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17 Condom Types, their Secrets & Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life with Them

How much do you know about condoms and the different types of condoms? Not a lot? Well, here is everything you need to know about these safe-sex tools!

condom types

Condoms are one of the essential commodities a dating man must have in addition to breath-freshening gum and a sense of humor. It’ll never hurt to have one or two in your wallet for those unexpected sexual encounters. Plus, in all probability, your lady prospect is a “no glove, no love” type.

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Aside from providing protection from sexually transmitted diseases and as a means of contraception, these fun balloons can also serve you by increasing your and your partner’s chance to have steamy, hot sex.

What is a condom?

A condom or “rubber” is a type of barrier device that is put on an erect penis prior to sexual intercourse. They are used as a form of birth control and as a way to prevent acquiring sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, HIV, etc.

Early condoms were made from various materials such as leather, animal intestines, and chemically-treated linen. These types were usually flimsy and were not as effective compared to modern condoms and were only available to the upper classes because of their high cost. [Read: History of condoms & must-know facts to be a condom know-it-all in 5 minutes]

One early patron was 18th-century Venetian adventurer, spy, and womanizer Giacomo Casanova. He even tested his “anti-birth caps” by blowing in them to make balloons to check for holes.

As technology and the industry progressed, rubber-based condoms, and later polyurethane, would become the standard material for manufacturing your trusty “fiveskin.” In addition, STD awareness provided an avenue for increased public demand for condoms to facilitate safe sex. [Read: Can you get pregnant from precum? This and other must-know secrets]

Know your sheath

For a condom to properly serve its purpose, one must choose the right type that would fit *pun not intended* into your sexual lifestyle. Don’t just pick a random box in the mini-mart just because you like the packaging. Read the label and know what it does.

If you’re too shy to spend a minute reading in the aisle because of awkward stares from fellow shoppers, do your online research beforehand.

Here are some of the things you should consider before purchasing your love glove:

1. Size

Most manufacturers offer standard-size condoms that would fit most men, but it is very important for each user to know the exact condom fit for themselves.

Condoms should fit around the penis snugly without slipping during the action, and should not be too tight to strangle your dong into a gangrenous lump.

For those guys on the far ends of the curve, you don’t need to worry, small and XL sizes are also available. A gentle reminder: an ill-fitting condom can ruin good sex by slipping off if it’s too loose, and ruining your future by tearing if it’s too small. [Read: Stealth sex – What it is, why men love doing this and 19 ways to prevent it]

2. Thickness

Standard condoms are usually 0.04 – 0.07mm thick and are designed to withstand average coital friction without tearing.

For heavy-duty action, thick condoms above 0.09mm are available for guys into rough action, such as anal sex, as these activities produce more friction that would wear down standard condoms. [Read: Painful anal sex – 31 happy bum tips to make bum sex hurt less]

For couples who would instead opt for slow, tai-chi methodical sex, you may choose thin or super thin condoms that would sacrifice durability for extra pleasure.

3. Material

As discussed, modern condoms are made of rubber latex derivatives. Latex is predominant as it is cheap and durable compared to other materials.

However, for those who are allergic to latex, you may choose to use polyurethane or polyisoprene-based condoms. Other manufacturers even regress to making lamb skin condoms for people who aren’t squeamish about wrapping their junk in animal parts.

As great as these types of condoms are for people with latex allergies, they’re not the greatest choice in condoms. That’s because using non-latex alternatives to the standard condom means the strength is compromised. One study found that a polyurethane condom was 5.3 times more likely to break compared to a latex condom. [Read: How long do condoms last? 23 secrets and mistakes that make them expire fast]

4. Male/female condoms

If you consider conventional condoms to be external condoms, then female condoms can be considered internal condoms.

Rather than placing a rubber over a penis, these condoms are inserted inside the vagina. Does that sound complicated? That’s because they are.

Although by design they are just as strong as conventional condoms, they are notoriously difficult to insert, making them only 79% effective in practice. [Read: How to have safe sex in every single way it is possible to do]

A really important thing we have to note is that using this alongside an external condom is not a fool-proof way of guaranteeing 100% safe sex. Actually, if you use an internal and external condom together, you’re highly likely going to break both of them, so don’t try it.

Novelty condoms

Yearly, the sex industry is making lots of interesting stuff to help couples enjoy their sex life, condoms included. Once you’ve learned the basics of choosing and using condoms, try to spice things up by introducing these kinky, novelty condoms to surprise your partner.

You can choose one that would best fit the mood, or if you’re both curious and open-minded, try to deviate from the normal categories and try these:

1. Textured condoms

These babies are designed to stimulate the fun parts that would otherwise be ignored during the usual humping. Textures would include ribs, studs, dots, and protruding edges that would rub against the female G-spot or the male glans during intercourse.

Some incorporate a complicated swirly ribbing that would make your wang look like a drill for the drilling that you’ll be doing.

2. Special lubricated condoms

Condoms are pre-lubricated with the usual water-based slick but some are incorporated with special lubricants such as spermicidal, antibacterial, and anesthetic.

– Spermicidal. For those couples who really want to be safe, spermicidal condoms are equipped with a gel that kills sperm cells after ejaculation. This is a good precaution in case your condom breaks, or if you’re doing it during her fertile period.

 Anesthetic. These types include a mild topical anesthetic that is absorbed in the penis’ skin upon wearing it. It makes the guy numb for a period of time, allowing him to give her that porn-grade humping duration.

The anesthetic wears off after quite some time, giving you permission to come after you’ve pumped her into a good orgasm. [Read: 35 slippery good lube substitutes, how and when to use then and the ones to avoid]

3. Ultrathin condoms

As the name implies, the condom is so thin that it feels like you’re doing it bare. This type is for couples who aren’t really into condoms but can’t go without being safe either. The downside is that ultrathin condoms sacrifice protection for that skin-like pleasure.

Many condom manufacturers have dabbled into producing the perfect ultra-thin condom that balances protection and pleasure, but just know that you might be taking a risk for the sake of heightened sensations.

4. Flavored condoms

For those who use condoms for oral sex, you have classic flavors like chocolate, mint, vanilla, bubblegum, and lots of different fruit flavors. [Read: 37 best blowjob techniques, positions & tips to leave a guy gasping for more]

But nowadays, the condom industry has innovative flavors, as well as borderline weird ones. Ever heard of cocktail-flavored condoms? Yeah, you name it: pina colada, bloody mary, long island, martini, etc. There are also downright strange ones like licorice and bacon. Yes, you read that right, bacon!

5. Colored condoms

Have you ever thought that sex would be better if only your member was, say, blue? Well, you don’t need to have a weird disease to achieve a novel-colored penis.

Colored condoms are perfect for eliciting a giggle while you sheath your member, but as for sensation or effectiveness, they are no different from regular condoms.

6. Glow-in-the-dark condoms

With this condom, you can turn your penis into a personal glow stick! This is appropriate if you’re planning to give your partner rave party-themed sex. Turn off the lights, wear some glow sticks, and hump her with your luminescent baton to the beats of Daft Punk.

7. Temperature condoms

Now, if you want to talk about novelty condoms, then we have to talk about warming/cooling condoms. Simply put, these condoms are coated in a special lube that provides a slightly warming sensation or a comfortable cooling sensation for both partners, depending on what one you get.

Now, this lube can potentially cause an allergic reaction to some, so it’s important to try rubbing a small amount of this lube on your arm beforehand just to see if you have any kind of reaction to it.

The benefits of these condoms? Well, you get to find out what sex feels like if it was slightly warmer or slightly colder. This might provide you with a fun, novel night with your partner, or you could unlock the secret to mind-blowing sex.

Temperature play, anyone? [Read: 48 sexy secrets to have better sex & explore new things to try in bed]

8. Printed and Tantric condoms

These types of condoms don’t do much but increase your penis’ visual appeal. Tantric condoms incorporate a tattoo-like design, and sometimes textures, to make your foreplay more sensual before you try all the positions in the Kama Sutra.

Some are herb or incense-scented to increase the fantasy that you’re performing an ancient love ritual.

9. Pleasure-shaped condoms

When we call these “pleasure-shaped” condoms, we mean that they’re shaped to enhance pleasure for the receiving partner.

These types of condoms feature a unique appearance – a flaring, pouch-like tip that is designed to fit around and stimulate all areas inside a vagina.

But don’t worry men, these condoms come with internal ribbing to also enhance your pleasure. [Read: Just the tip sex – Why men love this excuse and why girls fall for it]

10. French tickler condoms

If you consider yourself hard-core, you still might not be hard-core enough for french ticklers. Just look up a picture of these, and you’ll see what we mean.

Designed to optimize a woman’s pleasure, french tickler condoms have nubs, bumps, ridges, and protrusions along the head of the condom to rub all the good parts inside a vagina.

However, these are as novel as novelty condoms come, so they are purely designed for novelty. They do not protect you against pregnancy or STDs. [Read: Pull out method – 28 pros, cons and truths about the withdrawal method]

Mix and match

Now that you know the different condom types, you can now go ahead and pick what’s best for you and your partner.

The trick is to try new ones, and find which types make you and your partner comfortable. You can buy sets and arrange them in order according to your planned activity for the night.

1. Long foreplay

Start the act with colored, printed, or flavored condoms for a visual tease and oral sex. Warm her up visually and make her greedy for your member.

After your first load, get to serious business with thick condoms to give her that high-endurance action for the next 30 minutes. [Read: Foreplay done right – the art of really turning her on]

2. If you’re the type that gets off quickly during the first round

Try using thick latex ones to catch the big fish. After you’ve set your pace and recovered, take her to the scenic route and give long, slow thrusts wearing a textured or cooling gel condom to work your way to a happy ending.

3. If you’re straightforward and pay little heed to bedroom theatrics

Wear an anesthetic condom and do her while looking at her straight in the eye. After coming the first time, your penis will feel a little numb and raw.

This time, use ultra-thin ones for both your pleasures, and jump back in the foray and finish her.

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Condoms aren’t just clinical tools to prevent pregnancy and STD transmission. They now have the remarkable ability to give you and your partner the best sexual experience ever. It is up to your bedroom creativity and preferences to determine which suits you best.

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