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How to Get A Girl With A Boyfriend to Like You

How to get a girl with a boyfriend to like you

Ever had a crush on a girl, and found out that she was already seeing someone? What did you do next, went home and cried? How do you get a girl who has a boyfriend? The Huggable Understanding Guy teaches you the real art of how to get a girl with a boyfriend.

Want to know how to get a girl who has a boyfriend? Winners don’t give up, and losers fail. So are you determined to know how to get a girl with a boyfriend?

Losers aside, here are a few things that determined men do. They steal girlfriends.

So if you think you’re ready to sweep the girl of your dreams from right under her guy’s nose, here’s the Huggable Understanding Guy raising a toast to you, you… you little desperado.

The art of girlfriend stealing

Here we go again, on this exciting voyage of being the player and the best man to have existed on the face of this Earth. Casanova is history. So let’s hit first base here.

You like a girl. And cupid’s struck the wrong butt… again. And you’re left in the dark. She’s with another guy.

Alright, life can be a bit harsh at times. So will you stop with your whining already?!

For crying out loud, there’s a way to have her. Thankfully.

Once you’re done blowing your nose and sticking the snot under the couch, let’s get to the deep, dark world of girlfriend stealing and how to get a girl with a boyfriend.

Knowing how to get a girl who has a boyfriend is an art, not some club swinging clumsy hit-and-miss techniques used by the lesser mortals. So sharpen your mind, and play it smooth, lover boy. [Read: How to get the girl you want]

The real secret – How to get a girl with a boyfriend

Shut the doors, and keep everyone out. This lost art is the final nail on any boyfriend’s coffin. Have you ever come across any guy who could always get any girl he wanted, even if she’s been going out with another guy since the last millennium?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a dodo who hasn’t noticed that yet, or if you’ve got so few friends that you don’t have one smooth talker around you, because in just a few minutes you’re going to be able to hold that coveted title in your very own hands.

This is unlike me, helping a guy shatter another guy’s heart, but I’ve been hounded by guys who’ve wanted to know how to get a girl with a boyfriend, because they’re just so madly in love with them. It may have been the hardest thing on planet earth but with these little pointers, stealing girlfriends could just turn out to be as easy as stealing coins from a genuine blind beggar!

So cheer up, lift your chin out of the dirt and keep your eyes peeled if you want that special girl.

And if you’re a man who’s going out with a girl already, don’t hate the player, buddy, hate the game! [Read: How to accidentally kiss a girl who’s a friend]

Get a girl who has a boyfriend – Playing the signs

If you want a girl who already has a boyfriend to like you, you need to let her know the truth, that you are crazy about her, and want her to be your girlfriend. So don’t hide in the corner and sulk like a four year old. Be out there in the open and follow these signs.

Drawing first blood

You may have been trying to charm the pants off a hot girl, but then, by some unfortunate incident, you may have found out that she’s actually going out with some other guy.

Unfortunate, but hey, it’s cool. At least now you know she’s got a guy. Yeah, so that calls for another new maneuver. The cooler, happier one. Let me tell you a little secret. Getting a girl is hot, but stealing a girl is effing ecstasy, beabey! Whoo!

She knows you know she has a boyfriend

Does she? Does she know that you know she has a boyfriend? If not, make sure she does. You don’t want to hit on a girl who is confused thinking you’re trying to hit on her, because you don’t know she’s seeing someone already. Make it very clear and obvious that you know she has a boyfriend.

Why hide behind the bushes, dude, if it’s a gun that’s pointed at you, it will definitely pass through. So stand up, face it like a man. And flirt. Talk about her guy too. Let her know that he’s no threat to you. Ask her how he is, while you’re flirting outrageously. Accept the fact that she’s going out, that will make things a lot calmer and fun for you. After all, you’re trying to get a girl with a boyfriend, and hey, you are trying to steal her! [Read: The right way to flirt with a girl]

“Gosh, I want to go out with you!”

Never stop your flirting, okay? It’s alright to ease back once in a while, but you have got to let her know that you want her (even though you’re not jumping on her right there).

Ask her. I mean it, smile wide and ask her if there’s any chance she might be able to break up with her guy, because you’re madly, psychopathically in love with her! Tell her you want to go out with her!

But don’t wait for answers. Ever. Ever!!

Waiting for an answer would make things uncomfortable. Switch the topic to an entirely new bit within a second each time you pop the magical “I want to go out with you”. That would keep her smiling and blushing, with no hint of being uncomfortable. And you know what, she’s going to think about it after you say bye! Now, we’re talking, aren’t we? You’re going to make her think about you after you’re gone. *wink!*

Flirt like there’s no tomorrow

Do you know how to flirt? If you don’t, learn. [Read: How to flirt by touching]

That’s the only way to get a girl with a boyfriend. If she’s walking to the coffee machine, and you happen to “just bump in”, smile. Show as many teeth as you possibly can, without looking like an idiot. Be enthusiastic and fun.

Let your happiness illuminate her world and her heart, and everything around it. Let her know you’re a happy guy. And charm her, boy. Compliment her good looks, how she makes your day worthwhile all the time. Tell her your day doesn’t actually start until you see her pretty face. Tell her you’re going to miss her on Friday, after work.

But all this with a smile. Two lines of advice. Don’t do this when her guy is around. If it’s creeping her out, lay back and ease up.

Make dates… and break ‘em

Keep asking her out, but let her know you’re not seriously asking her out. All the time. New movie? Bumped into her in the hallway? Ask her out. [Read: Best places to go on a first date]

“Hey, you know what? I’ve already booked two tickets for that mushy movie that’s out next Friday. You and me, okay? Can you lie to your guy that you have to be with a sick friend and go out with me? Come on… Friday night, okay…!” Or a new restaurant. It doesn’t matter which place, just ask her out all the time, and always just before you’re going to walk out.

It makes her wonder if there’s actually a date on, or not. But you know what? Don’t remind her again. She may actually hesitate to go out with you if you ask, so instead, let her wish she could have gone out with you! If you want to get a girl with a boyfriend, you have to make her want you without ever telling her the truth. We know girls play hard to get, so don’t give her that chance!

That one serious talk

All work and no play makes Jack a dodo. But all fun and no seriousness can make you a clown. So brace yourself to propose. But don’t do it the typical way. After one of those happy conversations with her, just before you walk out, say something along the lines of “You know what, I feel so happy when I talk to you or when I’m around you. You’re like the highpoint of my day! You know, I think I really like you. I wish you weren’t going out with that guy, I would have been on my knees by now!” [Read: What girls really want from their boyfriend]

Smile after that. And make a dash after a wiseass goodbye. Let her know that you’re not just flirting for fun, but you do mean business. You can write those lines down. I’ve used it many times, and it’s worked every single time!

So we’ve barely scraped the surface into the fine art of how to get a girl with a boyfriend, and she’s probably going to love you already. If you want to know everything about how to get a girl who has a boyfriend already, click here to continue reading about how to steal a girl if how to steal a girl if she has a boyfriend.


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46 thoughts on “How to Get A Girl With A Boyfriend to Like You”

  1. Andrew A says:

    What are the signs that these techniques are working?

  2. Chris V. says:

    Thank You sooo much dudes! You dont know how hard I was making it for myself, but this little guide gave me enough faith to stick through it and keep on “choppin it up”. It wasn’t easy and wasn’t too quick, but knowing she had gone out with the same guy for about 5 years, cant say it couldve gone any better. Thanks :’)

  3. James says:

    WOW … i am so in the boat described on this site. its like i wrote it myself ! but also that i wrote the answers , think i have played every card with the exception of the “semi confirmed date plan” linked to being hard to get :)… the rest i have …. its worked although should i say…. its working…. i am hoping like hell that it results in my favour…. its been 6 weeks since we met and 5 weeks since something happened and a week since it went to heaven!! how long do i wait before playing that ultimatem/ make a decision card ?

  4. joe says:

    This is so true. I’ve done this before and damn it works.

  5. goplan says:

    It has been almost three weeks kissing touching but she keep on saying she like me, i will love you later so how can i quickly get my self in the game.

  6. Alby says:

    LOL! Good luck to whoever tries this.

    “don’t hate the player, hate the game”

    Guys, don’t play the game. The game is more than f***ing a pretty girl. The boyfriend might want to play too. That means you, your mother or friends getting hurt/hospitalized. Think with your big head. Too many women to worry about one with a significant other.

    Furthermore, if a girl wants you, you don’t even have to work that hard. “booking movie tickets” LOL! Who the F*** BOOKS movie tickets?

    Seriously, please guys…be smart, be safe. Too MUCH PUSSY OUT THERE!

  7. Giorgio says:

    Wrong. Wrong. Wrong–and morally reprehensible.

    So, you’ve learned she has a boy friend but you don’t ven give a f–k if she truly loves the guy, she’s happy to be with him. You’re just after some cheap thrill. Ecstacy. Been there. Be careful of what you want you just might get it.

    First, you have to get to know her as a person. The most diabolically evil position you can put a girl in is to have her content in her relationship but it’s been a year or two and some of the magic has worn off. You empoy head games and now she’s conflicted. She wants to be loyal to her boyfriend but is attracted to you. If something happens she’s going to feel as guilty as hell and remember even if you “steel” her there’s a 30% chance she’ll wind up back with her
    boyfriend for another shot at the relationship.

    If you have a shed of decency in you, you patiently try to gauge where the relationship is at. If she’s happy, let her stay that way. On the other hand, if she’s not but is staying in the relationship for the wrong reasons you’ll find out in time–either from her or someone who knows the score.

    And then you still don’t move. You try to find out what she needs as a woman but is not getting in her current relationship.

    Flirt? That’s B.S. purely for amatuers. You don’t need to flirt if you REALLY care for her rather than just want to bang her. If she’s in a relationship headed for the rocks, she’s going to need someone who listens, someone who she feels understands, and someone who does not give a single sign of wanting to break up a relationship that even though she may want out of cannot bring herself to leave.

    This PUA nonsense is a scam. If a guy REALLY is a man who has confiodence in himself he knows that just as she was never part of his life, another one will come along and another and others after that. He realizes there are thousands of women he could be happy with.

    And like the previous poster said, you never know how the guy may react. Maybe he’s a thug and will put you in a body cast or the morgue. Maybe he’ll abuse her physically.

    There’s always the risk a guy may snap. That could happen under the best circumstances but you don’t –you never try to break up a solid relationship. First, you’ll probably fail; second, you could cause a lot of collateral damage, and third, it marks you as a selfish, manipulative, morally bankrupt guy who really doesn’t care for the girl he’s trying to “steal”.

  8. nick says:

    there’s a girl i really like..when i see her at school i feel really strange..she has a boyfriend that is a friend of mine(not a close one) . i don’t really know what to do;s she is like an angel, i once looked her in the eyes and she looked me too, omg it was freakin amazing. i felt just so nice

  9. Lonley Boy says:

    Hi I am madly in love with a girl in my office she is in a relationship
    I am about to leave the organization dont know what to do.

  10. Jack TImber says:

    It’s simple excitation and inhibition. Does the girl have a reason to be with you, and does she have a reason not to be with you? Give her one, and take away the other. If she likes you, don’t make her feel like she has to dump her boyfriend or cheat on him to hang out with you or go to a movie with you or . . . uh-oh, too late for him. She just couldn’t help but kiss you and then her clothes came off and then it was too late and how will she ever explain this to him?

  11. M says:

    You are sneaky. If someone did this to me I’d definitely be charmed haha!

  12. Mike says:

    Why would anyone want a girl that leaves her guy for you? the way you get her is the way you will lose her. all the work for nothing.

    also the two posters are right if you dont honor “bros before hoes” you might be in big trouble. in my home town a guy lost two of his little sister over breaking up a relationship, guy who did it is in prison but that wont bring back the girls.

  13. jonathan says:

    thank you for this post i will surely use it to get this one girl i adore for so long that i know what to do when i see her again i say again thank you love panky and good luck to you other guys

  14. Vengence says:

    So how do I get a girl to like me enough to leave her man? He did the same exact thing to me I want to do to him when I had a girlfriend.

  15. Vengence says:

    I’m doing this just to get back at him. I have no interest in her and I want to seem innocent to my ex.

  16. Pablo says:

    Shit like this is what makes me happy to be colombian and have a big family. Guys seem to think twice about talking to my girl knowing we would find him no matter where in the world he tries to hide

  17. The Truth says:

    Wow this is sad. Why would you post something like this? Leave the guy and girl alone, don’t be a c*ck blocker, grow the fuc* up. Had a guy do something like this to me and he got his as* kicked. Go ahead and do it losers.

  18. Miguel says:

    Lol at “The Truth”.
    I’m in the same boat as all of you, I have experience with girls and know how to steal em, but just wanted a little more boost to make sure I’m on the right track, Pro tip make sure the guy is not a crazy white guy trigger happy, or someone who isn’t a pussy, if you can defend yourself, go ahead, but I wouldn’t recommend fighting for a girl EVER unless the guy is attacking you even after you said no… I hit on her hard the other day in front of all her friends, had her smiling and laughing and her friends sure seemed happy even though they told me she had a boyfriend and I kept on, Before I did anything I was choosing between two girls.. So Monday I’m going to start it and I will update on how long it took me, which shouldn’t be more than a day or two, depends on when the first day we go out in public, cheers!

  19. Mark says:

    I’m sorry but only total scum bags would pull I trick like that, if a knew a girl had a boyfriend and still came on to me that’s even worse, why? Cause shes proven what a total slut bucket she is and can never ever be trusted, wouldn’t even sleep with her cause its more likely than not shes full of disease. You should be ashamed of yourself for writting this article and i hope you got your partner in this way cause there’s a 90% chance whilst you are writing this shes having the back ripped out of her so you can lick the other guys white snot out of her when she returns home….

  20. Deet22 says:

    The only girl I loved, was involved in an exact situation. And it’s a very terrible experience. Guys with such mentally are selfish, manipulative and cold. It creates confusion and so much damage.
    Damage which is irreversible and can ruin a person’s life especially if they genuinely love the girl in question.

    In my case I actually was living with the girl. And at a point in time I was quite busy with projects/exam/work… When you have a situation change and you are no longer in a position to make your girl as happy as before. Is it a good enough reason for her to be sleeping with your friend at work? …..pure evil, wicked, and very dangerous. Worse of all to find out shortly after you have lost your father. Smh

    It’s very unpleasant, ugly, disgusting, shameful, embarrassing and wrong in every sense. Totally unacceptable and can even cause the weakest or revengeful person to retaliate, even kill.
    So men out there who have this sick mentality, it’s wrong and morally unacceptable. REFRAIN!!!

    Also, any woman who does that is heartless, selfish, immature, spiteful, morally bankrupt and “DUMB”.

  21. Mikey says:

    I don’t see nothing wrong if the girl loves to do what I want her to. As long as I do not force her.

    If she is grown enough to have a mobile phone and does not see it as a problem to give it out to men at her work place who make advances towards her though she has a boyfriend then she knows what the deal is and she on it.

    This is adults business so if she is immature then sorry but can’t help that.

  22. Elvish says:

    Mikey you are so wrong. But remember what goes around comes around. And it’s a small world.
    I personally think any man with such mind is a con, fake and deceitful.

  23. Anon says:

    This is a moral issue and men trying to ‘steal’ others guys girlfriends is obviously bad in a moral sense. Selfish, insensitive and disrespectful.

    However, if another guy liked my hot girlfriend and wanted to have sex with her It would actually turn me on! Each to their own right? It doesn’t mean I don’t care. It means I’m in control of my feelings and I don’t allow others to control my emotions. My gf doesn’t belong to me. If another guy chatted her up and she liked him enough to eventually cheat and have sex with him, then I wouldn’t be angry or upset. I would be horny!

  24. GOD says:

    This whole article is disgusting, don’t ever mess around with anyone’s girl or boyfriend. Fake people, this is why society suffers and it will enter the gates of hell each decade that goes by.

  25. Eric Cartman says:

    This advice can and should be used on every smart, sweet girl who’s inexplicably dating a smug, self-obsessed douche. Sadly, there are too many of those couples in the world today.

  26. MM says:

    If you are the villian of the story, then it is okay. The reason I say that is because the hero should have enough trust in her girlfriend and himself, that she won’t leave him no matter what.

  27. MM says:

    If someone likes or loves your gf, then it is not their fault because your gf is pretty attractive, and that guys heart is gonna go for her. Once I liked a girl, and my friend always talked about her but he didn’t like her. Even then I told him, if you like her then I don’t mind because it is your heart what is making you like her.

  28. disqus_GZmfmDKWEP says:

    theres a girl i like who i used to go to school with. now im at an all boys school and shes at a co-ed. we dated for half a year but we slowly drifted apart… she is now with another boy but i have never met him. how do i get her back?

  29. Miriam says:

    This will not work every time. I don’t care how charming, good looking and happy another guy is. I love my boyfriend and I will stay with him.
    And seriously, “don’t wait for her abswer?” That’s the same bullshit mentality as ‘no means yes’. If a girl doesn’t want you, fuck off. And stay away. Easy as that.

  30. Ben Mcmath says:

    What if they are bisexual?

  31. penguinApricot says:

    Save that girl from the looser she thinks she loves.
    Crush him, and take her.

  32. penguinApricot says:

    This won’t work if you love him.
    It only works if you have been married to him for a year, and then he starts cheating on you, and also gets arrested for a crime he committed before he met you.
    So now you are visiting your husband once a week in prison, while your friends are out with their boyfriends and husbands going water-skiiing or shopping.
    But you love your cheating criminal husband so you loyally visit him in prison every week.
    After four or five months, you meet me. I am intelligent , handsome and I make you laugh, we seem to click. So I ask you out. You say you are married. And I say, that doesn’t matter.

  33. MrWonderful61 says:

    This is the worst thing I’ve ever read.

    There is no point in worrying about whether a woman has a girlfriend or not. If she’s into you, and you are into her, it’s on.

    This article is SO LONG and ultimately says nothing. The author could have met two women in the time he wasted writing this trash.

    If a woman is not married, she’s fair game. Same for guys. Everything else is up for negotiation — people break-up all the time.

  34. Huge Mistake says:

    Unless you fuck with a girl who’s boyfriend would gladly beat the living shit out of you (and is trained extensively in various martial arts) if you tried, then, by all means, proceed!

  35. Huy Pham says:

    she deserves a better dick. so shoo shoo you may want to find another girl.

  36. Huy Pham says:

    you carry a dick in your pants and a taken girl that you like scares you out. listen to me, don’t listen to anyone. do whatever the fuck you want, okay? oh wait…

  37. Huy Pham says:

    as long as that is the girl you like, tell her your feeling. are you a man or a she?

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