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Naughty Sex: 17 Wild & Playful Moves to Excite Anyone and Go Crazy in Bed

It’s normal for your sex life to become a little samey occasionally. Spice things up with a few naughty sex tips and never be bored in bed again!

naughty sex

Are you worried your relationship is headed downhill because your sex life is a little dry? In most cases, it’s nothing to worry about. If you’ve had sex with one person for years on end, well, we’re not surprised that you’re getting a little bored. It’s time to introduce some naughty sex into the mix.

We get it. Life gets in the way. Before you know it, you’re making less time for sex and when you do it, you use the same go-to moves.

After a short while, you can run through the routine with your eyes closed. It doesn’t sound very exciting, does it?

The thing is, stress, work, health, kids, and just life in general, are all things which make you tired and lacking in desire. But, if you want your relationship to be exciting and if you want to bond as closely as possible with your partner, you have to make your sex life a priority.

Throw in some naughty sex moves and you’ll never need to go back to the same tried and tested routine! [Read: How to spice up the bedroom – 22 tips to set the bed on fire]

The naughtiest naughty sex

Come on, you’re only human. It’s like eating cheese pizza every day for ten years. This doesn’t mean you have to ditch the pizza and go for pasta. This just means you need to try different types of pizza, maybe add some meat, some mushrooms—you know, test things out.

That was a great analogy, we have to pat ourselves on the back for that one. Point is, you need to work on your sex life. So many people think that they can have the sex they usually have every day until they get old.

No matter how much someone loves you, they get bored. This is why you need to work on your sexual relationship with your partner.

Try new things, experiment. Sure, it won’t always work out, but sex shouldn’t be a chore. It should be fun—and naughty. [Read: Different sex positions to spice it up and add a bang in bed]

It’s time to liven it up, baby!

1. Get tied up

Now, you don’t have to go into extreme bondage, we’re not saying that. But light bondage is extremely sexy and a great way of removing the control from the person who’s tied up.

Tie you or your partner’s wrists to the bed or handcuff them. Whoever isn’t tied up has the freedom to do as they please to their partner. Of course, get consent that they’re okay with what you’re doing. [Read: 20 kinky things to do with your boyfriend beyond the bed]

2. A little bump ‘n grind

We really love the whole concept of dry humping—with or without clothes on. It’s hot, and, honestly, it’s a turn-on.

Typically, this is done during foreplay when you make out while either fingering your partner or giving them a hand job. It’s a little cheeky and when your partner feels your penis or vagina grinding against their leg—it’s hot. [Read: All the dos, don’ts, and best positions of dry sex]

3. Peep show, anyone?

Watch a sexy music video and you can figure out what moves you can do for a peep show. There’s something very naughty about erotic dancing, the best part is you don’t need to strip in order to be sexy. Expose your shoulder and have it be extremely sexy. [Read: How to strip tease – 19 sexy moves for newbies to undress like a stripper]

4. Tell them what you want

What could be naughtier than telling them what you want to do to them or telling them what you want them to do to you?

Dirty talk is sexy and makes for extremely naughty sex. If you hear someone say to you, “I want to f**k you until you can’t walk.” Well, you automatically hope that this happens. [Read: 25 sexiest dirty talk lines to make anyone horny with your words]

5. Watch something dirty together

Not everyone is into porn, but many people are, and many watch it with their partners. People get aroused when watching others have sex.

It’s also a great way to get ideas of what you two should try out. You can watch porn together while touching each other or having sex.

6. Go into fantasy land

Sometimes you just want to step out of your body and be someone else while having naughty sex. When given the opportunity to pretend to be someone else, you can really let yourself go and turn into the sexy librarian or the naughty doctor.

Role-play can be extremely fun while at the same time very naughty. Explore each other’s personality and deep fantasies, just make sure you two have a safe word. [Read: Arousing sex fantasies to try in real life]

7. Use sex toys

You may have thought that sex toys are only used when you’re on your own, but they can be a lot of fun when you have someone to watch and use on you.

Surprise your partner with a sex toy that they can either use on you or you use on them *of course, you’ll need their consent*.

If this is new for you and your partner, explain to them that you read a feature about using sex toys during sex and that you think you two should try it out. [Read: Must-have sex toys for naughty first-timers]

8. Go public, but be careful!

What could be naughtier than the chance of someone seeing you have public sex? People love to push the boundaries and see how far they go without getting caught.

Try to have sex in your car, at the beach, or on a park bench. The thrill of getting caught is what makes the adrenaline pump through your body, giving you that extra peak of arousal.

9. Make them release their inner bad boy/girl

We all have an inner bad girl/boy. We all have it in us, but through societal norms, we’re told certain things are taboo and restrict us from being our true selves. The way to do this is to not shame your partner based on what they’re sexually interested in.

Instead, allow them to act upon their emotions. If you want naughty sex, you have to let them be naughty. [Read: Tips to help you open up about your kinky side]

10. Focus on pleasuring each other

Most women like getting eaten out and most men like blow jobs, so, focus on each other. When you’re not focused on yourself, this is when you relax and begin to experiment with techniques and positions, etc.

Get into it! Really enjoy your partner, that’s the only way you’ll be comfortable enough to let yourself be naughty.

11. Be a little loud

Life is too short to be quiet anyways. Sex should be loud and passionate. Plus, it’s a turn-on when you hear your partner moaning and screaming from pleasure.

If you’re going to be quiet, at least have a good reason for not moaning—like your parents are in the other room. Now, that is naughty. [Read: Loud sex! Is your girl really faking the big ‘o’?]

12. Start early

You don’t have to wait until you’re home to be naughty. Start showing your naughtiness to your partner the minute you’re out the door for work.

Take provocative photos and sext your partner. Have them think about fucking you eight hours in advance. When you come home, they’ll be jumping on you. [Read: Make your partner hot and horny with sexting]

13. Don’t tell them, surprise them

You don’t have to tell your partner everything when you have naughty sex in mind. If you’re going to give them a lap dance or role play, don’t tell them in advance. Instead, surprise them.

Another part of being naughty is having them think they’ll never get something. Then give it to them when they least expect it.

14. Masturbate in front of each other

There’s something very sexy about touching yourself in front of your partner, as they stare at you while they touch themselves too.

The fact that you two aren’t touching each other is naughty, and the game of restricting yourselves from each other can be very sexy! Keep your hands to yourself and connect through your eyes. [Read: Mutual masturbation – Sexy ways to connect without touching]

15. Don’t have sex

Yeah, you’re probably a little surprised by this point. But, it’s here for a reason. Instead of having sex, do everything but the penetration part.

First of all, it really is naughty to do everything and then stop at having sex. Second of all, it makes them extra horny.

16. Have it a little rough

If you’re used to having gentler sex, then why not switch it up and have something a little rougher? You can pull their hair, spank them, bite them—bring out the wild animal in them.

Just make sure they’re okay with it and you’re not inflicting pain. Trust us, you’ll bring out that animalistic side that we all have. [Read: Wild ways to do it right if you like it rough]

17. Be confident

If you want to be naughty, you have to own it. You’re not going to be flawless while trying this out. Harness your sexuality and power. There’s no shame in being naughty.

Mixing things up in the bedroom *or outside of it* is never a bad thing. When your sex life starts to become monotonous and boring, take that as a sign that something needs to change.

Explore new things together and remember to communicate! Ask your partner what they want to try and encourage them to open up by telling them the things you’d like to try too. You won’t regret it!

[Read: Top 50 kinky sex ideas that are worth trying at least once in your lifetime]

Now that you know what it takes to have naughty sex, it’s time you used some of these tricks the next time you’re getting frisky in the bedroom.

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