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Sex Tutorial 101: 15 Things They Don’t Teach You in Sex Ed

Not everyone had the birds and bees conversation, but even if you did, you probably could still use a sex tutorial. Well, today is your lucky day!

sex tutorial

Many of us remember our first time having sex as being traumatic and anti-climatic, well at least for me. I was actually crying and thinking why would anyone want to do this. I had a new appreciation for female praying mantises.
15 things to learn in your sex tutorial
There were tons of things I wish I knew beforehand, and that information probably would have helped me through some of those awkward or unfulfilling moments. So, I’m here to help give you the sex tutorial 101 – the real sex ed.
#1 You don’t have to have sex. I know when it comes to the first year of college, you’re feeling pressure to have sex. Honestly, I have friends who lost their virginity when they were in their mid-twenties and they turned out fine – one does have a weird twitch, though – I’m joking.
Just do it when you feel you’re ready. The last thing you need is to get a girl pregnant or end up pregnant when you’re really not prepared. That’s an obvious lesson in our sex tutorial. [Read: Dry humping and the virgin’s guide to orgasms]
#2 You can stop at any time. There’s this assumption that if you’re not enjoying your time during sex, you have to push through it until the end because it’s rude. Okay, sure, it may sting the person’s ego a little when you tell them to stop. But, whatever – you’re not having a good time! There’s no point.
Waiting two minutes longer will not change the fact that you and this person do not connect on a sexual level. I’m not saying that they’re bad at sex, it’s just that your style doesn’t match with theirs. So, cut it. [Read: Untold sex secrets you need to know]
#3 Foreplay – the forgotten one. Sex is intense and passionate and messy. However, people usually just rush to that part while looking over foreplay. Foreplay is what builds up the tension, and if you just jump into the actual act of sex, well, it can seem a little flat.
Foreplay gives you the opportunity to explore each other’s bodies and gets each other aroused. You know when it’s cold outside and you need to warm up your car before driving it? Think of foreplay as the time when your car is heating up. And remember how great it feels to sit inside a warm car? Exactly. [Read: 9 sexiest foreplay tips you can ever use in bed]
#4 It’s not just about the penis. You might think a sex tutorial = talking about penises. Not really. But many men are obsessed about their penises during sex. That being said, they tend to ignore their partner and focus on only pleasuring their penises.
So, men – focus your attention on her. Women – do pay attention to his penis, but also direct him to your vagina – let him explore. [Read: Fascinating and unknown facts about the penis]
#5 Take advantage of your fingers. You have two hands and ten fingers, don’t even get me started on the possibilities you have with them. Your hands are one of the most important body parts during sex.
They can grab, touch, squeeze – they’re the ultimate tool. So, use your fingers to either finger your girl or to rub your man’s penis. Let your fingers to the walking.
#6 Don’t be shy. People sometimes are scared to unleash themselves during sex. They’re worried about what the other person will think or if they’re strange. But it’s sex. It’s supposed to be wild and sensual.
This is the moment where you can really let yourself go in a safe space. So take advantage of this opportunity to explore and experiment. [Read: How to get a shy girl to open up and relax in bed]
#7 Use your mouth. Don’t even get me started on this one in our sex tutorial. I was with a guy one time who maybe kissed me once during sex. Who wants that? You want to be kissed, licked, bitten – to be tasted.
So, don’t be afraid to lick your partner’s neck or bite their ears. If they don’t like it, they’ll tell you, but at least you should give it a try.
#8 Create a library of sex positions. Most men and women have the traditional sex positions nailed down: missionary, cowgirl, or woman on top. These are positions that are the most common, however, you should expand your knowledge of sexual positions.
That’s why this sex tutorial will expand your horizons. Even if the positions end up not working out, mix it up and give some new positions a try. They’ll improve your creativity, flexibility, and self-confidence. [Read: Spicy sex positions to heat up your bedroom romp]
#9 Never underestimate oral sex. Penetration is great, there’s no questioning that. However, having a woman or man go down on you is a whole other pleasure. Don’t be afraid to go down on your partner during foreplay or sex.
They’ll probably enjoy having a bit of a break, and you’ll enjoy pleasuring them. Use your mouth, hands, feet – whatever turns them on, and use it during oral sex. [Read: Female confessions – How oral sex really feels for women]
#10 You can get an STD even with a condom. We’re taught that condoms are basically the cure for everything. If you don’t want to get pregnant or contract an STD, you should use a condom. Didn’t expect to hear that in our sex tutorial, did you?
However, it’s not completely true that condoms prevent you from contracting STDs. Diseases like HPV or herpes can be transmitted through skin to skin contact. However, don’t freak out, there is an ultra-safe condom you can wear if you’re now paranoid. [Read: STDs 101: The main types and their symptoms]
#11 Broken penises. Ladies, you probably won’t understand the pain. However, fellas, I’m truly sorry. Broken penises are a thing. There’s not an actual bone in the penis, however, when you hear a snapping sound, that’s your tunica albuginea fracturing.
Depending on how it’s injured, the penis will either bleed, bruise or swell. I would probably just pop in the emergency if I were you.
#12 Girls can get pregnant during their periods. Yeah, I know, just when you think a week of bleeding is enough torture, you find out you can get pregnant while on your period. It really depends on your individual cycle.
However, you can still get pregnant, especially if you have irregular periods. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news in our sex tutorial. [Read: The guide to having sex on your period]
#13 Have a headache after sex? If you’ve ended up with a headache after sex, you’re not alone. Actually, 1 out of 100 people suffer from this, so don’t feel shy telling your doctor. Yes, people can literally have “mind-blowing sex.” It’s not as fun as it sounds.
#14 You got that after-sex glow. No, there’s no pregnancy, however, you do get a great glow. The after-sex glow is a beautiful thing. You’ve sweated all your toxins out, you’ve released the oxytocin, *aka love hormone* from your system, and you’re mentally and emotionally balanced now. If it looks like you’ve just been on cloud 9, it’s because you have been.
#15 Allergic to penises? It’s actually a thing. Okay, well, you can’t be allergic to the actual penis. However, you can be allergic to the semen. It’s called Post-Orgasm Illness Syndrome (POIS) and can occur in both men and women.
After an orgasm, the individual can get flu-like symptoms – and they said sex is blissful.
[Read: What do women really think about the penis?]
I have a feeling that your sex ed teacher didn’t sit you down and tell you half of these things. If that’s the case, I hope you enjoyed your sex tutorial. This knowledge will help increase your sexual pleasure and awareness.

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