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The Best Songs to Make Love To

Which are the best songs to make love to? If you’re looking for songs to seduce your partner, look no further. Here’s the top ten seductive songs ever!

best songs to make love to

Music can play a big part in lovemaking and getting jiggy in bed.

But have you been fumbling with the wrong tunes and going to ho-hum before reaching the oohs?

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Here are the best songs to make love to, and trust us, they will not disappoint.

Everyone has one thing they hold most valuable when trying to set the proper mood for their sexual endeavors.

The best songs to make love to

For some it’s lighting, for others it’s obtaining the proper toys and food, but for us, it’s ensuring that we have the best songs to make love to.

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You may not think it, but there is no religion like lovemaking and music. Sometimes ‘making out is just making out’, right?

Sometimes, you just feel like getting it on, penetrating anything that so much as moves.

And then after you’ve reached your climatic (or not-so-climatic) ‘coming of age’, it’s over and you’re either sitting up lighting a cigarette, or you’re reading yesterday’s paper and the minutes of activity that just occurred are long forgotten.

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Well, here’s a suggestion. The best songs to jazz up your bedroom life. The best songs to make love to, ever.

#10 Bump ‘N’ Grind – R. Kelly

There could have been a host of this man’s songs in our track list, but our resident sexpert believes that this is the classic slow-jam for that hard thrust but slow movement while making love. [Read: Sexy public flashing confessions]

Best Line

(I don’t see nothing wrong) ooh…
(With a little bump, and grind) with a little bump, and grind

Suggested Position


#9 Doin’ It – LL Cool J

This track breathes sex. Not only does it make you want to screw hard, but when with a partner, you’re almost certainly going to be in the same rhythm as the chorus beat.

Best Line

I wanna knock your block off, get my rocks off
Blow your socks off, make sure your G spot’s soft

Suggested Position

Reverse Missionary

#8 I Wanna Sex You Up – Color Me Bad

In a rush? Need a quickie? Quick sex needn’t be without its share of music, and the best quickie track is this one. The beat is so in tune with your willingness to be naughty, but so quick that you really can’t complain.

Best Line

I wanna rub you down
I wanna sex you up

Suggested Position

Anywhere, just make it quick!

#7 Freakin You – Jodeci

You listen to this and you’d just want to play so bad that by the time you’re actually about to, it’s a bit of an anti-climax because you were too turned on thinking about doing it rather than actually doing it!

Best Line

Every freak’n night, and every freak’n day, I wanna freak you baby, in every freak’n way

Suggested Position

Listen to the lyrics – Every freaking way!

#6 Pony – Ginuwine

For those of you that like banging like you’re horse riding, Ginuwine’s track is just the right way for you to straddle that sack.

Best Line

If you’re horny let’s do it. Ride it my pony, my saddle’s waiting, come and jump on it

Suggested Position


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These are some of the best songs to make love to and they’ve been tried and tested! We’ve got a few more too, just click here to continue reading the next 5 top songs to make out to.

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