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28 Sex Moves to Surprise Your Boyfriend in Bed & Make Him Happy-Horny

If you want to know how to surprise your boyfriend in bed, then you need to know what to do. Here are all the sex tips you need to know to rock his world.

how to surprise your boyfriend in bed

Let’s face it, no matter how much you love your partner, sometimes sex becomes a little routine. You have the positions that you both know will do the trick, so why would you change them? But sticking to the same routine can make sex stale. No one wants that to happen which is why you’re wanting some sex moves to surprise your boyfriend in bed.

It means being a little creative and putting in some work. Yeah, you thought the chemistry would speak for itself and last forever. To some extent, you’re not wrong. But at the same time, work on keeping it alive as well. No one tells you this when you’re in a relationship!

The best sex moves to surprise your boyfriend in bed

Of course, you love your partner and want to surprise them with something special. And this is a great surprise. Really, it’s the only kind where he won’t say, “You know I don’t like surprises.”

Surprising him with his favorite meal or a new vinyl record is always appreciated, but this one will leave both of you very satisfied. [Read: 15 sex moves he will love and then beg you for more]

So, we’re going to tell you some sex moves you can use the next time you’re with your boyfriend. Whether he’s had a bad day at work or it’s his birthday, these moves will work like a charm. Everyone likes sexy surprises.

1. Take it slow

You may have sex at a quicker pace, but now, it’s time to slow it down. Just by slowing down the pace, your sex will automatically become more intense and sensual. Quickies are fun, but it’s good to switch them up from time to time.

2. Bring a dessert to bed

If you’re looking for sex moves to surprise your boyfriend and don’t mind getting the bed a little messy, then bring a dessert to bed.

Put whipped cream on your breasts and vagina, or let him lick chocolate syrup off of your navel. It’s hot, it’s sticky, it’s sexy. This isn’t something you do every day, but when you do it, it’s amazing.

3. Get role-playing

Maybe his biggest fantasy is to have sex with a nurse or a teacher. Well, who says you need to be a licensed nurse to wear a uniform?

Go to the costume store and pick up a couple of sexy outfits. When he comes home, welcome him in a teacher’s outfit and tell him he’s been a bad boy. 

4. Bring a mirror into the bedroom

Most people do not have a giant mirror in their bedroom, but why not switch it up. Having sex in front of a mirror can be very arousing, and it’ll give your guy a better angle to watch you. Mirrors let his eyes look where they usually can’t.

5. Let him watch you masturbate

Many of us are nervous about the idea of having our partners watch us masturbate, but it’s hot! You can even make it more intense by not allowing him to touch you or himself. He just has to sit there and take it while you’re moaning in delight. [Read: How to make yourself wet and get all lubed up]

6. If you’re submissive, switch it up

If you’re usually the submissive one in bed, switch up the power dynamics. Instead of him controlling the sex, tell him what to do. You don’t have to become a full dominatrix. “Sit down. Come. Touch me here. Lay down.” Those few lines will hit the spot. 

7. Change the location

The sex can be amazing, but when you’re looking for sex moves to surprise your boyfriend, sometimes all you need to do is switch up the location.

Have sex in the woods, car, on the balcony, or in the bathroom of a club. Changing the location adds a little bit of danger and spice to the mix.

8. Give his balls some love

They’re always the ones ignored, but they need love too. If you usually skip his balls, surprise him by giving them attention. Gently play with his balls in your hand or lick/suck on them during a blow job. When done right, it feels great. [Read: 13 titillating moves to make you the blow job queen]

9. Anal play

Some men aren’t into anal play, but that’s usually because of the stigma associated with it. However, anal play can feel amazing for men as that’s where the male G-spot is.

Of course, get consent from him first. After, circle his anus with your tongue or fingers, loosening the area. Then slide your fingers, tongue, or toy into his anus.

10. Sit on his face

That’s right. Sit on his face. Usually, during oral sex, the man will literally go down on the woman.

But, instead, climb on top of him and sit on his face. It’s easier for him too as your pussy will float on top of his face. This will definitely surprise your boyfriend in bed.

11. Put the condom on

If you’re like a lot of women, you hand the condom to your partner, and they do the rest. It’s not a bad move, but it’s not hot and passionate.

So, instead, put it on with your mouth. You may want to practice beforehand with a banana or sex toy to get the hang of it. But once you do, he’ll love it.

12. Tell him what you like

How often do you tell him what you want him to do to you? Probably not often. Usually, we wait for the guy to figure out what we like. But, sometimes men want to be told what to do. And now is your chance to do it.

13. Get in the shower

If you don’t have a big shower then skip this one or else you could get injured. But, if you have a walk-in shower – use it! In the morning, start the shower and while he’s waking up, invite him in with you. A little morning shower sex never hurt anyone. And it’ll start the day off with a bang!

14. Play around with light bondage

No, you don’t need to be handcuffed to your bedposts, but being lightly tied up with a scarf can do the trick. This lets you play with power dynamics in bed and lets him take control. [Read: 17 sex moves to stifle the yawn and go crazy in bed]

15. You make the move

Many women wait for their partner to make a move, but why? If you’re always waiting for him to make the move, surprise him by being the one who makes the first move.

You don’t need to cover your body in chocolate or wear new underwear. Just be the one to take the initiative.

The best sex toys to surprise your boyfriend in bed

If you don’t have sex with toys, how about surprising him with a few. If you have never used one before, even better! It’s an adventure. [Read: 13 must-have sex toys all couples should use]

16. Liberator ramp

If you are an adventurous couple, then the liberator ramp can be easily set up on the floor or bed. It allows you to have some elevation and try new positions.

It also helps with g-spot and prostate stimulation. The shape of it also allows you to hold your partner down if you’re into that sort of thing.

17. Sex swings 

Sex swings allow you and your partner to experiment with a wide range of new positions.

With toys from basic to expert, there a sex swing is for people of all skill and experience levels. It makes sex more fun with these unique swings.

18. Restraints

If you are interested in testing the waters of a little BDSM, then you can use restraints of any kind. There are many different kinds from under bed restraints, hot tie and cuff sets, and fetish fantasy giddy-up harnesses. [Read: How to be kinky – 42 steamy tips to explore sex outside of normal]

19. Handcuffs

Handcuffs are popular too, and they can be rubber, metal, or Velcro. They are good for a little bondage play.

You can use them on the wrists or ankles. It can also cuff you and your boyfriend together to the bedpost or kitchen sink, depending on what sexual task is to be fulfilled. This is a great first step toward bondage play. Many of them are fail-safe to make sure you can get out in case anything goes wrong.

20. Butt plugs

A butt plug is an anal toy that plugs your butt for pleasure. They’re shaped like a teardrop and have a wide base so it doesn’t get sucked into your anal cavity.

Your anus is full of sensitive nerve endings, and it feels good for people when they are stimulated. It’s also a great way to access the prostate or the male g-spot.

21. Cock rings

A cock ring is a band that a man wears around his penis to restrict blood flow. This can help him maintain his erections, get a firmer one, last longer during sex, or just make his package look bigger.

It’s worn at the base of his penis, but he can also add his testicles by inserting them into the ring. They are usually made with silicone, rubber, leather, metals, stainless steel, plastic, or rope. [Read: What does a cock ring do? How to put it to work the right way]

22. Anal beads

Anal beads look like a variety of bulbs attached to a cord with a grip on one end. They are inserted into the anus and the end grip makes it easy to remove.

The insertion and removal of the beads stimulate the sensitive nerves at the entrance of the anus and that increases sexual pleasure. They range from small to large, depending on your comfort level.

23. Nipple clamps

This sex toy isn’t for everyone, but some people like them. A nipple clamp does just that – clamps your nipples and pinches them.

They are used to cause pain in the nipples, and they are common in some BDSM activities. In addition, they are used to produce erotic stimulation as part of nipple play.

Sexual positions to surprise your boyfriend in bed

If you’re not really into sex toys, then here are some different sexual positions to surprise your boyfriend in bed. [Read: Sexual positions to impress your man – 10 moves to rock his world]

24. The corkscrew

This position allows for intense, deep penetration. You should lie on the edge of a bed resting on the hip and forearm while your boyfriend enters you from behind.

You can keep your thighs together for a tighter hold on his penis. But if you open your legs, your clitoris is exposed for stroking.

25. Side by side or sideways

You can have deep eye contact and intimacy with this one. Both of you lie on your sides, facing each other. You lift your top leg up so he can penetrate you.

Then, wrap your leg around his waist or across his leg. This is great for morning sex when you might still be a little sleepy. [Read: 12 easy sex positions that look expert-level sexy and feel real good]

26. Flat iron or lazy dog

This position allows for tightness on penetration and intense stimulation. You should lie face down on the bed with your legs straight and hips slightly raised.

Putting a pillow under your hips will help. Then, your boyfriend enters you from behind. When you’re on your stomach, your legs are closer together which creates a tighter fit for your boyfriend’s penis.

27. Pretzel dip

If you want deep penetration with a potential for g-spot stimulation, this is a good position to try. You should lie on your right side as your boyfriend straddles your right leg.

Then, he pulls your left leg up around his left side and enters you that way. This position also allows for intimacy while maintaining eye contact.

28. CAT or the coital alignment technique

This position is great if you want a lot of clitoral stimulation. It’s similar to the missionary, but the main difference is that your boyfriend pushes the base of his penis so that it lines up with your clitoris, and the two body parts make contact.

You should rock back and forth rather than thrusting. This prolongs the length of sex for your boyfriend and increases the odds of you having an orgasm from the constant stimulation.

[Read: How to spice up the 7 most common sex positions]

Not everyone likes surprises, but use some of these sex moves to surprise your boyfriend the next time you want to spice things up in the bedroom.

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