20 Fun, Exciting Ways Not to Be Dry When Texting a Girl & Keep Her Hooked

It’s crucial to learn not to be dry when texting a girl. Otherwise, you’ll push her away and ruin your chances. Be a little more entertaining!

How Not to Be Dry When Texting a Girl

So, you got the number of a girl you like, and it’s a pretty big deal. Now, we know you’re probably wondering how not to be dry when texting a girl. The last thing you want is to seem like a bore. This is one of the most important lessons to master that will benefit your dating life greatly.

No girl wants to endure a texting conversation with someone dry *you wouldn’t, so why would she?* She wants to converse with someone who matches her energy and if you can’t give her that, she’d rather not waste her time.

Even if she potentially likes you and even if you’re already dating, you can still lose her interest by boring her the hell out in your texts. So, how do you avoid doing that?

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What does dry texting mean?

Not everyone is a naturally enthusiastic texter, especially since text messages aren’t exactly the most engaging platform on which to communicate. You can be perceived as dry when you don’t text her with the same energy, only give one-liner responses, or if there’s literally no life to your texts.

You might think you’re not dry, but the same can’t be said for her. You’ll be surprised by how many women get turned off the minute they start texting a guy who’s extremely dry. You don’t show your personality and as a result, your texts are a bore to read.

So by knowing how not to be dry when texting a girl, you’re reducing the chances of that happening. [Read: Dry texting – what it is, 44 signs and how to not be dry when you text someone ]

How not to be dry when texting a girl

If she gave you her number, there’s a decent chance she’s curious about getting to know you, so that’s a good start. Now, your job is to get to know her more via text message, then ask her out on a real date.

On the other hand, if you’re already dating, don’t be complacent because she can still lose interest when texting you.

So, how do you avoid being dry when texting a girl? Texting is about more than just words. [Read: 15 must-follow rules to impress a girl with your first few texts]

1. Text her at the right times of the day

Texting her at 11 pm isn’t giving her the right impression unless you want to convince her she’s just a booty call.

If you want something more than a fling with her, text her at the right times of the day. Timing is everything when it comes to learning how not to be dry when texting a girl.

Unless you’ve already developed a real connection, stop texting her at wee hours. Also, take into consideration whether she’s at work, so maybe don’t text her between work hours, unless of course, she’s the one that initiates the text conversation. [Read: How to text a girl you just met and make sure you don’t screw it up]

2. Text the same way you talk in person

It can be hard to text someone, especially if texting isn’t your thing. But look at the way you communicate with your friends and family in person. You should be just as comfortable texting her as you are with your loved ones.

This helps you become a natural texter and to avoid being dry throughout the text conversation with her.

3. Know when to end the conversation

This is always a problem for both guys and girls. You really like the person, so you want to continue talking with them, but the conversation is clearly coming to an end. That’s okay!

It doesn’t need to keep going and going. This is one of the things on how not to be dry when texting you should keep in mind. The more you force a conversation to keep going, the drier it’s going to get.

If you really like this girl, save the conversation by leaving on a high note and talk to them again after a few days. [Read: How to get to know someone over text and build a real connection]

4. Keep the conversation light

No, this isn’t the time to discuss your feelings about deep subjects. It’s not going to be a conversation that ends well for you. Especially when you just met her, you don’t want to go down that road immediately.

Of course, there are some exceptions to this, like maybe you’re already dating, or maybe you specifically know she’s a deep conversation texter. If that’s the case, feel free to amuse her with deep topics.

If not, then it’s best to stick to light and easygoing topics. [Read: 18 casual things to text a girl and leave her addicted to you]

5. Take the hints she’s not interested

This is a common problem with guys. The girl will show interest and then play the hot and cold game. If she does this, in all probability, she doesn’t really like you as much as you like her. You don’t need a girl who plays games with you, but someone you feel that’s actually interested.

So if she’s blowing hot and cold, take it as a no. You’ll always be dry when chasing after a girl who’s just not interested in you. [Read: How to tell if she’s playing mind games and not really interested in you]

6. Be flirtatious

We know it can be scary to flirt with someone you really like, but this is an important tip on how not to be dry when texting a girl. If you want to see if there’s any chemistry, be flirtatious and see how she responds. If she’s flirtatious back, then you’re in a good position.

This will make the conversation more vibrant and fun. It’s also a bonus if you make her laugh while flirting with her – she’ll love that! [Read: How to flirt over text and type your way into someone’s heart]

7. Don’t give one-worded answers

This is the worst thing you can do if you want to learn how not to be dry when texting a girl. How can someone continue a conversation from a “yes” or “no”? It’s not that easy. You must be more fun than that, so stop giving her one-worded replies!

Expand on your answer if she ends up asking you these kinds of questions. She’ll appreciate this coming from you.

8. Don’t flood her with messages

If she doesn’t reply right away, don’t continue to send her messages in hopes of her seeing her phone light up. She’s going to see it, just relax. Unless you seriously want to push her away with your eagerness and clinginess, then we suggest not to flood her inbox.

Stop worrying if she got your texts because we assure you that she did. She’ll respond in her own time; just give her space. [Read: Double texting – what it is, how to avoid it, and 15 must follow rules]

9. Show interest in her life

If you want to keep the conversation fun and light, show an interest in her life. Did she just have an exam? How did it go? Did she just come back from a trip? How was it? These questions show that you’re interested in her life.

One of the characteristics of a dry texter is disinterest, so make sure you show that you’re listening and that you’re genuinely interested. [Read: How to show a girl you like her – these subtle moves will win her over]

10. Take advantage of memes, emojis, and GIFs

Come on, they’re there for a reason. You can’t just let the memes, GIFs, and emojis go unused. If you’re having trouble coming up with a reply, use a funny GIF or send a meme.

Even if you’re not texting via iMessage, then at least use emojis and smileys to your advantage. Don’t let her think that she’s texting someone as dry as a rock. [Read: 20 flirty emojis that’ll make you a pro flirty texter in no time]

11. Figure out her style

This should be pretty common sense, but you need to match her texting energy and style if you want to know how not to be dry when texting a girl.  This doesn’t mean you should change who you are and how you text. If anything, you should always stay true to yourself.

If she’s someone who uses emojis and “HAHAHAs” in her texts, then feel free to match her style. It makes her feel that you’re actually trying to level with her. [Read: 18 casual things to text a girl and leave her addicted to you]

12. Don’t play mysterious

On TV, it shows women interested in mysterious men. But listen, mysteriousness, aside from being lame, also doesn’t translate well on a text message. A lot of miscommunication can be avoided by not focusing on mystery, but just on being yourself.

You don’t need to play games when texting a girl you like. Only text her after three days? You should never go first in texting? Screw those and just be who you truly are. [Read: How to be mysterious without going completely overboard in the role]

13. Keep your message short and sweet

Ugh, the worst messages are the ones that are paragraphs long. No one reads them, or at least not fully. Who wants to read a long text message? No one!

Make sure to keep your texts concise and direct to the point.

14. Always keep the goal in mind

Your goal isn’t to sit and text her for the rest of your life. The entire point of texting her is the hope of arranging an in-person date. Your entire texting conversation should be leading to you asking her on a date, so don’t rely on texting as your only source of communication.

If you’re comfortable enough, maybe you can call one another or share your socials. [Read: Texting before a first date – a full guide to texting her the right way]

15. Text because you want to

The worst thing is when you’re texting someone because you feel you must. We’re well into the 21st century, if you want to talk to this girl, then talk to her. If you feel, deep down, she’s not the right match for you, then don’t.

If you really want to learn how not to be dry when texting a girl, then text her merely because you want to rather than because you feel obligated to. [Read: How often should you text a girl? 17 must-know rules that’ll make her fall for you]

16. Open up every now and then

Vulnerability is really tough, regardless of the relationship stage. If you’re just getting to know one another, it can be tough as it requires breaking down your walls and taking that leap of faith.

However, opening up ensures that the conversation isn’t dry. You can show her that you’re interested in the conversation by opening up every now and then. [Read: What does it mean to be vulnerable? Ways you can open up more]

17. Be an interesting person

Learning how not to be dry when texting a girl is all about having an interesting and vibrant personality. You’ll have a lot more to contribute to the conversation when you have many things going on in your life.

So while there’s nothing wrong with playing video games all day when waiting for her response, don’t hesitate to live a little.

Hang out with friends, go on adventures, attend social events, and do things that make you excited to be alive. These are all things you can share with that girl you’re texting, and she’ll want to keep texting you to find out more. [Read: How to be more interesting and make everyone want to know you]

18. Make her laugh

While humor can be open to misinterpretation and you can’t really show sarcasm properly in a text, you can always try to make her laugh. Using your humor is the best way to not be a dry texter and interest her simultaneously.

Whatever your humor is, use that to your advantage. You know what they say – if you make a girl laugh, you can eventually get her to fall for you. [Read: How to make a girl laugh, smile, and, like you instantly]

19. Listen mindfully

If you think you don’t have to be a good listener to avoid dry conversations, then you’re wrong. You can’t give life to your texts if you don’t know her interests and hobbies and that involves listening.

Your listening skills will put you to the test when asking this girl out on a date. Don’t be distracted when listening to her stories, but really pay attention. [Read: Ways to be a better listener in your relationship]

20. Tell her fun stories

Maybe something happened at work, or there’s something fun going on in your life. If you want to know how not to be a dry texter, then tell her fun stories! This is guaranteed to entertain her and assure her that you’re definitely not a dry texter, but a rather fun one!

Now you know how not to be dry when texting a girl

See, it’s not so hard! Just be yourself, match her energy, open up, and have a vibrant personality! These are just some of the ways you’ll ensure that what you’re having isn’t a dry conversation.

But always remember that you want to actually go on a date. Don’t get so comfortable that you just text for weeks and weeks on end!

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If you follow these tips for how not to be dry when texting a girl, you shouldn’t have a problem keeping her interested. Whether you’re already dating her or not, these tips above should keep her hooked enough to want to keep texting you. 

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