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26 Sexy, Dirty, Freaky Things to Say & Do in Bed & Try Something New

There are many different things to do in bed that you might not be aware of, and no, we’re not talking about reading! It’s time to get your freak on!

sexy things to do in bed and try something new

If you don’t make it your mission to keep things fresh in the bedroom, they’ll quickly become stale. Life is too short for boring, monotonous sex! There are many things to do in bed that will not only create the very best time possible but will also bring the two of you closer together.

Whether you have been with someone for years, or you are just starting out, we all need a little inspiration to get things hot and dirty in the bedroom from time to time.

Maybe you’re running out of ideas, or perhaps you’ve simply gotten a little lazy. Either way, some good news is coming to you – a whole list of sexy and dirty things to do in bed!

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Exciting things to do in bed to make your sex life sizzle!

If you are a couple looking for some fantastic tips on how to broaden your horizons, or are free and single, but feel you could be more experimental in bed, these tips on things to say and do in bed will help.

Don’t feel like you need to try them all at once – you might not want to try a few of them and that’s fine too! The point is, you need some inspiration and then you can look forward to a seriously hot time between the sheets.

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1. Show some enthusiasm

Let’s start with the easy stuff. Being sexy comes down to making an effort. No one is going to find sex with their partner seriously hot if they don’t seem that into it.

Don’t just go through the motions—get involved. There is nothing hotter than an enthusiastic lover. So show that you’re into it, be open to new ideas, and you’ll see a huge improvement. [Read: 18 sexy ways to be incredibly good in bed and leave anyone wanting more]

2. Be a little bossy

You want hot sex? Take turns being the dominant one. Telling your partner what to do is a major turn on for both parties. Not only does it mean you can direct them to the exact spots that make you go weak in the knees, but it also feels good to be in charge from time to time.

If you aren’t that comfortable barking out orders, you can gently guide them by moving their hands, making noises, and whispering in their ear. [Try: The sexual role play guide for beginners]

3. Experiment with toys

Using toys in the bedroom is a great way of spicing things up and experimenting with what feels good if you’re looking for wild and new things to do in bed.

There are so many great gadgets out there nowadays, that even the most uncertain of lovers should be able to find something they want to try. You could even head online and shop for your special toys together. [Read: 13 must-have sex toys for couples and naughty first timers]

4. Get out of the bedroom

Sex doesn’t have to be confined to the bed—take it elsewhere! There is nothing hotter than that feeling of, “I’ve got to have you now” urgency.

So, the next time you are out and about, why not try dragging your partner to the nearest convenient spot and having a quickie there and then? Just be careful you don’t get caught!

5. Keep the lights on

Men are visual creatures, but having the lights on is a great way to make you both pay attention to each other’s bodies and really get into it.

Sex in pitch darkness is never fun, so if you are feeling a bit self-conscious, dim the lights, or light some candles for more flattering, but still oh-so-sexy light. [Check out: Top 50 kinky ideas for a sexy relationship]

6. Tie each other up

Use something soft, like scarves or his work ties, and take turns tying each other up when you’re looking for some new things to try in bed with your lover.

The sense of helplessness is super hot for the person who is restricted, and the feeling of dominance and “I could do anything to you now” works for the other person too. It’s a perfect combination!

7. Watch porn

Watching porn is a great way to get things seriously steamy under the covers. There are so many different types to choose from, including a play out of every fantasy you’ve ever had.

It will be easy to find something that works for both of you. [Read: 10 reasons lesbian porn is way hotter than straight porn]

8. Share your fantasies

We all have fantasies when it comes to sex, and there is no reason why you can’t turn these into reality.

Sharing your fantasies with your partner can be a little nerve-wracking, but if they are open-minded and you trust them, the experience of talking about it in bed during foreply or while having sex can be incredible.

9. Dirty talk

Talking dirty doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so if you’re a little unsure, start with the basics if you want to try something new in bed. For example, “You feel so good inside me,” “I love it when you do that,” etc. [Check out: 25 sexiest dirty talk lines to make anyone horny with your words]

When you feel more comfortable, then you can push it a little further. Some people are happy to get seriously into dirty talk, while others prefer to keep it light.

Find your limits together and this can be a way of not only spicing things up, but getting closer, too.

10. Try rough sex

Sex doesn’t always have to be loving and tender; there is nothing wrong with getting a bit rough from time to time. Again, this is something that each individual couple will have to work out together.

For some, being pushed up against a wall and kissed roughly is enough, while others want to go full 50 Shades of Grey, and then some!

Start slow and build up, and you may discover that being rough is something that is a major turn on for both of you. [Read: 15 dirty ways to have the sexiest rough sex ever!]

11. Accepting your partner …

Many guys find it seriously hot if you are willing to swallow their cum—better still if you let them do it on your chest or face. This might well be a dream come true. Sure, it might be a bit messy, but then sex kinda is, right?

Of course, only do this if you want to, but many guys find it hot. [Read: How to swallow cum without gagging and go from spitter to swallower!]

12. A little self-love

Looking for some new things to do in bed that include self-love? Touching yourself in front of your partner is hugely erotic.

It shows confidence, which is a turn on in itself, is visually stimulating, and shows that you trust your partner enough to do a usually intimate and private act in front of them.

Mutual masturbation is another of the hottest things to do in bed. Basically, you both touch yourselves side by side. [Read: Mutual masturbation – 14 intimate ways to connect without touching]

13. Dressing up

Get some seriously sexy underwear to get you in the mood! While the range for women is a little more extensive, guys can still make an effort to look good in their undies, too.

The difference between a saggy old pair of Y fronts and some high-quality, well-fitting underpants is huge. As for the girls, well, there is so much choice, so knock yourselves out! [Read: How to look sexy without trying to look sexy]

14. Be spontaneous

Spontaneity in the bedroom is important if you’re looking for new things to try in bed with your partner. Don’t be one of those people who has to get everything “just right” before they are willing to do it.

Sex is fun and messy. Strange noises will come out of you, you’ll get hot, you’ll get into unflattering positions, and you’ll sweat—and all of that is okay!

Be spontaneous, and go with the flow, and you are far more likely to enjoy it.

15. Throw away your inhibitions and be loud!

No one wants to have sex with someone who is quiet as a church mouse when they do it. It’s weird and makes the other person think they are doing something wrong.

Noises throughout sex are great: they let your partner know that what they are doing feels amazing, and encourages them to keep going. When you are about to reach the big O, sometimes it’s fun *and hot* to shout it out loud! [Read: Loud sex! Is your girl really faking the big O?]

16. Ask what they like

Communication is key in all areas of a successful relationship, and this includes the bedroom. If you don’t ask, how will you ever know? Sometimes, it’s hard to get your partner to talk openly about what really turns them on, so why not start off slow?

Try things out and ask them if they like it, or give them options like, “Is it better like this?” or “Shall I speed up/slow down?” Soon, you’ll know exactly what they like and where.

17. Focus on the erogenous zones

And no, we are not just talking about the obvious ones! There are plenty of erogenous zones and some might not be quite where you’d expect. Whispering, licking, and nibbling their ears, for example, are bound to get them excited.

Nuzzling the neck, stroking the back of the thighs, and kissing your way down the stomach increases intensity, and is all part of foreplay that will really get them in the mood. [Read: Erogenous zones for males and the secret places to touch your man and make him want to cum]

18. Build it up slowly

There is nothing more frustrating *in a hot way* than a partner who knows how to tease. While having a quickie can be fun, slowly building up to the main feature can be incredibly exciting and a huge turn-on. Kiss them softly, gently stoke their body, and don’t undress them for ages.

Wait until they are begging for it… and then wait a bit more. This will build up desire and make the grand finale even more explosive.

19. Mix it up

Sex can be hot in loads of different ways, and the key to having a great sex life is to try different things. Sometimes, fantastic sex consists of gentle kisses and cuddles, being warm in bed, and partaking in slow, eye-gazing lovemaking.

Sometimes, trying something new in bed is all about ripping each other’s clothes off and doing it fast and hard on the living room floor, because you couldn’t quite make it to the bedroom!

Fast or slow, rough or gentle, missionary, or upside-down reverse wheelbarrow *whatever that is*, sex is all about experimenting and having fun. [Check out: Best places to have sex – 41 wild and naughty locations beyond the bed]

20. Submit to your partner

Sometimes, you just want to be in control, but so does your partner! Letting your partner take the reins once in a while shows that you are comfortable with yourself in the bedroom and are not afraid to let them take the lead.

There is nothing sexier than feeling like the strong, powerful partner who wants to dominate in the bedroom.

Being assertive and telling your partner what to do can be incredibly hot for both parties, and can lead to some truly explosive sex.

21. Throw in a little lube

When it comes to things to do in bed, this is up there with the best. Whatever you are into, in these wonderful modern times, there is usually something that can give sex an extra level of intensity. Lube can seriously add to the fun and pleasure of your sex life.

That extra slip and slide? It’ll hit the high notes every time! [Next, read: 30 sexy ways to please a woman and get her addicted sexually and emotionally]

22. Start the build-up in public

Get the sexual energy going well before you make it into the bedroom. If you’re at a restaurant, sensually stare at each other while eating. Or on the way home in the car, take your hand and start to slowly rub their inner thigh.

By the time you get home, you won’t need any extra advice on things to do in bed! [Read: 87 dirty truth or dare questions for a sexy night]

23. Anal sex

Anal sex gets a bad rap, but this is only because the ones who’ve had a bad experience with it were not properly prepared. Those usually are the people to openly speak about it. Anal sex can be a very enjoyable experience for both men and women.

But, there are some things you need to do beforehand. Make sure to clean the area, and secondly, use lube. If it’s your first time, use a lot of lube.

The first couple of moments won’t be comfortable. Things are used to coming out of there not going up, but give it some time and anal sex will soon become a favorite. [Read: The curious guy’s and girl’s guide to first time anal sex]

24. Sexting

If you want to try something new in bed, prior to your planned night of fun, get your partner horny by texting them, “All I’ve been thinking about is your cock inside me” or “When you get home, I’m going to f*ck you so hard.”

The fact that they’re at work or doing whatever else they do during the day and can’t get to you, will make them crazy with lust! [Read: How to start sexting your love when you’ve never ever done it before]

25. Film it

There’s something very sexy about filming yourself having sex on camera. Now, this isn’t for the purpose of becoming Kim Kardashian, this is simply to see you and your partner having sex.

When you watch yourself having sex, you suddenly become even hornier, seeing your partner’s sweaty body on top of yours, pressed together.

It’s messy, it’s dirty, it’s sex. What could be hotter than that? It’s one of the things to do in bed that many people forget about!

26. Have sex in front of a mirror

Like filming, watching yourself having sex is extremely arousing and makes you want to push the boundaries to see where your sexual capabilities can go. If a mirror suddenly appears, your sex becomes suddenly ten times better. Give it a go!

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So there you have it: with these new things to try in bed, you have a great base to build on to really spice up your sex life and introduce dirty things to do in bed. What are you waiting for? Get to work, and soon you’ll be reaping all the benefits!

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