How to Turn a Guy On Without Touching him: A Guide to Tantalize

We all know guys get turned on by sexy women touching them all over. But knowing how to turn a guy on without touching him is the real goal.

how to turn a guy on without touching him

If you know how to turn a guy on without touching him, you basically have all the knowledge you’ll ever need. The kicker? Not many of us know how to do this. Sure, we know all the sweet spots to touch them and turn them on, but making them want you without even laying a finger on them? That’s a little more difficult.

But it can be done. You may have to practice for a while but once you nail down this special trick, you’ll have all the guys drooling over you. It’s also a great way to make a man chase after you when they normally would be bored.

Touches that turn guys on almost instantly

In case you want to go for double trouble while hitting on a new guy, let’s talk about where to touch guys to turn them on the most. Since guys are very physical people, initiating this type of contact with them definitely gets their attention.

Some of the best places to touch a guy to turn in on would be the back of their head, their knee, their stomach or waist, and even rubbing your legs against his under the table can make him squirm. Combining those with the below techniques to turn a guy on will drive him crazy. [Read: 18 physical turn ons that arouse a guy instantly]

How to turn a guy on without touching him at all

Girls who do this are typically known as teases. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing – especially if your goal is to turn him on. Here’s how you can turn a man on without a laying a single finger on him.

#1 Bite your lip. Many women do this naturally when flirting with a guy they like. But if you want to make it more effective, do this while giving him some intense eye contact. Obviously, you don’t want to make this aggressive. That may seem a little odd.

You also want to make the biting very subtle. Look up at him slowly while barely biting your bottom lip. This brings his attention directly to your mouth. And since men associate your mouth with many naughty things, he’ll get turned on. [Read: Biting your lip and 21 other unintentional things girls do that guys love]

#2 Show your décolletage. The entire area of your collarbone and chest is a huge turn on for a guy in general. However, many women tend to wear their hair over their chest or wear a jacket that covers that area.

Pull your hair back or just brush it over your shoulder so he can see this entire area. Guys are very visual and that specific spot is known to turn them on a lot.

#3 Lean in and whisper. If you’re sitting next to a guy, don’t be afraid to lean in and lower your voice. Whisper something in his ear so he can feel your hot breath against his ear and neck. This spot is a widely known erogenous zone and believe me, he’ll basically pop a boner right then and there. [Read: 10 sexy sweet-nothings to whisper to a man]

#4 Make sexual jokes. But don’t be overly sexual. So long as he knows you have a rather dirty mind, it’ll get the wheels turning in his head. I know you have just as dirty of a mind as he does, so put it to use! Allowing a guy to see a little bit of your sexual side will perk those naughty parts of him right up. [Read: 40 naughty and sexual pickup lines to use on men]

#5 Wink. Guys want to know that you’re thinking about something naughty, just as I mentioned above. They want to see that side of you. Giving them a wink not only shows how interested in them you are, it also shows that you’ve got naughty thoughts in your mind.

This wink also intrigues them simply because it could mean so many things. You could be thinking about something dirty, you could have a joke in mind, and it just makes you seem more mysterious in general. And that definitely turns a guy on.

#6 Give prolonged eye contact. Eye contact has been known to make anyone connect with someone else more. If you can hold his gaze for a few seconds, you’ve got him hooked. This will increase that sexual tension and tell him that you only have eyes for him – something very attractive to guys. [Read: What prolonged eye contact means and how to do it right]

#7 Genuinely laugh and smile. A girl who can throw her head back and laugh and smile with ease is attractive. It shows a guy that you’re easygoing and very positive. When a guy thinks you won’t come with any drama and irritation, he’ll be way more turned on. So let yourself laugh and have a good time. He’ll like you more for it.

#8 Wear fitted clothing. Men are visual beings. They see something that catches their eye and it’s all they can think about. If you make that you, he’ll be way more turned on.

In order to know how to turn a guy on without touching him, you have to know what guys find attractive. And according to science, that’s curves. It doesn’t matter if it’s accentuated boobs, hips, or your booty. So long as he gets to see one or the other, his mind will immediately be in a naughty place. [Read: How to look sexy without even trying]

#9 Be very confident. Confidence is so sexy. Women need to remember that and embrace who they are if they want to turn a guy on. You don’t even need to talk to a guy in order to turn him on if you have confidence. Walk into the room like you’re the hottest person in there and all the guys will start to think just that.

#10 Wear something slightly sheer. Luckily, this style is becoming more and more popular and accepted everywhere. I don’t mean that you have to show your nipples through a white t-shirt. That’s a bit absurd and looks rather trashy on most women. Instead, wear something slightly sheer where he can see your bra or bralette through it.

This is very tasteful but it also shows a man your sexy side. Don’t be afraid to look sexy. Embrace it. [Read: 14 ways to be irresistible to men]

#11 Complimenting something semi-naughty about him. Again, if a guy knows your mind is on something dirty, his will go there right away. For that reason, complimenting something about him that hints at sex is the perfect way to turn him on without touching him.

My favorite way to do this is to mention his lips. It’s really easy to lean in close and tell him he has really great lips. That’s all you have to say. Leave it at that and he’ll be ready to do whatever it takes you have you. [Read: How to compliment a guy with something he actually wants to hear]

#12 Having a sense of humor. Don’t be uptight. Learn to joke with him and laugh with him. Obviously, if he’s making jokes that are offensive or crude, he’s not a guy you want to turn on anyways.

But if he’s genuinely trying to make you laugh, allow yourself too. Enjoy his sense of humor and show him that you have one too. Not much is sexier than a woman who can joke around with a guy.

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By learning how to turn a guy on without touching him, you’re learning all the secrets to his deepest desires. Once you know what works best, you’ll also be able to know precisely the type of guy he really is.

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