10 Fun Sex Games to Play with Your Boyfriend in Bed

At times you need some sugar and spice to keep the love alive. Use these 10 fun sex games to play with your boyfriend and have the sexiest fun time ever! By Nicola Scholes

Ever found yourself spending a whole afternoon with your boyfriend and wondering what to do?

Both of you may love each other a lot, but on a lazy afternoon, it can get rather boring even in the best of company.

If you’ve got no plans to get out of the house, and still want to have some fun at home, here’s all you need.

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Sexy games to play with your boyfriend

While love and romance is great for a relationship, it’s not enough to keep the excitement alive.

To enjoy each other’s company, you need some giggles and sexy times too.

Tease your boyfriend, have fun with him and you’ll see how easy it can be to turn a boring afternoon into a day of fun, games and sex that both of you will love.

Pick any of these 10 games and give it a whirl.

Your boyfriend may be apprehensive at first, but it’ll only take a few minutes for him to get into the naughty mood.

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#1 Cross dress in each other’s clothes. When you have some time in your hands, stand in front of each other’s wardrobes and start wearing each other’s clothes. Don’t forget the underwear too. With each dress up game, you’ll have more fun with each other, especially if you both decide to make out wearing each other’s clothes.

#2 Webcam chat. Sit in front of your computer with your boyfriend and log onto any webcam chatting sites like omegle or chatroulette. You don’t need to have sex in front of your webcam if you don’t feel like it.

Just indulge in a bit of foreplay while watching other couples or singles on the cam. It’s a sexy time killer that’s also exciting and a lot of sexual fun. But just a word of caution, avoid showing your face on your webcam to protect your identity if you’re getting naked.

#3 Doctor and nurse. Role playing is a game that’s definitely fun and sexy. You can dress up as characters and try to force/convince each other to have sex. One of you can be the doctor while the other is a patient or a nurse. Just choose your own characters and have fun enacting them. [Read: The sexual role playing guide for first timers]

#4 The sexy 20 questions. Cuddle up next to each other or get in bed and cover yourselves completely so you’re in the dark under the blanket. Kiss each other or start making out. But while doing that, take turns to ask each other sexy intimate questions about crushes, fetishes or favorite times.

When you’re horny and in the dark, the truth will flow easily and both of you will feel less awkward to confess any dirty secrets. This game will not only be fun, but it’ll also bring both of you and your sexual desires closer.

#5 Strip poker and dice. These are all time classics in sexual games. While strip poker may be more fun involving another couple, it can still be a lot of fun if you add a few dares and truths in the game if it’s just the both of you.

Or just pick up a couple of sexy dice and roll away. Don’t have dice? Make little sex notes by tearing small sheets of paper and write a few dirty things to do, and take turns to enact what’s written on the piece of paper.

#6 Play drunk. Playing drunk can be a really sexy game to play with your boyfriend, especially if both of you like drunk sex. Pretend like you’re drunk and wasted, and tell your partner to imagine if he was somewhere else and walked into you *he doesn’t know you in this fantasy*.

Ask him to do anything to you and pretend like both of you are complete strangers. You can either have your eyes closed the whole while, or you can resist him mildly like a drunk girl would do!

#7 Massage or body paint. Give your boyfriend a happy ending massage. It’s easy and a sexy game that can bring his fantasies to life. Or slather a bit of lotion or massage oil on him and move your hands all over him. [Read: What happens in a happy ending massage?]

On the other hand, take your clothes off and give your boyfriend a few edible body paints or water colors and ask him to use your body as a canvas. It’ll always be fun, and the sex in the shower that follows will be just as fun too! [Read: Tips to make sex in the shower so much more enjoyable!]

#8 Read out from an erotic book and play the characters. Pick out your favorite erotic novel or collection of short stories and read out to each other, taking turns to play the lead characters. And each time one of you have to read out an erotic passage that involves touching or fondling body parts, read the action and do the exact same thing on your partner’s body.

#9 Sex toy. Dress your boyfriend up as a sex toy, and don’t forget the makeup! He may protest at first, but if both of you have some time in your hands, this would definitely be fun. Dress him up like a sex toy and don’t forget to have sex with him. After all, he is a sex toy! [Read: How to dress sexy for your boyfriend]

#10 Spell out words on the body. This is a fun game to play with your boyfriend that can be hilarious and sexy too. Get him to lie down naked on his stomach. Spell out words on his back and ask him to recognize it. As he gets better at recognizing it, scribble faster so it becomes tougher for him.

For each right answer he gets, you get to kiss him wherever he wants you to. For each wrong answer, you get to smack his butt or spank him with a stick. Switch roles now and then and you’ll see just how funny and sexy this game can be.

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Just use any of these 10 sexy games to play with your boyfriend and you’ll definitely have a really sexy, fun and memorable day with your boyfriend.

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    Have the girl lay in bed in a sexy outfit, and then make the guy stand at the door and ask him questions, things you have told him before. And for every right answer he says, he gets to take a step towards the bed and for every wrong answer he says, he has to take a step back. This is a fun teasing game.

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  7. Walter says:

    I’ve got to say, what part does a humans heart play in all this? Do you all not have one ? I certainly do. I’ve bee. Married for 30 years and maybe I’ve never been satisfied , but here’s a secret. When a wife thinks to herself that her husband isn’t satisfied,she should be content. Because that is a guarantee that be will be back for more,if not tomorrow,then maybe the next night. That’s love. It’s a hunger. It’s an insatiable appetite. When there is no hunger, the appetite has gone,and it walks away holding hands with its partner, his name is satisfaction.

  8. Walter says:

    Just one more thing. I love getting onto these fast food (sex) blogs where people post their problems. Only because I find them intriguing if anything. Sex is natural and should be fun. We were all born the same providing we were healthy at birth. We were given genitals that compliment each others in heterosexual relationships, we were all born with imaginations. I believe that imaginations are unique to us all. I also believe that if a person seeks other people’s versions of what fun should be all about in between the sheets then that says very little for ones imagination. I suggest you all get off you lazy backsides and stop reading 50 shaded of grey and watching the television programmes such as the bachelor, and farmer want a wife and all the other crap you women are into and started investing time in the man that waited so patiently for you at an alter to spend the rest of his life with you. Do most of you have a use by date? Do most of you have no life ? At most of you bored with what you invested so much time, energy,and tricks to achieve in becoming someone’s wife that you come to terms with the fact that many of you don’t really have a clue as to what love rally is. You all amaze me. Your born with dark hair, you colour it in a light shade. Your born with curly or waves hair so you all go out and have it straightened, you play the dating game with long or longish hair only to win a man over and end up his wife and then go and get it cut short. Most of you don’t know want you want in the first lace and end up having reality hit you in the face and end up traumatising your man with all your craziness. So that’s it. I’ve vented myself and hope I’ve shed some light on my reality show. It’s called “Marriage, Game over”.

  9. Walter says:

    Love panky – Flirt, Tease,fall in love. Wrong wrong wrong. Crap,crap,crap. Fall in love first, then flirt, and then tease. That should keep things going, in the right order too I might add. I’m glad that Gods creation was done in the right order. First it was Adam. Then he was lonely so Eve steps in, only to ruin everything with that apple. Temptation. Poor man, that was the first sign of what many women are all about. The offering of the forbidden fruit and Adam being a man, fell for it and took a bite. That was the beginning the poison we men have to endure and it didn’t stop there. Somehow it got into the heads of the women down here on earth and seems to be an on going culture among many many women. Some advise here for the men. Next time your in the fruit shop and see apples on special, “STAY AWAY” grab a banana and play it safe.

  10. steve brad.... says:

    am now wiser..my girlfriend is now happier…am the happiest

  11. SEXY FLIRT says:

    I did something like the edible body paint. Instead of using paint me and my partner (jay) used food and we were totally naked. You had to try to eat the food off of your partner. Here is my food and sex story. My boyfriend and didn’t have anything to do and we both took a day off so we decided o turn it on . We played food sex it was amazing. I had chips on my nipples , blueberries on my stomach, cheerios on my vagina (he had to ring them with his tounge!)
    and when he completed that he turned me over and put 3 jolly rancher on each sides of my butt. As he slowly licked them off my butt i moaned in pleasure. Then after his turn, we took a steamy shower . He asked me “want me to clean you ” and i moaned in pleasure as he licked my boobs all over and sucked on my nipples. We continue this every Friday!

  12. C says:

    Act like you don’t know your partner and drunk? That’s rape.

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