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71 Reasons Why Women Cheat in Relationships & How to Read Her Mind

Men and women cheat due to various reasons, be it due to dissatisfaction or an insecure attachment style. If you suspect your partner of infidelity, then you are probably wondering about the common reasons why women cheat. Here’s everything you need to know.

why do women cheat

Have you ever wondered why women cheat so easily? Ever had your heart ripped apart by a woman who decided that it was quitting time and bulldozed her way out of your life?

Fret not, you’re not alone.

For as long as we can remember, we’ve always thought that men were the bigger cheaters. But now we know that it’s just a lie.

In reality, women cheat quite often. And we’re not even talking about those drunken kisses and gropes. 

Being cheated on is a confusing and upsetting time, and it hurts betrayed men just as much as it hurts betrayed women. It might make you wonder about the main reasons women have affairs, especially if you think you are in a loving and stable relationship, only to find out your woman cheated on you. [Read: Drunk girlfriends who kiss other guys]

It is a huge shock and leaves you wondering what happened and whether you can possibly come back from this as a couple.

Of course, typically, when people talk about cheating, they often do so in the context of the man cheating on the woman. However, when it comes to the reverse situation, many men can’t fathom the idea that their woman strayed. They find it difficult to understand why it happened in the first place.

Maybe you’re in a relationship and were just told you had been cheated on, or you suspect as much. Perhaps you were cheated on in the past and still don’t fully understand the reasons why. [Read: 25 truthful reasons why women cheat so easily]

Or maybe, you are a woman thinking about cheating and want to know why other women have cheated in the past… or you could just be curious!

There are so many reasons that cause a relationship to become unhappy and unstable, and therefore, many factors that drive women to cheat on their partners. 

What does the research say about why women cheat in relationships? 

Some relationship experts say that the reasons why men and women cheat differ. They say that the male cheaters do it for attention, while it was found that women do so out of the need to fill an emotional void. But is this true? [Read: How to tell if your girlfriend is cheating – 20 no-fail tips]

According to a study by the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, a woman is 2.6 times more likely to cheat if she is unhappy with her current relationship.

Lack of happiness is the culprit, but the reason why a woman may be unhappy could be attributed to different factors, say relationship experts.

The evidence is based on individual accounts of people who admitted their reasons for cheating to researchers.

Another study suggests that about 10 to 20 percent of men and women in committed relationships will take part in cheating. But that’s just a fraction of what a hundred million people are thinking, plus the gender gap in infidelity is closing in, unlike previous generations.

Meanwhile, assistant professor of sociology at Missouri State University Alicia Walker, Ph.D., interviewed women with extramarital affairs for a year and found out that women were “outsourcing the sexual pleasure in their relationships in an effort to remain in their primary partnerships.” [Read: 25 signs your girlfriend is cheating on you – time to confront her?]

Psychology of women being unfaithful

You are probably wondering if there is a psychological profile for a woman who is more likely to cheat versus a woman who isn’t. Here are some characteristics of a woman who might cheat.

1. She’s a rule-breaker

Some people just have the kind of personality where they are wild and carefree. They hate rules and don’t like following them. So, women who cheat like to feel free and unincumbered. 

They like instant gratification and don’t like to follow any traditions. That’s why a lot of these kinds of women prefer “bad boys” over the “nice guy.” [Read: Why people fall for narcissists and secrets that make them so addictive]

2. She feels like a victim

Believe it or not, this is one of the most common personality traits of a woman who cheats. Many women don’t feel like they are treated well in their primary relationship. 

They might feel like they sacrificed a lot for their primary partner and are losing themselves. So, they go seeking a man who will listen to her and appreciate her more instead of being with a man who makes her feel neglected.

3. She’s a good liar

In order to cheat and get away with it, a woman has to be a good liar. If she can lie and have enough evidence to make a guy believe her, then she might be a cheater too. [Read: How to spot a compulsive liar – signs it’s time to walk away]

A good liar knows what to say and when to say it. Even if she gets caught cheating, she will create a bogus story that is believable so that you will doubt yourself. Instead of blaming her, you would be more likely to understand her BS.

4. She’s a commitment-phobe

Some women just don’t like being in a committed relationship. They find it boring and would rather be chased by a lot of men than settle down with just one. If she shows signs of being afraid of commitment, then she might cheat too.

5. She gets jealous easily

A lot of women who cheat are the jealous type. However, they are only likely to cheat if they have been cheated on first. They don’t like being cheated on, but if their man does it first, then they will give them a taste of their own medicine. [Read: How to successfully break up with an obsessive lover]

These kinds of women aren’t necessarily cheaters at heart, but their pain and hurt make them jealous, and they want to get back at their partners for causing it.

6. She’s emotionally unavailable

Maybe she was emotionally available at some point in the relationship but has suddenly turned cold. She no longer cares about your needs and barely gives you any attention. 

Just as if they were physically cheated on, these women become emotionally distant as a sort of “revenge.” When women feel pushed by their partners, they feel the need to be happy and will do it at any cost. [Read: What does it mean to be emotionally unavailable? 19 signs and fixes]

7. She has low self-esteem

Women with low self-esteem have a lot of negative thoughts about themselves, and this can lead to depression. She wants to feel special to her man, to be important, and happy. 

If a woman doesn’t feel good about herself, then she will look outside of herself for a man to make her feel good. And if it’s not her partner that is doing it, she will seek it elsewhere.

Can a woman cheat and still be in love? 

Unfortunately, there aren’t any clear answers to this question because cheating in relationships is complicated – and so are people. On top of that, all women are different too. [Read: Why do people in happy relationships still cheat?]

With that said, some women may cheat on their partners if they are in love with them. That doesn’t make logical sense to a lot of people. But some women just have bad judgment and are impulsive.

The reality is that people in happy relationships cheat a lot.

However, some women couldn’t cheat on a man they love, but could if the man isn’t treating her with love and respect. [Read: 29 signs of lack of respect in a relationship you must never ignore]

One thing to remember, however, is that just because a woman cheats on her partner doesn’t mean that she was never in love at some point. People fall out of love with their partners all the time. When things go wrong, that doesn’t mean that love didn’t exist in the beginning.

The reasons why some women cheat on their partners

Looking for common reasons behind why women cheat? Well, these are the reasons that will reveal the real truth. [Read: The role your ego plays in her affair]

REMEMBER: This list only applies to women who cheat, NOT all women. And this list also applies to men who cheat as well, but as we’re talking specifically about the reasons why women cheat, we’re focusing on women here. Just to reiterate, we’re not stereotyping all cheating women, we’re sharing the reasons why a cheating woman may cheat.

1. Women get too close to others, too fast

Women build strong emotional connections really fast. It’s easy for them to get close to a guy and confuse that bond with love.

2. They love any man who can give them emotional support

It’s true. Want to steal a girlfriend, just give her a shoulder to lean on. This is particularly the case if her man isn’t giving her the emotional support she needs.

3. Women favor the gene pool

Even if it sounds archaic, humans are still driven by a biological desire to favor the gene pool. This means that pheromones and other indicators of health and fertility play a huge role in determining physical and sexual attraction.

Perhaps this woman is particularly picky and doesn’t believe that most guys are good enough to settle down with, so her mind is preoccupied with thoughts of the perfect mate. [Read: How to make a girl with a boyfriend like you]

4. Insecure women fall in love fast

They fall in love too fast with just about anyone who shows affection. They try playing hard to get but almost always end up succumbing to the attention and validation that a pursuing man will give her that her boyfriend, who’s gotten comfortable in the relationship, may not.

5. Some women love drama and gossip in their lives

It’s the truth. Some women *and men* get bored extremely easily and need constant attention and drama in their lives. Once the man settles down in love, the woman starts unsettling. [Read: How to deal with a complicated relationship]

6. She’s confused about her feelings

A girl may love her man generally, but her mood swings ebb and flow like the tides of the sea. She likes her man sometimes, and she bitches about him at other times. Add another man into the equation, and it’s a teen sitcom.

7. She’s insecure and values other’s affection and compliments

An insecure woman who needs constant reassurance will likely fall for compliments and flirty touches really easily.

When another guy flirts with your woman, she may think she’s just having fun. But in reality, she’d be falling for him even if he’s just having fun. [Read: The right way to sexually compliment a girl]

8. She starts doubting the relationship

If the nagging thoughts of doubt are already in her mind, all another guy has to do is point out a few flaws, talk sweet to her, touch her in a few places, and she’ll start to think her doubts are confirmed, and the new guy is a much better fit for her.

9. Women say they don’t want to stray

But sometimes, the heat of the moment catches them off guard, and they can’t resist temptation. Catch her on the wrong day, and she could temporarily forget about her boyfriend when another guy flirts with her.

10. Women close their eyes while kissing another guy

This one comes down to how men’s and women’s behavior differs when they are caught cheating. Women, when caught being unfaithful, may say it was a mistake.

Men, on the other hand, try covering it up by saying it didn’t happen. [Read: How to kiss a girl by arousing her]

11. Some women think they’re too good

Selfish women, especially the ones who are more likely to cheat, think they’re too good for their boyfriend, because they are filled with delusions that they are more important than everyone else.

With that kind of logic, it’s easy to stray when a “better guy” comes along to play.

12. Women have cravings

These cravings can include chocolates and unavailable traits in men. If her man’s not very clean and tidy, and she meets a coworker who’s a perfectionist when it comes to being clean and tidy, she’ll involuntarily be drawn to that trait. 

13. Women are attracted to a man who makes them feel good

Men usually have affairs only with women who are sexually attractive. So unless the guy is rich or super charming, his odds are slim of having an affair with the girl of his dreams.

But women are more likely to cheat for emotional reasons, such as with someone who knows to treat her better than her boyfriend. [Read: How to get a girl to have sex with you in just a few steps]

14. She’s a gold digger

There’s no point here. If you’re dating a woman who’s more interested in your money and the fun times you give her than she is in you, you can’t hold on to her unless you strike oil.

15. Women cheat when they’re emotionally vulnerable

A man may need booze and a sexy girl to cheat “unintentionally.” Women just need to feel vulnerable. If she’s feeling emotionally vulnerable, she may be more susceptible to another guy’s advances, especially if her man is failing to be there for her.

16. She’s vain

Vain women with a wandering eye may automatically scan the room for the hottest man in there so that she can get his attention and thus feel validated.

And when they don’t get attention from a guy they like, they try harder to get a second glance. Getting the hottest man’s attention means that she, too, is desirable, even if she doesn’t feel it. [Read: Signs she’s only using you]

17. Some women don’t learn from their mistakes

Some women make mistakes, and they regret them. But they don’t learn. They know when they’re crossing the thin red line with another guy, but they just don’t try to put a stop to the guy because “they like the attention.”

18. Women cheat when they’re unhappy in bed

Do you have a small weeny? Or are you suffering from impotency or erectile dysfunction?

Let’s face it, if your sex life has been a bit of a let-down of late, it might be that she goes hunting for sexual satisfaction elsewhere. You’re not satisfying her sexually. [Read: How to seduce a girl and 22 subtle moves to make her sexually desire you]

19. Her man’s charm is wearing off

If a woman isn’t sexually attracted to her man anymore, she’ll definitely dive headfirst into another sexually attractive man’s pants.

20. Women are stereotyped

Most men look at women as cute, walking, talking sex toys. Hey, women can only resist temptation so much.

If a woman’s constantly being hit on by a million guys everywhere she goes, it’s only a matter of time before she succumbs to a really good guy’s temptation.

21. Once bitten, never shy

A woman may cheat and get over it after a heartbreaking while. But a few months later, the drama starts all over again.

As the saying goes, “once a cheater, always a cheater.” If she’s done it before, she’s more likely to do it again. [Read: 16 signs you’re settling in an unhappy relationship]

22. She doesn’t know how to be happy

Really, some women could be in a perfect long-term relationship with a perfect guy. But all she has to do is meet another great guy who knows how to steal a girl, and she’ll do his bidding in no time. 

Perhaps she grew up in an unstable family or experienced a tumultuous childhood, and so she just doesn’t know how to accept a happy and calm relationship when all she’s ever known is the complete opposite.

23. To serve as a catalyst to end the relationship

It’s never easy to break up with anyone, especially if they are a nice person. Maybe she just doesn’t want to be with you anymore but can’t bring herself to break up with you. [Read: 20 things about a girl that sexually excites a guy]

So, she thinks that if she cheats, you will do the dirty work and break up with her, so she doesn’t have to do it. This is a childish thing to do, but it happens. 

24. Transference of unrelated emotions

This might be difficult for you to comprehend, but sometimes when a woman cheats, it has nothing to do with you. 

It could be that she has all these swirling emotions going on in her head, and she just needs to act upon them. True, it’s not a healthy way, but some women tend to transfer their unrelated emotions through cheating. [Read: Tips to be a good boyfriend]

25. To stop feeling numb

Maybe she’s really depressed, and she thinks her life is unexciting. If that’s true, she could be numb and not feeling a lot of emotions. So, when she cheats, it makes her feel “alive” again. It gets her out of her comatose state, and she feels some happiness.

26. Lack of control

Any way you look at it, the reasons may be different for women and men, but the root of all cheating leads to one particular thing: lack of control. Why? 

Because if there were even an inkling of control in the hands of the cheater, none of the transgressions would have happened in the first place. [Read: Should you ever forgive a cheating partner?]

27. She feels undervalued

Many married women cheat because they want to feel appreciated, and if she feels you don’t value her or your relationship, she may look elsewhere. She wants to know her efforts don’t go unnoticed. If you don’t see it, she might stray.

28. Exploring other options

It might be that she simply tests the waters. While that’s no excuse, if your relationship hasn’t been going well, she might see what else is out there.

If she thinks she can do a bit better than you, perhaps she looks for who else she can get. Pretty cruel, but certainly something to watch out for.

29. She’s no longer in love

If she fell out of love with you, then there isn’t much hope for your relationship. The lack of love makes her care less about your feelings and makes her far more inclined to go out there and do the dirty on you. It’s sad but unfortunately true! [Read: Reasons why people stay in loveless relationships]

30. She’s angry

Have you had a massive fight recently? Or perhaps you always bicker and don’t seem to be getting on at all as of late. If you both struggle to see eye to eye or keep having these massive blazing rows, her emotions may get the better of her. 

It might just be a one-time thing, but if you made her super angry and she storms out, she could go looking for someone else to comfort her.

31. She’s not being listened to

Women need to feel as though they are heard. In fact, we all do, don’t we? If you keep dismissing her or acting as though her opinions or say isn’t valid or interesting, she will get pretty mad. [Read: What do women want in a relationship?]

If she feels you aren’t listening to her or taking her seriously, she may take her frustration out by hooking up with someone else.

32. She does it to get your attention

Every relationship is hard work. Make sure to make time for the other person, so they feel nurtured and loved.

If you are always working long hours or doing your own thing, you don’t go on dates, you aren’t affectionate, and you don’t bother to pay any attention to her, she finds someone else willing to give her the attention she deserves. [Read: What a woman tells you when she pulls away]

33. She’s drunk

Okay, while being drunk isn’t a very good excuse for anyone in a relationship to cheat, it does play a big part in answering why women cheat. Sometimes, the reason why your wife or girlfriend cheats is not that they met someone who will meet their every need or because you have problems in the marriage. There are times that it was just due to situational factors like being drunk.

If your girlfriend likes being drunk, particularly if coupled with the two of you not getting on so well, it might well be that she gets herself into a bad situation and ends up doing something she regrets.

34. She’s bored

Is your relationship lively, exciting, and full of fun? As we said, relationships do take work, and if you both kind of gave up or just got really lazy, she simply is bored and looking for something to make her life exciting again. [Read: 15 reasons why people get easily bored with their relationship]

35. She has no respect for you

In a relationship, a key factor in making it work is mutual respect for one another. If she lost respect for you, cheating on you won’t seem like such a big deal.

36. She loves the rush

It might just be that you ended up with a girl who loves to live life on the edge and enjoys the rush, danger, and excitement of hooking up with other people. Not exactly great in a relationship, but some women simply love the rush.

37. She’s doing it for revenge

Have you cheated on her? If you have, it is much more likely that your woman cheats on you to get her own back. [Read: Ways to move on from being cheated on]

38. She’s fallen for someone else

Your woman cheats simply because she fell for someone else. If this is the case, it looks like it’s time to get out of that relationship as quickly as possible!

39. She’s searching for an emotional connection

Maybe you aren’t very emotionally available or vulnerable. Women like to have that non-sexual emotional interaction with their boyfriends and husbands. So, if you’re the type of guy who can’t give her that, say, due to your long work hours, that could push her to infidelity. [Read: Emotional connection – 38 signs, secrets, and ways to build a real bond]

39. She feels lonely

If your attention is going to other things besides her, then she might be very lonely. Whether you are a workaholic or just play video games 24/7, you might be ignoring her. 

You could think that you’re “in the same house” so that counts as “being with her.” But it doesn’t, and when she feels lonely, she uses infidelity to fill the void.

40. She craves intimacy

Intimacy comes in different forms. It could be physical or emotional intimacy. Most women often want both of them at the same time. You might think that having sex is enough intimacy for her. And it might be enough for you, but she might feel dissatisfaction and seek extramarital romance. [Read: Emotional intimacy or sexual intimacy – the chicken or the egg?]

41. She’s using it to numb or cope with difficult feelings 

Perhaps she is going through a difficult time – either with you or with other life problems.

While some other women might turn to wine and ice cream, she might turn to other men. It could just be a distraction and a way for her to feel good and get a “high.” Other times, difficult feelings were brought about by unresolved childhood trauma, especially sexual trauma.

42. The new person made her feel special

Maybe you don’t compliment her or do anything for her to make her feel special. So, maybe the other guy is chasing her and buying her flowers, and treating her like a queen. Anyone would like to be treated like that, so maybe that’s why she decided to cheat.

43. She feels something is missing

A lot of people have a void in their life, and they just can’t figure out why. It could be because the two of you started dating really young, and she feels like she’s missing out on what it’s like to date or sleep with other people. Or it could just be a general feeling that something is missing in her life.

44. She’s afraid of being alone

If she feels that you might be on the verge of breaking up with her, this might freak her out. And she might be the kind of woman who can’t stand being alone.

So, in order to have Plan B, she gets ahead of you and starts cheating, so she has someone else lined up just in case you do end the relationship, thus explaining why women look for someone else. [Read: Things about being single that people fear most]

45. Insecure attachment style

If you don’t know much about attachment styles, it would be helpful to read up on them. A woman with an insecure attachment style is needy and anxious that their loving partner will break up with them. So, if that’s like her, then she might seek the comfort and reassurance of a man’s love in someone else’s arms.

What guys do to make women cheat

Regardless of what you say or think, there’s no denying that you can partly blame yourself for lending a hand in the matter. We’re not saying that it’s entirely your fault, but you must man up and admit that your behavior plays a part in her infidelity. [Read: Why are women so fickle in love?!]

A lot of people have been in this situation. Here are 12 things that men often do *and don’t do* that can drive a woman to seek solace in another man’s arms, or pants, for that matter.

1. Put yourself first

There’s nothing wrong with being concerned about yourself, but if you’re in a relationship, you must consider your partner’s opinions and feelings. It cannot always be about you, even if you think you deserve it. Try not to put yourself first all the time. [Read: Signs you’re being selfish in your relationship]

2. Make no effort to share interests

This point is closely linked to the one above, but with subtle differences. If you make no effort to partake in an activity that she enjoys, then there’s no way you’re going to come out on top. The very least you can do is give her the chance to convince you to try it out.

All she wants is for you to show an interest in things that she’s passionate about. We’re not talking about stupid “hobbies” like getting manicures and shopping, but her real passions. 

3. Pay no attention to her

When you brush her aside for “more important” things like work, your friends, your hobbies, and so on, you are inadvertently pushing her to cheat.

No matter how strong and independent they are, women love being showered with attention. They like knowing that you care. [Read: How to tell your boyfriend that you need more attention and not sound needy]

A woman tends to ponder on the point of being with a man who doesn’t show her any interest. All she has to do is look around, and there will be men falling all over themselves to be a part of her life. Sure, she has to weed out the losers, but at the end of the day, it’s not that difficult for her to find a replacement.

4. Don’t listen to her

Another reason that may drive her to cheat is your inability to listen to her. We don’t mean the petty stuff about not putting the toilet seat down or treating the hallway like your laundry basket. We’re talking about the big stuff, like her hopes, fears, expectations, and so on. [Read: Signs you’re not being heard and ways to fix it]

The thing you need to know about women is that the stereotype of them wanting to talk about their feelings is relatively spot on. Women tend to reach out a lot more than men. 

This means that they consciously let you know that they’re unhappy, or at the very least, hint at it. If you don’t listen to what she says, you’ll never realize that something is wrong, and her leaving or cheating will come as a huge surprise to you and no one else.

5. Show no support

You have to support her no matter how silly you secretly think her goals and projects are. [Read: 15 rules for being a great partner]

6. Threaten to leave

Another thing that will drive her into another man’s arms is if you’re the type of man who regularly threatens her. We don’t mean threatening to beat her up or anything like that. We’re talking about emotional threats.

For example, he could say things like, “this is my place, and if you’re not happy, you can pack your stuff and leave,” or, “I’m sick of arguing, and I’m sick of this relationship.” Threats like these are never acceptable. Relationships should provide a safe and secure place where you feel valued and connected, not bombarded with threats of leaving. [Read: Subtle signs you’re being manipulated by your lover]

7. Demand for constant equality

Women love being independent, but they also like being pampered and doted on. Keep in mind that not all women expect you to take care of her, but it would be nice if you took care of certain things without making her feel bad about it.

For example, you may make a certain amount, but it doesn’t make her any less of a worthy partner if she doesn’t earn a similar amount. 

If you are staying together, there’s nothing wrong with you taking care of the bills or groceries and not having to be such a stickler when it comes to splitting everything in half. The same goes for dates. [Read: How to end an affair and get over it completely]

Be a gentleman, and treat her more often, won’t you? There’s no need to demand constant equality, especially when you have the means to offer her a comfortable life.

8. Belittle her accomplishments

Regardless of how busy you are, you need to support her even if she’s terrible at something. You need to offer your sweetheart constructive criticism if she’s terrible at something and no matter what, never belittle her accomplishments and passions. 

She’ll be likely to go out and be attracted to another man who’s more enthusiastic about her passions. [Read: Ways to master the art of constructive criticism]

9. Try to change the way she looks

One definite thing that will drive her to cheat is trying to change the way she looks. It’s fine if you want to give her fun suggestions on what to wear or encourage her to be healthy. 

Everything’s fine and dandy if both parties are on board, but if you try to change the way she looks, like telling her she looks fat or that she needs new boobs, you are in the wrong, and she will retaliate. 

She will actively seek out not just compliments and flattery from other men to boost her self-esteem, but she will also make it a point to find someone else who loves the way she looks. [Read: 21 things a man should never say to his woman]

10. Don’t satisfy her emotionally

Besides being physically satisfied, women also need to be taken care of emotionally. Be sure to indulge her in long and drawn-out conversations about her feelings every so often. 

She will definitely appreciate the effort that you put into helping her solve her problems and make her feel like a special woman.

11. You don’t make her feel attractive

It’s important for women to feel like their partners are attracted to them, particularly if they made an effort. If you aren’t displaying signs or telling her she is attractive, she may well cheat with someone who does.

12. You mistreat her

If you aren’t treating your woman right, then it’s more likely she will cheat on you. Relationships should be full of respect and affection. If you are cruel to her or treat her badly, it’s no wonder she searches for better things. [Read: Why being addicted to someone is not the same thing as being in love]

Signs your partner might have lost the emotional connection and is cheating

Now that you know the common reasons why women cheat and what you could be doing wrong let’s talk about some of the signs that your partner might actually be cheating on you.

1. Dressing extra nicely when going out

If you notice that she has new clothes and is wearing more makeup and doing her hair differently, then that might be a bad sign. 

If it’s not normal for her to do that, you can be sure that she is trying to look good for someone else – and it isn’t you. [Read: The obvious warning signs of a cheating girlfriend]

2. Very secretive with her phone

This one is not a big surprise. We all know that people guard their phones with their life when they have something to hide. 

So, if you see her changing her password or if she is reluctant to have you look at it, then you know she is up to no good. Her phone likely holds many sexual and romantic secrets that you have yet to uncover.

3. Taking regular large cash withdrawals from the ATM

If she’s a smart cheater, she won’t leave a digital or paper trail for you to find, especially if the two of you share finances and bank accounts. [Read: How to get over someone cheating on you and repair the damage]

She wouldn’t want a charge for a hotel room to pop up on your next credit card bill, so she takes cash out, so you don’t find out.

4. Missing chunks of time

She might say that she’s going out to run errands, but she disappears for a really long time. You might think, “gee, she sure had a lot to do!” But your gut is saying that there is something wrong.

Where does she go? If you don’t know, that’s a bad sign. [Read: Most obvious signs of a cheating spouse that are easy to miss]

5. Evasive for where she was for part of the day

Most married couples ask about each other’s day most of the time. So, if you ask her how her day went and what she did, she might be really vague. 

Or she might try to change the subject or ask you what you did. She is trying to avoid talking about the bad things she did behind your back.

6. Going for lots of “coffee dates” with people you never heard of before

If she suddenly is hanging out with people you don’t know and she has never talked about before, we recommend you start worrying. [Read: What is polyamory, and why are people switching to it?]

And even worse, if these “coffee dates” or “lunches” or “meetings” or “happy hours” are starting to become more frequent, then you know she’s probably not really drinking coffee or having lunch.

7. Emotionally unavailable

If you notice a change in her emotions, the amount of affection she gives, or the frequency that she tells you she loves you, then she feels uncomfortable doing it with you. She might love another guy, so she pours her emotions into him and not you. Emotional unavailability is not a good sign that she’s still into you.

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, you have to realize that this is a two-way street. You may very well run off and cheat on her if she doesn’t treat you well. The trick to a lasting relationship is to always respect one another and to always put yourselves in each other’s shoes. 

Only then will you be able to gauge just how your partner feels. Remember that relationships are hard work, and if you’re not willing to put in the time and effort, you’re better off being single. Lastly, it wouldn’t hurt to try couples therapy or counseling services with the help of a therapist that could help with the issue.

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These reasons answer why women go cheat. Despite the fact that she’s in the wrong for cheating instead of breaking up with you first, there are still some things you may have done to drive her to seek out another lover. 

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