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15 Sexy Ways to Have the Best Quickie Every Time

When you’re short on time and feeling frisky, a quickie is your best option. But how do you know you’ll leave satisfied every time? Here are 15 tips.

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Everyone loves a good quickie. Come on, admit it. Length of time isn’t the only thing that signifies an amazing time in bed. A great quickie can quickly climb the ladder and claim your number one spot if it’s done correctly.

But sometimes your quickie attempts fall flat and you’re left feeling less than satisfied. In fact, you’ll probably be left feeling extremely frustrated! There’s really nothing more annoying than having sex and leaving without being finished and having a good time.

How to have the best quickie of your life

Now a quickie may not seem important. Who cares if you get it in really fast before an event? Just save it for later! No! If you can fit it in and you’re in the mood right that second, by all means get busy and satisfy that need.

Having a quickie is the fastest way to boost your mood, reduce your stress, and just have a good time! So who wouldn’t want to make the most of a spare five minutes this way? But in order to avoid your quickie failing miserably, you’ll need these 15 ways to make sure it’s the best every time.

#1 Rile yourself up. Not only physically get yourself ready to go, but mentally as well. If you know there’s a chance for you to get laid before you rush off to wherever it is you need to go, prepare yourself.

Get those hot, erotic fantasies going in your head and build it up so there will be less work for your partner to do. This ensures you have a fun time and leave satisfied. [Read: 12 arousing sex fantasies worth trying in real life]

#2 Do as much foreplay as possible. Although there really isn’t enough time to get the full effects of some hot and heavy foreplay, you can do a little bit. You want to do just enough to set the mood, but not so much that you spend the majority of your short time slot on it.

#3 Make sure everyone is in the mood. Everyone has to be in an extreme mood in order for a quickie to be truly amazing every time. If only one person is really not feeling it, the other person will be able to tell and that can ruin the mood quickly—resulting in no one leaving feeling pleasured.

So don’t commit to a quickie if you’re really not in the mood. It will end up being more of a waste of time than anything else.

#4 Lube it up! For the lady’s sake, get the lube out. A quickie isn’t enough time for her body to fully lubricate itself and we all know that without the proper lubrication, sex just isn’t as enjoyable. So keep a container of lube nearby at all times in order to make your quickie the best.

#5 Keep as many clothes on as you can. Who has time for undressing when you’ve only got a few minutes to spare? To really make the most of the time you have, keep as many clothes on as you can. Not only will it give you more time, but it will also add an air of mystery and variety to this rare opportunity—making it even hotter.

#6 Don’t hold back. Now is not a time to be shy and keep things interesting. A quickie is a time to go full-force. Never hold back when it comes to a quickie. Holding back means slower, and slower means it will take longer for both parties to reach completion.

#7 Stick to one position—preferably the one you both like best. Each time you pull away from each other, it lengthens the amount of time it’ll take either one of you to finish. Instead of using your quickie time to “spice things up,” use that time to get in a position you have both agreed is your favorite together.

Bonus tip: If you want to make sure the ladies get to finish in a quickie, pick a position that repeatedly puts his member right in line with her G spot. One that works great for this and allows for minimum clothing loss: doggy style. [Read: 9 exciting ways to make doggy style your new favorite sex position]

#8 Self-pleasure. Ladies, I’m talk to you on this one. Because you don’t have a lot of time you’re going to need some help if you want to finish and make it the best quickie. So don’t be afraid to get your own hands into play when needed in order to really have a pleasurable time.

#9 Pick a good spot. If you want to sneak a quickie in right before your best friend’s wedding, my advice would be to wait until after the nuptials. Having sex somewhere you both could be caught can definitely add to the experience in a positive way, but it can also take much longer to finish because you’re on edge about being caught. Anxiety isn’t exactly an aphrodisiac.

#10 Pull out your best tricks. Fellas, if you know there’s one trick that drives your woman nuts and you know can get her to completion—do it! A quickie is the best time to pull out only the best moves for your lover. Whatever will make them finish faster is exactly what you want to do.

#11 Forget about what you look like. Quickies are usually impromptu. So, you’re probably not going to be as “fresh” and “well-groomed” as you would like. The nice thing about a quickie is there usually isn’t too much time to spend on noticing these things about each other.

So forget about what you look like. Who cares if you haven’t shaved your legs in a couple of days? I can guarantee that your lover is not focusing on your legs when he’s got something much more interesting in front of him.

#12 Focus on your partner. Don’t forget you’re not just doing this for you. While you should definitely focus on pleasing yourself, you also have a partner that needs to be just as satisfied. So don’t let your mind wander and don’t be too selfish.

#13 Relax a little. Being a person that really dislikes being late all the time, if I were ever in a position for a quickie and actually made it happen, I never would be relaxed enough to truly enjoy myself because I’d be feeling anxious about being late.

Relax! Right now is a time for you to enjoy yourself, not a time for you to be overly worried about being late. Besides, it’s acceptable for anyone to run a few minutes late from time to time. So take a deep breath and let it all go.

#14 Lower your expectations. Not all quickies are going to end in complete bliss. Even by following all these tips in order to have the best quickie every time, your body just doesn’t always cooperate. So don’t have ridiculously high expectations.

High expectations almost always lead to a letdown of some sort and you’ll leave feeling disappointed. So set your standards low in order to finish feeling better.

#15 Just have fun with it. The truth is if you’ve only got a few minutes and want to make the most of it, you just might not finish. Either way, enjoy the time you spend with your partner and be happy that you were able to get it in—even if it was only for a few minutes.

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Quickies are an awesome way to relieve tension, stress, and reconnect with your partner on a busy day. The next time you feel like getting down and dirty with only minutes to spare, remember these 15 ways to make it the best one yet.

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