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Quiz: Are you a Sex Buddy Potential?

Are you a Sex Buddy Potential?

Do you think you could ever make out with a friend or get a bit naughty while you’re out at a party or night out? You may not think much about your friend, but given the right place and opportunities, would you rather indulge in hot, steamy banging or a nice little chat? Take this quiz and find out what kind of a buddy you are. Are you the God/Goddess of Bed Buddies or are you the one with no space for Bed Buddies?


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14 thoughts on “Quiz: Are you a Sex Buddy Potential?”

  1. James Zajicek says:

    Love the questions and the outcome of the answers… Just wish I could find a “sex buddy” close by…

  2. L says:

    The Goddess of Bed Buddies. You probably have a steady partner, but there

  3. Liliana says:

    WOW the goddess of bed buddies , perfect now I need a friend .

  4. Colin says:

    Nice!!!! God of bed buddies!!!!! I need more friends like this!!!

  5. old heifer says:

    oh, yeah… the truth comes out. i already have a sex buddy. and it is AWESOME…. lust, physical attraction, quickie sex.. you name, it, we’ve done it! going on 5 years now. oh, and i have been married for 29 years! lol. just getting hot thinking about my fuck buddy!

  6. LONELY says:

    quiz says I need a bed buddy bad!!! Very TRUE!! Never can find someone when I need them though…

  7. sara french says:

    The God/Goddess of Bed Buddies

    You are a naughty hornmonster! It

  8. pranami says:

    quiz says that i m highness of horniness this does’t mean that i m a playgirl or break peoples heart. i respect who love or respects me but some people think other way:-(
    But u knw wat, i don’t give a shit , cause hater r gonna hate…….:-))))):-))))))


    Questions for becoming a Fuck Buddy! Get this! The reason we get a fuck buddy is because WE LIKE TO HAVE SEX WE LIKEN TO FREAK, , DOING THING A LITTLE DIFFERENT. We are all Animals, an there monkeys that just fuck to fuck male or female. Yep look it up on the computer . It’s like when I’m walking down the street an I see a lady that make my cock move an if she is walking my way I say Hi an tell my name an then I say just whats on my mind or what I was feeling an Well 9 out of 10 times me an the other person or lady, go over to My place or there place or we do the freak thing an Have sex out at a park or zoo, she will just sit on my lap an no panty’s, an my zipper is down an there we sit getting are nuts off. Or we go to a movie an we get real creative. find a way to enjoy the movie an fuck or finger her pussy to the point of cumming or she put my coat over head an goes for DOWN for the love juices.. Got to go my two fuck lady’s are calling me to share me! Bye.

  10. Donna says:

    After my husband passed away, I found myself left with a very high sex drive. I seem to be horny all the time. I have tried using a vibrator but it in no way compares to the real thing and I’m left frustrated. I recently have had sex with a male friend that was very satisfying and so now I am considering a “friends with benefits” situation! I’m horny just thinking about him!

  11. cutie says:

    No space for Buddies in your Bed


  12. Mike says:

    That’s what I’m looking for. I have been married for 37 years. I don’t want to cheat but my wife has lost all of her sex drive it’s been well over a year and I need a fuck buddy. Just don’t know how to go about it

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