How to Tell If a Guy Likes You: The Complete Guide to Decode Guys

Guys can be hard to read, but once you focus on these signs, you’ll know all the secrets to knowing how to tell if a guy likes you in an instant!

how to tell if a guy likes you

Men—the mysterious creatures of the earth. Just joking. Actually, they’re pretty obvious beings. You just need to keep an eye out for the signs they give away. Especially the signs for how to tell if a guy likes you. If you’re distracted by his cute face and big arms, well, snap out of it, you have work to do!

How to tell if a guy likes you – It’s all in the little things he does

It’s time to take a closer look at the guy you like, and see if he’s showing you he’s interested. If you’re wondering how to tell if a guy likes you, here are the 13 signs you need to keep an eye on.

#1 He tells you. Most men eventually tell you that they’re interested in you. If this happens, you don’t have to go analyzing their every move.

If he says he’s interested in you, now you have the first part taken care of. So, what’s next? Is he interested in you as a hookup? Friends with benefits? Serious relationship? You need to know what he’s looking for.

If you want to be his girlfriend, but he just wants a casual hookup, you obviously aren’t on the same page. Ask him what he’s looking for, don’t be shy because you deserve to know where you two stand. [Read: 17 sordid signs he sees you just as a hookup and nothing more]

#2 It’s all in the body language. Sure, he may be ignoring you or acting like he’s not really interested, but what’s his body saying? Shakira was right, hips don’t lie. Just don’t stare at his hips, it wasn’t meant to be entirely literal.

Listen, if you pay attention to his body language, you’ll find the answers. If he’s interested he’ll be mirroring you, mimicking your body language. This means he’s trying to connect with you. If he leans into you when talking, has his feet pointing towards you, these are great signs.

But, if his feet are pointing away from you, he’s ignoring you and keeping his distance. Well, honey, this ain’t the guy for you. [Read: Does he like me? 18 ways to decode his body language instantly]

#3 He wants to get to know you. Is he interested in knowing about that time you fell off your bike when you were six? Or the story of how your parents met? Believe me, if they’re not interested in you, they wouldn’t sit around listening to these stories.

If he’s trying to get to know you, he likes you. If he just asked you where you’re from or where you go to school—don’t take it as a marriage proposal. Small talk could be seen as just simple manners, but if he continues with deeper and more personal questions, he’s choosing to see who you are. [Read: 15 ways to tell if someone likes you without asking them]

#4 It’s all in the eyes. Is he giving you crazy eye contact? Okay, you may have something stuck in your teeth, but most likely he’s into you. If you’re looking at him and the eye contact lasts a little longer than normal, you’ll know the feeling. He’s trying to connect with you. So sensual.

If he’s staring at you a lot longer than needed, it’s kinda creepy, so I recommend looking away and leaving the area. I’ve seen CSI, I know how this plays out.

#5 He smiles a lot around you. He’s a happy guy! Why? Because he’s talking to the girl that he likes. Why wouldn’t he be smiling? If the guy laughs and smiles around you, he’s obviously enjoying himself. Now, just because he smiles doesn’t necessarily mean he likes you, but if he’s smiling for no reason then that’s different.

I mean, you’ve smiled before for no reason when you’re next to a guy because you like him, so it’s not any different for him. If you want to know how to tell if a guy likes you and intend to test this, give him eye contact and smile at him—what does he do? Walk away? Smile back? [Read: Does he have a crush on me? 20 signs he just can’t hide]

#6 He starts the conversation. No guy starts a conversation with a girl he’s not slightly interested in—unless he has to. But come on, think about it. You’re a guy at a party and you see a girl you’re interested in but instead go to talk to the one that doesn’t remotely excite you. That just doesn’t happen.

You should know one thing, guys don’t like to waste their time. They don’t want to talk to people they’re not interested in. Honestly, who does? So, if he’s coming up to you to start a conversation, he’s curious and wants to get to know you.

#7 He doesn’t use his phone when he’s around you. Nowadays, it’s impossible to hang out with someone unless their eyes are glued to their phone. Basically, it’s like hanging out alone.

So, if this guy comes up for air from his phone and doesn’t look at it the whole time he’s with you, well you got yourself a keeper. On the other hand, if he comes up to talk to you and is texting the whole time, he’s either an asshole or… hmm… no wait, that’s the only thing he could be. Don’t stand around trying to continue the conversation with him, just leave. [Read: Avoid them like the plague: 16 types of guys not to date]

#8 He compliments you. If he can’t keep his eyes off you and compliments you on how pretty you look. I don’t even think I have to explain this one. He’s into you. Men are extremely visual, so, if you look like a bombshell, he’s going to notice.

#9 He touches you. I don’t mean touching like him fist bumping you hello. If you have a friend that does that, please remind him it’s not 2008 anymore. I mean touching like him grazing your back with his fingers, or he grabs your hand when you two are running across the street. If he’s touching you when he doesn’t have to, he’s trying to make physical contact with you.

And trust me, guys don’t want to be physical with someone they’re not interested in. You can always test this by touching him and seeing his reaction. If he squirms like a slug being doused with salt, take a step back. If he touches you back, well, you’re welcome. [Read: How to flirt by touch without making it obvious at all]

#10 He finds a reason to talk to you. He saw a funny YouTube clip and shared it with you on Facebook, or messages you about something you posted. Was that really necessary? Probably not, but he’s trying to get a conversation going.

So, go with it. Eventually, this interaction develops and who knows where it’ll take you. If you’re still not sure, may I remind you, guys do not waste their time talking to people that they don’t find interesting.

#11 He remembers the small details. This is really important when it comes to knowing how to tell if a guy likes you. It shows that not only is he listening but he cares about what you’re saying. Most men have selective hearing, they hear the major points of what you’re saying so in case you question them, they have something to back themselves.

But you don’t want that, you want a guy who’s going to listen to you and be fully engaged in conversation. So, if he’s remembering small details, that’s a sign. [Read: Is he attracted to you? 16 giveaways to watch out for]

#12 He doesn’t mention other women. Personally, I’m strongly opposed to flirting with guys who have girlfriends, but let’s just say for example he has one. Does he mention her when he’s around you or is it that she’s suddenly nonexistent?

He doesn’t bring her up for a reason, he doesn’t want you to know or be reminded that he’s not fully available. Or perhaps he’s single and doesn’t mention a single female when you casually bring up the topic of women—that’s a good sign because he doesn’t want any other woman but you. [Read: 20 signs of attraction in the very first conversation]

#13 His friends hold the answer. His friends know. Just like women, our friends know the minute we’re interested in a guy. They’re no different. They like to think they are, but, they’re not.

In fact, I think they’re even worse. His friends are going to know that you’re the girl he’s interested in. So, if you meet his friends, watch them. Watch the eye contact they give each other, listen to what they say. They’ll tell you, you just need to listen.

[Read: Does my guy friend like me? 15 signs he’s totally crushing on you]

Once you get the hang of it, figuring out how to tell if a guy likes you is pretty easy. All you need to do is keep your eyes and ears open. And don’t worry, you’ll find out if he’s interested in you in no time.

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