24 Sneaky Signs You’re Dating a Genuine 24K Gold-Digger

Now, we aren’t saying she’s definitely a gold digger but if she’s more interested in your wallet than you, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. 

gold digger signs

She’s charismatic, attractive, and oh-so-into-you. You can’t believe you landed such a great catch. But, there’s one thing that’s bothering you a little. She seems more into your bank account than you. Could she be a gold digger?

Maybe she’s more into sipping Moet than sparkling water, or she’s someone who can’t deny her love for the finer things in life. Perhaps she brushes up ever closer to you whenever you’re in the jewelry store.

There are countless signs of a gold digger but many are quite subtle. Of course, when you’re blinded by adoration or even lust, it can be extremely difficult to separate reality from hope.

But it’s time to learn how to spot a gold digger so you can make sure a girl loves you for you, and not for the weight of your black metal cards in your wallet.

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What is a gold digger?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, no worries. A gold digger is simply someone who uses another for their money.

Usually, these are girls who only want to be with a guy so he’ll buy her nice things. However, it can also be a guy. Yet, the term gold digger is often reserved for this specific type of woman only.

If you realize that you’re actually dating a gold digger, it’s going to be a hard thing to acknowledge. But, you should never tolerate someone using you. Even if you actually care for them but know they have no real feelings for you, dump them. It’s not fair to subject yourself to their disrespect.

Because that’s what it is. They’re actively disrespecting you in order to get what they want. That’s not fair to you.

Your time is worth so much more than that and they need to be stopped. No matter the reason for them using you, don’t allow it. [Read: How to talk about money with your partner without fighting about it]

The very subtle signs of a gold digger they just can’t hide

A gold digger is a very cunning and curious species. It comes in all forms, both male and female. They typically latch on to someone unsuspecting, someone like you.

A gold digger will stick with you, much like a leech, because you can provide generous gifts, fancy dates, and vacations that they can never otherwise have. They often have an entitled attitude that you need to take care of them in the sense that you have to be there for their needs and wants.

While some gold diggers are not really after money, some may be after power or fame, especially if you are a rich celebrity or professional athlete.

So, how to spot a gold-digger? Read on to find out, because you just might be dating one. [Read: The most obvious signs you’re being used for sex or money]

1. She asks suspicious questions from the get-go

From the very beginning of your first date, one of the first, if not the very first, questions she’ll ask is, “what’s your job?”. She is more interested in what you do for a living instead of what you do in your free time.

It’s like she’s profiling you and computing in her head how much you make in a year. It’s normal to want to know about what you do in and outside of work. But, if she is just into how much money you earn and your job title, then you’ve got yourself a probable gold-digger, my friend. [Read: 23 signs she’s using you and walking all over you]

2. She’s keen to listen when the subject is money

Aside from your career and your income, she is also interested in your bank account. Later on, as you continue to date a gold digger, that is, if you are still so enamored with her that you brushed off the early warning sign, you will realize just how keen she is at math.

She can calculate in her head just how much you spend and how much savings you have, as well as if you have investments or a trust fund. She would always be all ears when it comes to you making money or closing a deal. [Read: Toxic girlfriend – 17 warning signs the girl you like is toxic AF]

3. She has an air of privilege

As you are starting to get to know her, she will tell you about how she knows this person or that person, or how she goes on vacation to these private islands.

She’ll tell you she went to this school, lived in this place. She will talk about all her designer clothes and the cars she drives, how she likes these designers and this furniture— all of which are high-end.

Whether all of this is true or not, think of it as setting you up to the idea that she is used to a certain lifestyle. She expects this to continue while she’s dating you. [Read: 15 signs you’re dating a really high maintenance woman]

4. Is she ogling you or your style?

Her eyes are all over you. Or, more specifically, all over your watch, your suit, your wallet, your shoes, and your car.

After all, she probably has spotted you and flirted with you just because she saw your shining Rolex right from the other end of the room. To her, you’re a knight in shining armor because all she sees is your bling.

5. You notice you spend a lot on the first few dates

You find yourself spending at least a hundred more dollars on your first few dates compared to your other dates in the past. In fact, when you calculate the whole time you have been dating, it shows that she has cost you the total amount you have spent in your last relationship.

It would seem like you are buying her affection, which is actually what is happening. Take note that she’s extra sweet to you every time you give her another Cartier bracelet.

6. You sometimes feel like you’re babysitting

Dating a gold-digger is like dating a child. She doesn’t bring any money and she expects you to do everything for her.

The only difference from a child is that at least a child will be fascinated by the simplest things. These are the things which usually don’t cost much.

However, a golddigger will hint that she would love to eat in that new fine dining restaurant or have that afternoon at the spa while waiting for you. She just wants you to take out your wallet for her every whim. And through all that, she will never offer to pay for anything. [Read: 12 very annoying girlfriend habits all guys hate]

7. She’s obsessed with keeping up with the Joneses

Or the Kardashians. She wants to be in the hippest places, wearing the hippest clothes and jewelry. She wants to look like the models in the magazines and have the luxurious lifestyles of the socialites.

You may still be fine with this, but you have to be aware that she may just want to look glamorous and be in the right places just so she can catch someone who is far richer than you!

8. She’s dripping in entitlement

She doesn’t say “please” and “thank you” because her sense of entitlement is so deeply ingrained in her.

She believes that she deserves the things that you give her, and she expects these each time. While she does not appreciate you giving her your whole month’s salary worth of jewelry, she will be disappointed or angry if you give her anything less. Heaven forbid you show up with no gift at all!

A gold digger expects to be treated like royalty while never returning the favor. She might even drive you to become a pauper. [Read: 20 signs she’s leading you on, pretending to love you and taking you nowhere]

9. You feel like her personal ATM

Yes, that’s you. You are her personal ATM, and it’s your job to provide for her while her hands are always outstretched, taking and taking.

She will very often be in a financial conundrum of sorts – she can’t pay her rent, credit card bills, and other financial responsibilities, and expects you to cover for her. Often, some gold diggers will tell you they’ll pay you back but they never will. That’s how to spot the signs of a gold digger.

10. She puts in the effort in bed, but beware of surprise pregnancies

So she makes you feel great in bed and maybe she puts in more effort in the department, especially after you just took her on a private plane ride to St. Bart’s, but a genuine gold-digger wouldn’t be interested in protection.

She may ride you bareback in the hopes of being impregnated by you so that you will either marry her or give her child support payments. She may even spend these on herself, setting herself up for the good life. [Read: Why a baby trap is the dumbest idea a girl could use to hook a guy]

11. She has an overly-agreeable attitude

There are plenty of girls who are go-with-the-flow and very laid back. The difference with girls who are gold diggers is that they agree with everything you say and do with a lot of enthusiasm.

This is to make you like them and want to spend money on them. It’s a manipulation tactic. [Read: 20 common signs of people pleasers to watch out for]

12. She pretends to have everything in common with you

This is another way some girls will try to manipulate you. When you first get to know her, she’ll basically tell you she likes all the same things you do.

You’ll know this is true if you’re the one always talking about what you like and she simply jumps in to tell you, “me too!”

13. She’s all about compliments

There comes a point when compliments are just way too much. Sure, she may really like how you look but after a while, it’s just not genuine.

If she’s complimenting you over and over again, then you know it’s a lie. She just wants to butter you up so you’ll spend money on her. [Read: How to decode the true meaning of compliments]

14. She uses sex as a weapon

And she’ll also hold it over your head. Basically, if you do anything wrong and she refuses to have sex with you because of it, she’s probably a gold digger.

This is another way she gets you to buy her stuff. If you get her a new purse and she strips and lies down within the next few minutes, it’s a reward system. She’s conditioning you to basically pay for her lady bits. [Read: Using sex as a weapon – The harsh truths you need to know about this]

15.She’s very verbal about your job or possessions

It’s less about what a good person you are and more about what you can provide her with. If you’re a doctor, it’s normal for women to think that’s really incredible because of the fact that you’re helping someone.

But if your job isn’t morally all that great and she still gushes about it, it’s probably because it’s known that people in your position make a lot of money. [Read: How to date a high-maintenance girl without going broke]

16. Gifts will always make her forgive you

How to spot a gold digger? Basically, any time you get into a fight, it’s resolved when you buy her something.

This is one of the big signs she’s a gold digger. In a healthy relationship, problems should be sorted out through communication, not lavish gifts.

17. She doesn’t pay attention when you talk

This is really easy to notice because she won’t be able to remember anything you say or anything important about you. It’s because she doesn’t care about you. She only cares about what’s in your wallet.

18. She forgets your big events but never hers

Basically, she doesn’t make room in her schedule for the stuff you need her to be at, but she’ll always write down things she wants to go to. Concerts, dinners, and even shopping dates with friends are never missed.

If you want to know how to spot a gold digger, think about how often she’s around for things that don’t involve money and grandeur. [Read: 15 signs someone is emotionally detached and really doesn’t care about you]

19. She wants you to join her at expensive clubs and dinner parties

Does she have expensive taste when it comes to clubs and food? If so, she could only be with you for your money.

Girls who are gold diggers like to dine at really nice establishments, even if they can’t afford it themselves. If she always wants you to go with her to clubs and nice restaurants, it’s basically because she wants you to pay. It’s not about your company.

20. You don’t actually know that much about her

How much do you actually know about her? Does she talk about her family, her values, or anything of relevance to a relationship? If she doesn’t, it could be a sign she’s just a gold digger who’s after you for your money. [Read: 20 revealing questions to get to know someone better]

21. If you’re honest, she’s significantly out of your league

This might be a hard one for you to admit but it’ll help you determine if she’s a gold digger or not.

A girl who is very, very attractive dating a guy who isn’t exactly the best looking is cause for serious alarm. And if you make a ton of money, that might be the reason she’s attracted to you. [Read: How to date a girl who’s significantly out of your league]

22. You’re not liked by most people, but she can’t get enough of you

On the flip side, if you’re good looking but a really big asshole, she could be a gold digger because of the amount of money you make.

Nobody wants to spend their life with a mean person unless that person can compensate for it fairly. So, if you’re regularly told that you’re not likable and this girl suddenly can’t get enough of you, question why.

23. She often asks for cash from you

If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time and she’s asking you for money because she’s running low, that’s not a cause for alarm.

It’s only when the relationship is very new and she’s already asking you for money that it becomes an issue. That’s one of the key ways to spot a gold digger. [Read: Money can’t buy love – Are you an idiot?]

24. Her job doesn’t pay much, if she even has one

If she even has a job, it probably doesn’t pay very well. That’s how you know she’s a gold digger and is only with you for the money.

So long as she also shows other signs on this list, you’re definitely with someone who only likes you for the money. [Read: 10 types of women you should never ever date]

A relationship with a gold digger is not a real relationship

So there you have it, the rundown on the warning signs that the girl you’re dating is more interested in your wallet than you. If this is the case, read up and walk away. This isn’t a real relationship. You’re being used.

Watch out for these warning signs because, if you find yourself in the red shortly after dating her, then you are definitely in hot water. A real woman who is not after your money, fame, or power would at least once offer to pay for your dates or pay her share even if it’s generally expected that men do it.

A real woman would reciprocate the gifts that you give her, and would appreciate even the very little things you do for her.

She will not get mad at you for not bringing her to the most upscale parties or exclusive vacations. Furthermore, she will not be interested in your job and how much money you make, because she also works to bulk up her bank account and can definitely pay for her own expensive tastes.

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So think hard and ask yourself if you see even a few of these gold digger signs in your new relationship. And if you do, say goodbye to her diamond-encrusted, 24k gold-digging ass!

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