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15 Super Simple Ways to Keep Yourself Sexy at Any Age

Whether you’re in your twenties, thirties, forties or even nineties, you can still amp up your sex appeal! Learn how to stay sexy with these tips.

sexy at any age

There is a ridiculous belief that the older a woman gets, the less sexy or desirable she becomes. Whoever said that certainly does not know anything about women. Sure, perky tits and a bubble butt are certainly very attractive, but what truly makes a woman sexy? It’s not just her looks that make her sexy, but her attitude and her brains also play a vital role.

50-year-old Italian actress Monica Bellucci who boasts a full figure and an impressively intelligent filmography is far sexier than the 21-year-old half naked scarecrow known to the masses as Miley Cyrus. So what does that tell you about sexiness and age?

15 ways to become sexy at any age

Even though you may not be blessed with the perfect hourglass figure or a naturally seductive vibe, there are still things you can do to increase your sex appeal!

#1 Act confident. The saying, “confidence is key” certainly goes a long way. If you truly believe that you are wonderful and sexy, anyone you come into contact with will believe it, too. Confidence greatly affects the way people see you, as it reinforces the traits you believe you have. So when you go out there, strut your stuff and show people just how sexy you think you are. [Read: 8 steps to become the confident woman you’ve always wanted to be]

#2 Go au naturel. This is not the eighties. Big hair, over-the-top outfits, garish makeup, sequins and flares aren’t exactly the trendiest looks of today. Right now, everyone seems to be trending towards the “less is more” belief and the same can be said for one’s appearance. Be natural without seeming sloppy. There is no need for a ton of makeup and accessories to look attractive.

#3 Practice good hygiene. This tip is directly related to the one above. Although being natural is a huge plus, do not be too natural. Practice good hygiene, scrub behind your ears, put on deodorant, spritz on some perfume and make an effort to be clean and neat.

No one wants a girl with badly bitten fingernails, greasy hair or calloused heels. Someone who smells good and gives off a clean air is certainly a lot sexier than someone who doesn’t bother with their hygiene.

#4 Make a not-so-obvious effort. Whether it is swinging by the grocery store for five minutes or heading out for a day filled with back to back meetings, make an effort when it comes to your appearance, just don’t go over the top.

Brush your hair, adjust your panty hose, chew on gum for fresh breath, pluck your eyebrows, iron out those crinkles on your shirt, wear contacts instead of dowdy glasses, and put some effort into dressing smartly and for the occasion. First impressions mean everything and a simple once over is more than enough to tell someone whether you care about your appearance. [Read: 13 ways to look twice as hot in just a few minutes]

#5 Try a new look. If you’re looking to tune up the sexiness, then you should definitely treat yourself to a brand new look. Like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, you’ll be surprised at how much positive change can be brought about with a couple of subtle changes.

Start with something simple like changing your hairstyle. Whether it is chopping off your locks and opting for something edgy or getting a brand new color and cut, spruce up you look by spicing up your hair. If you are someone who does not usually indulge in makeup, head over to specialty makeup stores like MAC or Sephora and get one of their professionals to give you a makeover.

Learn how to match and apply colors according to your skin tone and take home a brand new makeup set that you can play around with. Although less is more, there is no harm in using makeup to accentuate and bring out the sexiness in you.

#6 Spice up your wardrobe. New clothes will certainly mean a sexy new you if you opt for a brand new style. Don’t be afraid to play around with unfamiliar colors, fabrics and styles. If fashion is not your forte, bring a friend with you and get a second opinion.

If you are able to, engage the services of a personal shopper. If you can’t afford a brand new wardrobe, settle for several new pieces that you can mix and match with your existing clothes. Slowly build your closet up this way and start purging it of stuff that does not flatter your new look.

#7 Accentuate your assets. If you have great legs, then show them off. If you think your tits are fabulous, then flaunt them. If you have lovely eyes, accentuate them. There is no shame in showing off what you have. You should be proud of your sexy assets and showing them off is a surefire way to get heads turning wherever you go.

#8 Get active. A fit body is a surefire way to make you look and feel sexy. If you want a great body, take the healthy route and incorporate exercise into your everyday routine. Even if you are already happy with the way you physically look, there is no harm in incorporating some physical activity in your life. Not only will exercise help tone what you already have, it will also help you feel great on the inside, not to mention give you a boost of happiness and confidence.

#9 Be interesting. Being sexy is not just about looking great. What comes out of your mouth counts for plenty, too. No one wants to spend time with airheads who have nothing of value to say. As materialistic as you think the world is, people tend to put a higher value on personality and compatibility than anything else when seeking a mate. Get a hobby or become passionate in an activity, and you’re sure to have something of value to add to a conversation. [Read: 25 ways to melt a man’s heart with just one conversation]

#10 Keep it classy. How you behave will dictate the sort of person you attract. If you behave like an MTV skank, you will attract likeminded mates. If you keep thing classy, you will find that the people attracted to you are far more satisfying and appealing. Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly and you will be just fine. These classy dames were the brunt of every woman’s envy and the subject of every man’s lustful fantasies.

#11 Smile. Sometimes all you need to show off your beauty and sex appeal is to smile. At the end of the day, a smile is equivalent to a thousand conversations and can draw a person to you like a moth to a flame. Whether you prefer to throw scintillating and flirtatious half smiles at your crush from across the other side of the room or flashing an open come-get-me smile, never underestimate the power that a sexy smile can offer you.

#12 Masturbate. Yes, masturbate. If you are not getting much action, keep yourself in the game by masturbating whenever you can. Whether you make use of toys or keep it simple with your fingers, the power of an orgasm will have you feeling sexy no matter what. Not just that, you skin will shine from the flush of hormones and you will get a rosy glow to your complexion.

#13 Flirt. If you’re taken, flirt with your partner. If you’re single, the world is your oyster! Whether it is engaging in conversation with someone at a book fair, or batting eyes with the bartender after a couple of cocktails with the girls, there is no harm in exuding a sexy vibe to make you feel even more sexy. Harmless flirting won’t hurt anyone, and it might even boost the ego of the person you’re flirting with. [Read: 30 flirting tips every woman should know]

#14 Go to Brazil. No, I don’t mean jumping on an airplane and indulging in sun, sea, sand and sex in this renown Latin American haven. Rather, this form of going to Brazil can be done at almost every waxing salon in town. That’s right. Go get yourself a Brazilian wax, especially if you’ve never gotten one before. No matter your age, there is no harm in feeling and looking sexy down there. Even if no one can tell, you will be shocked at how brazen and sexy you will feel after you strip yourself of your own personal Amazon.

#15 Learn some sexy new skills. Whether or not you intend to do this in the bedroom, learning a couple of sexy tricks might come in handy in the future. Whether it’s going to pole dancing classes or reading about mind blowing blowjob techniques, the mere fact that you have this info in your head can be enough to make you feel sexy. [Read: 20 hot new moves to try with your guy]

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Feeling sexy is a matter of being comfortable in your own skin while still getting a couple of admiring glances from those around you. Whether you’re a young woman exploring the world or a grandmother of twenty kids, these tips can show you that you still have it in you to exude some sex appeal. 

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