Drunk Girlfriend Kissed Another Guy – What You Gotta Do

Did your girlfriend kiss a guy and use the excuse of being drunk? Here’s a thought on drunk girlfriends who kiss other guys and what a man’s gotta do.

drunk girlfriend kissed another guy

Well, well, this is a delicate string, isn’t it?

Has your girlfriend ever confessed to kissing another guy and feeling guilty about it, all because she was drunk and out of her mind?

Some guys have been the unlucky boyfriends who had to hear the news.

And some other guys were the lucky stealers who were able to stick their tongue into another man’s girlfriend’s mouth.

Judging by the two sides of this kind of a story, many guys have been here at least once.

Ever wondered about these things? How does it even happen?

Drunk Girlfriends Who Kiss Other Guys

Booze makes a lot of crazy things happen to people.

It can make a man loosen up and feel like a king. And it can also make a horny girlfriend feel, well, more horny.

Whether you’re in college or experiencing a quarter life crisis, there’s always a good chance of this cropping up, especially if your girl’s an independent woman who loves her own space, a.k.a. flirting time with other guys.

Really, what are the odds of her going out with friends, meeting a few guys, and kissing one or more guys all happening in one single night? And especially on the same night that you don’t accompany her.

Smell something fishy? You should, even if you’re nowhere near her panties.

Nice Girlfriends With a Little Bad Booze

Seriously, what happens to a few girlfriends once they’ve had a bit to drink? All of a sudden, she’s a whole new single chick stuck in a committed girl’s body.

What does a bit of booze do to women? Well, it gives her the courage to speak the thoughts that are lurking in the deep recesses of her mind. And what else does it do? Well, booze gives a girl a great excuse to test the waters too!

Unless a girl is passed out cold, she knows what she’s doing. Date rape drugs or a booze black out would just wipe out her mind, not help her make out better with some random guy. Does that mean your girlfriend actually kissed a guy even though she knew what she was doing? *dramatic gasp* [Read: Date rape signs]

Yes, in all probability, she knew exactly what she was doing. And guess what, she had a great time too!

Do Girls Just Kiss Random Guys?

Well, no. Most women don’t. If they ever kiss a guy, it’s because they’ve thought about it for a while. A drunk guy will kiss anything that looks like a sexy woman when he’s high, even if it’s a dog’s bum. Girls don’t do that. Almost always, they need to think about it and fantasize about it. What with them being such creative geniuses and all! [Read: Five excuses to kiss a friend]

If your girlfriend’s actually kissed another guy, it’s either after a long touchy feely conversation, or after a few days of having a crush on some guy. Logically speaking, if she was extremely high after a few drinks, she may have kissed a guy she liked first which may have made her feel a lot hornier, which in turn leads to her being tossed around from one guy to another to exchange bodily fluids now and then. But it all has to start somewhere. And that could have been avoided by your cute girlfriend if she really wanted to.

So Why Bloody Confess?

So she kissed a guy even though she knew it was wrong, but why did she have to confess to you and make you feel worse? Well, she probably confessed because she’s guilty of succumbing to her sexual desires even though she’s in a happy relationship, or because she thought you’d find out anyways.

Should You Forgive a Girlfriend on a Kissing Spree?

Aw shucks, the whole thing sucks. But look, you would have done the same thing if you were in her place. If you were in her place, stroking lady parts of a sexy girl and sipping cheap wine at the same time while talking about sex, there’s a very good chance you would have done the exact thing. Maybe even more, who really knows for sure? [Read: Do you like a friend’s girlfriend?]

A few drinks can make a guy forget his driving skills, can it not make him overlook the fact that he has a girlfriend?

Your girlfriend experienced the same sexual liberty and enlightenment at that drunken moment when she kissed another guy. She may really love you and care about you, but she succumbed to her lust. Deal with it and move on. Really, everyone has a crush on someone else, even if they’re in a serious relationship. And sometimes, when a crush tries to get flirty especially when you’re all drunk, a bit of kissing and heavy petting is just inevitable. At least she didn’t have sex, right? It could always be worse.

What’s the right thing to do? Forgive her, forget the incident and move on. It could have happened to anyone.

So Yeah, She Had Sex With Another Guy…

If your girlfriend walked up to you with her doe eyes and her sexy body and told you that she had sex last night with another guy, yes, only because she was drunk and didn’t know what she was doing, should you forgive her?

Well, this is a decision you have to make. It may have been a planned mistake or a spur of the moment thing. Do you really love her and care for her? If you do, then forgive her. There’s too much love in the air to break a relationship up over a mistake. Well, some other guy did run his mouth and hands all over your girl, but you know what, everyone makes a mistake now and then. And if your girlfriend really does regret the whole incident, it’s only because she loves you and feels bad for doing what she did. Otherwise, she would have just moved in with a group of guys and a few bottles of JD. [Read: How to resist temptation]

She loves you. And love always gives a second chance. Be magnanimous, and feel like a man. Forgive her and give the guy she slept with a black eye if you want to. Life is all good all over again.

She Kisses Guys Every Time She Drinks!

Okay, so we’re dealing with a repeat offender here. What’s wrong with that horny woman?!

If all she does when she gets high is grabs the crotches of your friends or drags them to the dance floor to grind her ass on the front of their jeans, you’re in some serious relationship makeover zone. Your girlfriend’s the kind of girl who wants a steady boyfriend and a string of flings too. Or she thinks you’re an idiot who falls for her I-forget-when-I’m-drunk excuse all the time. [Read: Is it love or lust?]

Whatever the case may be, if you’re dealing with a girlfriend who changes into a hooker every time she drinks a few shots, you need to leave her and walk out of her life, especially if that’s not the lifestyle you choose to live. Your girlfriend may be way too immature or may just be overenthusiastic to experience all the sexual freedom of the ‘70s all over again. Unless you’re into swinging and swapping, end the relationship with her even if she feigns memory loss the next morning.

Break up with her immediately if you can’t handle a woman like her, and even if she promises to change forever, think twice. No one likes being called an idiot more than once. [Read: How to break up with a girl like a man]

The Truth Behind Drunk Girlfriends

People don’t change. They just suppress their feelings. You may catch your girlfriend kissing another guys a few times. And she may promise to stop all of that forever. But if she’s a repeat offender, can you really trust her again? [Read: Is she using you?]

Your girlfriend may just be a horny minx who wants it all and looks for drunken opportunities when you aren’t around. And who’s to say she won’t kiss more guys behind your back? Can you ever trust her if all she does is wander her hands into another man’s jeans each time she takes a sip of beer?

If you catch her a few times, end the relationship if you can’t accept her urges.

But on the other hand, if it’s something that happened by accident or in the heat of the moment and she feels really bad about it, give her another chance. Love is a lot about second chances, after all. [Read: Dealing with a complicated relationship]

Drink girlfriends are fun, but drunk girlfriends who kiss other guys never are, unless you’re in an open relationship. So now that you know what really goes on in a drunk girl’s mind, what are you going to do about it?

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