15 Qualities Men Secretly Crave in their Woman!

Wondering what makes a girl desirable and oh-so-awesome in a guy’s eyes? If you have these 15 qualities in you, you’re definitely more than just hot stuff!

qualities men secretly crave in a woman

Reading a man’s mind isn’t easy when you’re a woman.

Men seem to be thinking something, and yet, we say we’ve got nothing on our minds.

Men tell you you’re perfect just the way you are, and yet, they wish you’d do something different.

Men tell you they’re happy doing the missionary all the time, and yet, they seem fascinated by all the crazy positions in the dirty movies.

If you think about it, just how much truth is your boyfriend or husband telling you?

Now, of course, he thinks you’re hot stuff and that you’re the best thing he’s laid his hands on.


Are there a few qualities that he secretly wishes you had?

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15 qualities men secretly crave in their woman

Your man loves you for who you are, and he probably doesn’t even want you to change.

But if you could read your guy’s mind and find a few things that make his eyes pop and make him go va-va-voom in a flash, wouldn’t that be a secret that worth knowing?

If you want to appear more desirable and sexy in your man’s eyes, and jumpstart your relationship to a whole new high, keep these 15 qualities men crave in mind. It’ll definitely make your man desire you more, and fall a lot more in love with you! [Read: 25 things guys find really sexy and attractive about a girl]

And if you’ve already got all these traits, well, you go, girl!

#1 Flirty gestures. All guys love a little bit of a flirt in a girl. While they may not appreciate this as much if this flirting extends to other guys, men love to have subtle thoughts put into their head where their imagination can run with it.

#2 Appearances. Any guy who tells a girl that he cares more about what is on the inside than on the outside the first time he meets her is full of crap.

Men are attracted by the physical appearance of a woman first, and they learn to love *or put up* with the personality of the woman next. I’m not saying this is the correct way of viewing things, but it is the most accurate way to describe men and first impressions. [Read: How men fall in love – The 7 stages of love for men]

#3 Positive attitude. No guy wants to sit down day after day and hear a sob story about how awful his girlfriend’s life is, how she feels like crap about herself day after day, and how she hates the fact that she can’t fit into her jeans anymore, etc.

If your list of negativity goes on and on, at first, your guy may try and help boost your self esteem, but if it is a constant, nagging tug on the relationship, the guy will either just tune the whining out or leave the relationship altogether. [Read: 20 secret things guys wish girls knew about guys!]

#4 Shows vulnerability. Men love to be the heroes, and we love to feel like we came and rescued the day. When a woman opens up and talks about her troubles, it makes us men feel like we can help solve the problem and be the knight in shining armor she was always looking for as a young girl.

#5 Acknowledging a man’s stare. This is something that matters more during the flirting stage, but being able to tease a man who is interested, is just as fun as what happens once a relationship begins.

Knowing a guy is checking you out, and masterfully using that knowledge to pull the guy in further is an incredibly sexy skill to have. And one that all guys love in a girl! [Read: 10 subtle eye contact flirting moves that work like a charm]

#6 Ability to flirt back. Men love a game of cat and mouse in the early stages of a relationship. And nothing kills the sexual vibe more than a woman who fails miserably at flirting back. The ability to flirt back keeps us men on our toes and really has us digging the new arrangement. [Read: 30 subtle, obvious and dirty flirting tips for girls]

#7 Sexy, seductive voice. Men love women with a sexy voice. It really does kill the mood when the moment you lay eyes on a woman, you notice that everything is perfect about her – from her body, to the clothes she’s wearing, to even the walk she has going for her, only to be disappointed when she opens her mouth and lets out a high pitched shrill.

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#8 Show some skin. Now, there’s a fine line here, ladies. Men want a woman who shows enough skin to tease their mind and appear sexy, but not so much skin that it appears trashy.

Now I don’t want to use the word slut, but the more skin you show, the more that word pops into our minds. I believe Ludacris said it best when he said that we want a lady in the streets, but a freak in the sheets. [Read: 18 physical turn ons that arouse a guy instantly!]

#9 A girl with a sense of adventure. We realize not all women are natural athletes or as adventurous as most men. But that doesn’t mean we don’t wish our female partners would try something new every once in a while. Try some rock climbing, or perhaps sky-diving, anything adventurous is definitely a big turn on for most men.

#10 Trusting and doesn’t get jealous easily. Just as women hate controlling men when dealing with their love life, the same applies to men. Any woman asking for my Facebook password, or going through my texts when I’m in the shower will be shown the door.

#11 Gets along with his friends. It’s pretty simple ladies, get the friends of the man in your life to adore you, and you can be sure your man will be thrilled and ecstatic. Winning over friends may not seem like a big deal to you, but just know that it really does mean a lot to us.

#12 Her ability to be laid-back and go with the flow. Uptight and controlling are not attributes most men would put on their lists when describing the perfect woman. In general, men simply are more laid back than women when it comes to kicking their feet up during their free hours.

And while it may not be possible for our significant others to kick back and go with the flow as easily as some of the guy buddies may, it does not go unnoticed when a woman finally does let her hair down and just relaxes for the day. [Read: 12 things guys love about a girl besides her appearance]

#13 Agreeableness and ability to emphasize. Nothing sours a relationship faster than constant arguing and bickering. We get it, girls may not see everything as guys do. But if the relationship becomes less about us as a couple and more about who is right or wrong in every single instance, the relationship probably won’t progress beyond the short-term level.

#14 Independent and self-supporting. As much as we men love playing the role of the hero, we do love a woman who is independent and does not rely too much on others. Of course, we’d want to help you all the time. But we’ll feel so much better about it if we know that you’re so skilled and awesome that you’d be able to handle yourself even if we’re not around to help you fix that flat tire. [Read: 15 ways to make your man feel needed even when he isn’t!]

#15 Someone with intelligence. Lastly, men love women with a brain. If you’re beautiful, have a great smile, but have a head full of a whole lot of nothing, then you will most likely end up with an exact male counterpart.

We, as men, love having in-depth conversations about different topics going on in the world, or perhaps we just want to have a real conversation about our day at work, and if our girlfriends or wives cannot even hold a real conversation with us not related to shoes or handbags, then it most definitely is a turn-off. [Read: 35 not-so-obvious things your guy really loves about you]

All that can be said about this in the end is this, while you may know men are looking for these attributes in women, the best thing you can do is simply be yourself. By doing so you can find a man who loves you for who you truly are, not someone who loves who you are pretending to be.

Of course, you can change the traits of yours that you truly believe needs changing, but if you have traits that give you confidence and make you feel good about yourself, don’t ever change that just to impress your guy!

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Now that you know the 15 qualities that men secretly crave in a woman, how many of these traits do you have? And just how well has it worked for you in your relationship?

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