Does She Like Me? 17 Signs She’s Clearly Interested in You

Women aren’t complicated, you guys just need to be more observant. If you’re saying to yourself, “does she like me?” it’s time you looked at the signs.

does she like me

Men aren’t that different than women regarding this topic. We all spend our time thinking if another person likes us, unsure of what to do. We’re only human. But the way best way to see if she’s into you, is to watch what she does.

Now, this doesn’t mean she’ll admit to her feelings, I know this the hard way.  She may be showing you all the signs, however, something inside her won’t let her move forward. But that’s not the point. You first want to get to the point where you can know that she’s attracted to you. Then you can worry about the rest after.

17 ways to stop asking “does she like me?”

Remember, fellas. All you have to do is keep your eyes open.  Don’t complicate things. As the saying goes, “actions speak louder than words.” There’s reason that saying is so popular… because it’s true. But you still need to be realistic and not fool yourself. So here are some ways to know if she’s into you.

#1 She’s hanging around. Listen, we don’t hang around guys that we’re not interested in. I mean, we have our male friends, but if you’re a new guy, there’s no way I’m spending time with you if I don’t feel anything. It’s not going to happen. People only spend time with those they find worthy of giving their time to. [Read: How to make a girl like you without even asking her out]

#2 She carries on the conversation. She may be shy in the beginning, however, that doesn’t mean she’s not interested. You have to give her some time to relax and open up.

Now, if she never does open up, then that’s different. However, if she’s the one carrying on conversation and engaging, then that’s a good sign that she’s interested in what you have to say. [Read: How to tell if a shy girl likes you – All their secrets revealed]

#3 All about the laughs. If she’s laughing at even your dad jokes, then that’s a great sign she’s into you. If I’m not interested in a guy and he cracks a lame joke, the most he’ll get is a pity smile – that’s right, a pity smile. But if she’s tearing up from laughing at your jokes, she really finds you funny. And women love funny guys.

#4 It’s in the eyes. If you stop looking at our boobs for two seconds and move your eyes up, you can actually see her interest in you. Her eyes will sparkle when she’s listening to you talk or when she’s looking at you while laughing. You’ll see it. You just need to look. [Read: 15 body language cues a girl gives away if she actually likes you]

#5 She acknowledges you. If we don’t like you, then you might get a “hi” if you’re lucky. For the most part, we’ll ignore you. But if she acknowledges you in a room and gives you attention, well, then it’s only a matter of time.

#6 All smiles. If she can’t stop smiling around you, well, come on, she’s one happy girl. If we don’t like the guy, you’ll be lucky if we even crack a smile. But if we’re really into you, our faces will be sore by the end of the day.

#7 Her friends know about you. Yeah, well, we don’t tell our friends about guys that we’re not interested in. Honestly, there’s no point. We talk about guys that we potentially are interested in. So, if her friends know about you, she’s been talking.

#8 She relaxes around you. This will take some time, but if you notice her acting less tense and more natural, then that’s a good sign that she’s becoming comfortable. Maybe she’ll tell you her bad jokes or accidentally burp in front of you and laugh it off. [Read: 12 clear ways to tell if she’s flirting or just being nice to you]

#9 She touches you. She’s not going to rub your dick, I’m sorry, it doesn’t work like that. But she will touch your arm while she laughs, or maybe she’ll give you a back massage. If she takes the initiative to touch you, then she’s interested. I wouldn’t touch a guy who I don’t like. That would be egging him on.

#10 Asks if you have a girlfriend. She probably won’t ask you straight up, but she’ll most likely say something like, “Oh, I bet your girlfriend laughs all the time at your jokes.” Bam. That’s it. That’s the ticket. She’s fishing to see what your status is. [Read: 12 obvious signs she wants you to ask her out]

#11 Revealed personal information. I’m not talking about her SIN number or her credit card pin. Maybe her parents divorced when she was young and that traumatized her, or that her grandma recently died. You don’t tell this information to people you just met or don’t trust. If she opens up to you about this, then she trusts you.

#12 She’s fully present when around you. Her phone isn’t being checked every two seconds and she’s not ignoring you while she’s talking to her friends. No, no, no. She’s fully present, her phone is put away, and she’s engulfed in conversation with you. That is someone who likes you.

#13 You two text and are active on social media. If she’s texting you and liking your statuses on Facebook, that’s great. I know, you would not have known that social media would be an indicator for knowing if she likes you, but it is. If you’re the one who’s always texting her and liking her posts, stop and see if she starts texting you instead. If she doesn’t, then she’s not really interested in you. [Read: 18 really obvious signs that a girl likes you over text]

#14 She teases you. This is called flirting. If she’s flirting with you and teasing you playfully, that’s a great sign. Flirt back and see what she does. Don’t be shy to flirt back, it’s a great way to build up sexual tension between the two of you.

#15 She wants to be close. If you guys are hanging out, she may be walking close to you or sitting beside you without much light in between you guys. And that’s a good thing. We like to be close to people we feel safe and secure around. Same goes you for guys as well. If she likes you, she’ll want to be close to you. [Read: How to tell if a girl is flirting with you – 18 telltale signs]

#16 She hints at hanging out one-on-one. She may suggest there’s some new movie that she’d like to see or that she loves going to the beach. That’s your in. That’s the moment that you have to grab the opportunity. So, if she says things like that, then suggest the two of you going and see her reaction. [Read: Should I ask her out? 30 ways to know if she wants you to]

#17 She doesn’t reject anything sexual. Well, this is a solid sign. If you go to kiss her and she doesn’t dodge you… then go for it. If she kisses you back, then that’s a great sign. If she doesn’t turn down any sexual moves on your end, then obviously, you shouldn’t be worried.

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Now that you know the signs, the question “does she like me?” can finally be answered. If she shows more than three of these signs, there’s a pretty good chance she’s into you.

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