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How to Dirty Talk and Turn Your Lover On Like No One Else Can

Learning how to dirty talk can be intimidating at first. But once you get down these basics, you’ll turn your partner on better than anyone else.

how to dirty talk

Using your words in the bedroom is one of the best ways to spice up an otherwise mundane sex life. But if you don’t know how to dirty talk, it can be a little challenging. Not to even mention how intimidating it can be.

Some people are great at dirty talk. They can do it without even thinking and it always comes across as sexy and alluring. Others, however, have a difficult time with this. It can come across as awkward and uncomfortable – both of which are NOT sexy.

You should always be keeping your sex life interesting

You never want to fall into a routine with sex. That’s not what it should be about. It should be about exploring each other and having a great time. And doing the same thing every time will not make it fun.

Sex needs to be fun, spontaneous, and new every time. When you spice things up and try new things, you could also learn a lot more about yourself and what you like. Never settle for a boring sex life. Always strive to try new things and branch out in the bedroom. [Read: 30 sexy ways to spice up your sex life and make it more interesting]

How to dirty talk and make your lover hornier than ever

I know how intimidating dirty talk can be. However, there are a lot of ways to make it easier, more fun, and sexier. Here are our tips for learning how to dirty talk and a few examples you can use the next time you get frisky with your partner. [Read: How to talk dirty in bed and blow their mind]

#1 Start slow. Don’t jump right into talking dirty if you’re not sure what to do. You’ll end up saying something embarrassing and probably not very sexy. So start slow. Don’t make a plan to be the best dirty talker ever on your first day trying it. Say a few things this time then add in more with each time you’re intimate with your partner.

#2 Have some confidence. Confidence is really sexy. In fact, if you have confidence, you can get away with a lot of dirty talk that may not be seen as traditionally sexy. But since you’re saying it with a ton of confidence, it’s kind of like convincing someone it is sexy. [Read: How to get over insecurity in the bedroom]

So feel good about yourself. Your partner is literally stoked to be getting naked with you. There’s really nothing to be afraid of. Let loose and allow your confidence to shine through.

#3 Begin with compliments. If you’re having trouble knowing where to start, just compliment your partner. You can say how much you love their body and how great they are at what they’re doing.

Doing this doesn’t seem like dirty talk, but the way you say these things definitely is. Being naked and on top of your significant other while giving a compliment makes it very dirty – and sexy.

#4 Whisper in their ear. If you’re a little shy and don’t want to talk very loud at first, just start by whispering in their ear. There’s no need to be loud about it. Sometimes dirty talk can be even hotter if it’s low and quiet.

You can also take things to the next level by biting or licking their ear right after saying something. It’ll hit that erogenous zone and make them squirm. [Read: 10 sexy things to whisper to your lover in bed]

#5 Talk about what you want. Another thing to talk about when you’re not sure where to start is to just tell them what you want. Talk about how much you want them inside of you or how much you want them to ride you.

Not only will this be extremely sexy, but it’s also a great way to get more of what you want in bed. If you want something you don’t do often, just tell them. The authoritative attitude will come off as very hot.

#6 Then talk about what you really like. After you’re doing what you said you wanted, talk about how much you like it. Go into details about how if feels and why you love it so much.

You can also tell them how great they are at that specific thing. Again, compliments are an amazing way to start talking dirty and it’ll make your partner feel great. [Read: 3 sexy and easy ways to get what you want in bed]

#7 Be descriptive. Being as descriptive as possible will only help. You can learn how to dirty talk a lot faster if you just start describing things in detail. Talk about how much you love a very specific thing they do.

For example, instead of just saying how much you like kissing their neck, tell them how much you love the way their breath catches in their throat when you do that. It’ll take everything to the next level.

#8 Use your senses. And I mean ALL of your senses. Sometimes it can be difficult figuring out what you want to say next when you’re learning how to dirty talk. If you remember to go through your senses, that’s made a lot easier.

Simply tell them how great they feel against your hands and how much you love to taste them. Not only are these things very sexy, but they paint a vivid picture in their mind and that will help to turn them on even more. [Read: 60 dirty and seductive things to say in bed]

#9 Gauge their interest. If what you’re saying isn’t making them even hornier, try something else. It’s all about figuring out what they like and then tailoring your words to fit their desires.

Some people aren’t a fan of you telling them how much you like what they’re doing. Sometimes they would rather you tell them what to do and where to touch you. It all depends on what your partner wants so make sure to pay attention to their reactions.

#10 Have fun with it. Learning how to dirty talk shouldn’t be stressful or scary. It should be fun! And since you’re learning how to turn your partner on with words because they’ve told you they like it, you already know they’ll enjoy everything you say. So lighten up and enjoy getting to know your partner better! [Read: 10 sexy ways to have more fun in the bedroom]

Examples to use if you don’t know how to dirty talk

Sex can be distracting and that means it can be hard to think of what to say when you’re dirty talking. If that’s the case for you, try using variations of these phrases the next time you’re hooking up with your significant other. [Read: 20 sexy texts to dirty talk over the phone]

#1 “I love your lips all over my body.”

#2 “You feel so good against me.”

#3 “I want you to take me like you never have before.”

#4 “You sound so sexy right now.”

#5 “There’s nowhere else I’d rather be than inside/on top of you.”

[Read: How to dirty talk to a girl and NOT turn her off]

#6 “It makes me so wet when you get rough with me.”

#7 “You fulfill all of my fantasies and I just can’t get enough.”

#8 “Oh my god, keep doing that!”

#9 “I love your hands all over my body like this.”

#10 “You turn me on more than anyone ever has before.”

 [Read: The sexiest ways to talk dirty and turn your lover on]

Learning how to dirty talk can be daunting sometimes. Luckily, we have the above tips to help you out. Take what you’ve learned here and put it to use next time you’re getting busy with your lover.

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