How Not to Be Dry When Texting a Girl and Keep Her Hooked 24/7

How Not to Be Dry When Texting a Girl

No one wants to come across as a bore after getting her number. If you want to know how not to be dry when texting a girl, try these 15 non-boring ideas.

So, you got the number of a girl you like, and it’s a pretty big deal. I know you’re probably wondering how not to be dry when texting a girl. The last thing you want is to seem like a bore.

First of all, you had a lot of courage to ask her, knowing that there could be a chance she would say no. So, you knocked down the first—and hardest—part, congratulations. But the obstacles will keep coming your way; you’re not done yet.

Now that you have her number, you should text her. Easier said than done. There’s a lot of pressure. You want her to like you back and be interested in the conversation. I completely understand.

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How not to be dry when texting a girl

If she gave you her number, there’s a decent chance she’s curious about getting to know you, so that’s a good start. Now, your job is to get to know her more via text message, then ask her out on a real date. I know this may sound terrifying right now, but once you start texting each other, asking her out will be the easy part.

So, how do you not be dry when texting a girl? It’s a good question that actually has an answer. Texting is more than just words. [Read: 15 must-follow rules to impress a girl with your first few texts]

#1 Text her at the right times of the day. Texting her at 11pm at night isn’t giving her the right impression unless you want to convince her she’s just a booty call. If you want something more than a fling with her, text her at the right times of the day.

Also, if you know she’s busy at work, don’t text her in the middle of the day, wait for the later afternoon to send a message. Timing is everything. [Read: How to text a girl you just met and make sure you don’t screw it up]

#2 Text the same way you talk in person. It can be hard to text someone, especially if texting isn’t your thing. But look at the way you communicate with your friends and family in person. Now, just apply that to your text message. It’ll help you become more comfortable and natural with what you want to say.

#3 Know when to end the conversation. This is always a problem for both guys and girls. You really like the person, so you want to continue talking with them, but the conversation is clearly coming to an end. That’s okay! It doesn’t need to keep going and going. Leave the conversation on a high note, and she’ll be excited for the next time you talk to each other. [Read: How to get to know someone over text and build a real connection]

#4 Keep the conversation light. No, this isn’t the time to discuss your feelings about abortion. It’s not going to be a conversation that ends well for you. When you’re texting, you’re not supposed to go into deep conversations, save those talks for when you see each other face-to-face. When texting, keep the conversation light; if not, she may take a step back.

#5 Get the hints she’s not interested. This is a common problem with guys. The girl will show interest and then play the hot and cold game. If she does this, in all probability, she doesn’t really like you as much as you like her. So if she’s playing hot and cold, take it as a no. If not, you’re going to be chasing her for no reason, because, at the end of the day, she’s not actually interested in you. [Read: How to tell if she’s playing mind games and not really interested in you]

#6 Be flirtatious. If you want to see if there’s any chemistry, be flirtatious and see how she responds. If she’s flirtatious back, then you’re in a good position. If she becomes cold, back off. It’s clear she’s either not comfortable or not interested in flirting with you. 

#7 Don’t give one-worded answers. This is the worst thing you can do if you want to learn how not to be dry when texting a girl. How can someone continue a conversation off of a “yes” or “no”? It’s not that easy. So if you want the conversation to run smoothly, you should actually invest your time into it. That means giving more than one-worded answers to her questions.

#8 Don’t flood her with messages. If she doesn’t reply right away, don’t continue to send her messages in hopes of her seeing her phone light up. She’s going to see it, just relax. When she sends you a message, reply, and wait for her to reply. She will look at her phone and see your message; you don’t need to hunt her down.

#9 Show interest in her life. Don’t just text because you think you should. If you want to keep the conversation fun and light, show an interest in her life. Did she just have an exam? How did it go? Did she just come back from a trip? How was it? These questions show that you’re interested in her life. [Read: How to show a girl you like her: These 12 subtle moves will win her over]

#10 Take advantage of memes, emojis, and GIFs. Come on; they’re there for a reason. You can’t just let the memes, GIFs, and emojis go unused. If you’re having trouble coming up with a reply, use a funny GIF or send a meme. They can help you fill in the gaps when you’re nervous or at a loss for words.

#11 Figure out her style. If you want to be a fun texter, figure out the other person’s style of texting. This doesn’t mean you should change who you are and how you text. If anything, you should always stay true to yourself. But try to see the types of GIFs and memes she likes and incorporate them into the conversation. [Read: 18 casual things to text a girl and leave her addicted to you]

#12 Don’t play mysterious. I know, I know. On TV, it shows women interested in mysterious men. But listen, mysteriousness, aside from being lame, also doesn’t translate well on a text message. Cut the mystery and just be yourself. You don’t need to play games when texting a girl you like. So, if you want to keep the conversation fun, be yourself.

#13 Keep your message shorts and sweet. Ugh, the worst messages are the ones that are paragraphs long. No one reads them, or at least not fully. Who wants to read a giant text message? No one! Keep your texts short, sweet, and to the point. This doesn’t mean they need to be cold responses; they should be warm and fun. But short. 

#14 Always keep the goal in mind. Your goal isn’t to sit and text her for the rest of your life. The entire point of texting her is with the hopes of arranging another in-person date. The texting is just to keep things warmed up until the next date. It shouldn’t be the only way you communicate. [Read: Texting before a first date – A full guide to texting her the right way]

#15 Text because you want to. The worst thing is when you’re texting someone because you feel you must. We’re well into the 21st century, if you want to talk to this girl, then talk to her. If you feel, deep down, she’s not the right match for you, then don’t. Why waste your precious time on someone you’re not really into?

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If you follow these tips for how not to be dry when texting a girl, you shouldn’t have a problem keeping her interested. But remember, if she’s not contributing to the conversation, she may not be that into you.

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