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25 Truthful Reasons Why Women Cheat So Easily!

25 Truthful Reasons Why Women Cheat So Easily!

So why do women cheat in a relationship? Are women easy to trick or are they just confused? Read these 25 truthful reasons no one ever told you about! By Jake Butler

Ever wondered why women cheat so easily?

For as long as we could remember, we’ve always thought that men were the bigger cheaters.

But now we know that it’s just a lie.

Why women cheat

Ever had your heart ripped apart by a woman who decided that it was quitting time and bulldozed her way out of your life?

Fret not, you’re not alone.

In reality, women cheat quite often. And we’re not even talking about those drunken kisses and gropes.

[Read: Drunk girlfriends who kiss other guys]

You may know a few reasons behind why women cheat.

Women cheat to fill the emotional void that’s empty after a man neglects her, or perhaps the sexual preferences in the marriage are just too different.

But through my experience, I’ve seen that women cheat for completely different reasons.

And the biggest reason why women cheat?

Well, that’s because they can!

So why do women cheat like there’s no tomorrow?

Looking for real life reasons behind why women cheat? Well, these 25 truthful reasons will reveal the real truth. [Read: The role your ego plays in her affair]

#1 Women get too close to others, too fast. Women build strong emotional connections really fast. It’s easy for them to get close to a guy and confuse the bond with love.

#2 They love any man who can give them emotional support. It’s true. Want to steal a girlfriend, just give her a shoulder to lean on. She’ll give you her bed to sleep on. [Read: How to make a girl with a boyfriend like you]

#3 Women favor the gene pool. They instinctively want to favor the gene pool and play their part for Mother Nature by constantly picking other dating and mating potentials.

#4 Women fall in love fast. They fall in love too fast with just about anyone who shows affection. They try playing hard to get, but almost always end up becoming really easy to get for potential girlfriend stealers.

#5 Women are progressive. They like sprucing men up and working on little man projects now and then. And just when you think you’ve been perfected by your girlfriend, she’ll find another man to perfect.

#6 Women love drama and gossip in their lives. It’s the truth. Women get bored extremely easily and need constant attention and drama in their lives. Once the man settles down in love, the woman starts unsettling. [Read: How to deal with a complicated relationship]

#7 They’re confused about their feelings almost all the time. A girl may love her man generally, but her mood swings ebb and flow like the tides of the sea. She likes her man sometimes, and she bitches about him at other times. Add another man into the equation and it’s a teen sitcom. [Read: How to think like a woman and get the girl]

#8 Women are suckers for affection and compliments. Women fall for compliments and flirty touches really easily. When another guy flirts with your girl, she may think she’s just having fun. But in reality, she’d be falling for him even if he’s just having fun. [Read: The right way to sexually compliment a girl]

#9 It’s ridiculously easy to make a girl doubt her own boyfriend. All another guy has to do is point a few flaws, talk sweet, touch her in a few places, and she’ll start to think her boyfriend’s a loser and the new guy is a sex god who’s in love with her.

#10 Women say they don’t want to stray. But yet all they think about is straying. Every time a guy flirts with a girl, she temporarily forgets she has a boyfriend already!

#11 Women close their eyes while kissing another guy. Yeah, just shut your damn eyes and say it all happened so fast! Women get physical and then say it was a mistake. Men, on the other hand try covering it up by saying it didn’t happen. Women want pity, men forgive them. Men get caught, become a punching bag. [Read: How to kiss a girl by arousing her]

#12 Women always think they’re in a relationship crisis. When a woman’s life’s not crackling with romantic and sexual electricity, they always think their relationship sucks. Women say they don’t like vibrating, entertaining sex toys and dildos, but yet they want men to behave like one.

#13 Women think they’re too good. Almost all women think they’re too good for their boyfriend. With that kind of logic, it’s easy to stray when a “better guy” comes along to play.

#14 Women cheat for the dumbest reasons. Men cheat because they find someone sexy. Women cheat for the dumbest of reasons, to prove a point, to get back at her man, to let him know she’s not getting enough attention, to get something they really want and more dumb reasons.

#15 Women have cravings. That is, chocolates and unavailable traits in men. If her man’s not very clean and tidy, and she meets a coworker who’s a perfectionist when it comes to being clean and tidy, she’ll involuntarily be drawn to that trait. So if a guy wants to lay a girl, all he has to do is show off a trait her boyfriend doesn’t have and she’ll diveboard into his bed.

#16 Women get attracted to any man who makes her feel good. Men usually have affairs only with women who are sexually attractive. So unless the guy is rich or super charming, his odds are slim to have an affair with the girl of his dreams. But women cheat with any loser who knows to treat her better than her boyfriend. [Read: How to get a girl to have sex with you in 10 steps]

#17 She’s a gold digger. There’s no point here. If you’re dating a woman who’s more interested in your money and the fun times you give her than she is in you, you can’t hold on to her unless you strike oil. [Read: Signs she’s only using you]

#18 Women cheat when they’re emotionally vulnerable. Men need booze and a sexy girl to cheat. Women just need to feel vulnerable. They’d feel vulnerable for the smallest of reasons and circumstances. And if another guy makes a move at the right time, he’ll be able to sleep with her that very night.

#19 Committed women love getting the attention of other men. And when they don’t get the attention from a guy they like, they try harder to get a second glance. Why do you think girls go weak for bad boys who treat them like crap?

#20 Women don’t learn from their mistakes. Women make moves and mistakes, and they regret it. But they don’t learn. They know when they’re crossing the thin red line with another guy, but they just don’t try to put a stop to the guy because “they like the attention”.

#21 Women cheat when they’re unhappy in bed. Do you have a small weeny? Or are you suffering from impotency or erectile dysfunction? That’s reason enough to cheat on you, don’t you think?

#22 Her man’s charm is wearing off. If a woman isn’t sexually attracted to her man anymore, she’ll definitely dive head first into any other sexually attractive man’s pants. [Read: What do women want in a relationship?]

#23 Women are stereotyped. Most men look at women as cute, walking talking sex toys. Hey, women can only resist temptation so much. If a woman’s constantly being hit on by a million guys everywhere she goes, it’s only a matter of time before she succumbs to temptation, wouldn’t you say? [Read: 20 things about a girl that sexually excite a guy]

#24 Once bitten, never shy. A woman may cheat and get over it after a heartbreaking while. But a few months later, the drama starts all over again. Women just like the constant rush of falling in and out of love all the time.

#25 Do women really ever want to be happy? Really, a woman could be in a perfect long term relationship with a perfect guy. But all she has to do is meet another great guy who knows how to steal a girl and she’ll do his bidding in no time. Perhaps, women think they like being happy when in reality, all they want is to experience bursts of happiness and lots of confusions all the time. [Read: 10 tips to be a good boyfriend]

Well, so why do women cheat so easily? For all these 25 reasons and more. And sometimes, they don’t need a reason at all.

Just ask me, my not-so-steady girlfriend confessed to cheating on me a week ago. She looked into my eyes with her big, beautiful eyes and told me she was sorry and she regretted it. And her reason, well, she doesn’t know why. All she knows is that she’s sorry because she slept with another guy when she’s in love with me.

Seriously, kinda makes me wonder if women need a reason at all!

[Read: Why are women so fickle in love?!]

Have you ever been cheated on by your woman, what’s her reason? Our readers would love to hear a few more reasons. So why do women cheat so easily in your opinion?

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Jake Butler
Jake Butler
A scuba diver by profession, Jake Butler loves traveling the world without spending any money. He has no fear of depths, and hates the idea of shallow living....
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265 thoughts on “25 Truthful Reasons Why Women Cheat So Easily!”

  1. GAAAAAH! says:

    This was pretty accurate until I read number 14 which I found highly offensive. What, cheating on someone because you find another person sexy is a good reason for cheating? So its okay for men to cheat because they cant help it because they have one good reason, while women have a million bad ones? Well it sounds like that was your not so steady girlfriend’s reason for cheating on you, does it make you feel better then? Oh he was just so sexy I couldn’t resist, that’s all. Cool, add that one as number 26. Ya wanna know why women have so many different reason to cheat, because men are dumb in endless ways. Sorry, I don’t mean to offend but (well actually I obviously do)…anyway, those are all pretty true though, women are a never ending enigma of dark complexities, I’m glad to be one so I don’t need to do one.

  2. ROB HELMES says:


  3. Rain says:


  4. Mr. Brightside says:

    Sounds to me, Rain, that you have had experiences with terrible boyfriends, not all men are like that. Certainly after a while it gets difficult to come up with new and exciting things, but having a creative mind and an understanding partner can make all the difference. When you feel like your boyfriend or even your girlfriend is losing attention, have a conversation with them.

    If you say you didn’t see the cheating coming then you obviously were not paying close enough attention. When your partner’s habits change, it is usually a sign that something significant is happening in their life, it is your job to figure it out if you care about them. If not, then you end up at the cheating crossroad. So while it may not entirely be your fault it is something you could have stopped simply by paying better attention, and not taking her for granted.

  5. Beautiful1983 says:

    I must say that not all men are the same and not all women are the same. We all share common traits, but we possess different characters, personalities, motives, desires, and manifestations.

  6. Beautiful1983 says:

    Even if a man is cheating, it does not guarantee that he is in love with the one he is sleeping with. It could mean that he is looking to get his imagination fulfilled for a moment, but he is liable to come back home. It is good to remind a man that you may not have a child with that if he is not careful, then you are capable and might even pursue doing the same thing that he does behind closed doors and ask him what he thinks about that!

  7. WeR4EVER says:

    Women who constantly cheat usually have deeply rooted issues with their fathers.
    A man should always find out a woman’s relationship between her n her dad when getting to know her.
    9 times out of 10 if its a rotten relationship between them .. she’s not wifey material.

  8. TheTruth says:

    I fully accept that not all men and women will fall into these categories. However, there is lots of truth in what is said by the writer. I really enjoyed this piece, and I’m bookmarking it. Well said, and well written

  9. are you serious? says:

    I was going to say:”This is quite accurate!”but then I read number 14…

    ” Women cheat for the dumbest reasons. Men cheat because they find someone sexy. Women […] to get back at her man” Are you serious???

    so to act like an animal with no control and sleep with someone because you like her appearance is not dumb and superficial, but to cheat because your feelings were hurt, the trust is gone, etc is just not understandable. Really? What a nice way to see things when you are a man!

    Another good points followed but then number 20 and 25… of course, men, intelligent , superior creatures learn from their mistakes and we have to forgive them but no way a woman could ever learn from her mistakes. Double standard anyone?

    And 25: WE WANT TO BE HAPPY! How rude, superficial, stereotypical, plain stupid is to say otherwise.

    I will admit that women are no pure, innocent angels anymore. Some women cheat as much as men do, many tell lies without even blinking and we share many of the flaws that men are ”guilty” of.
    But to try to excuse men when they cheat and then make women dumb for it, or assume we are all drama queens and just like to be unhappy is plain stupid and unfair.

    Grow up who wrote this article. Both sides are guilty of unpleasant actions and both sides have flaws and make mistakes. And BOTH sides have to take responsibility for it!

  10. JAY SAYS says:

    many women nowadays just can’t seem to stay with ONLY ONE MAN anymore, why is that? there are so many of us good men out there that would love to find the right woman to commit too. going out for me sucks as it is, because it is like a game trying to meet a decent one for a change. i could never blame myself, since i did not do anything wrong on my part. all i ever wanted was to meet the right woman for me, since i am a good straight man that would love to have a love life again. can’t blame myself for wanting to have what would be normal today. and the men and women that were very FORTUNATE to have found one another and have a family, should go to church to pray and thank GOD very much for having each other. GOD seems to work for many people, why not us?

  11. Andy says:

    Jay it’s not too hard to understand. Being studied in ancient and medieval history, there is no argument that we live in the most immoral, low class and narcissistic culture the world has ever known. Without a doubt. And we did it all in just about 60 years tops. Today the lowest common denominator is placed on a pedestal, the bad boy is sought by women, the slut by men. The only genetics one is obviously concerned about passing onto a child are the lowest one can find. I’m 46 years old, never married, had about 10 girlfriends (steady) in my life. I haven’t dated in eleven years now. I look around, as you do Jay, and I’m seemingly unmotivated by what I see. I’m not perfect nor is anyone, however, the ending of those relationships I had were because of serious lies, such as involve moral character in general, criminal behavior, drug use etc. I met the worst of them at church, the largest in town, which she attended regularly but apparently didn’t listen at all. Jay all of us want love. All people, though not perfect, but of good character, man and woman, are discouraged. I’ve just learned to be happy without. It’s not hard. Be happy with yourself on the inside and strive to be your best and you’ll be happier than most married people are.

  12. Annita says:

    Why are there so many men willing to cheat with me? Have never had a problem getting any man to spend some intimate time with me.

    Women cheat because of how it makes us feel. In my case it is a real turn on and the sex that comes about as a result is mind blowing. Care to guess what a man does when you tell him he needs to pull out as you are ovulating and married.

    Cheating is like dating again without seeing his socks on the floor every morning.

  13. Rob says says:

    many women nowadays like to cheat a lot, and they are very good at hiding it. the average single woman today needs at least a good four to five boyfriends to keep them happy, and can’t seem to be with only one man instead. low life women are everywhere now, making it much more harder for us good men that are seriously looking to meet one good woman to make us happy.

  14. Swordsman says:

    Thats the reason why i choose to be remain single for the rest of my life. I just don’t have faith in women these days.

  15. Rob says says:

    to Swordsman, so many women are the ones that are so very badly messed up. we are just to damn good for these LOSERS anyway, and i have met many of them that are so nasty to talk too. many women years ago were certainly much more better educated than the ones that are out there today, and they were very committed to their men too.

  16. Yoshi says:

    I just went 5 years with a girl who even lied when I saw photo of her. I am still trying to get rid of her because all her friends and her recon its not her, lol it amazes me how even their friends lie for them. She denies cheating but admits losing the fire we once had. Then tells me we can have a releationship living seperatly. omg this world is fukt I studied for years and history, economy and tv all provoke to have bad people. I now have anxiety disorder from all the bullshit cause she left me when I got sick. They love to be by your side when you really need it but for some reason she always gives me money. must be a guilt thing, but money can never make me happy. Soldier on my friends and fight to see another day I say. Any hurt souls reading this don’t worry there are plenty of others out there. We can share this moment together and think about how beatifully crafted the woman is to create deception, what an elegant form that can destruct even the strongest of men. Bye the way I asked for a sign if my girl was cheating and there was a dead black dog on the side of the road 15 seconds later as I drove past, it was large, I think they call it an Omen. what does the dead black dog mean ? It freaked me out because everything was dark and eery like everything slowed down when I saw the dead black dog(it was oversized) eve myfriend saw the dog who was in the car with me at the time. It could have been a coincidence but also sign I recon. 2/2 woman have cheated on me first was 2 years and the second was 5 years. They will never admit it and made me sick to the stomach like I am now. Stupid bitches just leave your partner if you are going to cheat lol I hate you annita

  17. Vivian says:

    Women are cheating a lot more these days. I bought an two bedroom apartment downtown so I could be close to work and the social scene. The sheets in my spare bedroom get changed a lot more often than the sheets on my own bed. It’s not my single girlfriends either, it’s the ones with boyfriends or who are married looking for a private place to go for a couple hours.

    Here recently a bunch of us went out clubbing for the evening. As the night wore on various girlfriends disappeared, when I got home (alone) I could hear activity in my spare bedroom, not unusual. However it went on most of the night. In the morning while I was having my coffee is started again. A little while later a very attractive man came out and exited my apartment and then to my surprise the noise picked up again. Some time goes by and another most attractive man comes out with a completely exhausted look and exits my apartment.

    At this point in time I’m in near shock. The woman in my spare bedroom had been married for 12 years (I was in her wedding), has three kids, the house with the picket fence, and lacks nothing. What the hell is she doing having a MFM???

    So she comes out of the bedroom, her hair is wild, her expression somewhere between dazed and exhausted, and she reeks of sex. She proceeds to give me the details, much of what I had already heard all night but just hadn’t understood how or why it went on so long. To top it all of she then asks if I have a morning after pill she can use. That’s right no protection or condems, bareback with two strangers.

    I’m tempted to burn the bed this time instead of just washing the sheets. I think women are just now doing what men have always done. Women like sex just as much as men and if we can get away with it and not have consequences then why shouldn’t we. It’s still a big adjustment though and not one I am completely sold on.

  18. Serious Mark says:

    many women just have a need to cheat nowadays, and they very rarely can’t stay with just only one man like they did years ago. women do cheat much more than men, and there are many of us good straight men that can be very happy with just one woman to be with. finding a good woman is definitely the hard part, especially that many of them have a very bad attitude today and are so hard to talk too.

  19. Xedhadeaus says:

    I think it’s more based on what females think guys did in their lives, their parents, and the alpha presentation. Most of the guys I ever hear exclaiming of their sex lives are either lying, or sold on their own looks.

    I work labor, so I’m surrounded by a bunch of guys everywhere, and even though we’re a testosterone heavy environment, only about two people prance around talking about getting girls and is specific about it to the point of it being even remotely contrary to how they carry themselves.

    However, there are about 4 women there who control and decide where to bring in the trucks we unload, and about 3 seem to be awakened at the nearest mention of drinking or partying. I’m not implying that it means anything, because it may not.

    In a strictly personal opinion, I find when guys have problems in a relationship, a single hug or honest smile followed by a few nice words are enough to make them happy, we know not all girls are sex crazed dolls who need to be re pierced at set intervals, but feeling like you’re actually in a relationship and not just around some girl who watches and criticizes your every move.

    When you say girls cheat because they can… It hurts a little, because that’s how I feel. Socially we are bound to woo and spoil our betrothed, and every effort is for their affection. So getting that affection seems like more than enough to chase them to the bedroom.

    Just like girls, guys want to feel important too, but I feel like after a certain point a girl can deem a guy a lost cause, and nothing he does actively can change how she feels, that’s probably a sign.

    If girls weren’t the highly sought after sex, things would be a little easier. But everything intimate is based on female satisfaction. Ribbed for her pleasure, vibrator to spice up your sex, blah blah. Women are people yes, but the world treats them like trophies way before guys get the chance, and they can ignore the negative expectations of society while still bringing in the old standard that made women who they are today…

    I wish I knew what that was.

  20. Billy says:

    whatever happened to the women that were very faithful to their men years ago?, and today the average woman needs at least seven different boyfriends, one for each day of the week.

  21. Very Much True says:

    remember, you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife

  22. Laura says:

    This was so ignorant and ridiculously sexist. Is the author a virgin? Dating a clueless, chauvinist jerk, I would have cheated, too! What a load of dog crap.

  23. Alan says:

    women who cheat are such a low life to begin with, and such losers as well. many women now just can’t stay committed to just only one man anymore, and there are many of us good straight men that can commit ourselves to just one woman. i was married at one time, and i did love my wife very much before she cheated on me.

  24. Amanda says:

    Women are cheating more these days because most of them have already been cheated on or have witnessed most of the women around them being cheated on for decades. There are a majority of men that cheat on women and in the past it was considered okay for men to cheat because they supposedly “had higher sex drives.” What a load of crap! Truth is, women have just as high of a sex drive as men, but if the display that side, they are called slandering names. The media and porn industry have subjected women today to be viewed as purely sexual play things. Yet, it is men who drive this industry. If men didn’t love sex and women so much, there wouldn’t be so many strip clubs for men and the porn would not be a billion dollar industry. Women cheat because they feel lonely, unappreciated or neglected from their boyfriends. They turn to another man for attention and affection. If men would spend less time jerking off on their computers and spend more time loving their girlfriends or wives, then maybe women wouldn’t have to look elsewhere for intimacy.

  25. Alan says:

    to Amanda, for your information i was a very good husband that never cheated on her. and i was very committed to her as well. i was very happy with my life at one time, and i thought that i was going to spend the rest of my life with her and have a family too. i am a straight man that hates going out as it is, and with all the low life loser women that seem to be out there now, it is like going to the movies and watching a horror show. it is a real shame that the women that we had years ago, seem to be all gone now. women certainly cheat much more than men do, and they certainly need to be much more educated like years ago. that is a good reason why marriages lasted very long back then, just look at our parents and grandparents, they are proof. times were different back then, and many women accepted their men for who they were, and they did not have to be rich. most of you women want a man with a very large bank account, and you women expect to be very spoiled by them. it is so very sad that many of the women today are really such losers.

  26. Steve says:

    Great article it’s depressing that it rings true for me, she cheated on me with two guys in a week after a fight cause they called her beautiful, I mean how dumb does she has to be not to know that and I’d remind her heaps earlier on, and shed just dismiss it as lots of women are beautiful.

    Oh well that the end of my 6 yr relationship, it was a bad fight though and as a result she must have been emotionally vunerable. And what’s worse caught up with her after and she is upset that they just used her for sex!!

    Soooo dumb seriously, although I still love this girl I hate her at the same time for being so stupid.

  27. Tamara says:

    I cheat for the same reasons that guys do. It feels good and is fun. From catching their eye to closing the deal it’s a rush. Women might act stupid about it but we really aren’t nearly as stupid as this article suggests, sex is fun and a little variety can be a great deal of fun. Sound familiar guys? The biggest difference is that women are much more clever about it. We only get caught if we are wanting to get caught. A woman that just wants to play and still keep her relationship can do so very easily with very little risk.

  28. True says:

    To Tamara, i feel very sorry for you because you are such a loser.

  29. my experience says:

    Men contribute to the cheating as well. As long as the woman doesn’t lie and say she is not in a relationship when she is. But if she does in fact say she is married, than the men are just as guilty. I’ve been in 6 long term relationships 1-3 years. 2/6 cheated on me and wouldn’t say why. Hurt and confused i WILL NEVER cheat on my partner just because i am angry because i have been cheated on. If you cheat because your were cheated on in the past or because stupid statistics say one gender cheats more than another then you’re very weak minded and have no self control which is very sad to me when people are like that… I have never once even thought about cheating, and i have had the chances! One reason being that i believe in faithfulness and that your partner trusts you for a reason. The Second reason being that: I know what it is like to be cheated on and the pain it causes. For a woman after 2 years out of the blue, cheat on you then completely ignore you when you want explanations. I didn’t provoke anything. Sure i yelled at first, then calmed down. Still no explanations. So told her to pack her sh*t and never seen her again AND MOVED ON. But most importantly i learned from the experiences. There is good woman out their just as well as there is a good man out there. So never give up on searching. There’s someone out there for you that wants the same thing you do.

    Straight 28year male opinion/experiences

  30. my experience says:

    ..also if your gonna cheat< get out of relationships. And just go be slutty on your own. Cause obviously relationships are not for you. MEN AND WOMAN

  31. Steve says:

    where are the good old fashion women like June Cleaver and Donna Reed?, and many of us good guys today would certainly love to have a woman like they were.

  32. Sarah says:

    Hahaha, oh my gosh. So. Your source is one dumb cheating slut? Is that where all these “facts” stemmed from?
    Listen. If your girl is cheating on you because of a freaking compliment or a touch, she sounds pretty desperate, and maybe that’s why she’s with you in the first place. I have never cheated, but I love a little attention. I love dressing up, getting glances and compliments, and I love looking great on my boyfriend’s arm when we go out together.
    Let’em look: I’m sexy, desirable, and I’m all his.

  33. Bubbles says:

    Sadly, I agree with your list. And I am a woman. Who has NEVER cheated on anyone, even when I was being mistreated. I am very attractive and men hit on me all the time, but I have great values as well. Maybe it boils down to my feeling secure about myself and my appeal. I don’t have to prove a thing. But not every girl is like me…..

  34. Anon says:

    Bubbles, I’m profoundly grateful for the fact that you even draw breath. Secure in yourself as you are, a compliment from me will mean nothing, but you are a credit to the world by simply living. On behalf of all troubled, desperate and weary souls, please continue to make the world a better place by continuing to stay true to yourself.

    Moral integrity is so very sacred in its rarity these days. Many people pay it lip service but when it comes down to the crunch they are malleable, pliable, and thus worthless as people. The fact that they even have the gall to cry about how they are upset afterwards angers me so very, very much. Utterly unbelievable. If I had a surefire way to avoid detection and ensure I picked my targets accurately I swear I would ferret the whole putrid lot of you out and enact a little ‘social engineering’. It’s not like I have much left to lose at this point; my sanity has long since deserted me. I might honestly now begin to comprehend the kind of desperation that drives once good people to do terrible things, and that scares me, if only a little.

  35. Again... says:


    There are a fair amount of angry souls on here…. What people need to remember is that men and women are not the same. Just because a man doesn’t claim to want to, or has never cheated doesn’t mean that the conditions for his beliefs are enough to stop someone else from doing so in the same situation.

    I have been cheated on twice, in two four-year relationships. The first was innevitable, as she was a budding feminist bi-sexual; I was a 19 year old student in-love with a beautiful, intelligent girl. One year of fem-lit and she was calling me a misogynist and constantly seeking other partners. I am not upset by this as she was a selfish little girl so wrapped up in trying to identify with something that would justify her being a slut, it had nothing to do with me… other than the fact that I was apparently “killing who she was”.

    The second: after 4 years of being together and three living together, it took one dance with a random guy to somehow coax my partner into cheating on me, dumping me, leaving a life full of responsibilities (about 4k’s worth) and having a 2 month fuck-fest with this guy. In her defence she only cheated on me once before dumping me for him, though she lied about it and wrote a letter saying many – completely random and otherwise bullshit – things including, “you’re not the kind of person I want to have children with”…

    After her two month romp, she ‘comes to her senses’ and wants to get back with me. Needless to say, a year goes by before I rip the truth out of her about why she ended it. I had to get her drunk to finaly tell the truth.

    This was 2 weeks ago.

    When you meet the women you later get into a relationship with, you need to ask yourself – “what kind of man am I?”
    If you lose the confidence in your masculinity, and if you ever expose your weakness for more than a moment, women will be turned off. The world is full of hipster, uber feminine males that have no spine and have placed women on such a high pedestal, they can’t even immagine being on a level playing field.

    The truth I have little doubt of, is that women like strong, independant males, who are confident in themselves, have aspirations and planned goals; men who don’t question who they are and are decisive. Ever talk to a woman who seems genuinely angry that you cannot, within 5 seconds decide what you want for dinner?

    When my second partner cheated on me, I was at the lowest point of who I was. I wasn’t socialising much; I wasn’t making much money; I didn’t have a car; I wasn’t working out; and even though I was good to her, I had nothing left to offer her in her eyes. After she left me, I got a raise, I got much more healthy/buff, a car, a new house and the confidence of having random women asking me out…she ran back to me.

    I love women; I love femininity; making a woman laugh and pouring my heart into her seeing her smile makes me so happy; though men, if you lose who you are, she will dump you and she will not feel a seconds guilt.

    Be good to her, though above all, be great to yourself. A man with a great life is a man with a great wife.

    …and if who you are isn’t good enough for a stupid bitch who is so insecure that she can’t sit still for craving attention like doggy biscuits? Fuck that bitch; you will never give her what she’s ‘missing’.

    Thank you.

    BTW: I’ve decided to give my current partner a second chance… lets see how it goes.

  36. Gary says:

    they are certainly very good at that, and hiding it too.

  37. Peter says:

    I know of one lady who cheated on me once but in fairness it was my fault as i walked out on her that night why could stay wirh her for abother year. There might have been more than one girlfriend who cheated on me, who knows? I would like to think all previous relationships were honest & would tell me as i have always been honest myself & been told everything. My point being i take relationships as they are for a given time (2-10 even 40 yrs,its irrelevant) & not be stupid or arrogant enough to beleive someone would ever love me. I know in myself i would never cheat on a girlfriend but from my experience if they cheated on me i would quite simply walk out the door on knowing the truth. Even if they were a wife & have my kids. This is because if someone is prepared to cheat on you what truly is the point to make it work? Its like a herion addict saying they will stop, that 1st unlawful act in a woman offering herself (kiss is ok by the way) the damage is done. Life is too short to care for anyone or think people wont hurt you, even family. I always aim for being honest (white lies acceptable), letting people be free, build my woman to be the best she can with the support she needs. If she chooses that is no good anymore then in my eyes there are over a billion people in this world why should i for 1 minute waste time on people close to me who do not build me to a better person or offer back what i offer them. I think men are sometimes to stupid, arrogant & just gay! Guys you gotta toughen up women are evil creatures, they don’t care, you are just another penis to then. Treat them the best you can, never doubt them, love them completely every second for the time they love you. The moment she stops loving you or cheats cut out the years of wasted hurt & turmoil & walk out the door the next day after you know the truth. Life is to short to care for anyone or waste on people who are of no benefit to making you a better person at that time in your life.

  38. Scott says:

    So true after along term relationship she wanted me so bad but I was far away so she just went off on a cheating spree then blamed me for everything no matter what I did everything for her all the time I hate women alone for life! humans are animals litterally

  39. tuvia says:

    There is a simple ancient law in eastern world and muslim world as well. “never trust a women”..if not today they’ll cheat you tomorrow but they will cheat you at some point of time. The only reason they cheat is that God made them that way.

  40. Joeblow says:

    It amazes me when I read articles like that almost all of them leave out the biggest factor in determining whether a woman will cheat or not, if they did it before.
    If a woman has had sex with dozens of men and cheated on her last three boyfriends she will probably do it to you too, prettty simple.

  41. Lee Chandler says:

    Women trade up, that’s why.

  42. Alex says:

    From an early age we are learned to threat women good. Imo the only women you should threat with absolute respect are the women who are your blood. Mother, sister, aunt etc. They will be always good to you and have good intentions.

    But other than that you should be very wary of women nowadays. Men get played like crazy. This article is true. Women are like men. They like freedom, sex and can be just as ruthless and tough as men. I find it annoying society tries to deny this and make excuses like oh women are emotional, she didnt know what she was doing.

    Women are very manipulative and know exactly what they’re doing. I didnt know this until I gratuated from college and got my first fulltime job. I sit in an office all day surrounded by women who are married and have boyfriends. Here I’ve learned how dirty women can be.

    Second day a girl got engaged at my work, she was heavily flirting with me and I swear I could have banged her that day. Having a discussion with a married coworker. Who swears in front of everyone at the job she would never cheat on her husband. 1 week later she stalks me the parking lot after work and tries to seduce me. I was so tired that day I didnt even realize what she was doing, I just noticed she looked very dissapointed when I told I had to go. Later I realized she was coming on to me. Ever since then our encounters are awkward. Other girl has a boyfriend but has been seducing me since day 1 in a very agressive manner. Asking to come to my house when my girlfriends not around, asking for massages, constantly touches me and leans against me, and even getting jealous at work in front of everybody, stealing my phone to check messages and wants to know what female coworkers I talk to and why. There are other girls who are single who’ve tried to ridicule my girlfriend in an attempt for me to break up with her. Two other girls at work, thought they were friendly, one is a bored housewife who loves to talk about sex and receiving massages from me. I know I can bang her anytime I want to. She even asks me to send her sexy pictures of myself to her.The other one talks about cheating on her boyfriend all the time and one period I was really tempted by her and there was so much sexual tension I almost cheated on my gf. For the record I stayed true to my girlfriend and didnt do anything with these two ladies. How does the bored housewife and the girl who is open about cheating treat me for being nice to them? They get on facebook and send friendship requests to my girlfriend and try talking her into all of us “getting to know each other and become friends”. They were trying to get in my private life, which would have been inappropriate considering the things they do at work. My girlfriend thought them contacting her was weird btw and I caught a lot of heat because shes jealous by nature. I told her I never really hang out with any of the females at work, she was like it seems like yall are best buddies. There are more women at my job that I have stories about. Milfs, girls with short skirts, human resources, my female boss! etc. etc. etc. I can go on and on about this for hours. Some stories are so scandelous that you wouldnt believe it. There is a girl who I work with whos in a relationship for 8 years. And all of those years shes been cheating with a married man with children! She has other guys on the side to! some of them she brings home and introduces them as friends to her boyfriend, who is totally clueless!

    I never cheated on my girlfriend. I’m happy as I am and if I found out my gf cheated on me I still wouldnt regret not taking the chances to cheat. I get enough sex. I have a good job and I dont want to throw that away for a cheap in and out operation. But I think I’m of a rare breed. I’m amazed not only the women I work with but who I also meet on the streets, parties, gym etc. how easy they are. I always think to myself damn if the boyfriend knew how his girl is playing him for a fool. But aside from this long story I just want to say, men wake up! Women cheat all over the place. I see this all the time. Maybe I get so much attention because I’m the only black guy in a white workplace and neighbourhood. So in a sense I must be exotic to the ladies. But I really do get pussy thrown at me everyday. I experience the backstabbing the women display. You should not be surprised and you should not be insulted. Its the society we live in. Everyone is getting more and more selfish. My lesson to you is to never put too much faith in a woman. Dont go out and buy houses together, spend a lot of fancy gifts, spoiling her as queen with all kinds of gifts. Use your head you can be loving and kind but dont let yourself be played for a fool all in the name of love. Have a vision for yourself and chase that dream. Those things are truly more important then women, because women will backstab you! In ten years you could be succesful and if shes smarts she sticks around, but if you wasted a lot of time on her you will end up broke and old.

  43. awa says:

    I expect to go back again to the middle ages, let’s give more stupid freedom for women, and that’s the result. I don’t give a f**k, for this modern women. fortunately, next superpowers, won’t be feminist, like China, Asia, Brics, Western Society is collapsing and one of the reason, are modern women, if we play with their rules, we will collapse. Divorce, problematic chilhood, no incentives to date modern women. We’ll give the man that modern women deserve. No one.

  44. Ron says:

    most of the women today are nothing like the real good ladies that existed years ago when they were very committed to their men and loved them for who they were, and today they are cheating so very much and can’t stay with one man anymore. women are such losers nowadays, and they are certainly the cause of most divorces too.

  45. Robert says:


    Victim mentalities playing out their roles, it’s always everyone elses fault.

    People make choices, live with them grow from them, and don’t repeat them more than once if they don’t feel good. lol

    Peace out,


  46. jurgen says:

    I hate the name Rob

  47. VeryTrue says:

    much more women today do certainly cheat much more, and many of them are very good at hiding it. very unfaithful women nowadays which is the reason why the divorce rate is out of control now.

  48. joe says:

    whoever wrote this is hurt and lost their trust and or faith. still, in a negative way..all the points made can be true. i would say they are slighting in nature to women in general. women are this way but hopefully moreso when immature. and i dont think it makes them all cheat. i mean the legistics of sex are crazy and unsettling for many women tempted to step out. i think more women emotionally cheat on their man behind his back than atually go thru with it. and women can hide it when they do cheat because what man is going to tell otr ruin the fun or fall in love? a man cheats and the woman gets possessive, blabs burns the guy if he doesnt undrstand her vulnerability or whatever. lol. i ultimately dont know. been with my lady for 13 yrs. two kids..swears shes not a cheater and ive never caught her. ive had insecurities and suspected a fellow she was friends with but i think i believe her. now, i have caught her betraying me in little ways with past boyfriends wher some emotion was involved.

  49. joe says:

    seriously tho…i believe more women cheat then men cause they can simply. a guy can have sex without much time after the introduced thought. a women its all about timing. a guy could hit on ten ladies abruptly and boldly and 9 outta 10 will not be in the mood or so readily intrigued without having the proper buttons pushed in the right sequence and blah blah..many days he ll prob get turned down or treated like a dog by all 10 women for breaking standard procedure or whatever..

    im convinced if a women propositioned 10 guys in a day shed 5 of them shed entice inside of her.

  50. meryummyii says:

    i agree with alex yet not fully.have once cheated on my bf but that was revenge…or something..cuz i was very unhappy with him, he was lying to me all the time and allways complaining about my appearance .All the other guys around me were saying i was cute beautiful hot..sexyy and made me feel good but he only made me feel like shit every day. I guess i was just trying to feel good by having someone love the way i am , appearance and personality.When guys complain about anything and are unsatisfied with their gfs , they will certainly notice that. If you dont accept the good and the bad sites of your bf/gf then one of you will not make a good life partner.Right now im happy with my bf and i forgave him he forgave me.even though… Me as woman have a very high sexual drive so i do find myself in fantasy with someone else,but bbeing patient helps and doing a lot of work, watching movies etc… meaning.-if you really want to stay faithful, you will do any means possible to do so.And if you are just looking for chances to cheat on him, then im sorry but you deserve someone as rotten as you are.

  51. lisa says:

    The reason why so many woman cheat is because men and women have a different definition of what cheating is. Men will watch porn,and consider that not cheating. Men will undress every woman he finds attractive, and consider that not cheating. So on and so on. Woman are sick of it and are out to get revenge.

  52. Joe G. says:

    Not all women are cheaters, but many are. Unfortunately every girl I have fallen for has cheated on me multiple times. I think the problem is that these cheaters cannot manage their lives and can’t look 5 minutes into the future. Thank goodness I never had children, got married, or got an STDs. And people wonder what has happened to society? Well cheating women is one part of it.

  53. AlwaysRight says:

    well one very good reason is, women who cheat are such losers to begin with. and boy are there plenty of them nowadays which is very sad.

  54. Adrian says:

    Well if i am going to talk about cheating then i’m not going to make this a gender issue. Both men and women cheat, and i think most of the reasons being given for why they do are mostly superficial.
    IMO the main reason why men and women treat is because of the way attitudes towards relationships and marriage have evolved over the last half a century or so.
    life today is all about the individual rights and happiness with things like obligation and honour taking a back row seat.
    People these days believe that it is their partners duty to make them happy, and if that isn’ t happening then it’s deemed to be ok to dump them for someone else who may or may not be up to the task.

    In short. “For better or for worse” has been replaced with “For as long as you make me feel good”.

  55. Tony says:

    man, cheaters will be cheaters. This is why the best possible way in my opinion, is to have friends with benefits. If the girlfriend or wife cheats, then you can have your fwb to fall back to

  56. Rob67 says:

    after reading all these I have no faith in women. But I agree with about half of it so theres hope.lol. My girl has deep seeded issues which spawn a addiction over 10 years ago, She cheated on her husband with a neighbor and found a BF in rehab, That destroyed her marriage with 3 young kids mine you. So I meet her 2,5 years ago and found out I was on the crazy train 8 months in. Needless to say I walked away a few times in 6 months for her to get healthy. I was kidding myself. I was the Joke here. They found it easy to discard love to just fill the void! She needed a lot of attention. Plus she was very jealous. So it was kinda of a handcuff relationship. In the end I was lied to one last time. We were apart, she was getting healthy so we could live together and build a future. We I found her sleeping with another man. So it broken my heart again and now I can finally heal and move on. I’m 45 and she is 41 so were not kids and know by now what we want in life and not play games. So if you ever date a women with deep seeded issues and or have a addiction, be prepared to lose who you are and you will dance with the Devil!!! Amen people.

  57. Laurie says:

    I have been reading these posts and feel compelled to comment. I do understand a lot of these comments, but I disagree with many. I am a faithful and loving wife. My husband and I have a wonderful relationship aside from his low testosterone levels. For 3 years I have felt hurt and somewhat embarrassed about this. I always felt it was my fault. I had never been with a man who had these issues. I have always had a high sex drive. So this was devastating for me. But, I also stood by my man’s side, and continue to do so. We talk about this issue openly. He is going to see a Urologist. This problem bothers him as much as it bothers me. I will not lie, I have longed for a sensual touch. To be desired by a man, to feel more like a woman. I want these things. But, I want them from the man I love. Masturbation keeps me content when his libido is low. He is a wonderful man, a good husband and step-father. He is my best friend. My hurt would never translate into me needing the affections of another man. I love MY man. He is who I want in my bed.I am not needy or vain. I am a confident woman.I like who I am, how I look. I may miss passion in the relationship, but we are working on that. There are ways to spice things up. Of course, I would love for him to throw me over his shoulder and carry me into the bedroom. But, love is love. He shows me love in a million other ways. And I see that. The little things…a flower pulled from the garden and put in my car for me to see when I get in. He makes me smile, despite our problems. I would never cheat. There are decent people out there. There are women who are devoted and loving, who support their man. There are women who work on their problems within the relationship. Not all women run into the arms of another. They stay in the arms of their man and do what it takes to make it work.

  58. Kiki says:

    I have to say I’m very disappointed in this article & disagree with it in its entirety. The man who wrote this has done so from a very cynical perspective, given his clear dissatisfaction of women & jaded perceptions on why they cheat.
    Both men & women cheat & there’s NO acceptable reason or excuse for anyone when they’ve committed themselves to another person. It’s a form of deception & betrayal to their partner & reasons should never be justified or even acknowledged.
    Cheating stems from issues in a person’s past or the relationship they’re in & the person cheating is not taking responsibility to take control of their life or sort out the issues in their relationship. They’re selfishly motivated by an easy way out that hurts another in the process.

    The author of this article seems to excuse the fact men can cheat because they simply find another woman sexy but women have idiotic reasons to do so. Cheating because of attraction to another member of the opposite sex is not a reason or justifiable in ANY way.
    For the author to say “women cheat because they can” – here’s a news flash for you – SO DO MEN!!! And it’s a hell of a lot easier for them to do so with the aid of brothels & the multitude of escorts peddling their services in the classifieds or the online f**k buddies & “safe cheating” websites that have sprung up to accommodate them.
    I don’t see as much of these highly accessible services geared towards women, men clearly hold the majority of the market share in this area. Yet according to the author & some of the comments following – women cheat more than men!!

    If the author is claiming men like looking at & sleeping with beautiful, sexy women & women need to be validated that they are beautiful & sexy, then both genders are to blame in the vicious circle.

    Men created the porn industry – not women! Men created the strip club industry – not women! It’s been the lust & insatiable desires of men to have slutty, sexy women perform for their enjoyment & inflate these industries to the epic proportions they are now.
    Why do women participate in these porn/strip/online industries? 2 main reasons
    1.They are paid ridiculous sums of money to whore themselves out
    2. They get to look & feel sexy & get validation for it

    To all the men that left comments saying how jaded they are after their past experiences of being cheated on & they have no faith there are any good women out there – have some perspective! The world is filled with more than 7 billion people, it’s very limiting to label every single woman on this planet a cheating slut. If your not getting the result you want it means you’ve either given up on your search to find a nice girl or you’re looking in the wrong places – both of which you’re responsible for because there are plenty of decent, lovely women who are loyal & looking for an equal mate, just like there are men.

    We’ve all had bad experiences in the past – Millions of people have. We can all say we know or have heard about men & women cheating in their relationships – unfortunately we live in a society that promotes it but it doesn’t make it right or justifiable.
    Move on & get over it. We all have choices – you can choose to be immersed in the sleezy & immoral part of society either enjoying yourself in it or hurting from it or you can choose to realize there’s another part of society that has a different set of morals & ethics & you could become a part of that instead.

  59. Seriously says:

    whatever happened to the Good Old Fashion down to earth women like we had years ago?

  60. lol pls says:

    you got cheated on? can’t imagine why that happened when you think of women as such stupid vapid and naive creatures.

  61. Kel says:

    Well, I only can say. Women that cheats is their man fault. If you can’t handle your woman, blame yourself. I am a man by the way. If you found your woman cheating on you,move on, you are not her soul, just a visitor in her life, same for woman. I cheat with other man’s gf, yes. But hey… It’s two way. Woman that are attached are dumb? Yes because we wanna get them to bed so we listen to their endless complains and sadness. They think they are taking revenge? Well how silly… I for one gives my wife everything and I never argue, complain or even quarrel with her, I give her priority in everything and make life easy, fun, relax for ourselves . I cheat because I want to and I can’t help it, lol…. I just love the excitement of hiding the truth. Yes you may call it a double life but it keeps me in check, confident and challenging. .. I love to love. There are woman out there that are like me but they are doing it not because they are sad, but because they love it too. Lol… There’s no right or wrong… Either he or she is your life partner or just a visitor in your life.

  62. Ben says:

    I think it’s definitely fine to cheat. Understandably it may be demeaning to many, but the truth is, men and women cheat for all sorts of different reasons/needs – and the bottom line is, they cheat because they can. It’s that simple. Because there is someone else who (they think) values them more. Nobody can cheat alone.

    I feel it is not fair to call cheaters losers, or low-lifes. At one point of time, the cheater does (or did) have qualities that were loved, adored and treasured, which is why they were a couple in the first place. Undoubtedly emotions will run high for the cheatee. As a man, hypothetically if I were to be approached by, say, a Victoria’s Secret Supermodel would I not cheat? Shallow as my reasons for cheating may be, I would not be arrogant enough to say that my loins will not be stirred and my will be steadfast.

    Similarly, if my wife found another person better than I am for whatever reasons (her reasons may or may not be less shallow than mine, however unacceptable) she might cheat on me if the conditions were ripe – i.e. after we had a nasty fight, etc.

    Many may say it does tarnish the sanctity of marriage, but we live in a progressive and contradictory world where every day we are bombarded by images, ideas and concepts which challenge traditional principles and values. While there are people who cheat constantly and deliberately to feel that rush of empowerment over their partners and spouses, there are many who cheat in moments of weakness. I don’t think it is a moral disease as many would see it, but more like a constant battle to improve ourselves in the eyes of our partners, as well as for our own good.

    We never truly own our partners. I did not raise my wife since she was a baby, and I was not responsible for her education or initial success and neither was she for mine. For me, it took a lot of strength and self realization (and cheating and being cheated on) to understand that. But as we address our needs truthfully and openly, I think it’s a step towards having a meaningful relationship.

    Honey I love you with all my heart, but if Heidi Klum came to me in a drunken stupor, I’m not gonna say no. And I know you’re gonna bang the hell out of Brad Pitt if he hit on you. But it’s okay, we chose each other, and that’s what matters.

  63. jane says:

    This was pretty accurate until I read number 14 which I found highly offensive. What, cheating on someone because you find another person sexy is a good reason for cheating? So its okay for men to cheat because they cant help it because they have one good reason, while women have a million bad ones? I so agree! A woman has GOOD reasons, while guys have bad reasons. Also most women are right, we are too good for guys and guys suck. They also dump you, they f u and then dump you. Women have intuition and we are good. We fear it, and we are right because guys suck and are dumb.

  64. Sad But True says:

    Jane, it is Losers like you why many men like us can’t meet a Decent Woman Anymore.

  65. AJ says:

    The very sad thing nowadays is that women do certainly cheat much more than many men do, and it is sad that the divorce rate is so very high now since many women today are the biggest cheaters. I was very happily married at one time before my wife cheated on me which i really thought that i had finally met a good woman to share my life with and was hoping to have a family as well. Now going out all over again really sucks for me since there are no good women to really meet out there anymore since many of them are so very damn nasty today to talk too, and with the attitude problem that they have now makes it much worse. It is very sad the amount of so many very stupid women that we have out there today, especially the ones that like to cheat so much which makes them very much losers to begin with. Just too many Very High Maintenance Women out there too, and it is all about Money for them anyway. It is just too bad that we don’t have the Real Good Women like we had years ago that were certainly a lot more smarter than the ones that are out there today which made it much easier for many of us meeting a good one than now. Once Women’s Lib took over it really messed up their head very badly, especially the ones that think there all that which they are certainly Not.

  66. Chris says:

    There’s good and bad, isn’t there, some reading here will be bad anyway, but none the less infuriated by being cheated upon, there may be bad, smug, in there collective assistance in degeneration and pain causing reading away merrily, also the noble will be the people searching for the answer to why?

    There will be those having made the mistake who are to be committed truly to never doing so again, and again noble in there search the others looking for the answer as to why they where cheated, why sometimes isn’t the real pain, the pain in the truth, that, it is really done if your heart ascends to the tune of a 100% committed love where no infidelity exists ever then its done. No reconciliation, no reasoning ditch the dirt before you find yourself in places you’d ‘never’ go.

    It’s a terrible shame that the whores in life cant be tattooed with something they can’t remove safe guarding all who wish to lead truly wholesome lives. The world is still evolving so in time what’s it got to do with reasons to cheat, what ever ‘reason’ provoking the thought, the reason given by the principle of loyalty would alone STOP the thoughts. Reason is its far to easy its a social deficit to cheat all these people are doing in the long run is robbing there children’s children of there future/s if some super disease doesn’t end up spreading through the ranks of these people and there forsaken loyal lovers then something will happen. Something equally as disastrous to the life as the hurt and degeneration there creating.

    Now swinging/open relationships are at least noble in there honesty where ‘cheating’ is a elusion as it’s blatant to both parties.

    Aren’t these ‘cheats’ just disordered individuals with , to the majority even with there ‘good/permissible’ excuses just, liars, I believe they’re liars, liars so bad to the point they believe there bull ‘reasons’ to cheat, maybe they have a character problem i.e. classic, a person immersed in a ‘loving’ relationship yet not fulfilled, the classic my partner is working hard, for both (ya know so life can be lived) of them yet, no ‘spark’. All reasons stated miss the truth the cheating notion starts with and only with the cheaters perceived ‘character’ otherwise it couldn’t and wouldn’t ever happen, period. maybe the reason is they decide to cheat because they’re the selfish brattish type deep down the, sly magpie, with the cunning of a fox. Leave these people to there ‘reason’ filled life’s they’re already in hell and have been since they existed the way they are, they cant be perpetually ‘happy’ only when they feel better than or they’re hurting, someone, whom is aware or not, they’re reason is to do wrong, to cause pain imagined or precipitated usually both in the end, why so many may be here reading such pain giving rise to the very internet search that brought you here. Something will happen to balance this problem. It starts with letting go, take enough from the experience you can make sure you don’t get hurt like this again without being a ‘scarred and scared’ individual. Now shall we tackle world hunger, maybe insurgency, yes?

  67. Hmmm says:

    I have been cheated on before, several times. I’m now in a commited relationship and we both trust eachother as much as we can.

    We were both insecure and scared either one of us would cheat, we would allow eachother full access to our lives; want to see my phone? Go ahead! Want to go on any of my social networking accounts? Feel free! Want to access my emails? Sure why not! Nothing was hidden, we knew exactly where eachother were at every point in the day, all of our spare time was spent together.

    Now we both still have access to eachothers accounts, but neither of us feel the need to go on them. When we both felt insecure, being there for eachother helped get both of us through it. Now a few years down the line and we’re both happy. We do argue occasionally, every couple does and should!

    If you say you’ve lost all hope in women then I don’t blame you, the majority are as you all describe, but don’t fret… Those hidden treasures, the rarity of the human race, the only decent people in humanity… They do exist, it’s no myth. You just need to find them.

  68. Kat says:

    Lmao this sounds like it was written by a poor sucker who got cheated on and now hates women. Lol…..most ridiculous misogynistic piece of propaganda against women that I have ever read!

  69. Dave Sye says:

    I so agree with this post! I recently lost my first love. I was devastated.
    She flirted with me first and came onto me…I was a bit cool…and truthfully I wasn’t 100% attracted but I liked her as a friend and treated her well.
    But naturally, I, and we, fell in love. She was my first true love.

    I treated her so well, tried to be exciting, sexually adventurous, charming, a bit flirtatious (everything you hear in the modern bullshit magazines) but most of all, I was natural and sincere because I am naturally shy.
    It turned out she was seeing other guys behind my back, ugly guys too. I think girls don’t know what they want. I really treated that girl like my princess, but not any clinginess, she went out with friends without me and to salsa classes (which I, in hindsight, warn all men about their girlfriends going to!! cos’ my girlfriend cheated with a guy there)
    I truly believe, like this article says, that a girl cannot truly love a man. They may want a man but once attained, they soon fall out of love – this was my situation – she flirted with me at first, I was cool, but I fell deeply in love, 5 years later, she hates me enough to flirt and see other arsehole guys. A good man WILL grow into love.
    I will never trust another woman again.

  70. Kenya says:

    Sad, so sad… It is very clear that the author has been hurt and therefore, embittered. The article is misogynistic and degrading. Not every woman is that way. Where do you come across all these silly, naive, shallow, dumb, and just wratched women? Some women are educated, supportive, thoughtful, loyal, generous, intelligent, loving, compassionate and and embody values that would support a long term loving relationship. Unfortunately in my experience, these women are often alone. They are overlooked and rejected because:
    – some men choose wratched women because they themselves are wratched and the woman is a reflection of themselves.
    – some men are not so bright and shallow themselves and fall for dumb shallow women.
    – dealing with a woman of low moral standards allows for men to comfortably display low moral standards/ they don’t have to give as much and do as much work to get and maintain the woman.
    – because they are scorned and think a good woman is too good to be true and treat the good woman like shit.
    Women are no longer as financially dependent as they were 50 years ago. That financial dependence forced a lot of women to endure/remain in relationship where they were being cheated on and mistreated in other ways. It is also important to remember that many women watched this abuse of there mother’s and grandmothers over the years. Some are rebelling by taking on the characteristics of the victimizers/ the men as a form of rebellion and to prevent becoming victims themselves. The behaviors are not good for either group to embody. So sad that so many men have this low opinion of women while there are so many lonely good women out here. Also sad that men don’t see how they dog out and misuse good loyal women. Trust me, I’ve been through a lot relationship wise. However, I refuse to let these disappointing relationships with men in the past rob me of the possibility of honorable fulfilling relationships in the future. There are still good men and women out there.

  71. Jim says:

    With all the diseases in this world today going around, most of the women that do cheat better realize that once you get that serious disease, your life could very well be at risk.

  72. Georgie says:

    The article is true and based on reality. Women are very prone to cheat whenver possible because they are vulnerable and attention seeker. Im not saying all but most of them. If they felt that the other man is showing her more support, compliments, love andrespect well its time tosaygoodbye. You can prevent this from happening if you lower your ego and love your gf.

    Women love rich and attractive men. Its the same in both sex. But if you two have really good communication and rel i dont think shell think twice to have an affair.

  73. tim says:

    Yeah, I came home from Afghanistan after 12 mth tour, 8 of which I was married to my childhood sweety. She decided that she realized that she was never really in love with me and would not spend the rest of her life with me, and then also informed me that she had found an old boyfriend from 16 years ago on facebook that she wanted to go see as a friend. Informing me that 80% of the marriage failing was my fault because of what I had not done. Nevermind the fact that she had “modeled” a black leather dress for this guy on our bed and sent him pictures by email so he could see how she looked in it before she went to see him. Now she is married to him and just had his child. I have honestly lost faith in women who say that they are loyal and want to settle down but instead they find that they are bored and want a life and that they come out with a different personality than what you knew of them.

  74. Danna says:

    Well I have read this article and I would have to kinda agree with the writers opinion except for the fact of women cheating for the dumbest reason, while guys cheat because someone is sexy, oh and the information that women don’t want to be happy, sorry that’s gotta be some of the dumbest stuff I ever read. Truth is, it doesn’t matter if the girl has issues with her father, it doesn’t matter how well the guy looks, a women cheats because there is something she is lacking in the relationship. For guys to sit there and say the women are all losers nowadays need to stop and look, my grandfather perpetually cheated on my grandmother with hookers, she loved him and stayed with him. Is that the kind of woman you are all looking for? Because speaking truthfully as a woman who has been married twice, I couldn’t live like that. You also gotta look at the way guys are nowadays as well. At my place of work, every male employee has made a move or “hit” or offered thier services to me, and why? I don’t know why. They all know I’m married, and every single one of them are in serious relationships themselves. So, I’m just trying to make sense of all of this, if a guy is in a relationship and looks at porn and is hitting on other women, in hopes of getting lucky it’s okay. But if a girl cheats it’s unforgivable? Hope someone could please help me understand the double standard, cuz I certainly don’t.

  75. ric says:

    Problem with all women not being the same, it’s hard meeting the desirable percentage who are not remote controlled. The guys who are compatible with these females are always alone. They are usually suckered into bad relationships with a girl displaying most, if not all items on the above list, and then it ends. It’s not unknown women have far more sexual encounters than men, but the problem is what sex becomes for these females. They usually don’t have the heart or the mind to get to know a person, because. They are female. They are sexual beings designed for sex. XX chromosome. They will never understand “Y” they do what they do.They are not smarter, or friendlier, or better because they have sex all the time with whomever, but they are happier. But like a drug, they need sex to feel happy, and may only feel happy if they have sex. Ladies, happiness does not replace character, it’s a varying component of a character. The 1% of ladies who are not a robot, really need to approach the shy, cute guy.

  76. BritishDanyal says:

    Silly list! That list is just an excuse for cheating. If you’re in a relationship you shouldn’t be cheating. Why would you betray your mate/partner? Why would you make your partner suffer? It’s selfish. If you’re unhappy in your relationship COMMMUNICATE. Communication is the key.

    And that list applies to women who are emotionally unstable. Whoever cheats on their mate/partner should be ashamed of themself. If you dont want to be with your partner end the relationship. Don’t go behind your partner’s back and get intimate with someone else. It’s f***ed up.

    Don’t get into a relationship if you’re going to cheat. Stay single!

  77. anon says:

    Ohhh I see, you got hurt. I was wondering why you were talking about women so harshly, but of course. Typical male, generalizing, stereotyping, obsessing. Your girlfriend cheated on you because you’re boring, and she probably doesn’t love you anymore. She probably wants to keep you around because you’re secure to her though. Sorry chap. How it goes. Now, go write a positive article when you’re finally happy with the world.

  78. Kari says:


    1 Women are usually needier than men you mean? I can see how that might happen. I don’t speak for all women, but that’s true enough as far as I can tell. I don’t think that would be her fault, though.

    2 True enough I guess. If she was such a wreck, then It’s likely she would be open to anything that would “relieve” her of, whatever her problem was. Real or imagined.

    3.. huh? The best thing for the gene pool is to have everyone paired of and monogamous so that everyone knows whose kids are whose.

    Imagine if there was a guy who had been with every woman in the neighborhood for example, and he knocked them all up. All of these women’s kids are probably going to go to the same school. And date their peers. And there would be no way of knowing whether or not their kids were committing incest! Ew! And bad for a person’s health (to be inbred). So cheating is actually really bad for that, isn’t it?

    4 Women sometimes fall in love? Correct. Are you suggesting that men don’t?

    5 If a guy she was seeing needed some serious work, a woman would rather work on him than end it if that was at all possible. That’s probably true. But if she succeeded, and there was some other guy who clearly needed maturing as well? Not her problem! It’s the living an okay life with someone she’s attracted to part that she’s after, not the fixing part.

    6 The whole

  79. Jaslyin says:

    No.26 – woman thought man was a sheep only to realize he’s actually a wolf in sheeps clothing
    No.27 – man changed
    No.28 – man takes woman for granted
    No.29 – man cheated first
    No.30 – man places mother, kids, siblings, friends or work before her

  80. BritishDanyal says:

    @ anon: LOOOOLL thats just my honest opinion.
    I ain’t going to write an essay but on my first paragraph I was addressing both sexes. They say women are 4 years maturer than men but after reading this article I know that is a load of bollocks. So if you’re a grown woman cheating on your boyfriend you have a lot of emotional growing up to do. And I ain’t got time to be obsessing over silly issues like that. I’m 23 and in a healthy relationship, thank you very much 🙂

    BTW are you by any chance the author of this article? Lol

  81. Mr Common Senseish says:

    Hahahha some of your opinions are literally shocking. Women are the most hypercritical kind of people. Its not in a mans genes to want to settle as much as you may think it is. Its human nature for them not too.. However they try and they try hard. So to have a lot of you say oh men stop trying, they only want you for one thing. I think its about time you got over yourselves, when do you do the same for the man as you do at the start? Never. You become boring and naggy. Its not a good trait. And as for all you lot agreeing with this then you cant complain when every man you get into a relationship with fucks the first girl with a nice pair of tits he sees because you are definitely not worth our effort or our compliments. Now to the next conquer. All you will be is a name on our plaque. Maybe its about time you appretiate the man in your life as he is trying to settle down with you and be the man you want him to be. God this is stupid haaa.

  82. Mr Common Senseish says:

    Ben, Jane both a pair of f******* idiots. Me and my girl experiment. Weve talked and done things but within the comfort of our relationship. What your talking about is hurting someone for no good reason. If you want to be with someone who is better here is a good f****** idea just be honest and leave the person. Ive never been cheated on luckily. Maybe i am one of nice guys but i know one thing for certain honesty is where people go wrong. No honesty no trust no care. 3rd rant now but just because bens is an absolute tool.

  83. Just thinking says:

    The biggest problem around all of this, is that you can only know someone is telling the truth if they say themselves that they have cheated on you, but if they say they have not, then they are either honest or a liar. If a woman says she is not cheating, it is a dilemma for a man as he has to choose between the risk of wasting time with a cheater, or blowing his chance with an honest woman. It is the same problem for women; vice-versa.
    But there is something missing from all this that concerns me, allow me to explain…
    I cheated on my girlfriend of two years. The very next day I broke up with her, without even touching as much as her shoulder, and then told her why a few days after that – that I hooked up with another woman and that to me it was a sign that I did not want to be with her (I didn’t fuck the other chick, I only hooked up, but both are just as bad cheating will always be cheating). What is missing from a lot of what is said above, is that I would tell any girl if i cheated on her, i don’t believe i ever could get away with it, because no matter how well i hid it, I would always know that I cheated, and going on like i did not is just cruel to the other person. But I am in it for the relationship, others are in it for the drama. How will you choose to separate the honest from the deceptive?
    There is no such thing as a devoted woman. And to help you tell yourself fact from fiction, man is a double sided coin: when he is single he is ruthless towards others relationships, and when he is taken he is paranoid towards his lovers male acquaintances – you know both sides to your nature. Humans are cursed, so let them suffer.

  84. sierah says:

    wow, this sounds like some mysogynistic asshole wrote this.. really? sounds like whoever wrote this article needs some therapy and anti depressants. No one is perfect, but for every cheating whore, there is some cynical guy who continues to cheat and its a total domino effect. Yes, there are a a few good people out there, but you should have your list of non negotiables. Men and women should.. The thing is, we get sucked in and can’t cut it off cause of the attraction. Hey! what can i say, it’s human nature. Instead of looking for someone, and going to all the wrong places, why can’t people just learn to be happy alone. Learn to love yourself first and it will come. Commit some time to positive activities and learning and bettering yourself as a person and you just may find that special someone. If you walk around with this cynical, women hating attitude, constant chip on shoulder, that is all you will attract. I have chosen to stay single and focus on myself, and when the time comes then its meant to be.

  85. in the name of all decency says:

    I think as a male that these 25 statements are only true for a particular kind of female however there are many very beautiful and faithful women out there….I think the bigger picture is the amount of apathy in the human race. We should have a bigger purpose other than merely sex! And this may be the downfall of society for both sexes. We should care about advancing our society in a noble way and contributing to the world as opposed to being obsessed with relationships and working as a mindless cog to a corporation! How this relates is that there was and in some circles still is the drive to be a man or woman of great character and the need to contribute to advancing our civilization for the better! But people today with the advancements made are only too happy to simply enjoy the fruition of these advancements (i.e. technology, the internet) and work a meaningless job as a subordinate to a faceless enterprise. This leads them to search for completion in relationships which derails us from our greater purpose which is advancing mankind! When a woman sees a man of great virtue and hard won success and has that same purpose (either already instilled or inspired by the man) then she knows no sexual encounter will be worth losing him and vice versa for a woman of greatness. It’s the result of apathy we search for cheap thrills and this result of feeling unsatisfied with our partners. I as a male feel that this article was and is misogynistic but does however describe a rare yet becoming not so rare archetype of female. When we call to this wish of having a greater purpose and contributing selflessly to mankind we lose that lack of purpose and wandering of spirit and body that causes cheating and the never ending search for fulfillment that a relationship alone is incapable of bringing by itself! Oh, and for the females that said that they’re cheating is due to generations of men before us, well…we can’t be accountable for our ancestors never mind people we never even knew!. I think the proper balance of power between sexes has been accomplished…which mind you men at that time were responsible for putting in to place not to say you didn’t fight for your rights voraciously! Anyway, we need to fight for the greater good of mankind and the advancement of humanity in order to find that missing emptiness that no relationship or sexual encounter by itself can fulfill which means the stopping from living so goddamn selfishly and self servingly. This was written by a thirty year old artist who is about to have his first film made by a major studio and who will become a philanthropist to help foster a better world. Intelligence, mind you, has been made through the use of propaganda and the glamorizing of sports to seem something only attractive to the “nerdy” types because in the hands of the general public it truly scares those in power….fight the power!

  86. ES says:

    Generalizations never answer questions. Every woman I have ever known (including myself) experienced this: a man chases a woman until she catches him. Men are the ones who propose, men are the ones who fool women into thinking he must be telling me the truth then once the I do’s are exchanged a man becomes complacent almost immediately, figuring they are good now that they’ve caught her. You men get bored because you like the chase, period. The catching however, nope. All you are looking for is a mother to tend to you and a wife to have sex with but even then that isn’t good enough. It isn’t about being not sexy enough, not desirable enough, not anything enough. It is about the one you are with not being as good as the one on the other side of the fence. I have known some beautiful women (including one who was a show girl) whose husband’s stopped touching them intimately or otherwise after six months and prefer their hands instead of genuinely connecting with their women on all levels not just their genitals. A woman cheats because she is emotionally and physically neglected while men instead of acknowledging their responsibility in their relationships decide we are all faithless demons. Whatever. When a woman starts playing the game that men have been doing to us for centuries and that woman is better at it than they are, men go whining to their mothers or their brothers. On average, if a man would devote the same amount of energy emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually to a serious relationship that a woman does, you’d see far better results (provided that woman was strong in character and healthy psychologically) you are going to have a great relationship with one. Oh, what’s that you say? Too much work? Then don’t have a serious relationship, men (and women). I know of way more relationships where hubby cheated than wife cheated.

  87. sk says:

    What ever the reason are why woman and man cheat..let us just note this.. today we human being (95% of us )are Lovers of pleasure ( sex top this list here) , money and lovers of self ( we have no love for each other anymore)…I like a man or a woman who doesn’t get moved from what he she wants career wise. Whether you fuck a woman good ,give her enough attention…if she get seduced by another man or if she just want to explore with a different man she will cheat period!!! Bread eaten in secret is sweet. Sexual lust has enslaved us…the more you explore different partners the more you become entrapped in the prison of sex. That thing called sexual pleasure is very powerful…

  88. G-Freedom says:

    Here’s my perspective as a 29 year old engaged man:

    I’ve been cheated on twice in past relationships, both in major ways. The first girl who was my fiance cheated on me with a mutual friend of ours when i was off in another country trying to pave the way for her to join me there. I was very sad, very depressed and lost faith in humanity.

    Just as i was recovering i met a beautiful woman who lit up my life again. I fell hard for her after a few months, but sadly after 6 months i found out she was still married and was carrying on multiple affairs with several men. Again, i was pretty sad, but less so than the first time.

    Now it’s been years since all of that and I am in a relationship with a nice, loving woman. I can’t say for sure she isn’t cheating, but i doubt it. The thing is, after surviving the previous situations, I’m not really affected. I love my current partner a lot, but if i found her cheating tomorrow I woudn’t be sad or angry, I’d just smile, say i understand and pack my things. I’m done with even TRYING to build my life around women or please them or live for them. I am who i am, i am what i am, and they can be in my life for as long as they wish and they can leave when they wish.

    What is the difference? I believe the difference is me. I’m hugley buff, I have a line if women who BBM, text and FB me trying to egt my atttention despite that I’m in a commited relationship, and i am, for lack of a better word, minted.

    I just simply do not care anymore. I know for sure it would/will be her loss and stem from issues she has, and in no way reflects on me. I’m secure, and will remain so even if she cheats. It would take me approimately 25 seconds to line up another gorgeous lady to spend some time with, and my current partner knows this. I’d just jet out to Thailand, get my muscles out and have a great old time scuba diving with some gorgeous traveling lady or something. In short, I’ve lost my insecurity and in no way rely on my partner to validate me. I think when you get to this point, the fear of your partner cheating subsides and you don’t care that much..

    Will she stray? Maybe. Do I care? A little, but not enough to spend any time worrying about it.

    This is where all men need to get to: enjoy them respect them, don’t be a horrible man to them and jade them further, and if they betray you or leave, so what?! Just smile, maintain your integrity and dignity, and walk on.

    NEVER become a cheater because you have been cheated on. In the end, you only betray yourself.

    Thanks for reading

  89. VGirl says:

    I’m a girl and I cheated once, but not for any of the above reasons. Sure, being in a mentally and emotionally hard stage had a huge part to do with it but I most certainly did not cheat “because I can” or because “women are stereotyped”. The reason for cheating always depends on the person and rhe circumstances and even though it’s never a good excuse, all the given reasons suggest to me that we as women are simply extremely weak, self-centered and shallow and sometimes there’s just a lot more to that.

  90. Janon says:

    ES… the statistics indicate that women cheat *at least* as much as men. Your personal experience with friends doesnt mean anything statistically

    The moral of all of this is that its really best to stay single. With a 59%+ chance of finding a narcissist (male or female) who can genuinely rationalize that their sexual whims are the most important thing in the universe the emotional risk of commitment is just too high.

    Funny how cheaters can so easily and quickly project blame or rationalize, yet apparently find it impossible to *talk* to the person they supposedly love and express their dissatisfaction or *leave* them *before* just trampling their trust to satisfy lust…

  91. A reformed man says:

    ok 2 things

    “Men created the porn industry

  92. Just saying says:

    Cheating is morally wrong in most cultures (if not all) and the reasons for doing so are irrelevant. Whats worse is the family court systems in most states are highly biased against males so if your loving wife decides to cheat after 9 years of marriage, not only do you have to deal with the betrayal that ensures, but now you have to fork over half your pay for the next 5 years of your life because that’s the law. If anything, this is one factor for women to cheat. They get a nice reward for doing so.

  93. mike says:

    Chivalry isnt dead, men just get tired of ungrateful bitches! Mabey if you could learn to understand and communicate your own emotions then guys would have a better shot at keeping you happy, were not mind readers! Ive been cheated on by so many girls that at this point I see no reason to try that hard anymore, almost all of you are just completely ungrateful for the love your man desperatly tries to show you. It seems like a fucking game for you to mess with guys heads and hearts just so you can get some excitement in your life! Hell you dont even understand yourselves so how are we supposed to? Oh and heres a thought its not just the guys responsability to keep the relationship exciting, it sure is easy to say your man is lazy while your sitting there doing nothing but bitching on the internet!

  94. benson says:

    There is a constantly growing underworld in the workplace. Women and men both have increased opportunities for cheating. The corporate sector does not respect committed family men and family women so much now. With continuous economic push for increased production and cost savings, workers are encouraged to work longer hours together instead of tending to their family unit. Women have been getting sexually manipulated by their bosses way before the women’s rights era. Now, the house wives are able to interact with the boss. The bosses used to just give the husband the slip to get to the wives. Now the wives are directly interact ring with the boss.

    Its a viscous bad relationship cycle from poor family development and low morals.

  95. LR says:

    Working women are more likely to cheat because of bosses trying to steal them from their husbands and the next thing you know, the husband bitches and kills his wife which is why working women suffer more from domestic violence. It’s because these women cheat on their husbands.

  96. MALE-ocracy says:

    Seriously? This is sattirical right, are you people all really that brainwashed? The gross over simplifications and generaliztions about the female population here is disgusting….I laughed at least.
    Looks like another male-biased, fear inducing article about why (or how) we should put down women for doing the same things men do, but for doing it in a patriarchal society. We don’t control our partners, but we control our own actions.
    How about loving your significant other uncoditionally, and being there for her.
    Sounds like the author has some deep seeded issues with women, I feel sorry for everyone who read this article as truth.

  97. Don says:

    I have been married 3 times and you think I would have learned by now! I have always been faithful in all my marriages and done housework and bought nice gifts for my wives and treated them like gold! How was I repaid my first wife cheated on me with a guy at her work and left me and then wanted back but by then it was too late! My second wife was a control freak and made me feel like shit! My third wife who I am with now is not happy wont have sex with me but tells me she still loves me. Wow aren’t I lucky! I was laid up with a bad back and have been helping with my 83 year old dad who is dying from heart issues. I told her thank you for being so supportive while I have been going through such a hard time. I sat at home in the past years while she took trips with her friend who was 12 years younger all the time. Right now all women to me are evil as hell and I am just tired of being the nice guy! Now I work out 7 days a week and go cruising in my muscle car and go to church.

  98. T says:

    my girlfriend has father issue, please keep in mind she’s a victim. Her father kept cheating on her mother, hit her and I can tell that she’s always looking for a father figure in her relationship. I believe she’s never realized it, but everyone around her can see her needs, her craving for that. She even had an affair with her principal when she’s in senior high. Now we’re in relationship for 2 years and, yeah, she’s getting much better since she’s with me (her brother said it to me). She’s 23 right now and I’m 28.
    The problem is, I’m far from the figure of a father she always wanted. And I worked so hard to be the best for her, I did everything I could to give her what she needs, to make her happy. And now we’re in LDR, she takes her master study abroad and unfortunately she met this 51 y/o guy who appeared like a prince charming on a white horse in her eyes. She came honest with me that they already had sex.

    I feel powerless, humiliated, small and no use to live. Worst than someone spits on your face.

    Please help me I’m so depressed right now, I know her so well and she did that because of the issue she has. We were happy and very loyal to each other. Please help me, I love her so much.

  99. MAJ says:

    Dear T,

    Its clear that this women is really messed up. You were your best and she cheated on you. Man you deserve far better than her and her issue isn’t that serious and it doesn’t make her irresponsible of her actions, and end of the day its HER issue not yours. Get a real honest women that you deserve….there is a lot of them out there.

  100. Boohoo says:

    First off, for all the men complaining that “women aren’t good like they used to be”, what you mean is, “in the good old days, when it was legal to ‘rape’ and hit your wife, I could go to the bar with my buddies and cheat all day and night, and when I got home my wife, who’s job was to look perfect and maintain the home flawlessly whilst I got to pursue my interests, she would have a big dinner on the table and then be obligated to have sex with me in which I got off but didn’t have to please her. And if she didn’t abide by it I ‘sent her strait to the moon’ with my fist”. Those good old days? Now the playing feild is leveled and you can’t handle it.

    The truth is no one should cheat. Even if it’s “because someone is sexy”, the apparently ‘noble’ reason that the good men for the world cheat.

    This post describes the stereotypical dumb clubbing bimbo, with her shallow thirst for one night stands and celebrity gossip, and emotional problems that run like canyons because daddy or step daddy ‘screwed’ her up (and down) before she even hit puberty, and she can’t commit or resist male attention because every touch and vaguely date-rapish hookup feels like daddy’s “approval”. This is not all women. It’s not even most of them. It’s probably not even a noteworthy number of them. Here’s the interesting irony…you guys go to the club and indulge in the same vain mating rituals. You avoid any woman that’s above a size zero because if she’s not riddled with eating disorders then she is too fat for your refined taste. She has to look like a model too; she has to be “hawt”. That’s all women are good for, right? Being “hawt”? You both know deep down that she’s just there to flirt with men and get free drinks, which she will get from any man, and she’ll use it to wash away the pain of her “hawt” existence and the fear that she will marry as a trophy wife to some douchbag (you) and get replaced by a newer model once she “ages out” and then has to spend her life alone, no longer perky and “hawt” to validity her existence in a sea of assholes. You take advantage and bam. You bagged a “hottie”. What a big shot player you are, pat yourself on the back. Every 50 or so of these, what you at least think are nameless, faceless, soulless bimbos…you fuck up and “fall in love”. She’s hot right? How could you not be in love with *hot*? I mean, you get high fives from your bar buddies when you show off your new show dog – getting your ego stroked from “the guys” sure is the best. So you’re in love, she’s hot, but then after a while you realize she’s dumb, and emotionally a train wreck. Her personality is opposite from yours and you secretly can’t stand each other. You stray and it’s okay, remember “the guys” approve. But she strays, and she’s a monster. Never mind that you got with her by choosing her based in her physique, pounded her full of liqueur and then preyed on what little self esteem her stepdad left her with. Now you’re whining and crying and pitying yourself and you just don’t get it. Poor men. Boo hoo. Women are bad. Even though most of them aren’t hot enough to even be considered women by you let’s blame ALL of women for the mistakes of a very specific “kind” of woman. Let’s learn from this and treat the next damaged piece of ass even WORSE than the first.

    You date dumb, damaged pieces of ass because they have a 0% BMI and look good, and because they’re easy to take advantage of. They’re bragging rights. Then you cry when it flops.

    Try dating a woman for the person she is and not how she looks and you might find that…le gasp…women are people too. And that a good lover can be your friend and companion and have similar interests. Yes, even beer and football (I’m assuming you all are very one dimensional and stereotypical from your comments).

    Or you could just keep dating damaged but hot women and then whining about it. If women are all such “losers”, as numerous of you have stated, why don’t you all just forget them and go circle jerk each other?

    The Ancient Greek men believed women were for sex and procreation and men (and boys) were for love. Perhaps today’s losers should adopt that ideology. — women would certainly be better for it.

  101. Geo says:


    I don’t agree with the men beating women analogy. However, I Completly agree with the rest of your post . As a male I actually chuckled to your post . Hopefully I don’t stray to much from this topic but what I have found out from dating is that so many girls (and possible men) suffer from depression or some sort of mental issue? It’s scary this world we live in.

    Great post and well said.

  102. dave bowen says:

    So,what i read and some of it was subtle some not so much.When a woman cheats it is because some guy drove her to it. It obviously never her fault right? Nothing has changed in the 21st century. Women still project themselves as the eternal victim. When a man cheats,or leaves the home,he is a bum,a dog,a philanderer,who is turning his back on his family or his obligations.When a woman cheats,or leaves the home it was because HE drove her to it,or she is just trying to “find herself.” As i said NEVER HER FAULT. I thank God every day that I never married.

  103. Joe says:

    I read Annitas comment and i have to say thats the main reason why. Women cheat because it feels good and the sex is mind blowing. Its not hard to understand. Women like to be naughty. Sin feels good. We are all human and have desires. Simple as that. Devotion is what keeps people faithful and some lack that characteristic. Not hard to understand. Some women get off from cheating. Its the hard truth.

  104. Bill says:

    It is very sad to say that many women nowadays like sleeping around, and just can’t settle for Only One Man. And many of us men can settle with just Only One Woman, and be very happy too.

  105. brian says:

    Let me just say something here. I think most women cheat because its in their DNA. lol

  106. Saintluger says:

    … because women value nothing what so ever and being a natural born whore comes naturally to them all… ALL. their excuses are just that – excuses… with a good measure of lies poured in to sugar coat their bs lives.

  107. Saintluger says:

    by the way, GOD had a wife also, she was disrespectful and put herself before HIM, sound familiar, men? she got booted and now you know what IS wrong with women… possessed by the Jezibel Spirit and boy do they embrace it… but no small thing… Lucifer is going to get HER ass kicked hardcore once and for all real soon…

  108. Steve says:

    To Boohoo, Get A Life.

  109. marka says:

    Women at the Arab world , especially in the rural areas have no value for the kinds of beatings and violence forms of love is missing

  110. bere says:

    My girl cheated on me when i have traveled far away for the sack of us. I was giving her every thing but she didn’t stay a month after i have gone …..nowadays girls are rubbish, they are idiots most of them. I don’t know where i can find trusted one

  111. Krysta says:

    This was absolutley dumb.. I think I wanna cheat on this article with some real facts! Please fix your issues and stop harassing the female gender. Get a real job

  112. Absolutely Right says:

    Many women nowadays are Starved for attention.

  113. Jenna says:

    I don’t know why women cheat, nor do I care. All I know is I’ve never cheated and never will. I’ve been cheated on in the past, and it hurts. So why would I cheat? This article is actually a bit wrong. Not all women fall in this category. So comparing all women based on a few hoes is just not right. (I accidentally came across this article coz of a pop up ad I tried to cancel.) I believe if you can’t stay faithful to your man or woman, then maybe you should not be in the relationship to begin with. Please note, not all of us are hoes and sluts. I’ve had plenty of opportunities to cheat (based on what is wrote in this article), but I never even considered it. Like I said, why should I hurt my husband coz he’s an ass at times? Why ruin a wonderful relationship just coz I’m hurt temporarily. The fights go away, but not the broken relationship that you’re going to have for cheating. Cheating is stupid and disrespectful from either side.

  114. jborn says:

    Obviously written by a man…..please stop pretending that you know how women think. Unless you have been one….you don’t have a clue.

  115. NNNNNNNNN says:

    Haha wow how closed minded. I am a 27 year old female from Wicklow, Ireland. I have a sister and 3 brothers and I repeat; BOTH sexes cheat. How insane that you think it is gender based. My brothers are some of the best people I know. This gender bashing is so unintelligent. Read a book.

  116. jen says:

    This sounds so ridiculous I almost think whoever wrote it was trying to get negative reactions from people ( women) . It’s simple, people chest because people cheat. Everyone has their own rhyme and reason for doing so, so quite trying to analyze why you think they all do it for same concept. It’s based on different situations and variables so Noone will have same outcome for doing so. But I guess the sheep of the world need to be fed their grass of what should be implanted in their head till the next silly feeding time.haha. baaaa. Lol

  117. Sherri says:

    this whole article truly offends me. I am a woman I read it and it makes all women look shallow and greedy and stupid. I have been cheated on plenty of times in my long life and have never cheated on a man I cared about mutual respect is really important it just sounds like you had a bad experience so you’re going to bash the whole female species

  118. erick says:

    On my own, experience. Women cheat right in front of you.
    Once you trust her.
    You are wide open.
    It happened. to me.
    You are blind.

  119. James says:

    Trust no one. Not a girlfriend, wife, boyfriend or husband. Don,t trust your friends, and don,t trust your family.
    This is my approach and it works brilliantly. You remain untouchable and you never get hurt. Nothing gets you anxious, depressed or in knots.

    We are born alone and we are going to die alone, That,s the only two things I do trust Completely on this planet 🙂

  120. Arthur says:

    Not all women cheat, but still there are some bitches and I hate it. I don’t get it why cheat? You can talk with you bf or gf about it, and go to the different paths.

  121. Lee says:

    I don’t cheat she does. But am always accused of being the cheater. I love her and will forgive her. But if
    She is just just wanted to move on I would step aside. How do I know

  122. zorg says:

    If a woman cheats she’s a pathetic piece of crap prostitute. You’re not happy with your boyfriend and some other loser shows up and u get with him? And your excuse is that you don’t know and youre sorry? Get lost, scum bag low life. I’ve seen good guys with their gfs and later those gfs get with someone else.all those excuses are lame and a myth. Women cheat cuz they can. Guys who cheat are scumbrage too.

  123. Wild Flower says:

    They say nice guys finish last, well I guess good girls do too. I’ve never cheated and never will. I can’t think of one single justifiable excuse. I’d rather end the relationship, spend time healing and then learning why it failed. What my part was in it not failing and then fixing those parts of myself. I think I am pretty doomed in finding a permanent relationship though. I am 40 and single men my age seem to only want the young girls. Plus I have been dubbed the “girl next door”. I agree totally with that. I also value myself and my body so I don’t have sex by the third date. I get dropped like a hot potato for that. Which is to bad because I really enjoy sex. (My vibrator & I have a great relationship 😉 I guess I’m old fashioned because I want sex to mean something. I’m one of those good girls in public that turns into a bad girl in the bedroom. I don’t know where to meet good men that can appreciate the whole package that is me. Am I doomed for being the girl next door?

  124. Dan says:

    I was married to my ex-for 5 years, she had affairs from day 1! At least 1 new guy every month including co-workers…Pregnant 4 times…I only knew about 2, lost them all, thankfully. I treated her like a goddess, i was poor, i gave her everything she wanted, she gave me nothing, as i guess her presence was good enough for me. She would have sex with any man who said hi to her, and women too if they asked for it, I was faithful the entire time, just numb to it. I knew about it, I saw the texts, e-mails, pictures, videos, you name it. I confronted her about it, and she would be different for a few days then start all over again. I had enough. When we went though the divorce, she turned nasty, and acted like I was the one who did all that, and every time i brought it up to the lawyer “i don’t know what you’re talking about!” came out of her mouth. Even when i gave the printed e-mails and facebook messages…i lost everything including my job and 2 dogs… what the living f*ck happened there? How did i get turned into the bad guy?

  125. Jake says:

    What else can they do right?

  126. Alex says:

    I find it funny how this whole article bashes women for cheating and justifies why men cheat…
    Yet some of these paragraphs are followed by links entitled “How to get a girl with a boyfriend to like you” and “how to make a girl have sex with you”
    If men are so hurt by women cheating then why the fuck are you condoning men TRYING to get girls to cheat?!

  127. yessie says:

    I have to admit that I don’t find many of these statements true. At least they don’t apply to me. Also, finding somonee sexy is not a good excuse to cheat. I would not cheat if i saw some sexy guy so why shouldd guys if they see a sexy girl? There is no good excuse in my opinion. If you feel the need to cheat then be honest with your partner and leave the relationship. I have been with my husband for over 10 years in total, in 2 months it would be 8 years of marriage. I have never cheated on him or wanted to, not even when he left us because our baby was too much responsibility. I have been faithful and as far as I know so has he. Not all women are the same and not all men are the same. I don’t like being compared to others who have no sense of self worth and must cheat. There are good women out there, same as men.

  128. Sol says:

    Rain and all the women like her, you will NEVER find love. Your going to age and then men will not be at your feet. Men like foxy girls, those who do not care tend to be toads that would settle for anything. Have fun now cus the pairty will end…

  129. Absolutely says:

    Because they are such Losers.

  130. sherry says:

    As I was reading this article all I could think about was this article must have been written by a man that has been cheated on by his woman. I could detect his bitterness and his betrayed attitude from the very beginning. Seriously dude you have no idea what it’s like to be a woman! I’m sorry you got cheated on but your girlfriend lied to you when she said she didn’t know why she did it. She knew why. Evidently you two didn’t communicate or she tried talking to you about her needs but like most men do, you wasnt listening. Now stop with the “every woman is the same and they cheat because they can” women bashing! If a man totally takes care of his woman in every possible way then she won’t even give another man the time of day, less lone cheat on him! You have alot to learn about women my dear!

  131. Roland P says:

    Whether we like it or not, woman was created to serve man -plain and simple -look it up in the Book of Genesis, the first chapter in the Bible. When God made Adam, he said “it is not good for man to be alone,” so he made woman -created from Adam’s rib. Any woman who does not accept or follow this principle is committing a sin against natural law. And as a prominent theologian once said: “If you break natural law, it will break YOU!”

  132. Mick says:

    Some of this for me is true and some is not. I like so many others on this forum have been the victim of a cheating spouse. I met my partner when I was 16 (she was16 also) she was my first girlfriend and my only sexual partners to this day 🙂 . We came from different backgrounds with very dfferent family upbringing. In the early years we worshipped each other choosing one and other over any friend or family member.
    Then as time went on she had to attend collage in another country, this devastated me I could barely cope with her not being with me everyday. I proactively kept myself working and looking forward to her return keeping in touch with Skype. I decided then that this was my best friend and the only woman out there for me. Her 21st birthday was fast approaching and I decided to show her my feelings so I saved all my wages as much as I could purchased a dress ring a 2ct blue sapphire ring to match her eyes and 1ct in five small round brilliant diamonds to repersent each year we were together in a tri sided Celtic design representing past present and future. I truly loved her. Alas the same was not really true for her. She stayed monogamous until the very end of the Erasmus where a guy 14 years older than her seduced her and she slept with him. On her return home she buried the infidelity. She was still living at home at this time and I was none the wiser. She continued her liaison behind my back on and off with this guy until she coped on that she was his play thing. She met another guy online and the same happened he used her for her body and dumped her. We moved out with each other into our first place I was so happy and I really thought she was too. Not long after we moved out she met a guy on a hens party a year later We moved out with each other into our first place I was so happy and I really thought she was too. Not long after we moved out she met a guy at a hens party and had a distant relationship with this guy for a year and a half. I found all this out in November when she volunteered it to me. we had just bought our first home and in my eyes I was looking forward to marrying her I was making preparations to propose and plan a family. She said to me the whole story and that she realized the error of her ways in December 2013 and she has been monogamous since.

    I know this portrays her as a complete bitch, but she is not she was the kindest most generous person I knew, stupid with people gave far too much too quickly this was my opinion before I knew and still is now. You can’t help when or who you fall in love with. I still have feelings for her and I am trying to work through the problems. Not to detract from her repulsive selfish behaviour toward the only person who actually gave a damn about her.
    I got eight years of pure bliss from this woman she made me the man I am today, I’m no door mat I’m a very successful young self empemployed guy.
    Women do stupid things for different reasons men do stupid things as well.
    In my case I believe she acted that way because of commitment fear, selfishness, stale feelings for me both sexual and with life in general. LACK OF COMMUNICATION on her part. Not realising that men lust first and love later and those guys liked her for her boobs and vagina. Where I liked her for the person she is and was.
    You will never forget, you can forgive and probably will never understand properly if you find you are in my situation. There’s no right choice if you let go the love of your life when all you ever wanted was for them to feel for you what you felt for them you probably will end up regretting it. All of this would and could of been avoided if you propely talk to each other about your needs wants desires and fears and properly listen too. As her big fear was she would push me away if she told me her fears about life and us and commitment. (Laughable yeah I know) You will probably find that the fears wants and desires are actually shared between each other without even knowing so

  133. Eileen says:

    Jake Butler clearly has been cheated on often, because he is a goon and not bc of any of the reasons above. Any woman who has cheated on you has probably done so bc she can sense you are bitter towards women. It’s so so sad that there are still so many small minded men who live and breathe by cliches. Try an original thought Jake.

  134. agreed with this says:

    Cheating is wrong plain and simple, whether it’s a man or a woman who cheats is irrelevant.

    Women by nature are fickle and more emotional than men. As a result they make many stupid decisions.

    I agreed with many of the points of this article though not all of them.

    What really angers me when after a woman cheats someone others try to defend her by saying that it was just a ‘mistake’.

    To mick: you are naive to think that a woman as selfish and immature as your girlfriend will stay loyal to you forever. If she truly loved and respected you then she wouldn’t have fucked with 3 men behind your back!

    Have some self esteem man! It’s weak men like you who empower cheaters. Because by simply forgiving their actions you are justifying it! Period.

  135. Deus pater says:

    Cheating can never be justified and whatever excuse cheaters may give, it remains just that, excuses.

    However the points given in this article are mostly applicable to only western woman and especially American women. As my sister once said, American women to put mildly are abnormal.

    Frankly it seems the feminist revolution robbed western women of their feminity which actually defined them as women.

    Some posters here asked, where all the good women of old days went, who were faithful to their partners, the answer is, they perished along with the ashes of the burnt bras!

    It’s no wonder that many American males are nowadays looking for brides from Eastern Europe and Asia.

  136. bollig benjamin says:

    Every frollicing woman would jump straight on the d train to pound town no problem I know from experience good and bad but that proves a point so will men the only problem there’s plenty more cases when hubby gets off a little early from work and grabs the gun on the mantle women would just give decoy dome and snip the chubby off at least a man would be up front not sneaking and keniving when they walk in on some asshat on his wife the point here is everyone’s hurt in the end we aren’t here to get married and love each other do bears do that no monkeys nope just get it in and reproduce so this is where I stand I’m off to reproduce in the thousands range and if any cheating women don’t like this c u next tuseday

  137. Connie says:

    I dated my ex for 7 years and was married to him for 1 year. I was head over heels in love and just saw the best in him. We divorced because he cheated on me. I would not have known had he not contracted an std that the doctors urged him to inform me so I could be tested (it wasn’t aids and thank goodness I tested negative for the std he caught). Although I didn’t finish college, I consider myself somewhat intelligent I believed him when he said it was the only one time he cheated and that was at his bachelor party. At first he tried to blame me for his cheating because I would agree on some of the reasons why women cheat. My ex-husband, who claimed to still love me, once told me that women who had a boyfriend or were married for at least 8 years were easy targets. I was saddened to hear this from the man who I once thought of spending the rest of my life with. He was really good at getting information about their relationships and had a gift of really listening to women. He would compliment them and soon he would find out that they were not having sex with their partner. This is the type of man you and your wife or girlfriend should be on the lookout for. Most of his affairs are with women who work with him or work in the same building(it’s a big building,so more women to prey on). Some of these women work in the same floor or are acquainted with each other and they have no clue that he’s sleeping with multiple women. He’s made each of them feel that she is the only one. Unfortunately when women are neglected by their husband or boyfriend, a man like my ex will take advantage of their situation and somehow have them think that it’s ok for them to cheat. So to the men out there, pay attention to who your wife talks about from her work. Try to find out about her male co-workers and maybe drop by her office and meet them. There’s a lot of cheating going on in the office.

  138. Connie says:

    Sorry i was copying and pasting which made some of the sentences weird or not make sense. The part were – my ex tried to blame his cheating on me with the stripper was because I urged him to go to his bachelor party when didn’t want to. I would agree with some of the reasons why women cheat.

  139. simplyme says:

    I believe your just taking your anger out because of what your girlfriend did to you honestly and I also believe you forgot a few reasons
    1- maybe the other partner was disrespectful and verbally abusive
    2-the other partner is cheating on them and not satisfying her needs
    3-maybe she just likes to f***
    But whatever reason it is it goes both ways with men and women
    Cheating is just for people who don’t have the balls to leave the one their cheating on like a coward… plain and simple point blank

  140. Brittany says:

    You know a man wrote this bullshit.

  141. viktor says:

    All of this is so fucking true.. My GF acted exactly like this! It’s lile you talking about her! Really! But i leraned my lesson now.. what do we men do? Beacuse you can never trust a woman. They allways lie to their advantage… why can’t they be like men?! I need to search for the unicprne..

  142. tony guerbino says:

    Brothers there is light after the cheating bitch tunnel. Married to a hot little Asian for 20 years, after catching her cheating on a false facebook she made up and accidently left on I confronted her and what followed was a horrible year of turmoil and crying and drama where she confessed all (she says but I doubt it). Basically she has been fucking and sucking other cocks since almost the day we were married, not daily or anything but one time fucks to affairs off and on the whole time. She even fucked a guy while she was pregnant with our youngest son late in her term and he has disibilities, it was a hard pregnancy and I was told by the doc NO SEX, so I only got hand jobs because she doesnt like to suck cock and I respected her. So she goes out and fucks a co worker where she worked and then when he came out early tried to blame it on the job making her pick up boxes after she was supposed to be on light duty. We never filed suit or anything she just said that as an excuse to me. So……..Since then, since we have had a GREAT marriage (I thought) and we really get along and she is hot and I dont want to tear up my family, I have been having the time of my life. Up to then I was the poster boy for the gent every woman would want to marry, hard working, resonably good looking, nice, good father, good provider, faithful, BUT NOW, just in time for my mid-life crisis I am getting pussy pussy pussy! Bought a bad ass street bike, I make good money and I have a very nice sex budget, from taking out women I meet online to carefully meeting sexy hot centerfold model grade escorts, I’m soothing my hurt ego like a muther, and it’s good. As far as she is concerned, no more facebook, she’s a stay at home mom, her phone activities are closely monitored, and she has what she still has by my good grace. Oh, and the blow jobs? Hehe she has become quite the little Asian cock sucker. Before I would respect her and not nut in her mouth but now she’s on a full protien diet baby. Advice to you women reading this: Never cheat on a man who is good looking and has money. Hey guys, there are many ways to handle this problem, this was and is my remedy and its working for me, still married, still having great sex with her, still have our kids, family life, but now I’m the bad boy. HIGH 5!!!!! BTW, just to spike up my soothing I got plans to take my wife out to a nice Valentines dinner next week, flowers, candy, the whole bit, and the following Sunday got a date lined up with my hot little 23 year old Latina babe, gonna give her the monster fuck of her young life.

  143. tony says:

    Oh, and girls, dont forget, we men can get pussy till the day we die. When you are old and your skin is sagging and your face is wrinkled and you have to tie a bone around your neck for the dog to want to be near you, when your body shuts down and your hormones give way to wanting to just spend a quit evening at home with the man who cared for you for 30 years and maybe watch a movie, you can eat popcorn and stuff your fat ugly face with ice cream because we will be out eating pussy and sucking on a pair of perky c cups. What goes around comes around darling. And around and around and around. One of my favorite things to do is come home with some fresh vaginal juice on my cock and let my little remorseful wifey give me a blowjob. Ha, fuck me? Bitch please. If your a guy reading this be a man, maybe you were a good guy and had your heart ripped out of your chest and stomped on by a “wonderful ” wife , get up, take the victem shirt off your back and dominate the situation. Now you know shes a whore so now its your turn to use your natural manipulation skills that you shelved when you married the girl of yor dreams. In other words, fuck with her. Tell her you forgive her, lie to her face like she did to you, take her on a second honeymoon, see a councellor, tell her you really want to understand her needs and be sensitive, admit it was partially your fault for going hunting and watching football and having a few beers in the garage while putting a lift kit on your ford f250 instead of playing scrabble with her and cuddling and watching american idol. Admit you caused her to suck another mans cock until he shot his DNA down her throat and carried it home in her stomach while she cooked dinner for you and your kids by not noticing the new earings she had bought. Tell her its all in the past and today is a brand new day. Buy her flowers, make love to her, kiss her and satisfy her.
    Then, as soon as you leave the house, as soon as she cant see you break out your secret cell phone and hook it up man! There are sooooooo many hot young women out there, and with just a little confidence and manipulation and maybe a Camaro or a Harley and in no time you can have a hardbody for each night of the week. Helps if you have a buddy on the same page, you would be surprised what you can get women to do these days. MFM or FFM , all kinds of freaky stuff. Met a divorced nurse online, she owned her own home, OMG guys you have got to date a nurse! Wow that woman taught me things about sex and the human body i had never even heard of, like dayam! Time for you to hold the cards. Your wife is a proven whore, ok, now control her, treat her good but dont trust her EVER, and from now on you be the player. Of course be careful, but bang as much beaver as you can and want and enjoy every hot nasty minute without an ounce of guilt. In fact, be happy, you always wished you could but because you chose to be a good man and suppress your natural vitality for the one you loved, by spreading her nasty little legs she has freed your wild man, now you can do whatever you want with any woman you can at any time with no remorse or guilt. And for the rest of your life. Now, when your wifey is all used up and old and her vagina is dried up and her uterus falling out and her tits are hanging like water bottles, you get to enjoy a young hot set of nipples and wet moist vagina and beautiful face. Makes me want to say thanks sweety for being a cock sucking whore, best gift ever, saved me from having to grow old just fucking you or jerking off to porn in the basement. High 5 guys!!!! WE WIN!!!!!

  144. RealityCheck says:

    Most women that Cheat have a lot of Problems in their relationships.

  145. Manuel says:


    Bullshit. Women cheat because they’re whore. Simple as that.

  146. Princess says:

    Yoh I can imagine myself cheating,my 1st hubby cheated on me once and confessed and I loved him more 4dat,2yrs down the line he died in a car accident.6yrs later I got married to this cheat,liar,the guy is terrible all I can think of is divorce and I will never marry again 4now I know the guy who was meant 4me has gone to be with the lord.This guy can do whatever he likes,I’m done talking,I’m tired of his lies,but cheating I won’t do,why shld I be like him,there is nothing,nothing I can admire there.

  147. Women are stupid says:

    It’s funny how all of these whores are defending cheating because the guy ” If a man totally takes care of his woman in every possible way then she won

  148. selfemployeed says:

    So, I’m a wealthy self made man. I’m handsome. I built my company from the ground up. I come from a poor background. So no.. I’m not some ass that had everything handed to him.

    Hot Woman dated me prior to my success and mansion / cars.. etc. But now its true … They find me much more attractive.

    I agree with most of the post and this guy makes a lot of good points.

    Here is what it is. Men and woman cheat. Woman have their reasons and men have their reasons. So what.

    But it was amusing and funny to read this.

    I would say, try to keep a good balance of all important credentials of a relationship and that will provide you the best chances of success.

    But while you are happy… Just be happy. Have great sex, enjoy what there is to enjoy and try and hope for the best.

    If your lazy and don’t invest .. Chances are your outcome will be crummy in the long run.

    Hope it makes sense!

  149. Jenny says:

    Whatever was said here is the basic truth. I am a woman and sometimes I get bored of my own relationship which has led me to many mistakes. My man would cheat and say’ I am a man’ and expects me to let go. So I don’t know what else is in the relationship

  150. Nice guy says:

    I’ve never cheated, I’m over average size, and i walked in on myex cheating with a very tiny man, her reason was she loved the thrill of getting away with something .. It doesn’t matter if your male or female, if your self-esteem is so low that you’ll get in bed with whoever flirts with you, then you dont need to be in a relationship, and you probably need to find the root of your issues.

  151. wickedone says:

    Honestly, these are all true! And then, what’s the point? Mankind is not meant to stay monogamous, at least not sexually. So why not have a loving relship and go astray nonetheless? Being honest about it is my way to go, and my bf says he doesn’t mind as long as he’s not interchangeable. I am not entertaining affairs, I have just escapades now and then – for all the reasons listed above. It’s just a good laugh and sex, it’s not cheating at all.

  152. LetTheTruthBeKnown says:

    Women that Cheat are such Losers.

  153. AnAffectedGuy says:

    Why is there no loyalty now a days :'( ….. I loved my GF to the roots and she was sun and moon to me…. gave her proper love as she was the code of my life!!!!… i wanted to give her so much but in the end she cheated on me and when i found out she just said “i was no good for u” 🙁 … I was so in love with her that just the thought of her made my days and i found her every where in every thing … Am so broken that i don’t know if i’ll ever love again … I was hit on by many girls even when were together and i still do but i am afraid that i’ll ever find someone as loyal and loving as i am … this article just made me hate woman even more!!!

  154. Ollie says:

    My girlfriend cheated while on a 2 month exchange in France, She asked me out a week before she left then asks me when im drunk if we can get with others while she is away, get with i thought meant kiss, she meant sex. She ended up having sex NYE then 2 times with her host brother and then got fingered on the plane home, we have now been dating 4 months but i struggle to trust her

  155. Ebueno says:

    This is actually a beautiful concept, in regards to life and ones feelings. It hurts and can only hope someones storie can help anothers struggle. To some it can derail you from your lifes goals and responsibilities. Acceptance is one word that can break through lifes low points in either man or woman’s life. God has carried me through this pain i never want to feel again. I was dishonest. Raised to not know what or how to be committed to another. Guidance is the fault, some get it and others learn as they go the painful way. But thats not to say heart and feelings combined regardless of their up bringing. Enjoy life and do on to others as you hope done on to you. Without honesty, adaptabilty, and adjusting on the go can cause loss of intrest. Be goofy, corny, spiritual and selfless and one day you will be with one who will bring what only your heart can be content.

    P.S. How you guilty, only self knows your secrets as in me but waste time by blaming our girls cuz she got caught. Lol. You will never know godly love until your pure and been walked over knowing or hoping she would change but at least it would be easy once you had enough.
    Let it go and do self a favor and loved ones if drugs are in anyway shape or formed involved. Miss me with that. Lol

  156. Stephen says:

    My girlfriend has known a friend for longer than she’s known me. Anyway he helps her a lot and they are close. So we start dating and we fall on love with each other. She’s wanted to her married and soon realized I wanted to wait. So she gets with her friend and now I am her friend.Anyway she tells me she did it to make me realize that I was missing out. So I told her to marry him and I’d rather stay her friend. She’s really critical anyways and she’s just confused and a compulsive lier.

  157. Amy Lol says:

    Garbage… pure garbage. This sounds like an article written by an angry guy who was cheated on.

  158. sushanta says:

    My girl started sleeping around…she confessed six months later… I forgave her… and forgot about it.. but again started with some other boy… what hurts is we were goin to be married…. trust is what broke…

  159. Jaxon says:

    That about sums it up pretty accurately and explains why I have never been able to find a faithful woman. I have been good to all of the women in my life. It has started to seem that they are biologically programmed to be cheaters and for society to accept it while men are expected to stay faithful or be persecuted for their actions. As I grew older into my late 30’s relationships have become much less interesting. If I had known this now instead of what I was taught by my family and morals growing up (be a kind, good and faithful man) I would have never dated, not even once. The good thing about this is that I have learned to be happy with myself and have learned to be content being alone without being lonely. I am still married but expect this to end soon because of the same reasons and I am looking forward to being by myself. The irony is that my current wife says she wants to be faithful and a good wife but she does not know how. If she were my first wife I would welcome this but I am too tired of all of the BS and there isn’t enough benefit in it for me anymore. I guess better late than never but wish I would have figured this out before 3 marriages, 2 divorces and 15 years of child support. Not to mention my own child hating me because of lies that her mother told her and not being able to spend adequate time with my child or see her grow up.

  160. Sgt. OBrien says:

    You are one pitiful human being.

  161. Sgt. OBrien says:

    Eh its only true

  162. Sgt. OBrien says:

    This is all true. Girls, stop acting like it’s not and denying it. I had this happen to me so many times and it still continues to this very day. If you are unhappy in a relationship then you should just leave, but I can garuntee that one day you will wake up and realize one day that you fucked up, and there will be no one to blame but yourself and your poor decisions and actions.

  163. TheTruthHurts says:

    Most women these days are the cause of Most divorces which it is very obvious why.

  164. RightOnTheMoney says:

    Speaking of the good old days, Most women back then were Smart compared to today.

  165. Nand Patel says:

    People are so naive lol. Cheating? Nature survives on cheating. Its brutal world outside.

    Other forms of cheating

    1) promises pm or president makes
    2) promises insurance companies makes
    3),every brand out there is the best compare to others lol…
    4) every dating coach says he or she got the system which is best…
    5) Facebook or twitter or any other social site claims they are the best..

    In animal kingdom

    1) every hunt is a result of cheating.
    2) animals changes color, behavior and what not.
    3) so called proud hunters are also basically cheaters.

    In your personal life

    1) sales position: your product is best and no short coming whatsoever.
    2) tax filing: most will cheat.
    3) as a bf or gf: I m fucking awesome and other person is plain stupid for dumping me lol
    4) new born babies: gets freaking cheated with artificial nipple. Lol

    What are we talking about? Lol

  166. Truth says:

    Your right about that.

  167. Martin Ellingham says:

    What on earth are you talking about? PMs? Hunting? Insurance? Products? Huh?!?!

  168. Martin Ellingham says:

    It will catch up to you in the end. When you hit the wall.

  169. Theob Vious Choice says:

    At one point, I was an innocent and kind young guy, I had been called “romantic” by several girls back then, none of which actually wanted to date me, mind you. I was generally kind, and would go out of my way to make a woman feel better. Admittedly, I was extremely naive; what I didn’t realize at the time was just how naive I actually was. I ended up with my first girlfriend after High School ended, we were together for about 2 years before the relationship started straining. She had a ton of emotional baggage, and I’d always listen to her problems and help her through them. I wanted to bring her out on dates, but most of the time she just wanted to fuck. I wasn’t complaining because sex is great.
    After a while, I found out via her friend that she had cheated on me several times throughout our relationship, which I was able to more or less gain some legitimate confirmation of later on. She never broke up with me formally, she said she wanted to be “friends with benefits”, this was shortly after I bought her custom diamond jewelry which I worked my ass off to pay for. Naturally, back then the idea of her being with another guy made me physically sick because I would put my everything into being the best boyfriend possible. Even if it meant being friendly to a lot of her friends, who were honestly awful people. She thrived on drama and wanted nothing more but to be accepted by the people who were “popular” in her circles.
    She decided one day to just go out with someone else without even telling me, and I found out later that this guy was a huge scumbag and a drug dealer. She ended up blocking off all contact from me. They broke up within a week and she went out with this guy who bullied me when I was younger, this big dude who had the build of Fat Albert, who had cheated on this girl I knew before and caused her to end up on the suicide watch. I ended up attempting to warn her about it, but she didn’t listen to me. A few months later I got a call from her telling me he cheated on her, this was during a period of time where I was struggling to move on. I ended up talking to her again, only for her to leave me again without telling me, I told her off a bit and we haven’t spoken since.

    This wouldn’t be too bad if it weren’t for the countless other girls I talked to who treated me with general contempt. I’ve had girls who have talked to me for weeks with obvious intent on dating, everything seemed to be going well until they just blocked me one day. I went over our conversations over and over seeing where I went wrong, and all I did was give her my number to see if she’d like to meet in person one day (dating website acquaintance). Then I dated this girl for a bit only for her to go out with her ex who she was waiting for without even telling me. Then I had a girl go out with a guy who then promptly cheated on her, who then promptly cried to me about it, then took me off her friends list and continued actively being friends with the other guy. I ended up on a date with this other girl, who all of a sudden blocked me despite the date not being too bad.

    I think it’s largely that I was actually serious, I was genuinely pursuing something more than just a fling or casual sex, and that put these girls off even though they all said they were looking for something real. Whether they were online, hook-ups, or people I met, it was just misery compounded over misery.

    After a while my personality got so warped that I just don’t care anymore. I’m not looking for a relationship, unless someone pursues me; nothing is going to happen because no matter how nice I was, or how serious I was, how fun I was, or how friendly I was, none of that mattered.

    I’m just happy being myself, the last thing I need now is some domineering nutcase who doesn’t care who she’s with trying to change me again. (That was another thing, every time I actually did date someone they tried to convert me into their version of me.)

    It doesn’t help that there is an army of dudes who just want to get their dick wet pretending to be nice guys causing women to distrust men more than they already did.

  170. Bill says:

    You’re delusional if you actually believe that ALL cheating can be prevented in this way. It is not up to either partner to live their life only to make the other happy. Happiness and satisfaction comes from within, and if either partner is dissatisfied, it is their responsibility to communicate this.

  171. Bill says:

    The most obvious reason that people cheat (both men and women) is simple role-modeling from their family of origin. Also, if your partner was cheating on their ex when you first hooked up, they will eventually do it to you too.

  172. Paul says:

    Long story short, Fellow guys, sometimes you gotta just accept that women are how they are, and just look for the right one

  173. Harry says:

    this is a totally stupid article aimed at the craziest of people. Most women(90%) are not like this at all.

  174. Harry says:

    she’s obviously not the one. If you want quality you will have to wait. Find a woman that will wait until marriage to have sex.
    That is key to having a lasting relationshil

  175. Goddess D says:

    Am I the only one thinking that most of these information are completely false?

  176. Jake C. says:

    You’re an idiot.

  177. Mac says:

    That why she is cheating on you

  178. Abhinav says:

    Yeah, the last line… Same thing happened with me. .. after 8 years of relationships, she cheated and now asking sorry.

    Really not sure what to do.. and how did this happen..

  179. Kamila says:

    I know from myself that I’d rather split up with a guy who is not satisfying me in bed, or if I just wanted a bit of drama in my life. Now, if a guy made me feel neglected and/ or talked about other women and/or cheated… I would cheat like there’s no tomorrow, then shove it in his face. However, I agree that there are many deceptive, lying, attention needy women out there in the world. If you have a gf like that- seriously that rlly sucks!

  180. Screw_Globalism says:

    Also it is much easier for a woman to cheat for several reasons. There are more men than women , a large surplus of males , especially in the younger age groups. Women do the choosing in general….men have to bring far more to the table than women to be chosen as sexual partners. Every woman knows she has sex on tap if she DOES want that , most Western women have low sex drives , women seem to cheat for validation & more attention.

  181. cody says:

    Me and my ex dated for a year and 10 months not that l9ng but long enough. We’ll I go on a mission trip for a week come back and find she has been dating a guy since the wendsday of the week I was gone. So ya it happens but ya know what she lost out and has been begging but owell iv got a new sweetheart

  182. Ernie McCracken says:

    That’s because women are stupid, shallow and greedy. Throw in untruthful, unfaithful, and unabashedly mercenary. Why do you think women file 70% of divorces?

  183. Ernie McCracken says:

    Sure, I’ll help you understand. Women are the gatekeepers of sex. Those men who want to cheat with you can’t because you won’t give it up. For a man to cheat a women must be willing. There is no double standard because women control sexuality.

  184. Ernie McCracken says:

    Sloots gonna sloot.

  185. Ernie McCracken says:

    You should tell her husband. He has a right to know if other dudes are raw-dogging his wife.

  186. Ernie McCracken says:

    So you have no problem committing adultery on your spouse. Just curious, is it weird to cheat and lie down next to your husband? Sounds like sociopathic behavior to me.

  187. T says:

    Why are you so mad? Lol and will you even be able to get your dick up when you’re that old because 9/10 you won’t be able to at least not without pills also, when women become older…they don’t crave for sex that much and if they do…they can find someone to give it to them it’s not hard to find sex no matter how old you are. You sound so pathetic and butt hurt writing this like life is a competition between men and women…who can hurt who the most… You sound so pathetic as if you were cheated on. Karma will come to any one who cheats no matter the age or reason why…dumb ass

  188. James says:

    My girlfriend gave me the most two studies reason on why she cheated on me. One was she thought I was cheating. And two was I wasn’t given her enough head she felt like I was beating her out head. The only reason why I wasn’t given her head was because she had a yest infection, I mean who gives their girl head when she smelling down there. That say a lot about the guy that she slept with.

  189. RealityCheck says:

    There is No such thing as the right one these days, and years ago Most women were very faithful. Much more women today have Changed for the worst over the years which is very sad.

  190. Chaotic Neutral says:

    The guy who wrote this has some serious issues with a past relationship. Blanket statements are after all just blanket statements. Perhaps if this article were written by a more intelligent individual with credible evidence I would have committed to reading this all the way through… Oh no! Wouldn’t you know it, I just strayed away from this article. Damn, I guess Jake is right after all. Give me a break. Go find a good psychologist to help you make sense of whatever it is you’re going through. Best of luck, dude.

  191. Will says:

    Because nice guys finish last. Its always been that way and always will be. I know from experience.

  192. Will says:

    I can say the same thing. Im 44, no kids and divorced. All the women in my age group are so bitter and jaded by now that its damn near impossible to find a “normal” woman to date. My one and only wife (of all of 7 months) lied, cheated and used me from day one! The 2 girlfriends before her… same EXACT thing! Do I have a sign around my neck that says lie cheat and use me till I cry?? I thought I would’ve been able to spot that type of woman again but no, I married one. STUPID STUPID STUPID! All I want is someone who is of as high of moral character as I am (DO NOT CHEAT! PERIOD! EVER!), and someone who is worthy of my love. Am I doomed for being a nice guy and wanting to love and be loved?

  193. Will says:

    You’re right. And they usually tell you who and where they met!! Just listen to your wife or gf talk about work. Does the same male names keep coming up with a gleeful smile? Is she always telling you about a new friend she met ‘somewhere’? Guys, c’mon, if you told your wife or gf that this new girl at the office was funny and smart and you just kept going on about her, what do you think you’re wife or gf would do? Its no different. And stop being so nice and caring. Nice guys always finish last. And one last thing, don’t think she will cut off sex if you stand up to her. She wont. She’s a slut. But for one, who cares? Theres ALOT of other women out there who like to fuck. And Second, its odd but true that the worse you treat them (mentally and emotionally) the more they want you. Think about it, they are ALL attracted to the “Bad Boy”. Because they know he will eventually put her in her place and wont take any shit from them. That’s what they want.

  194. Will says:

    Amen Bro! Well put. Some people (men and women) just have no sense of devotion or even integrity anymore. Its true that women have much much more opportunity and offers to cheat than men do so they are higher in the numbers of cheaters. Concepts like Love, Trust, Devotion, etc… are lost nowadays. Sad.

  195. Chris says:

    Women are whores simple as that. I’ve dated 4 women seriously, 3 women cheated, and the 4th probably eventually would have, or maybe did and just didn’t tell me. There was no good reason for this. Just selfishness on their part, and I suppose they found someone they suddenly liked more… Women are always looking for that upgrade… beware…

  196. mike says:

    Man it seems to me like you’re taking out your anger on women because of what your girlfriend did. Listen, not all women cheat. Some are committed. Find the right person. Go out there and do not ever think or doubt your girl for a second!

  197. LoveHurts says:

    My girlfriend of 6 years dumped me, she said she didn’t love me anymore. We had been together since high school and we were happy together until recently. When she was about to leave, I asked her who it was. She was going to leave without even telling me. She said she didn’t even know his name. What a lying cunt right? Well what goes around comes around. This is the same girl who used to say she’d chop off my dick if I cheated on her, and “once a cheater, always a cheater” lol.

  198. Ash says:

    You’re probably the problem. Sorry bro.

  199. ty says:

    Your a dumb bitch

  200. Henry says:

    T I hope you are correct in your Karma will come to anyone who cheats no matter what the age or reason?

    I have been a good guy and faithful all my life and now since last Nov it certainly appears my last ex of nearly 7 years also cheated on me and I trusted her more than anyone,So that makes 11 and NO I am not kidding here.I have been snapped in two by women and a new one wants to meet me on the weekend only now I’m scared.

  201. RC says:

    Yeah my girl just told our roommate a few days ago that she does she’ll ever be happy no one will ever be enough and that she most likely will cheat on me she didn’t tell me but I found out in a different way and I really truly love her and she swears she loves me and wants me happy and she wants me to understand her but she knows forever and always she will cheat I don’t want to leave her I don’t know what to do this is the second girl like this I’ve came across the other one I was too emotional and eventually left because I couldn’t handle it but I don’t know what to do I could never cheat on her and truthfully I don’t care what she does as long as honest with me and makes me feel loved but she’s been making me feel less and less loved after we talked about it she does a lot for me so I know she cares but I don’t know I just wanted to get it off my chest because I haven’t seen anything actually like this

  202. Jesse says:

    This article sounds like it was written by a misogynist who had his heart broken and is lashing out at women. Instead of writing with facts and statistics he is adding in his opinion. Get a grip man and try backing up your writing with solid proof.

  203. AnonimouS says:

    Ahahahah oh my God ,this article depict women as devul and men as anjel !!!!!oh Yh men cheat only with sexy girl ..eh well there are lots of sexy girl no ? Men don’t cheat if the girl is not good in bed or she is taking a break from sex ? Are u sure ???? Women if they cheat for sex that mean that men do not know how satisfy a women ..so u should all learn what a women needs in bed and she will not cheat …women cheat becose needs attention ..eh well is her fault ? Or is thd men that doesn’t care ? Eh well the world Was more patriarchal before guys where rude ,they did not care how to treat a women good because she was dipendent on him …and I think this problem is in men today ..sometimes they do not realize that we are independent now and u need to think twice before your action …u do dnt care in bed …eh Well Why we should not cheat ? 😀 Why guys cheat ? Cos they waste their time using words for girls because they feel alone .well If U focus on one U probsbly not feel alone ,

  204. AnonimouS says:

    Oh Well Dont forget that U get Old too ..so U pay o U pay to Have sex !!! U need to pay And viagra when your Old …so Prepare your money Ahahah

  205. AnonimouS says:

    Sorry But ..which movie have U seen ?? The bungabunga bunga party? Well we are Talking About bilionairs …R U billionair to pay a Girl to fuck ur old dick Full or wrinkrls? The sex market exists cos guys At disperate fir sex ahagagag

  206. AnonimouS says:

    Yh this The peobkem with guys ..instead of realizzino are rude,Selfish they are ..they give fault to The wonen ..instead of talk to The Girl abd understand ..they just cheat And then sAy to Us tgat we are whore ahagah Well is a real tune to LEARN How to be whore for real ..cos guys always Try to manipulare fir having sex And that What wonen need to use men for 😉 they just can give sex ,They never LEARN What The woman need And they font even care ..and they act as victims ..please

  207. AnonimouS says:

    Oh dear , The women will always get a men for sex ! Even in her 40,she will ae to get a young wild 28 guys fir her.sge just need to wear a top ,skirt And hills snd The guys is alreDy stoned And ready for her At aby time!! The 50 years Oldmen needs days to get a young girl unles U pay mu dear !! Ahajah U kniw The eonen At her 50 she can grow The bunga bunga party with young wild guys wearing only armabi boxers, she can even put The hip hop DJ with nice dreads on ..everything for free ,The prime minister needed biliona to Have youbg girls to Have sex with him my dear ..ahahshag eomen get always sex. Eh Dont even forget that a mature adult wonen with experience is still a fantasy for many guys 😀 men needs to work hard for a young lady lol

  208. AnonimouS says:

    Eh Well is time that also men different as women did for centuries! We Been If your dominion for too many years bow U pay The past Social consteucted cobsequences !!!

  209. AnonimouS says:

    Oh your asking The girl to just Leave abd not starting with U in The meantine she cheat? why? ..IT doesnt seems to me that guys care that much when they are with a girl fir not feeling alone qnd then creating in her back ,abd carry on What they want ..and now is a women fault when guys did IT for centuries without regret..not that is done to U ..U start to realize How awful IT is to Have obe feet in two shoes

  210. AnonouS says:

    Men never carer to understand women And now that The woman is indipendent,men strage torace Her next to him ..before Was just an impositon ..now that she can live you strange..because U never want to know How to satisfy her in bed And outsife.. Wonen always were patience And listen to Her Men even if he was rude ..so we got a step more than men .. A woman can be alone cos she always been alone even when she was dipendent tithe husband ..men does not know how to stay alone ..they need to manipulate the woman either for company,sex ,ego boost or just support. Woman does not need always grown up kids alone and supported herself… So u guys need to realize your mistakes

  211. AnonimouS says:

    My dear ..U are saying tgat U took care of your girlfriend in abt possible way !!! Are U sure???? Have U asked her??? Cos men are to ego boots ..too convinced that they are right when U luck of lots of things… If sge Was Happy with U she would stairs with U my dear !!!

  212. AnonimouS says:

    And that’s Why sluts exists too 🙂 to treat man How they need to ne treated!!! As object too!!

  213. AnonimouS says:

    What is the femminkity of the women Ur talking about ??? Being in the kitchen and cook and clean and b a slave for the men ? That is the femminility of the women? That is a social constructed ROLE as it is racism !!!!!!!!! That’s why guys struggle too much to understand the woman because you never understand her ,you did not need to!now that the woman is not of your property anymore and she is free u struggle to make her stay next to u! Becouse u don’t know hot to behave and she live !modern women are different and they can do lots ..u guys need to accept social change. American eoma are great , they understand what they need man for :sex …. What a man can do a part from sex ?? Ahahah

  214. AnonimouS says:

    Faithful? They were a property of the partner ..that does not mean that woman liked him !!!! She was dipendent from a man at any how …and that where the stereotypes “needy” cone from ..all of guys should study sociology do u will understand how this affected u strongly!

  215. AnonimouS says:

    Good answer 😉

  216. TheRealCorrectHonestTrueAnswer says:

    But then again these days with so many women Cheating more than ever before, they’re such Stupid Low Life Losers to begin with.

  217. Mina says:

    Same for men that cheat. If they want to sleep around by all means do carefully but stay single. Solution solved! Some people both guys and girls love to have their cake and eat it!

  218. Emma says:

    Some women have been through the same thing. You will find one that treats you how you deserve. have trust in that. But never cheat or think with the mentality that all women or men are cheats/the same. Move on and leave those losers in the past. They’re obviously insecure. I had the same with my ex. He had an affair and I found out, then he tried playing the victim card that I didn’t give him what he needed. Now he is chasing me back, its him that’s experiencing the consequences of his actions as I’ve no time for him.

  219. Gul gul says:

    This is my take. Women are definitely cheaters. Especially the hot ones. I had a super hot sexy red-headed GF and all she did was cheat. 6 times that I know of or that she openly admitted to. The excuse was usually dismal. “I was too drunk” etc… The only real lie she ever told me was that she loved me. Fucking some other guy IN A BAR not FROM A BAR… that is not an act of love. (I think she fucked him in the pool room couch.)

    Either way, this is what it boils down to.. It technically is my fault. The whole shame on me deal. The first time she cheated it should have ended. After that you only have you to blame. Not ALL women are this rampant about cheating but let’s face it gents. If you had pussy all up in your face 24/7.. like you couldn’t go out and pump gas without some woman coming up to you and asking for your #… how faithful would you be? Also as a girlfriend, she never had to tolerate any of my bullshit… As soon as I became work or she had to put up with anything about me that isn’t perfect, she KNOWS she can “go find better” The lie for her is that there is no better. Sure there are taller, sexier, wealther men out there but they are all still MEN. We are the same in some respects. So it is only a matter of time before she bores of the next guy.

    It is a shitty arrangement. For sure. Men are on the shit end of the stick. Sure you can buff and tan and stockpile cash.. but I do not prefer to use that as the bait for women b/c you will just catch more of the same. Women go for the Alpha fucks and the Beta bucks… it’s a proven formula… many men to fill multiple needs rather than one man for all her needs. It’s the neo feminist movement and you’d better get used to it and accept it. The one card you get to hold in your hand is you. Your commitment. The #1 bitch gripe complaint I hear from 30yo and up women is “Why do men have such a hard time with commitments?”? Why do you think whore?

    But now you might ask..”What can I do about it?”

    It’s easy. Be you. If you are a “good guy” don’t stop. See, SHE WINS, not by getting new cock, but by ruining you for life and making you a jaded asshole misogynist.

    DONT do that. SHE WINS if you are changed forever. The salty tone of all women are whores some of the posts have.. sure I say this in reference to my 6x cheating whore ex-GF.. but not ALL WOMEN… Now some staunch Machiovelians would have you believe “A woman is a woman”

    So if you cannot be her one and only, be the only one that stays with her thoughts for her life.. be the only one that improved her, added to who she is.. be the only one who showed her a man’s true unconditional love.. don’t bank on the fact you can keep her. As long as she is attractive (at least til 60) she will never keep any one man. You can find the RARE 12% of women in the USA that are all about their man… keep in mind the more attractive the women you get the worse the odds are for you that she is faithful…

    My ex:
    – naieve and vapid about life and just about everything
    – sexually inept. SO hot, amazing body.. only had 4 guys and didn’t know anything about sex
    -never been outside of her small town
    -had the same job for 14 years making $15/hr for a small town small company.

    After me: (the things listed here are things I had a DIRECT or complete hand in, not things she did while she happened to be with me)
    -quit her job, divorced her husband and started her own company
    -had a few jobs and landed a job paying $25/hr as a manager for a med. sized medical company
    -learned about negotiating and business.
    -traveled outside of the country, experienced new cultures
    -converted form cheap white wine to fine red blends
    -exposed to an entire part of life she was oblivious to. (I play instruments and took her to a few friends sessions)
    -cooking (she can’t cook anything exotic, I taught a lot there for her)

    That is a shortened list but we were on and off for almost 10 years.
    I will never forget her and she will never forget me. As much as she’d like to sweep me under the “I made the right choice” rug.. and put me in the memory bucket “To be deleted” and upgrade.. I will always be there. Against her will… in the back of her mind. I will be the measuring stick for a degree of items in her future.

    See these types of women you have to somewhat feel sorry for. They lack the capacity to love. Not because of some heart defect. Because they never get the opportunity. Their beauty sabotages their chances to develop those kinds of feelings for a man. “I am missing out” takes over and she’s going to be 40 in june.. so for her it is a mid-life crisis. For me my age is a mid–life CATHARSIS! She is doomed to get close but then… find better just before close becomes cosmic.
    The reason why I know “a woman is a woman” is bullshit is because I have experienced women that are cosmic. Monumental love.. life changing… they are few. VERY few. 1 in 1000… hard to find.. hard to spot even. They don’t advertise. They are discovered..

    Don’t be a douchebag. Don’t make the next girl pay for the last girl. Don’t be a pussy. LOVE! RISK! BE YOU. BE HONEST. Above all. Truth. For when a man lies he murders some part of the world. If you can’t take the heat, jerk off and stay home.
    Women are one of the few adventures we can partake in on this godforsaken shit hole that make life worth living. Only to be trumped by parenthood.

    Gibran once wrote:
    But if in your fear you would seek only love’s peace and love’s pleasure,
    Then it is better for you that you cover your nakedness and pass out of love’s threshing-floor,
    Into the seasonless world where you shall laugh, but not all of your laughter, and weep, but not all of your tears.
    Love gives naught but itself and takes naught but from itself.
    Love possesses not nor would it be possessed;
    For love is sufficient unto love.
    Basically without the sour, the sweet ain’t as sweet. Don’t puss out just because you know there is heart wrenching pain ahead at some unknown point.
    I race as well, another exciting thing to do. I don’t preoccupy myself with the fact I could die on the track… That’s a good recipe for a crash.
    I get caught up, I dive in head first. You would be AMAZED at what you learn about yourself when you push the limits of your fear or comfort.
    THAT is being a fucking man. Not this alpha testosterone manufactured lunch box horse shit.
    I hear this from every woman I’ve made love to:
    -“holy fuck that’s huge” (hey cannot help that one but trust me it’s not all it is cracked up to be. They get sore faster, ZERO fucking anal, and horrible blow jobs)
    -“You are sooo different from other men”
    -“You are so smart, that’s such a fucking turn on”
    I have heard this from every single one.
    My will is genuine. I want her and only her and I do not fucking cheat. Period. If that isn’t good enough… NEXT!
    You will thank yourself and your conscience will too.
    There are plenty of women, and the one guy is right, have them all… but…
    one at a time, and stay as long as they let you and always be true and faithful… that is THE BEST formula.
    There will be pain.. but STFU if you are going to whine about it. Then date men.
    You do this and it is win win.
    either a)
    You do this and you two are together forever or for at least a VERY long time.
    You do this and she ruins it, and you get to legitimately have the next woman with clean conscience and with more knowledge under your belt about what to do right.
    You constantly improve yourself. You constantly reflect on yourself. You constantly chalk up a list of traits that make up the bad ones and the good ones and instead of letting your penis do the picking you let your life’s experience do the picking.
    Above all:
    MAKE HER WORK FOR YOUR LOVE, Don’t just hand it over… That is a recipe for disaster.
    Hope I have been entertaining at least if not helpful.
    Never give up. The pussies do that.
    ANYONE can get Red48 cologne and an Audi S7 and fuck a lot of women.. but frankly that is a depressing and degrading way to live.
    Going to a concert? Being alive
    Writing a song? THAT is living.

  220. Gul gul says:

    Agreed Mina. I posted on how to handle the cheaters. DO this for men too!

  221. Gul gul says:

    by the way those things I hear from women, that wasn’t bragging. I am not so smart, I am just very patient. I am different but not sooo different. I just seem so different to them for one reason. My objective is not to keep them, is not to fuck them. This is what they are used to. Women are just as jaded. They can get a guy who wants sex. They don’t want that. They want to get a guy who wants them and only them. Look you can play the alpha bad boy all day and score mad women. but for me that would never make me happy. Knowing I had a woman because of a lie. I’ve never lied to a woman to have sex. Ever.

  222. Alpha Male says:

    Shut up you incoherent twat.

  223. SoTrue says:

    Another Loser has spoken.

  224. Arahaelon says:

    You, know… I’ve been with a girl whom I’m in love so much. But then her attention goes with someone else. I’m all broken now.. All I want is have a stable married life with her but she isn’t. Its my first love. She was my first love. I’m willing to give her all my love and not even thinking of getting another girl in my life. I thought she would be the one for me but I was wrong. Now, in a game, she likes getting attention from other guys. While here, All I can do is being jealous even if I address it to her its like she’s having fun being flirted with. But thats all in the past and many things happened :). And really want to move on but its hard.. since she is my first love. I have loved her so much but my trust became so low. Fuck love hahaha.. I will pour my love again someday 🙂 for the right girl 🙂

  225. Logan Kieffer says:

    It’s always the guys that get put in the spotlight for cheating but women are just as bad if not worse

  226. NOYFB says:

    learn how to type or fucking spell, I can not make sense of anything you said. you piss me off. And what I was able to get from that is you stereotype all men to be the same, which is unfair, not true, biased and sexist. STFU.

  227. Dray says:

    Just don’t get a girlfriend. For your own sanity. I seen a girl beg a high school basketball player just to suck his dick. She denied it without conscious until he showed us the text messages. This matters because she was dating my friend at the time. lol what’s funny is she tried to act like a super Christian and be condescending towards others all the while lying to my buddy about the allegations. Women lie with a straight face and no remorse.

  228. jaimeGIRL says:

    Well this article was obviously written by a man consumed by emotional frustration, and wants other men to join his party in Slumptown. What credibility does an angry and hurt man have regarding the topics of why women (yes because all of us are the same) do things. So because your girlfriend owned up to Cheating on you, all women are the exact same. Got it. Thank you for knowing so much about women and sharing your generalizations. although you have not actually been a woman, physically or mentally.

    Here’s the kicker, it’s actually very entertaining that men can read a clever ego stoking article and instantly believe every word like its the Bible.

    End rant. 🙂 🙂

  229. the patriarical warlord says:

    people who are to weak to not go all in for a relationship are trash, why even bother staying with the guy if you’d rather be a slut or a manwhore

  230. kartashok says:

    You’re a fool for not breaking up with her right then and there! A d*** fool!! She will cheat on you again!

  231. kartashok says:

    I hope you LEFT her and moved on, !diot!

  232. kartashok says:

    Newsflash: Women cheat almost twice as much as men and are much better at getting away with it!

  233. Alana Charen-Teng says:

    This article sounds like it was written by a guy who keeps getting cheated on. Women cheat on weak men who have no spines. That’s pretty much it.

  234. retona4 says:

    Newsflash: kartashok is a revolting Untouchable.

  235. kartashok says:

    Not at all, you have no idea who I am. I do know you’re a slag, though.

  236. kartashok says:

    Women cheat on anyone, including the strongest and best of men, when they’re not getting 100% of what they want. Your entire claim reeks with entitlement, as if women are somehow put on a pedestal. Many women are manipulative, selfish, disloyal and cunning, and to deny that is to deny human nature.

  237. Alana Charen-Teng says:

    I’m sorry you don’t like women and they don’t like you either.

  238. kartashok says:

    Oh I like women and they like me, casual sex only. No strings attached.

  239. Alana Charen-Teng says:

    If you repeat it to yourself enough, you might even convince yourself. 😉

  240. kartashok says:

    You think you’re smart don’t you? Don’t act like you know anything about me or my life.

  241. Will G says:

    This shit was mad depressing. Its sad because I have experienced or witnessed all these reasons on both sides. Over time I have learned that the best way to keep your girl honest is to always play mind games with them. Its fucked up but its true. You have to make them feel like you’re in love one second then maybe have doubts the next. Subliminally play on there insecurities then build them up to give em confidence. NEVER LET THEM COMMUNICATE WITH THEIR EX’s! Or their crushes. The moment they do or you find out, threaten to break up with them and tell them to go date that guy. Thay goes for social media content and all. You have to let them know that you will desert them in a heartbeat if they cross you while at the same time letting them know you will be there for them if they are loyal.

  242. Belinds says:

    For other dumb reasons? Really?
    And a guy being drunk and a gal sexy isn’t?

    The legist is that women are insecure, overly emotional, oblivious, and malicious.

    How about I’m tired of being the one who does ALL the housework yet he complains about the dishes being done or some other house chore, paying ALL the bills because he can’t handle money responsibly but complains about the one time in a year I bought clothes to fit me post pregnancy, takes care of OUR child day AND night while he gets drunk or does any number of other things yet after the fifth night of sleeping only four hours is ‘working so I need more rest’ despite the fact I work too… Maybe just maybe a women cheats for the same reasons a man cheats; the other person doesn’t nag them/have expectations of them, the thrill, dissatisfaction in the bedroom, the relationship is over but you’re going through the motions for the kids etc, the ability to do so, the other partner already cheated, or the other person is a more viable partner. In any of these cases I have heard women AND men cheat bottom line is as long as you yourself doesn’t cheat AND put your partner in the top five out of hundreds of other priorities chances are your partner won’t cheat. That’s not in any way a guarantee to affair proof a relationship though it is a solid start.

  243. janon says:

    You’re incoherent, but also an idiot.

    Lots of things have happened to people for centuries.

    WTF does that have to do with you TODAY.

    Men cheating a century ago has F all to do with a woman cheating on a man TODAY.

    It wasn’t HER cheated on 100 years ago.

    The most idiotic rationalization for bad behavior is “well OTHER people did it too!!!”

  244. janon says:

    BS… you’re obviously obsessed with this topic and a misandryst, but there are INUMERABLE articles on women who admit cheating on good guys.

    People aren’t mind readers. Only a real PoS blames the VICTIM for their bad behavior.

    When MEN cheat do you spout how “wOman didn’t know how satisfy her man!”

    No, didn’t think so. Typical hypocrite.

  245. janon says:

    Notice you didn’t answer the question because you’re a hypocrite and shallow thinker.

    100 times you posted excuses for women who cheat, blaming only the guy who was victimized.

    So how about the guys who clearly cheated on you? Guess you didn’t know how to take care of them, right?

  246. janon says:

    People don’t “make you feel neglected”

    “Feeling neglected” is YOUR issue.

    When will today’s adult infants, male and female both, understand this.

    And how about Fing TALKING to someone if you have an issue with their behavior?!

  247. janon says:

    Yeah good deflection.

    Sorry, but data shows your statement is pure BS.

    ALL types of people get cheated on.

    Ironic that you victim blame men as “weak and spineless ” when THEY were cheated on, then call out this guy for not liking women.

    So women who are cheated on are what exactly?

    Let’s see how far your hypocrisy goes…

  248. janon says:

    Ok, you’re a woman, so you explain it.

    Every article on female infidelity rationalizes it by blaming the guy cheated on.

    ZERO articles on MALE infidelity do that. They blame the guy who did the cheating.

    So women are apparently always the victims.

    Yet women are now cheating at a HIGHER rate than men, file for 70% of divorces, and have reported that they keep “backup guys” just in case.

    This is MULTIPLE studies.

    This article is obviously a pitty party, but let’s not pretend that there aren’t a HUGE number of women out there that are every bit as horrible as men ever were. When as many as 10% of men are unknowingly raising kids that aren’t their own, it’s time to drop the “fairer sex” trope

  249. janon says:

    Even in CHINA male/female ratio is near 50/50. WTF are you talking about?

    Yes women can get sex far easier, but most women don’t WANT sex in that way and are FAR choosier with “hookups”

    Men are far less choosy physically. This works in female favor IF a woman wants to behave like a man normally would.

    In selecting an actual PARTNER though, female attraction is far more nuanced.

  250. The Honest Truth says:

    Most of the women of years ago really did put the women of today to Real Shame.

  251. kartashok says:

    B!tch kill yourself.

  252. kartashok says:

    What an idiot. You should’ve left her the second you found out she cheated. Otherwise you’re a cuckold. Love is DEAD. Women are TRASH!

  253. kartashok says:

    Trick is, never fall in love.

  254. kartashok says:

    It would only offend you if you’re a cheater. Well, are you?

  255. kartashok says:

    Truth hurts. Women are sex objects, nothing more.

  256. kartashok says:

    Scientific truth hurts.

  257. Reality Check says:

    That is because they Can unfortunately which they’re a Total Waste Of Humanity anyway.

  258. Connor Donohoe says:

    Holy fuck man. That is super fuckin rough.You in Afghanistan and everything. Your surely more of a bloke than him. Jesus that was painful for me even just readin that. Fuck man. So happy I’m good in my own skin with one night stands here or there. Sorry man. Thats a rough one mate.

  259. Connor Donohoe says:

    Feminised wimp

  260. Breaker breaker says:

    I think women cheat because often it doesn’t take a ton effort and they can blame the guy who was just so charming and there for her. For a guy to cheat, he has to put forth a ton of effort and get lucky. That’s the catch 22 of the cheating game. But people who cheat pay a price within their integrity and deep inside their heart, so ultimately a cheater hurts themself more than they hurt anyone else. A “relationship” that began through cheating will end bad in enough time.

  261. matha lawson says:

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