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60 Dirty, Seductive Things to Say to Turn a Guy On In Person & Over Text

You want to arouse your man, so you need to know things to say to turn a guy on and leave him hard. Don’t worry, we have all you need to know right here.

dirty things to say to turn a guy on

From the thrill of seduction to budding love to restoring a long-term relationship’s sizzle, it’s always nice to inject some well-placed dirty talk with your partner here and there. When we say “dirty talk,” however, we aren’t talking about swearing and using those slang words you can only find in Urban Dictionary. So, you need to know the things to say to turn a guy on.

Dirty, naughty talk can be as simple as a witty innuendo or a suggestive phrase. It’s really up to how you say it and how you know your guy will respond to what you say.

There are many seductive things to say to your guy, and maybe you have said a few without really meaning it.

However, if you really want to turn the heat up, we have prepared a long list of dirty things to say to make him instantly get the hots for you, whether through text, in public, or while you’re in the bedroom.

But before we get into the sizzling stuff, let us give you some tips on how to turn your guy on with just your words.

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13 steps to turn on your guy with your mouth and words

When you want to know things to say to turn a guy on, you not only need to know specific things to say, but you also need to know how to do it with your mouth in more general ways. Here’s what you need to know to start with.

1. Be genuine

Think about what keeps you attracted to him. Whether it’s the way he smiles, his firm butt, his strong arms, or the smooth moves that sweep you off your feet, the best seduction trick is to mean what you say.

So whether you want to compliment him or just show your appreciation in a sexy way, make sure that it’s real, and your words will really do the trick. [Read: 30 compliments for guys they’ll never ever forget]

2. Tease him

You can definitely turn your man on by teasing him with just a few well-said words. You can give him a sneak peek of what’s in store for him or describe what you’re going to do to him later. Pair this with a wink or a sexy smile, and you can definitely turn the heat up.

3. Tell him how he turns you on

Whether it’s by the way he touches you or how he kisses you in intimate places, you can easily turn on a guy by telling him what turns you on.

By being vivid and descriptive about it, you can excite him and get his imagination going. Just remember not to give everything away, though. Leave some details out to make him anticipate and look forward to more. [Read: 40 naughty, playful texts to keep things hot and horny]

4. All about timing

As with anything, timing is important. There will be moments, such as when your guy is stressed at work when dirty talk will not just cut it. He may even think you’re being weird *and not in a good way*.

Be sensitive about timing and appropriateness if you don’t want your man to give you a cold shoulder in the end.

5. Know what to say

There are also such things as soft-core and hard-core dirty talking, and you should know which one you and your partner are comfortable with.

Soft-core dirty talk is more like teasing, but you can build it up and go all the way hard-core with slang and even swear words, especially when you’re already doing the deed. [Read: 25 sexy text messages to initiate a dirty conversation with a guy and arouse him]

6. Be natural

You can be genuine and all, but if you feel awkward or uncomfortable, it will translate with how you say it.

When it comes to talking dirty to seduce your man, it’s actually not what you say but how you say it that matters the most. The secret here is not to sound forced, but rather natural and spontaneous. [Read: The art of talking dirty to a guy and sounding really, really sexy]

7. Have a sense of humor

Who doesn’t like to laugh? Well, almost all people do. And guys aren’t any different. Now, you don’t have to be the biggest comedian in the world, but you do need to know how to laugh at yourself, at life, and pretty much anything in general.

Also, don’t forget to laugh at his jokes and when he’s trying to be funny. Having a sense of humor is a very attractive quality, and so that will turn your guy on. 

8. Be smart

Contrary to what a lot of girls think, intelligence is a sexy quality to have. Guys don’t want you to be the stereotypical “dumb blonde.” They like when you can have a deep conversation or you know a lot of facts and trivia. That makes you interesting. Guys get turned on by interesting girls, not boring ones. So let your intelligence shine, and he will find you irresistible.

9. Be mature

Guys don’t like girls who are drama queens. They don’t like to gossip and get caught up in the silly details that don’t really matter. So, you need to be able to put things into perspective and stay calm and logical. Maturity has nothing to do with how old you are. Instead, it is a quality that people have that makes them wise. Guys don’t like to be around childish women who always make a mountain out of a molehill. [Read: How to be mature – 25 ways to grow up and face life like an adult]

10. Be respectful

When a girl isn’t respectful, it’s a real turn-off to guys. So, not only do you need to talk nicely and with respect to him, but he also wants you to do that for everyone. Even when you are out at a restaurant, he wants you to be polite and kind to your server and everyone you come into contact with. If you’re not, he will not find you very sexy.

11. Be positive

Everyone likes to be around happy and positive people. Because spending time with someone who is a pessimist and always negative is a drain on your energy. Some people even call these people “energy vampires” because you feel “zapped” when you’re around them. So, all guys are attracted to and turned on by a girl who always has a smile on her face and is positive. Be the girl who can turn lemons into lemonade when life hands them to her.

12. Self-confidence

How you talk about yourself can be a turn-on or a turn-off. Believe it or not, guys don’t like girls with low self-esteem. In fact, they would rather go out with an average-looking girl who feels great about herself rather than a supermodel who does nothing but criticize herself. So, watch what you say to him about yourself because that can affect whether or not he feels seduced by you. [Read: How to build self-confidence – 16 ways to know you’re worth it]

13. Be a good listener

You might not think this has anything to do with what comes out of your mouth if you’re thinking that listening is nothing but keeping your mouth shut. But to be a good listener, you have to say things too. You need to repeat what he says so he knows you actually heard him. Everyone likes it when they feel like other people are actually paying attention to them when they are talking.

60 dirty, seductive things to say to turn on your guy

First, let’s start with things you can say to turn a guy on through text.

Through text

1. Meet me at the parking lot after lunch. I want to make out and say hello to *insert your pet name for his dick.*

2. You have such a dirty mind and it just turns me on!

3. Where do you want to touch/kiss me later?

4. I’m not really horny, you’re the sexiest guy on the planet.

5. I can’t forget how good your tongue feels down there.

6. Show me where you want me to put my hands on you. *You can make him send you a picture of a part of his body.*

7. I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to do to you tonight…

8. You make me think such dirty thoughts…

9. I wish we were just lying in bed and cuddling all day long.

10. I’m just lying in bed naked. Care to join me? [Read: 20 sexy step-by-step questions to text any guy and seduce him instantly]

11. Free up your schedule tonight. I have a surprise for you.

12. Shopping for lingerie right now. Want to see what I bought?

13. Guess what I’m wearing right now…

14. What a boring day! If we were together right now, what would we be doing?

15. Don’t get yourself too tired, we’ve still got some action to do… in the bedroom.

16. Come over tonight. I have a hot fudge sundae. You can lick it off me.

17. I love your lips… can’t wait to taste them again.

18. I’m almost home now. Undress and wait for me in bed.

19. Send him a picture of any part of your body you want to be spanked and text him: Spank me here later.

20. I’m in the bathtub right now, touching myself. I wish you were here with me. [Read: 50 sexy and dirty things to say to your boyfriend and arouse him]

In public

Now, let’s talk about how you can turn your guy on in public.

21. I woke up wet this morning thinking of you.

22. I’m not wearing any underwear.

23. I can’t wait for you to put it in me.

24. Let’s get out of here, I want to tear your clothes off.

25. I’ve been a bad girl. You can spank me later.

26. Inconspicuously grope him or “accidentally” touch him on his crotch and say: Wow! You’re so big!

27. After his workout, say: Seeing you all sweaty is turning me on. [Read: 10 conversation starters that’ll get both of you really horny]

28. I need to get you home. I want you!

29. I love seeing you in a tight pair of jeans.

30. Woah, have you been working out?

31. I can be your slave tonight. Why don’t we go to your place now?

32. Take me home and you can have me any way you want.

33. Let’s get out of here. I want to taste/kiss you there *point to a sexy part of his body.*

34. I’ll take care of you tonight.

35. When he’s about to say something, touch his lips and say: Shhh! Don’t talk. Save those lips for later.

36. Like what you see? It’s yours.

37. You look extra hot today.

38. You look so sexy!

39. If we were alone right now, what would you do to me?

40. I am wet right now. Want to see it? [Read: 30 subtle, obvious, and really sexy flirty lines for girls that’ll rock any guy’s world]

In the bedroom

41. I’ve been waiting for this all day.

42. I want you here right now.

43. Please f*ck me!

44. Shut up and f*ck me!

45. F*ck me harder!

46. Spank me hard/harder!

47. Squeeze my boobs harder and kiss me. [Read: How to talk dirty in bed – Dirty talking examples you can use tonight]

48. Touch me there.

49. Just looking at you in those boxers is making me wet!

50. Oh god!

51. Oh yes, oh yes!

52. Talk dirty to me. [Read: How to talk dirty to a guy and sound really sexy in bed]

53. Tie me up and ride me harder!

54. Grab my ass and bang me from behind.

55. You’re so big!

56. Deeper/harder!

57. Oooh, that feels amazing!

58. Don’t stop!

59. I love it when you do that!

60. Come inside me… please! Do it now!

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While you can’t get into your man’s mind and find out just what exactly he wants to hear or what turns him on, knowing these dirty, sexy things to say is a good way to start and have him want to get into your pants. These examples are great starters, and you can always tweak and customize them to suit your mood, your man, and any situation.

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Words are powerful, and now you know the right things to say to turn a guy on. By knowing just what to say and how to say it, you can easily occupy your man’s thoughts and seduce him, and leave him feeling turned on all day!

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