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How to be a Sex Goddess Who’s Desired by All Men

Ever wondered what separates the mortal women from the sex goddesses? Just these simple steps. Find out how to be a sex goddess and be one in no time.

sex goddess

Click here to read the first three super sexy tips on how to be a seductress.

While the first three steps are the most obvious and the most sexy, you do need to work on a few subtle signs to be a real sex goddess.

Every man wants to be with a sex goddess and every woman wants to be one.

But then, who is a sex goddess really, and what makes her so different from the others?

How to be a sex goddess

A sex goddess knows her way around her bedroom, but it doesn’t just end there.

Really, you can’t just sleep with every man to prove that you have what it takes to achieve a sex goddess status.

And all women who have been crowned sex goddesses didn’t really sleep with all the men.

So obviously, it takes more than just bedroom manners to really understand how to be a sex goddess.

Here are a few subtle details that you should use to attain a sex goddess status, without always taking a man to bed.

Work on your dressing style

What you wear plays a big part in being a sexy seductress.

Contrary to popular belief, a sex goddess doesn’t need a push up bra and three inches of cleavage popping out of her shirt all the time, nor does she have to wear a skirt that rides up every five minutes, well, unless you want to make it obvious that Gabrielle Solis is your role model.

To be a real sex goddess in a mysterious way, don’t wear revealing clothes all the time. You’d only end up making your girlfriends bitch about you or feel insecure around their own men. And what’s worse, by wearing revealing clothes all the time, you’re letting the world know that you want to show your assets off in a very obvious manner to just about anyone who has a pair of ogling eyes. [Read: Should you wear revealing clothes in office?]

To create an aura of a desirable sex goddess, wear clothes that seem innocent but are intentionally promiscuous. White tight shirts, well fitting jeans that show off your curves and flimsy tees that hug your bosoms can make you look a lot more attractive because it leaves a lot to the imagination without revealing anything.

If you want to be a sex goddess, don’t ever dress down in baggy overalls, even if you’re gardening or cooking. Always look sexy and glamorous no matter what you’re doing. Wear snug, pretty clothes that make you look sexy and attractive. A little bit of skin is always exciting though, just as long as it isn’t screaming ‘look-at-me!’

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Touch and talk to a man

The manner in which you talk to a man too has a lot to do with attaining your sex goddess status. The next time you have a conversation with a man, touch him now and then on his arms or back as you talk to him.

Don’t make it obvious that you’re trying hard to touch him. Instead, play it calm and use an excuse to gently graze your palm against his arm while pointing at something. Or if he’s reading out a few lines from a book or a piece of paper, walk up to him really close and pretend like you’re interested in reading it too. And while you’re at it, gently place your hand on his back or on his shoulder or graze your breast on his back, by accident, of course! [Read: How to flirt with a guy without making it obvious]

No guy can really assume you’re hitting on him just because you’re “accidentally” placing your hands on him. But at the same time, that lingering touch would make him crave for many more unintentional touches from you.

Compliment a man with your eyes

One of the easiest ways to attract a man’s attention and become a sex goddess is by learning to compliment a guy the right way.

Compliment a guy when you like something about him, but when it’s just the both of you, compliment him on something that’s below his neck, or something that borders on sexual flirting.

“My… that’s a sexy butt!” can seem funny, but any guy can tell you that it’ll leave him feeling great about it. By learning to compliment a man with humor and lacing it with sex, you’ll get any guy to start fantasizing about you and hoping for better things with you. [Read: What guys always notice in a girl]

Don’t be overly cute

If you want to know how to be a sex goddess, you really need to lose the goody two shoes image. Don’t pretend to be dumb and don’t try to behave in a girlish or childish manner. By appearing to be a lot more fun and chirpy, you may make it easier for guys to approach you. But you have to remember that guys approach girls when they feel confident to talk to them.

A happy girl is easy to talk to. But a sex goddess who’s desired by all men also makes most men get a heavy lump on their throat when she walks past them. So if you want to be a desirable sex goddess, you need to be sexy, and lose the cute girl tag. Of course, you can act cute though, just as long as you still remember to do it in a sexy manner!

Be calm and composed when you’re with a guy, and try to breathe rather deeply and heavily when you’re with someone you want to impress. Don’t make it obvious though, and try to behave like you normally do. When you take deeper breaths, your curves naturally accentuate your sexy body and make you look a lot sexier and desirable.

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Be confident in bed

Sex goddesses know more about what excites men in bed than the men themselves! So do your homework and be aware of your moves. When you know what to do in bed, it makes you feel a lot more confident when you’re spending a night with a man, or having a conversation that’ll eventually lead to spending a night with him.

Understand a man’s erogenous zones, and use your lips or your hands where it matters. To be a seductress, you need to feel sexy and be sexy. And if you want to be all that in bed, you need to do your homework. [Read: How to make out like a sex goddess]

A sex goddess is suave, sexy and desired by all men. Use these tips on how to be a sex goddess and be that woman that all women want to be and all men want to be with! [Read: How to seduce a guy who’s not yours]

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