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Sex Positions Men Love: How to Make a Steamy Night for Your Man

If you look to put a little spark back into the bedroom, you need to know what ignites the flame. I’m going to show you the 11 sex positions men love.

sex positions men love

No matter if you’re dating the hottest man who ever walked this planet, sometimes sex becomes a little routine. It’s not your fault, it’s not his fault. It’s just what happens when people become comfortable with each other and a little lazy. Okay, so, you’re both to blame for this, so introducing sex positions men love creates the steam for a hot, hot night.

In all honesty, most couples circulate five sexual positions during intercourse. They find which ones feel good, which ones hit the spot. And of course, you stick to what you know and what feels good.

The 11 sex positions men love

If you’re reading this, you want to spice things up with your partner. They may not be bored, but you are. That’s enough of a motivation to look for ways to get things going. Now, all men are different, something you must accept, so your man may not love all these positions. This just means you’re testing them out. Isn’t half the fun figuring out what turns your man on?

#1 Woman on top. Also known as Cowgirl. Men love this woman-on-top positions because it gives you the control while they just sit back and watch. I know some women aren’t fans of this position because of the angle. However, your man loves it. [Read: How to ride a man and look really sexy doing it]

He’s able to get a full view of you riding him, he can touch your whole body, and he’s able to see your face while you’re orgasming. It’s a really intense position for him. Plus, it gives him a little bit of a break.

#2 Doggy Style. This is usually for men because it’s primal. Your man has the perfect view of your ass in this position, plus, they penetrate deeper than in missionary. In addition, they like being able to watch you stimulate your clitoris while they’re behind. If you turn your face to the side so that they see you moan, well, they just hit the jackpot. [Read: 16 hot ways to do it from behind and blow his mind]

#3 Reverse Cowgirl. Men love positions that have them looking at their partner’s ass. In addition, men also love when their woman takes control in the bedroom as well. This is what the Reverse Cowgirl is, a combination of both. With her ass in his face, she’s in control of how she’s going to ride her man. It’s similar to doggy style. Obviously, a lot less work for the guy but also gives them the same amount of pleasure. [Read: Tips and tricks to do the reverse cowgirl right]

#4 Missionary. This is the classic sex position, and it’s a classic for a reason. Though men want to try out other positions, everyone loves the classics. This position is extremely intimate and it’s easy. Your man can kiss you, grab your breasts or thighs, and you two can connect—in doggy style, it’s different. Men and women love this position because it’s like bread and butter, it just fits perfectly.

#5 Standing up. There’s something about being pushed up against a wall and fucked that is really hot, and this is one of those sex positions men love, irrespective of whether it’s a new fling or a seasoned relationship. If he comes up behind you and gives you a kiss or hug, start to rub his dick. He immediately becomes aroused and wants to have sex with you. Drop your underwear right there or lean up against a wall. Either way, it’s completely unexpected and extremely hot.

#6 Butterfly. It’s really easy to do, and he’ll love the view. Move yourself to the edge of the bed, lying on your back. He’ll be off the bed, either standing or kneeling while he enters you. He’ll have your whole body to see and he either hold your legs in the air or keep them bent open. It’s a dominating position. However, he’ll love being able to see every inch of you. [Read: How to foreplay for the best sex ever]

#7 The spoon. Everyone loves spooning, right? Well, this is basically the same, except with hot, steamy sex. He hugs you while you are both on your sides as he enters you from behind. Now, you can suck on his fingers, have him choke you, pull your hair, he’ll be in control. All that you need to do is make sure you don’t fall off the bed.

#8 The kitchen counter. You don’t need to be in the kitchen for this, it can be a bathroom counter or a desk, but the point is, you’re sitting on a table of some sort. The table or counter has to be hip level in order for this to work. While you’re sitting on the counter/table, wrap your legs around his waist and pull him towards you. Now, you won’t be doing much work, but make sure your hands are active. Touch his hair, chest, arms—feel him.

#9 The V. This is basically missionary with a twist. So, you’ll be in the missionary position, but instead of your legs on the bed, you’re going to lift them up and place each one on his shoulders. He’ll be able to penetrate you deeper, and his penis definitely hits your G-spot. [Read: How to drive your lover nuts with the reverse missionary]

#10 Lap dance. Get your man sitting in a chair, make sure it’s sturdy. Turn on the music and let it move your body. Lap dances are hot. You can slowly strip while the music plays and when you see he’s aroused, slowly sit on him, letting him enter you. It’ll drive him wild. He’ll want to start fucking you, but don’t let him, you’re in control while in this position.

#11 Lying down doggy style. This one is similar to doggy style, rather than being on your knees, lay down on your stomach. Your man is going to enter you from behind and this position could work for both vaginal and anal sex, so you have a couple options.

While he’s behind you, he’ll be able to see the side of your face, grab your hair, hold your neck—this position is a little more dominating than others but feels amazing.

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Now that you know the sex positions men love, it’s time to see which one turns you and your man on. Have fun while you explore these positions together. 

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