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Homemade Pussy: DIY Sex Toys Guide for Men that Feels Like the Real Thing

With the steep prices and limited market, you’ll be pushed to take matters into your own hands and create some homemade sex toys for men.

homemade sex toys for men

It is said that amazing feats of ingenuity are born from great times of need. This can’t be more truthful to a single, bored, and horny dude who’s begun to grow tired of just using his hands to blow some sexual steam off.

Of course, we have the basics all of us have tried or heard of, at some point. Lots of lotion, *pies, anyone?!*, grapefruits, pillows and just about anything else we can get our hands on.

When you’re horny, everything starts to look like a pussy. You’d bang the edge of a table if you’re horny enough. But do they all really give the pleasure and the satisfaction of a perfect vagina? Nope, not always, and sometimes, they’re not even close. What we need are homemade set toys for men that feel like the real thing. And ones that won’t leave you feel gross and disgusted with your own horniness when you’re done with the deed.

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Now back to the perfect homemade sex toys for men. These homemade toys are exactly what you need to feel as close as you possibly can to the real deal. We’ll even share how to make them. Use them as often as you’d like, and remember, learn to edge! Not only will edging help you experience way more pleasure while masturbating with these homemade toys, but it’ll also help you learn to last longer, way, way longer.

Isn’t it fun when you can spend a whole evening masturbating. And yet, last way longer in bed with a woman than you ever thought you could? That’s a double whammy however you look at it. Go on now, try these homemade sex toys!

Homemade sex toys for men – The 7 ideas that work like a charm

Anyone who has been through this low point in their lives definitely agrees that at this stage, every household item you lay your eyes on has a “pussy potential” to exploit with a little craftsmanship, daring, and lots of imagination.

Homemade vaginas

For those looking for a different sensation to rub through their manhood aside from their hands, these DIY masturbators can be done with usual items found around the house.

1. Sock masturbator

The sock masturbator is a popular DIY sex toy that most probably have used. In its old crude form, it’s simply one of your old socks filled liberally with hand lotion or lube which you immediately hide along with the rest of the laundry after use. This version upgrades with a few tweaks and promises a better experience.

What you need: an old sock *suited to penis size*, latex glove, some rubber bands or an elastic fabric hair tie, some lubricant.

Instructions: place the latex glove inside the sock so that it lines the interior quite nicely. You can choose to simulate vaginal ridges by leaving folds in the latex gloves. Secure the ends by rolling the wrist edge of the glove and the sock with a rubber band or hair tie. [Read: The best male masturbation sex toys that are way more pleasurable than your hand]

2. Towel masturbator

The towel masturbator is similar to the sock masturbator in terms of construction but boasts a better sensation and different ways to use it. The better sensation claims to come from the fuzzy texture of the towel that you also soak in hot water to warm it. Towel masturbators can be used manually, or lodge it in between your mattress and hump it until you finish. [Read: How to learn to edge and extend the time you last in bed]

What you need: a hand or face towel, latex glove, rubber bands, and lubricant.

Instructions: lay out the towel at length and lay out the latex glove along the lower edge. Make sure to leave a little of the glove’s wrist edge to wrap around the edge of the towel once rolled. Now, proceed to roll the towel freely to the shape of a burrito and secure the length with rubber bands once finished.

3. Ice pack gel masturbator

If you want to get that firm fleshy texture wrapped around your penis, try converting those reusable gel ice packs into homemade sex toys. Ice packs also hold an amount of heat to make the experience more enjoyable.

What you need: Some reusable gel ice packs. *For this you’ll need at least two*. Some condoms or latex gloves, rubber bands, and some lube.

Instructions: Sandwich your condom or latex glove between two gel ice packs, wrap the lip around the edges and secure with rubber bands. It’s essentially the same build as the previous examples. Warm your gel packs with a warm water bath to get that body temperature feel when you jerk off. [Read: First orgasm stories of men and women and how it felt for the very first time]

4. DIY fleshlight

With the price of actual fleshlights and their conspicuous-looking appearance, it just seems a better idea to make your own from stuff lying around the house. Not only is it a cheaper alternative that provides a similar masturbation experience, you also make it look inconspicuous and leave it just lying on your desk. [Read: 10 hi-tech male sex toys and how they’re changing sex]

What you need: the DIY fleshlight requires three basic components: the frame, the inner lining, and the filling. For the frame, choose between an empty Pringles can, a tennis ball can, or some toilet paper roll cardboard core. For the inner lining use a large condom or the cheaper latex glove. For the filling, use insulating foam or a smooth sponge.  Also, you need rubber bands to secure the loose edges.

Instructions: Make sure your frame is clean and free from jagged edges from previous cutting. Line the inside of the can with two pieces of foam or sponges. Leave a small slit where you’ll be placing the inner lining *the condom or latex glove*. Once you placed the inner lining of your choice, fold the lip of the condom or glove outside the can and secure with rubber bands. Squeeze in some lube before using. The cap that comes with the can may be used to cover the DIY fleshlight when not in use.

Food-based masturbators

Food is organic and disposable. You’re assured to always find some food items around the house. Just ensure they are washed free of pesticides or dirt prior to use and wash yourself after doing your thing.

5. Banana peel pussy

Ever find a lonely banana lying on top of the kitchen counter when having another kind of hunger? Cut off the tip with the stem, gently squeeze the flesh out and flush the insides with water to remove any remaining bits of banana inside. Shake it dry. You can choose to let it spin inside the microwave to heat it up.

Just make sure that you don’t leave it too long to cause you burns. Once your banana peel is ready, squeeze in some lube, wear it over your penis like a condom, and beat your meat until satisfied. [Read: How to make a girl really wet and horny just by sitting casually next to her]

6. Watermelon vagina

Watermelon pulp is soft making it easier to shape. The watery texture eliminates the need for lubricant making it a good candidate for a DIY sex toy.

To make your watermelon vagina, you need half a watermelon, carve a slit in the middle and scoop out some flesh as per penis size. The resulting action is assured to be sloppy and messy with all the moisture in the fruit. [Read: 10 masturbation toys way better than your hand]

7. The “squid” pussy

The squid pussy is not for the faint hearted. It may be a little bit extreme. But you are assured an experience close to the real thing. Now, the next time you crave some calamari, set aside a squid that matches your penis size.

You only need the body, so remove the head and innards and clean the body’s interior to remove any remaining slime. Once cleaned, let it dry a little, place your desired amount of lube, and enjoy.

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People get creative when desperate. True enough, the right amount of desperate horniness allows you to imagine any hole as a vagina, giving birth to ingenious examples of homemade sex toys for men. With a little creativity and lots of imagination, you won’t need to spend big bucks just to jack off in style.

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