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Should You Become a Fuck Buddy?

Having a physical relationship with a friend may be sexy, but should you become a fuck buddy? Here’s a fuck buddy guide that can help you find out if you’re ready for a sex buddy.

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Click here to read the introduction on how to have sex with a friend before you figure whether you should become a fuck buddy.

Should you become a fuck buddy?

Firstly, having sex with a friend can never feel as good, when love is missing in the air.

And however much you feel satisfied after bedding your friend, your mornings will still feel the same, maybe just a little sore!

Research has shown that people who are in love are a lot happier than the ones who are involved with a fuck buddy.

Even if they did indulge in a satisfying shag once in a while.

Do you need a fuck buddy?

It’s all a matter of what you want out of sex, really. If you’re looking at satisfying yourself physically rather than the needs of your partner, or if you don’t care about falling in love or having sex lovingly, then go right ahead. [Read: How to seduce a man into having sex with you]

But if you want to share the best moments of your life with someone special, and celebrate your successes and share your sorrows, then you definitely need to fall in love. You really can’t sit down and pour your feelings out to a fuck buddy all the time. It contradicts the whole definition of a fuck buddy!

Having a friend to have sex with is like getting drunk, you feel great when you’re indulging in it, but the mornings usually come with its share of emotional hangovers.

You feel stupid for having got physically intimate with someone so easily. Believe it or not, most of the time, you’d end up feeling used and cheap! But just like your craving for a drink, a few days later, you’d end up reaching for your cell phone, to make that booty call that gives you the satisfaction of a great night and a hollow morning after.

Becoming a fuck buddy

Zachery, who used to have sex with a friend, always felt used and stupid each time he walked out of his fuck buddy’s door.

“I loved the fact that I was having a great time in bed with no strings attached. But each time, I felt really stupid for doing it. It made me feel like a swinging gigolo! And at times, I wished things would just go back to the way my life was, before I started making out with this very good friend of mine,” he says. [Read: Do you like a friend’s girlfriend?]

You really have to understand that there is no turning back once you make out with your friend. You could lose all the pure and innocent fun, and care about nothing other than rolling on a haystack.

And after a while, things can start fizzing out, and eventually, the once-a-week fuck buddy routine can turn into a once-a-month affair. And before you know it, you would just end up avoiding each other, and maybe even regret the fact that you’ve lost someone special because both of you can’t look into each other’s eyes, what with the both of your eyes’ focusing on all the other areas all this while.

Or worse, one of you could end up falling in love with the other person. And this, can completely ruin the fuck buddy relationship and someone’s emotional life! [Read: How to date a friend]

So should you become a fuck buddy?

Simply put, there’s nothing bad about having a fuck buddy, or indulging in a one night stand with a friend, but when you really like someone, give your emotions a second thought and ask yourself if this friend is someone special, and whether you would be willing to jeopardize your friendship for a few minutes of pleasure once in a while.

But then again, if you really like this person, then why not just spend more time with each other to see if there can be more than just a fuck buddy love between the both of you? Maybe a closer friendship. Maybe even true love.

There’s nothing wrong at all about becoming fuck buddies, as long as both of you know it’s just sex and nothing more. And also remember that sex should have nothing to do with your friendship and should never affect it. [Read: How to kiss a friend and get away with it]

So should you become a fuck buddy? Heck, go right on. But only if you’re ready to be a good fuck buddy material yourself!

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