Why Are Men So Obsessed with Their Penis Size?

Have you ever met a man who was obsessed with his penis size? Big or small, some men seem to get fixated on their “little” friend… But why?

men obsessed with penis size

It turns out, women aren’t the only ones obsessing about their bodies these days! It’s common knowledge that some girls can absolutely obsess over the shape and size of their breasts due to personal insecurities, jealousy, or not liking how they measure up in the wide world of boobage. But let’s be real here, ladies. Breasts are absolutely fantastic no matter what they look like, so quit your worrying! But as it turns out, men are following those exact same thought patterns about their penises!

Penis shame – the awful truth

A penis-based study done by King’s College, London reports that 30% of the participants were unhappy with their penis size. If you’re thinking it’s just men who tend to be on the “smaller” side, guess again! Even men with average to large size penises are worrying that they don’t measure up, feeling something called “penis shame” and fretting about whether their penis is cut, uncut, small, large, girthy, veiny, hairy, odorous, and the list goes on and on.

6 reasons men obsess over their penises

So why are men so obsessed with the appearance of their penis? There are plenty of reasons…

#1 The alpha male. Penis size can easily be lined to a man’s confidence. In a lion’s pride, there is only one male. The strongest lion, in fact, is the one who gets all the ladies. Every man wants to be the alpha male, and one of the easiest ways in his mind to accomplish this is by having a powerful and mighty penis, larger than any you’ve ever seen before or will again.

A tad dramatic? Absolutely! In reality, your man wants to be the best sex you’ve ever had, and he wants his penis to stand out from the crowd.

#2 Societal woes. Apparently, women aren’t the only ones being body bashed in the media. In fact, you can guarantee that whether you’re male or female, you’ve probably received spam junk e-mails before, claiming they can make a small pecker ten times bigger with just one pill! Scams abound the internet with magical cures for the small to average-sized penis.

E-mails aside, even porn websites target these insecure males, promising major below the belt enhancements with a simple *and terrifying* penis pump, pill, exercise, or practice. While big dicks may not be hitting mainstream media the way women’s so-called “perfect bodies” are, the pressure is definitely out there! [Read: Types of penises and what most women think of them]

#3 Jealousy. Ladies, have you ever had a boyfriend who constantly asked about your ex’s penis size, girth, and talents? If so, then you already know how that conversation is super awkward, and yet hilarious at the same time! It’s no secret that if your man is asking about your ex’s sexual performance or the down and dirty details about his down yonder, these questions are likely stemming from personal insecurities.

This is only natural. You see, while women can “fake” the size of their breasts with push-ups or implants, men can’t exactly fake what they have hiding down below, causing this to be a major source of frustration if they find out your ex was well-endowed. Of course, he’s not going to want to think that any dick was better than his, or that you were better pleased by a different size. [Read: Do women ever get penis envy?]

#4 A giant penis – the ultimate pleasure? Men frequently worry about what women are going to think of their penises. Just as women are taught that all men like giant knockers, men are under the assumption through jokes and female blogs that what women really want is the omega-cock: 8″ and up, and don’t slack on the girth! This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

While it’s true that women who experience vaginal orgasms with no clit action required do tend to prefer larger penises, the vast, vast majority of women couldn’t be bothered one way or the other about it. In fact, many prefer an average-sized penis, as it still makes for mind-blowing O’s and much less intimidating sex!

#5 Adolescent behavior. Is your lover well-endowed, but still sees a problem with his package? Consider this: words hurt, and they can potentially affect the way we view ourselves for the rest of our lives. So if your guy is overly-curious about penis size and how he measures up, he may have been taunted by a mean-spirited ex-girlfriend or teased about his genitals in the locker room at school. [Read: Sex with an uncircumcised man – myths and truths]

#6 The porn illusion. It’s likely that your man grew up watching porn, and what does porn like to show off? Perfect bodies: large boobs, shaven genitals, bleached butts, and giant penises. It’s no wonder your man is going to start to feel a little self-conscious about what he’s got going on downstairs, when the porn industry has shown him that a giant penis is what’s going to make a woman scream.

It very well might, but not for the good reasons! In fact, giant penises even have their own section featured on porn websites. But that’s porn, not reality. [Read: How do most women like their pornography?]

The truth is…

The next time you hear a large penis being talked about as the preferred size of a perfect partner, take it with a grain of salt. Studies show that women would much prefer girth over length, and would take an average-sized penis over a monster dick any day! When they’re big, they take a lot of extra prep-work, they may hurt, and can make certain positions feel like a nightmare.

[Read: Penis and vagina compatibility according to the Kama Sutra]

In the end, men don’t need a terrifying pump around their package to make them look or feel like any more of a man. A healthy dick is perfect just the way it is, and you better let your man know that!

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