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How to Break Up with Someone You Love: The Breakup Conversation

How To Break Up With Someone You Love

Breaking up is never easy, but there’s no other way around it. Find out how to break up with someone you love without hurting them using these steps.

Ending a relationship is painful, especially so when you’re still in love with them.

It’s confusing and tricky and you never really know what to say or how your soon-to-be-ex is going to react.

There’s one thing you need to understand before you break up with someone you love, and that’s never to end a relationship like a coward.

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How to break up with someone

Let’s face it, it’s really easy to ignore a lover for a few days until they get pissed, call you up and yell at you.

And then you give your lover a ridiculously lame excuse and wait for them to say they can’t take this relationship anymore.

And then you grin a sigh of bitter relief because you could avoid the confrontation.

There’s another easier way too, and this is actually the most common way to break up.

You purposely bring up a touchy subject while you’re on the phone, and wait for your partner to lose their lid.

And somewhere in the conversation, you fake genuine enlightenment and tell you partner that this can’t go on, because both of you are so different. [Read: How to let go of someone you love by hating them]

And that’s another cowardly way to break up.

Now both these ways of breaking up are foolproof and you can definitely use it too. The best part of ending a relationship this way is that you don’t really need to confront your lover or even initiate the breakup conversation.

But it’s never really the end.

The risks of breaking up badly

When you break up like a coward, there are always rebounds from both sides of the relationship, and there are sobbing calls and make ups and breaks up and a few kisses in between.

If you really want to know how to break up with someone you love, you need to stay away from quick and easy ways, because they can actually end up lingering longer and make you and your partner feel more miserable. [Read: Should you ever date your ex again after breaking up?]

The right way to break up with someone you love

When you’re considering a break up, you need to ask yourself a few questions to understand your own mind. Can you really handle the break up and can you stay firm with your decision? These questions will help you find that out.

#1 If your partner asks for a second chance, would you be willing to give a chance?

#2 Do you think you’d have a change of heart in the middle of the conversation?

#3 Do you constantly have second thoughts about breaking up? Do you wonder if you should change your mind?

#4 Are you just angry with your partner based on present circumstances?

#5 Would you prefer to take a break in the romance before you call the relationship off? [Read: Steps in taking a break in a relationship and how it works]

If you’ve answered most of these questions in the affirmative, it probably means you’re still in love with your partner, and not really ready to end the relationship yet.

And even if you do want to break up, there’s a greater chance that you’d get back again if your partner wants to get back with you. [Confession: I miss him but I don’t think he misses me]

The real way to end a relationship

If you’ve given up all hope of staying happy in love even though you love your partner, and are ready to end the relationship, here are 8 steps you need to follow to end a relationship the right way.

#1 Don’t avoid your partner before breaking up. Most lovers who want to end a relationship try to avoid their partner and distance themselves with silly excuses. Understand that your partner deserves to know what’s going on in your mind and has every right to know the truth about your feelings.

You can express your views that you’re not happy in the relationship, but you should never ignore your partner’s calls or avoid them in person.

At times, it may just be a phase or a misunderstanding that created all the differences. Before you seriously consider ending the relationship, give it some time to see if both of you can better your relationship and make it work first. [Read: 9 stages in a relationship all couples go through]

#2 Remember the reasons. We love clutching at straws and looking at the good side in everything, especially if it involves a big change in our lives. Don’t be afraid of change, especially if it will make you feel better and happier.

This can seem childish, but make a list of all the reasons why you want to break up with the one you love. It will give you the strength to stick with your decision even if a few days pass since your last argument.

#3 Having the conversation. Call your partner and tell them you need to talk about something important. Don’t elaborate on what the discussion is about, but make it clear that you want to talk about the relationship.

You can meet your partner at your place or at a fairly silent restaurant or a coffee shop. Always remember to do it face to face. Speaking over the phone seems so much easier, but it’s insulting to the relationship. [Read: If you still love someone, should you let them go?]

#4 Don’t throw accusations. A break up can be one sided or mutual, but there’s no reason for either of you to throw accusations at each other. It’s an easier way to get straight to the point, but it will not end in a good way nor will it iron your conflicts away.

It’s natural that both of you will have your opinions, and either of you are entitled to your strong opinions, so there’s really no point in creating a conflict here. [Confession: An ex’s shocking revenge story]

#5 The breakup conversation. If you don’t know how to break up with someone you love, you can use the first few lines of this conversation, and the rest will follow…

You: There’s something I’ve wanted to talk about for a while, but I just didn’t know how to bring it up.

Partner: What is it?

You: I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’m very happy with the way things are going in our relationship.

Partner: What? / WTF?! / Are you serious? / Why?

You: I’ve given this a lot of thought over the last few weeks and we’ve spoken about our differences too, but it just doesn’t seem to be getting better. These constant conflicts are actually making both our lives painful and miserable. Maybe there’s no way forward here and we just have to accept it. Perhaps we’re perfect individuals but not really perfect for each other.

Partner: What are you trying to say? / Where are you going with this?

You: I think it would be best if we go our separate ways. Both of us are obviously not happy in this relationship even though we love each other… [Read: Why is getting over a breakup is a lot easier if you break up first?]

#6 Explain the reasons. The breakup conversation tip mentioned in the earlier step would definitely help, but it’s not enough. If you really want to break up with the one you love and end it wholeheartedly, you need to get into the specific details.

It may hurt, but at least you’ll be able to tell your partner how you feel. Explain the real reason behind why you want to end the relationship, but try not to infuriate your partner by bringing up touchy issues. You’re trying to break up with the one you love, and you should learn to do it gracefully without picking faults.

#7 Walking out of the relationship. Once you’ve patiently explained the reasons in a calm voice, and both of you have decided to end the relationship, you need to walk out of the relationship without bearing any ill will towards each other.

You may feel a wave of overwhelming relief and yet, a painful realization that you’ve just broken up with someone you love. It’s normal to feel conflicting emotions, so don’t worry about it. Decide whether you want to stay as friends or whether you’d like to avoid each other for a while until the wounds can heal. [Read: Circumstances when exes can stay friends and times when they just shouldn’t]

In either case, staying as friends would only feel more painful, so I’d suggest you give each other some space, at least for a few months.

#8 Final goodbyes. You may now know how to break up with the one you love, but there are still a few tricky issues like having sex for the last time or the last special kiss. [Read: Things to know before getting back with an ex for sex]

Avoid getting physical for the last time, it’s just pointless and can lead to confusing affairs. But if you do want to share one last kiss, contrary to what many other love experts say, I’d say go for it. A final kiss and a warm hug can seem weird and bring back memories of the old times, but it can help both of you understand the finality of the situation if you’re both really ready to let go. [Read: How to let go of your love with a happy memory]

It’s just like death. Saying goodbye to a dying person can actually make everything feel more peaceful on the inside. But at the same time, a sudden separation with no goodbyes can traumatize you for months.

Once you’ve broken up with your lover, walk away with a smile and leave each other warmly. Both of you may be terrible as a couple, but you’re both wonderful individuals. [Read: How to love again after a break up]

And if you ever miss your ex, avoid calling them up or texting them. It won’t help you, and it definitely won’t help your partner with whom you’ve ended the relationship.

[Read: 10 important things you HAVE to do after a breakup to feel better]

Now that you’ve understood the steps behind how to break up with someone you love, learn to end the relationship gracefully and peacefully. It’ll hurt and confuse you, but it’s better for both of you to live happily as individuals rather than live unhappily as a couple.

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40 thoughts on “How to Break Up with Someone You Love: The Breakup Conversation”

  1. ayodele ayorinde says:

    Thank you

  2. Raycheal says:

    Thank you. I’m actually tearing up because now I know what I have to do.

  3. Sarah says:

    I found this website helpful to my situation. I am currently trying to figure out how to go about breaking up with my boyfriend, which has been a stressful and difficult time for me because I am still in love with him, even though I know the relationship is not healthy for us both. This is very good advice, especially on the part that actually gives a script on what to say in a break-up. Thank you for posting.

  4. Christopher says:

    Thanks for the advice… it makes me understand that it is not worth the pains.

  5. Chris says:

    Can we compliment them? For example, telling them they are wonderful, beautiful, etc.

  6. gaby says:

    What if there seems to be no way you guys can understand each other in some aspects but are perfect for each other in all the others. I love him to death, yet i broke up with him. He doesnt understand at all why I will do tha,t but wouldn’t compromise in some core issues either. It hurts so much im scare I made the biggest mistake of my life.

  7. D says:

    I hope I dont have to do this but she’s leaving me no choice. How can we love each other but not want to be together, seems so odd, right?

  8. Carolyn says:

    I have been in a relationship with my ex husband ever since we divorced we now have been trying to make it work long distance. I am not feeling it anymore but I am scared to break up with him. He is currently dying from an incurable disease and he has a daughter that adores me. I love him, but I think I have fallen out of love with him. This article helps those who have been in shorter term realationships but not those that have lasted over 8 yrs

  9. Dave says:

    I love my girl to death. But I’ve currently been in a break right now for more than a day and it’s killing me! Short story: It’s her 21st Bday, our 1st Anny.(team decision), and we thought we go for sushi and drinks. She orders a cocktail (why not?). Celebrate, post to Instagram, her fam sees it and interrupts our date to come get her claiming their “worried”. My baby has been so awesome to me since I’ve met her and she means the world to me. This mom is psycho and is tearing us apart!

  10. Charles says:

    I’m afraid to hurt this girl. She has been a big part of my life for almost a year and a half and now i’m realizing that I don’t want to see her. Ever. I try to avoid seeing her at all costs. Idk why I’m avoiding her, all I know is that I don’t want to see her. I feel so much pain from her every day. She’s a sad girl, but she’s also very great and giving to everyone in her life. I’m not attracted to her anymore and want to be single again. I still love her like you love a sister, but I just can’t do it anymore. She’s clingy because I’ve been so distant. After work I don’t let her know when I get home because i’m trying to avoid hanging out with her at night. Then the weekend comes and my whole weekend is ruined because I don’t have to work and I have to hangout with her and sleep with her until Monday roles around and idk how long this has been going on, but it’s getting old. I need help. I need out. I don’t want to hurt her.

  11. Lisa says:

    Charles! You have to tell her that you’re just not feeling it any more. Please. Even though she’ll be sad for a while, it’s the best and kindest thing to do for both of you. Good luck.

  12. Tony says:

    I’m in a relationship with a girl I knew many years ago she, broke it off with me to be with her know oldest child’s dad. I didn’t talk to her for years, then a family member told me she was single… I called her and we spoke many times on the phone before we reunited fore one night. We spoke for about another week until she informed me that she couldn’t talk to me anymore and she had also been seeing another man. She eventually had a child with this man too. A few months ago she decided to get divorced to see if we were really supposed to be together. I don’t have kids and the thought of me helping to raise ( their dad’s are both very wealthy) these two kids with her is unsettling. Number one it’s apparent I’m not a kid person and the fact it’s the two kids that she past me over for twice for their daddy’s is even tougher. I know it’s not he children’s fault but it doesn’t make it any easier. I feel we are meant to be but I’m walking on this one…. I feel horrible and feel like a seperated a family? I’m going to either try these steps or shoot myself in the head over guilt……

  13. Difficult says:

    I’ve been with a girl whom I love for 7 years. Lived together for 6 years. I’m 31 and she 27 now. Nobody knows me like she does, not even my best friend.

    We’ve grown apart for a couple years now. We’re more like roommates. I love her but in this stage in my life, she’s just not marriage material. If things are like this now, it will only get worse. She’s not a strong person and doesn’t have family support and close friends either. There are more issues that lead me to want to break up but I don’t want to bore everyone.

    Our living situation is the toughest. When we do break up, she has nowhere to live, no real income and no family here. Her family is in a different city and they haven’t been speaking to each other for a couple years. I can’t just force her out with nowhere to go. This is so hard. I don’t even know how to start the breakup conversation.

    I love her and want us to be good friends when we do end it. It’s just so difficult because she has no one for support.

  14. AJ says:

    I and my girl started about three years ago. I love her so much, and will want to be with her forever. But, the problem is that we’ve been apart because I’m living in another state due to my new job about a year ago. And since I moved, we’ve not met but we speak on phone. The relationship after that got boring and I saw another girl I fell for and we’re together now, but I haven’t broken up with my old girlf yet because I love her but I feel I should let her go. I don’t know what excuse or reason I am going to give her for breaking up. We loved each other and we still do, we speak on phone at least twice in a week. How can I go about it?

  15. nice person out there says:

    Tony. Can I give you a hug? I don’t know you, but you sure deserve something better. Cheer up mate! God bless!

  16. J.r. says:

    Hey guys idk what to do, with my girlfriend whom i have been in a relationship for a little over a year. I love the girl and still have feelings towards her, ive tried breaking up with her several times but, she just starts crying and saying stuff and i cant handle it, it breaks me down. But i have noticed i have grown apart from our love in the last couple monthes, we have been through everything with each other, and i cant find my self to do it. When im with her i sorta have my feelings for here, but when im away from her i think ur stupid, why didnt u break it off this time. Oh and to add to the problem, i told her mom some of the sitaution, and she kinda blew up
    On me and said for me to wait until after her surgery. Idk what to do i cant stand to break her heart, but it kills me when im not with her. Anyone have any ideas im lost and im sicker than a dog over the subject, i have been eating less than one meal a day, abd its tearing me apart.

  17. Shelly says:

    I have tried this approach, but he says he is NOT going anywhere and he will die if we break up. He has been manipulative and controlling in the past and I’m afraid if I make him mad he will lose his cool again.
    What should I do?

  18. Stevie says:

    If you truly love someone and they truly love you then there is no reason to break up. Sometimes people may have had some fights for a period and then they stumble on an article like this and just decide its what they have to do because an article said so. The fact is that no article like this is going to hold the ultimate answer to what you should do because every relationship situation is very different. Listening to this I can imagine breaking up and really regretting not trying to first look for real relationship advice on how to make it work. A big reason people come to articles about break up is because they 1st ask the question “can it work” instead of asking “how can we make it work”.

    If after you have learned to communicate and open up to each other emotionally and still dont feel right then you will have probably realised by that point that you don’t love them. Not loving, lying and cheating are the only reasons for stepping away from each other but even then you should be looking at yourself and the part you played in the lack of love and the breakup because after time away there is better chance of repairing the relationship or having a new and stronger one. Asking how and why you lost your love for someone or they lost their love for you is one of the most important aspects to understanding yourself and improving loving relationships for the future with your ex or anyone else.

  19. Daniel says:

    Love is such a tough thing, it’s one of those things that has not been effected by human evolution, we will always love. It’s difficult to imagine breaking up with someone you love, surely you’ll love again but it’s like when your dog dies and you say “I don’t want a new dog I want my dog”. I hate the pain that love causes.

  20. Jake says:

    I have been in a relationship just under a year now. We met online and started to date long distance and using Skype to communicate before we met in person. Her plan was to move to my area eventually which is why I kept talking to her as I can’t do long distance relationships. We decided to meet in a neutral city and hit it off. Soon after she visited me in my city and I visited her in her city. Her city they primarily spoke another language. After several months of this long distance she wanted me to be with her but couldn’t just leave because she had a business to run and a house while I had a steady full time career and an apartment. So, I figured she had more going on and I couldn’t deal with the long distance. I worked things out with my job to work remotely and moved to be with her. At first things were good although I left a sunny warm place for a cold winter place, I figured I’m with her so it would be fine. After a while she showed me more and more insecurities. I felt like I was on call 24/7. I felt kind of like a prisoner. Even though she had another car I could use. If I’m not home she was always calling to find out where I was when she was at work. If I didn’t answer the phone while she was out she gets upset although I was in the shower or just using the restroom. If I make a plan to go out with a friend of mine a week later she gets upset by getting serious and quiet. Then I feel I have to justify why I’m going out with him as I hadn’t seen him for years. She snooped in my phone as she’s been cheated on in the past so I caught her looking even though she denied it but came lean another time. I never cheated on her as when I’m in a relationship I’m in that one solely. We get into fights and she can be a little violent when angry like smashing glasses in the sink, pounding hard on the counter, threatened to call the police on me once because I’m in her city and she said she’s in control there. I never touched her but that comment scared me where I packed my bags and bolted to a hotel after she left the house in a huff crying. She called me the next morning and although I was going to hop a plane and leave I decided to give it another chance. Over the months we lived together I felt less and less in love to the point where I just wanted to get away. Just wasn’t feeling it anymore but still cared about her and didn’t want to hurt her. Now I’m living back in my city as I was forced to come back by my job but she plans on coming here in a few weeks to live with me and be here. I care for her still and don’t want to hurt her and I know she’s in love with me and wants to enjoy this sunny place. I feel like I want her to enjoy the sunny place and the conveniences it has but I’m thinking more so for her but not thinking of my feelings. In the long run, I don’t think she’s the one for me even though she feels I’m the one for her. She’s too controlling and has a dominant personality. I just don’t want to hurt her or have her not experience this place as she’s been looking forward to it. I can’t eat or sleep and just feel nauseous all the time. She wants me to call her every morning and night and text during the day. Even if I say I’ll talk to her later via text, she would still call my phone multiple times to get ahold of me because there is a few hours different between us. Not sure what to do but when I was with her I wanted to get away. There is more to the story of course but I’d be typing for hours.

  21. Anonomous says:

    This is killing me, but reading you guys comments make it easier.
    I don’t know how to break up with him, we’re both muslim and have known each other since we were 15 (I’m 23 now) and We’re just not compatible in any way what so ever. I come from a wealthy, educated family, and I have a fulltime job, my own income and I love going out with friends and co-workers to parties and bars. He is the opposite, a ex-criminal who lives on welfare, and is currently taking a taxi drivers license. I have strong family ties, but his family is not supportive, he hardly speaks with them, he doesn’t really have any clothes friends, he prefares being clingy, and waiting for me to hang out instead of making his own plans. There’s much more but i don’t want to bore you with details. I just feel like we should go our seperate ways, i love him and all but i’m not attracted to him anymore. On top of that i got a marriage proposal from a real goodlooking guy, who my family adores, and who i think i might really have a future with. I don’t know how to break up with him, with him accepting it, and letting me go. God I’m so confused somebody help me 🙁

  22. feeling helpless says:

    I am in the same position as you, just above me in this blog. the ages and religions are different but the basics are the same. we are not compatible, though he would say we are.
    i am sick of being called names. and then being called beautiful.
    i am a beautiful moron who has stayed in a relationship with someone because she is afraid to be honest.
    this morning, we tried going for a walk. when a passing car asked for directions, he moved me out of the way so he could speak to the men in the car, and said, “i got, it, bitch.” i walked away and walked home. I asked him to leave. i told him we have no future. but, he is still here, because he has no where to go, no family for friends for support and no place to live.
    and, to make it worse, I am starting to feel BAD that I asked him to leave. I am in my room alone crying. WHY? I am not a stupid woman, but this man makes me behave like one.

  23. stuck says:

    the same person who broke up w me via a text after ignoring me for days probab;y doesnt deserve all the steps this artcle talks about…we got back together and i regret it. so why does it seem so hard for me to do?

  24. Self Saboteur says:

    I though I was the only insane person to not have a simple,efficient and healthy break up.
    I have realised that the feelings whether one sided or not the other party can pick up and for some reason they still want to hold on for dear life. I have tried breaking up with my bf this weekend and I don’t know how it happened but I feel I was manipulated, he kissed me then I felt like a victim of reverse psychology and didn’t end it after all…. Long story short, I couldn’t bring myself to be honest to him and when I did, it was overwhelming and I felt so bad for him and us. However I am not happy, in the long haul it is a disservice to him ad me. I will gather courage to do so soon, busy with exams now.

  25. Unsure.. says:

    I have been with my boyfriend for 2,5 years, and we have lived together for half a year now. Ever since the beginning of my relationship, we have been very different in some areas. I enjoy small-talking with people i know well, while he’d rather stay quiet all the time. He hates birthdays and christmas, and always lets these days go by as any other day. I don’t really feel like he cares about stuff i find interesting, and he sometimes start talking about something completely different when I am in the middle of a sentence, because he’s not at all interested in what i have to say.
    But still, I love this guy. He’s the nicest guy in any way possible, and I am afraid i won’t find anyone like that again. I KNOW I can trust him 110%, he would never ever cheat on me. When I come home from work at 1030pm, he often has dinner waiting for me. And he washes the apartment without me asking him to do it. I know these reasons are not good enough to stay in the relationship. I lately realized i’ve been avoiding seing him, like driving around on my own, spending a looot of time in the bathroom and showing way too little interest in him.
    I feel so bad doing this to him, because he really is a wonderful guy who deserves the best. But our personalities don’t match. Sadly he doesn’t feel the same way, because I’ve been adapting to him, and not really being myself. He just loves me so much, and it breaks my heart when I think about ending it.. I cry all the time lately, because I know what to do, but I can’t find the strength in me to do it. We almost broke up two weeks ago because he thinks I’ve been acting too distant, but during the conversation I could only think about what a great person he is, and that I can’t handle the thought of not seing him every day. I know I sound like a really selfish person, but it’s so freaking hard to end it with someone you love…

  26. Jenn Smolka says:

    I still love the guy I’m with and have a son with.. We’ve been together for 9 years but in the last year I have fallen out of love with him..IDK if that makes sense but I just feel like he’s changed so much and I haven’t and I’m just not happy anymore.. but I don’t want to take our son away from either of us..He’s in elementary school and IDK what to do I’m conflicted and need some advise..

  27. Jud says:

    Am going through the toughest time of my life. I wanna break up with the love of my life who I dated for the last 3 years. I proposed to her a year ago in Paris and I was so sure at the time that we were curved out for each other. However, I have realised now that we have less in common when it comes to how we feel about the attachment to our families and inlaws, how we celebrate our holidays, our religions and the religion of our future baby. Plus we are thousands of miles away from each other. I have thought and prayed on this for the past couple of months and there’s no future to it as far as I can see…I LOVE HER SO MUCH..But Idk how to break up with her because idk how to bring it up in the first place and my only option is to do it over the phone for which I feel like am being callous. My parents also like her and my mom always says God answered her prayer cos am gonna marry ‘the one’ and my youngest sister considers her as her role model . Am so screwed…am at the bar now (5am) and don’t have the courage to call her and end it all…Please help!!!!!!

  28. confused says:

    I honestly don’t know where to start. Ive never done this before. I’ve been in a relationship for over 3 years and I feel like I’ve fallen out of love with him a long time ago but i still love him as a person. You would think that it’s easy to leave but it’s not. His mother atm is very sick- has been for a while and its just them two. Our friends are mutual as well. I have this incredible guilt in my heart, that if I was to leave that he’ll have no one to support him truly. I’m so confused. I mean, if you know they are the one wouldn’t i be feeling different? Wouldn’t i want to be with them? I dont want to spend the rest of my life pondering and regretting. But it makes me feel so selfish..

  29. anonymous says:

    hello ..i m a girl ..there is a boy hu used to lyk me very mch bt i didnt knw abt it so made him my brother..v become bst frnzz ..aftr sum tym v had terrible fyts n didnt tok fr sum months..at dt stage he used to tok to one of my friend n strtd lykng hr..bt she ditched him ..i supported him alwyz as he ws my besti n i cudnt live wudout him fr dt long..i ws also in luv wid sumone else at dt tym bt he cheated me..me n my bst frnd strtd supporting each oder as both of r hearts were broken up..i still treayed him as my brother bt aftr sum tym v both realized dt v r madly in luv wid each oder,.. Bt den came d twist..a girl came in hz lyf hu luvs him vry mch ..he dnt luv hr bt cnt do anythng ..she hs already tried suicide attempts before n if he broke up wid hr she will suicide…. Bt v lobe each odr n r nt undrstndng wat v shud do un sch situation…plzz help me plzz..my nights r going jst crying fr him …plz sym1 guide me:'( :'( :'(

  30. There's something more! says:

    I was married for 10 years to someone who was friendly and helpful in all public appearances but secretly cruel at home. i didn’t communicate my needs in a healthy way, I just grew more and more distant. By the time we really tried to work on things it was over. We were too different, too competitive and our values didn’t match.
    If you don’t feel comfortable having an open conversation with your partner about your needs and concerns work on yourself and how you communicate first, and if your partner isn’t receptive you just have to know that there’s more in the world for you than suffering in your relationship.
    Birthdays, holidays, children’s events… if you can’t enjoy these things with your partner and can’t communicate about it the hurt turns to resentment. After my marriage ended I felt like I could be myself and not be angry or hurt all the time. I think he felt the same way but thought it was normal.
    My point is, it isn’t really the other person’s fault, but if your relationship isn’t making you feel safe and content, TALK about it. If you can’t meet each other in the middle it isn’t worth it.

    THERE ARE SO MANY NICE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!!! We all have a different path to learning about ourselves and with every bit of hurt we learn… hopefully to be kinder but also to know what we want for ourselves! It’s okay to hurt. It’s okay to keep looking for a great relationship.

  31. anonymous says:

    anyone ..plz i need ans wat shud i do..itz being difficult to live now..i really dont wanna live..every day i wakeup n go to god n pray fr my death..i m jst 16 i knw lil childish bt wat cn i do..itz wat teens do..ryt
    anyone hu has read my post ‘hello m a girl..der was a boy……………” guide me tell me wat to do in sch situation…itz killing me really… 🙁
    🙁 🙁

  32. Maria says:

    I have a boyfriend for 11months already. The last few months, i feel like i’m not happy anymore. I have fallen out of love with him. But it’s really hard to break things up because i am the only one that he has. His parents are dead. He doesnt have “real” friends. He dont have work. I am supporting him all the way. If i break up with him, i dont know whats gonna happen to him. I dont love him like before but i still care for him. He is the nicest guy i know. I dont wanna hurt him but it’s not really working for me now. I am not happy anymore. What should i do???

  33. Anoymous says:

    I have been with my boyfriend for almost two years and everything was fine for the first year. Now I find that I can’t stand him and I don’t trust him but I still really care about him. We have a daughter together and I am worried that if I leave him he will check out completely. I used to love him so much but things have changed and I don’t know how to end it. I cry myself to sleep every night.

  34. founded says:

    I felt so much better reading all the comments, because I thought I was the only one going through all this. I love my boyfriend but at the same time I feel like I don’t love him as a lover anymore. He only has me and I don’t know how to break up with him without hurting him. I want to be free and single as he is very clingy. I need help from you guys so what did you guys do in the end? How did you broke it off?

  35. College Girl says:

    I have been dating this guy for almost 8 months and in the beginning I was really in love with him, but now I feel like I’m in a situation that I no longer belong. We met here in college and I think that was the worst mistake of my life. Well meeting him was the best thing, but getting together our freshman year of college was crazy. I am not a whore or anything, but I can’t really enjoy college parties or have friends of the opposite sex while with him. Growing up, I have always made friends with guys quicker than girls but now all of that has changed. He talks a lot about how he loves me, but I just don’t feel it anymore. My family loves him and his family adores me, but I just can’t seem to force myself to love him anymore. All he wants to do is have sex or touch on me, we never have a normal day. And plus all he does is compare himself to be better than anyone we talk to. He’s faster than the next person in track, can beat anyone up, and all he says is how big his penis is. I really get tired of that. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

  36. Jess Andrienne. says:

    I contacted Great zula in regards of getting my lover back. my lover stopped talking to me. He was interested in working out his marriage with another girl, after begging and pleading with him I realized that nothing was working out, he left me. when i came across this spell caster, i read how he helped many people to get their lover back, After discussing the resolution with ZULA, so I asked for a reunite love spell to help me get my lover back and I also asked for a marriage spell so that we could get married too, after the spell was cast i saw result I never expected, I cant say how much I

  37. Andrew Wheeler says:

    I didn’t know what I should say until after I read it. I hope that it really helps me.

  38. disqus_4QnjyXAIXy says:

    relationship sucks, feels like a job. Nothing in common, we were roommates had sex, called it relationship for nearly 2yrs now. I think we make good roommates with benefits rather than a couple. However we cant share dreams, achievements, bills, ideas, and no common goals together. I sleep @ work to avoid going home to argue. We argue within 10words of good morning, before leaving for the day, return home like we never argued. maybe have some silent sex, sleep, repeat day. can go days without a conversation and still have sex. Lately my mind isn’t into the sex nor my body – pleasuring him just no longer seems my responsibility plus think a female out there is more compatible for him. .Confused. I’m just sick of relationship. My first serious one. I usually work, sex is great I can go yrs without it, starting to miss being celibate and don’t really wanna be in a relation for a few years again. Keep wondering : Am I just being selfish? Have I gotten ok with being alone? Im lonely when he in the house with me ,more than when I am by myself, less paranoid get to move how I prefer.

  39. kristina says:

    Ive been with my boyfriend for 1 year and 6 months , but for whole that time we been arguing , getting annoyed of each other every single day and then he says sorry for everything but I cant take it anymore of the conflicts. I get stressed out a lot which makes me in tears and also I shout at him when I’m mad or annoyed of him and he does that too. He wanted to break up with in first few months of relationship because we didn’t see each other to often but now since I live with him we see each other too much even if we try doing something else with others we still get annoyed of each other. I have to watch what I’m saying because if I say something wrong he will get mad at me. When I told my friends about my relationship they said that it shouldn’t be like this because I should be happy and not cry all the time. For past few weeks his been asking me if I want to be with him and asks if I still love him and I answer yes but later on when I think deeply that I’m not sure about loving him anymore. I got holiday coming up with my boyfriends family and I don’t know what to do . I want to be happy and do my things and not get scold by someone and just be free live my life but I don’t know what to do with my relationship?? Help me please

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