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12 Easy Sex Positions that Won’t Break Your Neck—Or Worse

Whether you’re new to the world of sex or are simply not into risking life and limb in the bedroom, this one is for you: 12 easy sex positions.

easy sex positions

So, you’re tired of missionary and you want to further explore what else is “out there” when it comes to sex positions? The only problem is… you’re not that flexible. You tried to read up on exotic sex positions, but all these outrageous stunts leave you feeling like amazing sex is only for limber gymnasts.

Well, worry no longer: there’s more to sex than just missionary, but that doesn’t mean you have to break your neck, pull a hamstring, or risk your life. There is such a thing as easy sex that will give you the most pleasure without a lot of effort—and yes, that’s possible!

Easy sex, here we come

Read up on these easy sex positions that will maximize the pleasure and leave you mind-blown.

#1 Rock-a-bye. Tired of the same-old-same-old missionary position? This twist to the him-on-top will blow your mind. Have your guy rest on his elbows on top of you, wrapping his arms just above your shoulders, with his body flat against yours. With both your spines straight, push your pelvis up about two inches and have him gently push down, as well, intensifying your connection. Instead of thrusting, rock up and down to enjoy deeper friction and—of course—pleasure.

#2 The pull-up. Add a little more spice to the good ol’ missionary style by pulling up your feet and knees, opening your pelvis even wider to accommodate your guy. Pull your legs up or even wrap your legs around your guy’s waist, and move your pelvis along with his thrusts. This position is great for deep thrusts—talk about making small changes that will truly take you over the edge. [Read: The 8 best sex positions for men with a smaller penis]

#3 Pillow fight. Another missionary variant is this easy-peasy trick. Before you get your game on, make sure to have one good-sized pillow handy, which you will place under your hips, therefore making your vaginal wall angled just right to receive him. The result is unencumbered, mind-blowingly smooth movements that hit your G-spot just right, while stimulating your clitoris.

#4 The dangle. Who would have thought? The edge of the bed has many sexual treasures to bestow upon you and your guy. Case in point: the dangle. Lie down on the bed and scoot to the edge, letting your legs open wide and hang off. Your guy positions himself between your legs as he enters you while standing up. This position gives him full control of his movements, allowing you to just lay back and savor every bump and grind.

#5 Torrid triangle. Again, a variant of the famous missionary that intensifies your friction and, therefore, your pleasure. Have him on top and this time, on all fours. Raise your pelvis all the way up to meet his penis, forming a triangle, and start to move up and down as you wrap your arms around his torso for support. [Read: 13 spicy sex positions to heat up your bedroom romp]

#6 The lazy pillow. In this position, you lie on your stomach with your arms above your head and your legs slightly spread. You should have a pillow or two placed just under your pubic bone. Have your partner stretch his body over yours, holding your hands and supporting himself with his knees and legs slightly spread, as well. In this position, he enters you and the tightness makes it even more pleasurable. Instead of thrusting, you both move in a circular motion.

#7 Ride on. This is a girl-on-top position wherein you face him and go on a semi-kneeling and semi-lying position. You support yourself with your knees and palms on the bed. You anchor your two feet around the inside of his calves for added support. Then, squeeze your butt, tilt your pelvis, and rock in small, tight motions. [Read: 18 girl on top sex position tips to make riding him a lot sexier]

#8 Pleasure mountain. This one needs quite a lot of pillows propped up on top of each other. Whether on the floor or on the bed, just use these pillows facedown, your elbows and forearms supporting you. This gives your back a natural arch and opens you up for penetration. Your guy takes you from behind, mimicking your position, as he thrusts into you.

#9 Aiming for the heavens. This position will take you both to the heavens and the gods of pleasure as you make the most of friction with every move. You need to have a strong headboard or any other wall for support as you lie down and put your hands over your head. Then, doing the usual missionary position, you close your legs as tight as you can, so that is penis rubs against your inner thighs and labia.

#10 Over-the-edge. Again, with a bunch of pillows propped up on the bed, you have your guy sit on the edge, with his back resting on the pillows. He should be in a semi-sitting position, his legs dangling over the bed. Then you straddle him, kneeling and lowering yourself onto his penis, rocking and moving up and down.

#11 The T-square. Have your man stand, facing the bed, while you crouch, your back on him, your knees on the edge of the bed. This gives your guy a sexy view of your behind and an open entry for his penis. He spreads his feet on the floor to level with you, while you keep your knees close together for a tight fit. Then, he places his hands on your hips and moves you forward and backward as he thrusts. [Read: 9 sexy ways to make the doggy style your new favorite sex position]

#12 Spooning. Of course, the mother of it all: spooning. It’s just like cuddling, except you have his penis moving deep inside you. This is an especially nice position for beginners and for those who are just… well… tired. Have your partner lie down on his side while you take the position of inner/small spoon and guide his penis inside you. Presto! [Read: 19 ways to own the cowgirl position and make it way hotter]

What’s great about these positions is that you can adjust your angles and positions just a little bit in order to create more variations depending on your comfort and pleasure levels. You can mix and match these positions to change things up a bit without compromising your limbs.

Since you don’t have to worry about breaking a leg *or, heaven forbid, his penis*, you can better concentrate on the sensations and the connection the deed is giving you. Best of all, these easy sex positions never go out of style and are sure to give you the big O without a lot of effort.

You’re welcome.

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There you have it: easy sex positions for the flexibility-challenged. Whether you’re on the floor or on the bed—or practically anywhere else—you can enjoy these positions to the fullest without even breaking a sweat.

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