I’m with you but time always finds a way to fly past. [Read: How to think like a woman and impress a girl]

26. I wish I could have met you years ago.

27. Just hearing your voice in the morning makes my day.

28. Your cute smile makes me melt.

29. The way you look every time I say goodbye makes it so hard for me to walk away from you.

30. You’ve made my dreams come true.

31. I haven’t met a person who’s as nice and caring as you.

32. I love you so much I can’t explain it even if I tried. [Read: When should you say ‘I love you’ for the first time?]

33. You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met.

34. I love the way your skin feels so soft when I run my hands over it.

35. I want to spend the rest of my life trying to make you happy.

36. Don’t ever change, because I love you just the way you are. [Read: When should you say “I love you” for the first time?]

37. You make me feel like an excited child at a theme park when I’m with you.

38. It hurts me more to see you sad.

39. Your eyes are so expressive and beautiful I can’t help but get lost in them.

40. You make me want to be a better man just so I can be more worthy of your love. [Read: 20 traits of a real man that you should have]

41. I get butterflies in my stomach when you run your hands against my face.

42. You look so beautiful and angelic, I feel like I’d dirty you just by touching you.

43. I think God was high when he created you because there’s no one else who comes so close to perfection. [Read: The right way to be chivalrous and impress a girl]

44. You’re the one thing I’m most thankful for having in my life.

45. I love the way you say you love me when I kiss you goodnight over the phone.

46. I love the way your hair feels as I run my fingers through them.

47. I love the way you feel in my arms when I hug you goodbye.

48. I want to kiss every inch of you. [Read: 20 dirty questions to ask a girl and make her wet]

49. I start my day with you on my mind and end my day with you in my dreams.

50. I love you so much I could worship you.

[Read: 10 biggest dating turn offs for girls]

Want to test these 50 cute things to say to your girlfriend? Just text any of these 50 lines to her right now, and you’ll know just how well these sentences work within minutes!

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